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Author Name Published
1367 words
Gavin Leatherwood had thought that going on summercamp would be fun. And safe. He was wrong.
9/15/20 9:40 PM
Dave convinces me to let him try out his new research on me. I wish he’d get off his laptop long enough to tell me what it is, though...
7/14/20 4:43 PM
Chris wanders off from his tour group to find an intriguing serpent with a strange power
7/13/20 6:57 PM
6267 words
A high school bully finds himself unable to control his own body.
5/4/20 5:16 AM
When six men sit down to play poker, and one of them brings a hot item. A ring he stole from another man's desk at work and greed is the means to an end. What happens when the ring is thrown into the pot? They all get wishes; they get them a lot. None of them, however, are the wish barer, for it is the ring who wishes.
5/1/20 4:51 PM
For the longest time, I’ve have been drooling after my rugby-playing roommate, Daniels. When the mandatory quarantine was announced, I knew it was the perfect time to act up on my long planned scheme to get him so sexually frustrated that I’d get him to fuck me. Hopefully he doesn’t found out...
4/29/20 2:08 PM
Depressed by a recent breakup, Malcolm has an unfortunate run-in with four muscular frat boys. It doesn't go like ANYONE expected.
4/14/20 7:06 AM
3658 words
Bartender Tuck wakes up handcuffed to a chair in a motorhome with no memories of how he got there. What will happen to him when the owner gets back?
3/1/20 10:47 AM
1482 words
Mind control bracelet fun
7/18/19 5:49 PM
5/5/19 8:53 PM