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Author Name Published
Author Name Published
1941 words
Jamie's too old to be scared of the Boogeyman, but the bedtime story he tells is enough to alarm his father.
11/3/20 6:52 AM
2090 words
Peter, a 22 year old chubby lab researcher with brown hair and green eyes, encounters a fascinating organism that takes over his body, mesmerizing him into a sex fiend, and transforming him
Unpublished Edit
6/2/20 12:40 PM
When Corey downloads the hot new face-morphing app, his life begins to change...
7/29/19 7:28 AM
Mark White and his son Corey are surprised by a visit from Mark's estranged father. It won't take long for them to find out why. (Warning: raunchy AF)
3/27/19 3:32 PM
2064 words
Three friends decide to celebrate their college graduation with some cigars.
2/23/19 12:07 AM
There is panic throughout the nation as people suddenly turn into big, jolly Santas. The story follows a man attempting to safely return home before he becomes a horny, gay Father Christmas.
12/24/18 5:22 PM
7/9/17 8:37 PM