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Author Name Published
John thinks he's found a pretty sweet gig, working at a hotel while he goes to school. However, the professor who got him the job thinks he'd be more suited for a different position altogether.
4/2/21 11:10 PM
Grant wakes up to his step-brother fucking around in his room. His day only get's weirder from there. Hey, at least he learns something in Sex Ed.
3/25/21 6:47 AM
Noah's decision to be a good friend and help Sawyer with his project back fires.
3/21/21 7:50 AM
Lindsey idolizes his big brother, Matt, and is beyond excited to visit him in his new home at his frat house, especially since he'll be following in Matt's footsteps and joining as a legacy next year. Will his brotherly hero worship survive his visit, or will he learn an entirely new way to worship?
3/19/21 11:07 PM
Julio needs some money to propose to his girlfriend. His aunt has the idea that he can drive his uncle’s car for the ride-sharing app Luber.
2/8/21 3:30 PM
A student accidentally finds out that his favorite teacher has this special implant. What could he possibly do with it?
1/25/21 8:00 AM
2264 words
Alfie is using the latest aphrodisiac on the black market, Stud Spray, to steal everyone’s girl. What happens when his biggest rival finds out?
12/31/20 8:55 AM
Jacob decided to hypnotize his uptight, religious jock roommate to make things more interesting in his boring Christian, all boys boarding school.
11/30/20 9:32 AM
11/1/20 7:50 AM
9/7/20 3:06 PM