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Author Name Published
Author Name Published
Jacob decided to hypnotize his uptight, religious jock roommate to make things more interesting in his boring Christian, all boys boarding school.
11/30/20 9:32 AM
A young swimmer visits a sports therapist and unwittingly becomes his slave. A commissioned story in two parts.
9/6/20 8:45 AM
Straight bodybuilder/fitness trainer Eric gets sponsored by a mysterious supplement company called Himbo Boost.
7/17/20 4:47 PM
4535 words
A couple of friends attend a hypnosis show that has lasting consequences for their personal lives.
6/7/20 3:41 PM
2984 words
College soccer players Alex and Brody get invited to a pool party that will change their lives. Inspired by Willie Cici's "The Himbo Maker's New Recruits"
5/29/20 6:08 AM
5/10/20 7:38 PM
A picture may tell a thousand words, but a single word can bring you both pleasure and dread.
3/22/20 9:34 AM
A gay hypnotist's blog about his day-to-day activities, set in an alternate world filled with gay mind controllers and secret organizations.
1/24/20 7:29 AM
13210 words
Rival wrestlers get outmatched by a stage hypnotist.
1/22/20 9:50 AM
It is the beginning of a new school year at Cod Cove Academy. A peculiar new student, Todd, has arrived on campus, and suddenly Nathan's friends are acting very strangely...
1/6/20 8:46 PM