Favorite Stories

Author Name Published
Author Name Published
5452 words
There’s something very strange about Bill’s new roommate, especially his feet.
2/9/21 7:05 PM
A young swimmer visits a sports therapist and unwittingly becomes his slave. A commissioned story in two parts.
9/6/20 8:45 AM
Three young film-makers venture into the woods for a documentary about a legendary witch and are never heard from again. A year later, their film footage is recovered. (Loosely based on The Blair Witch Project.)
7/4/20 5:09 PM
1051 words
Mike gets home to find some guy in his couch with a persuasive smell coming from his feet.
5/5/20 7:51 AM
7993 words
Wes is enchanted by one of his brother's friends, a hot houseguest named Brennan.
6/21/19 4:52 AM
Zach's roommate can't wait to tell him about the mysterious friend who's going to be crashing at their place.
11/26/18 1:32 AM
A pair of missionaries meet a demon
7/12/18 2:07 AM
Two jocks take shelter at an eccentric's mansion during a storm.
6/24/18 11:27 PM
5959 words
A mysterious bear-like man befriends Tim's wife. Then he takes over Tim's life. (foot fetish + betrayal)
1/22/15 1:39 PM
Ted gives Jeremy a really cool birthday present.
11/22/13 7:00 PM