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Author Name Published
4623 words
Last Christmas, I gave you my mind. The very next day, You gave it away. This year, I'll be of good cheer, Master has dressed me as a reindeer!
12/15/20 7:03 AM
Trent is hard at work finishing his graduate thesis, but when Barry drags him out to a party, he discovers he’s much less interested in studying and much more interested in something else...
8/31/20 8:14 AM
7489 words
Two popular streamers are given cat headsets as punishment for losing a game. The results have been documented for future analysis.
8/10/20 8:01 AM
Dave convinces me to let him try out his new research on me. I wish he’d get off his laptop long enough to tell me what it is, though...
7/14/20 4:43 PM
14462 words
Two young men, fresh out of college and carrying big aspirations, are about to present their exciting new invention to one of the world's largest tech companies.
5/30/20 8:35 PM
3/29/20 8:15 AM
All the strange storms on campus have meant for a crazy week on campus. Fortunately, Bret isn’t turning into a rubber drone like everyone else…
10/3/19 11:19 AM
9833 words
Bacchus Boulevard is a place of desire and indulgence. Brian Hummer is looking to buy himself a slave boy contract, but a series of unfortunate events makes it more difficult than intended.
7/17/19 8:16 AM
Being naturally intelligent and talented has its drawbacks too, like when everybody else is too busy studying to find a hookup. There is this one guy that’s pretty hot, but he has this weird hypnosis fetish. Still, maybe it’s worth playing along if it means getting laid. After all, hypnosis doesn’t actually work. Right?
2/15/19 8:31 AM
11/10/18 9:57 AM