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Pup Don

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9/8/21, 9:33 PM
Rick meets Amir and suddenly all his worries about Danni's new persona no longer bother him. In fact, they seem to be quite enticing. But still, Rick can't shake the feeling that something's not quite right.
9/4/21, 10:49 AM
Dan, now Danni, meets up with his friends but they can't help notice that a few things have changed.
8/31/21, 1:24 PM
Dan's entire life changes when a new neighbor moves in and turns him into a femboy.
3/12/21, 10:52 AM
9/17/20, 12:49 PM
8/7/20, 9:31 AM
2/4/20, 5:33 AM
Benji and Burro try to get to the bottom of things... if only they could stop fucking long enough to do so. They also make a new friend and meet a mysterious stranger who's got some shocking news for them.
1/5/20, 11:18 AM
8/26/19, 6:15 AM
7/8/19, 4:43 AM