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Author Name Published
Author Name Published
10/21/20 4:36 AM
From Voodooweaver now known as the Portly Gentleman: Self fulfilling chapters. After perishing in an accident, Trevor is sent to Limbo, where a djinn transforms him according to his greatest sin, and is sent to live out his sentence in Limbo, in order to gain right of passage to Heaven
9/27/20 11:19 AM
When a fit college guy goes to a hypnosis show, his chubbier roommate gets entranced and becomes a spreader of a set of instructions that threatens to turn everybody it comes into contact with into a fat, gay, sex fiend. Or, perhaps something else.
9/7/20 5:09 AM
Four guys get stuck in a cabin right before Christmas and the power goes out. Cody goes to chop some wood finding a brand new axe wrapped just for him.
7/24/20 9:39 PM
Spencer is just your average post-college graduate, down on his luck and working a dead-end job. When he runs across a magical clothing store that changes him in ways he never could of expected he learns there is more out there to experience and with the help of the sexy and cute store owner he finds exactly what he is looking for.
5/30/20 12:53 AM
Terrence, the long suffering victim of high school bullies, returns to his locker after a workout to find himself prey to their cruelest prank yet. His clothes stolen, a mocking note left along with a used, smelly jockstrap. To his surprise, as well as his bullies, he responds to this abuse more positively than expected.
5/18/20 2:15 AM
A young man is drawn to a mysterious ad online and feels compelled to meet the one who posted it. Little does he know this is the first step down a path of obedience, servitude, and a lifetime of blissful depravity.
5/7/20 5:59 AM
Officer Randy Chestnut is dispatched to investigate a disappearance at the Bogart Farm . . .
5/5/20 6:17 PM
cubwriter28 & others
Scott gets lost in the woods and stumbles into a bear’s cave.
3/23/20 2:09 AM
Dorian lathers up in the shower with a bar of mysterious soap. He's unprepared for the changes it makes to his body and mind.
1/21/20 9:48 AM