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Author Name Published
An art teacher tries to take down the head football coach for using illegal nanites on his players. Then the tables are turned with a pair of compression shorts...
3/26/21 6:14 AM
2/25/21 10:21 PM
4492 words
11/17/20 11:45 AM
5907 words
A bet doesn't go as planned, but they both end up winners.
10/10/20 4:29 PM
A thug from the street is taken in by a caring daddy and shown a better way.
10/5/20 9:47 AM
A Spring Breaker develops a new obsession after a chance encounter.
8/12/20 5:00 AM
A guy looking to make a quick buck modeling finds out the interviewer has some qualities he's looking for in the models, and isn't above changing the models to match the part.
7/28/20 9:05 PM
3/27/20 4:27 PM
Ed buys on line an unorthodox device that allows him to turn unsuspecting men into anything he wishes. He will transform himself into a hot bearded stud and then create a private harem of all sorts of sexy hairy horny guys to obey his most perverted wishes.
8/5/19 10:26 PM
11/20/12 7:00 PM