Favorite Stories

Author Name Published
Author Name Published
4/16/21 5:51 AM
4/14/21 5:49 AM
4/11/21 4:48 PM
Alex downloads an app that allows him to stop the time and mess up with hot stright guys by sending them commands.
4/5/21 5:46 AM
Noah's decision to be a good friend and help Sawyer with his project back fires.
3/21/21 7:50 AM
Tate receives an interesting gift from his late Great-Grandfather, and he spares no time using it on his brothers
3/1/21 9:24 AM
Aaron always idolized his big brother James. But when James fails to be the hero he thought he was, Aaron gets some well-earned revenge.
2/25/21 10:12 AM
2/25/21 10:12 AM
Darren comes out of an operation that has had to reconstruct his penis, and Gary must be there for the jock who used to bully him in high school with an app connected to his manhood.
2/22/21 7:38 PM
Michael owes a lot to his science teacher but he never knew what the price would be.
2/20/21 11:06 AM