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5750 words
Jake and Harrison are living a rich life with no worries about Jake's bitter and cheated ex, until he starts sending them some videos...
3/30/21 9:23 PM
A guy at work puts up with a stuck-up boss, and then he remembers he has a couple of magical items in his desk that involves instant hypnosis and perception-free fondling, which he then tests on his coworkers.
3/29/21 1:21 PM
Grant wakes up to his step-brother fucking around in his room. His day only get's weirder from there. Hey, at least he learns something in Sex Ed.
3/25/21 6:47 AM
Noah's decision to be a good friend and help Sawyer with his project back fires.
3/21/21 7:50 AM
2/28/21 8:15 AM
2/25/21 10:12 AM
1/16/21 8:18 PM
3205 words
Toby gets a ring from his kooky mother that lets him change reality and make his hot younger step brother his enthusiastic slave
12/27/20 7:48 AM
12/12/20 9:08 AM
5897 words
12/6/20 4:34 PM