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Author Name Published
Tim's body is still changing, even after puberty, and guys are starting to notice him a lot more and even seem to be drawn to him.
2/21/21 9:31 PM
Julio needs some money to propose to his girlfriend. His aunt has the idea that he can drive his uncle’s car for the ride-sharing app Luber.
2/8/21 3:30 PM
Riley is a personal trainer and heads into the gym to get ready for his first client of the day. Things take a strange turn when his client, Ethan, suggests a new exercise regimen.
12/26/20 8:50 AM
When Dan explores hypnosis for the first time he's willing to play along with the idea of fake memories, but he doesn't realise just how much his new son wants him to change...
12/7/20 10:42 PM
Teen baseball jock Luke discovers he has a mysterious disease that makes his butt huge, drip lube, and hunger for cum: Jock Pussy Syndrome.
10/20/20 5:02 PM
9/26/20 10:03 PM
9/7/20 3:06 PM
Marcus is having a horny night in the dorm when an inadvertent wish by his roommate sends him on a path to a new life.
8/1/20 10:40 AM
7/26/20 11:51 AM
Oliver's college roommate turns out to be a friend he never thought he needed.
6/5/20 12:47 AM