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Author Name Published
Author Name Published
2/8/21 6:40 PM
1/16/21 8:18 PM
6634 words
Two men unknowingly insults a Mountain Spirit during their hike. Read as the Spirit punishes them as he pleases
12/29/20 8:51 PM
5169 words
Ben isn’t looking forward to his first cruise. Maybe a new friend can help change his perspective.
12/21/20 9:10 PM
1402 words
Why are Pokémon so obedient once they're caught? Ash and Brock were about to find out.
12/20/20 12:38 PM
When Byron finds a humiliating photo of himself that he cannot explain, he decides to reconnect with someone who claims to be an old friend...
11/9/20 7:13 AM
5642 words
A freelance knight who has been taking care of a rampant bandit population on the eastern border runs afoul with a bard that has him dancing for his dignity.
11/6/20 1:19 PM
With the Halloween blue moon hanging in the sky like a cauldron of curdled cream, a cornucopia of chaos cults create carnage through a cavalcade of creative curses, but in the middle of it all, Yuri the Fairy God Faggot is tasked with ensuring Dmitri’s party is absolutely banging.
10/12/20 10:40 AM
Ashton lets Thomas hypnotize him, but when it doesn’t work, Thomas insists that it worked perfectly
9/25/20 12:40 PM
1367 words
Gavin Leatherwood had thought that going on summercamp would be fun. And safe. He was wrong.
9/15/20 9:40 PM