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Author Name Published
When I was younger, I experienced many kinky encountings I now want to tell. This is the first of them, when seeing a big dick made me lose a Mario Kart game.
2/19/21 12:17 PM
2912 words
A young guy from Latin America takes down an arrogant All-American, jock Cash Master
1/31/21 5:42 PM
Swizzington & others
Married couple Levi and Austin decide to hire a college student to help them out around the house.
8/18/20 9:17 PM
A father takes punishment and rough housing too far and finds out if he can take what he dishes out at the hands of his son.
4/5/20 7:14 AM
A new hierarchy is installed between two roommates.
11/16/17 5:57 PM