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Author Name Published
3724 words
The people in the small Alaskan town of Barton wake up to discover that there is a problem with their water supply. With limited traveling capabilities they have to wait it out. Or do they?
1/19/21 6:04 AM
1/18/21 9:41 PM
Liam returns to his little English village only to find that some things have changed since he's been away in Manchester...
1/18/21 10:08 AM
Brandon and Juan want to break their friend Tom out of his shell. They find a mysterious game that leads to their desired goal. Alternate titles: Juman-kink, or Kink-manji.
1/18/21 6:26 AM
14144 words
Ancient feuds between races pulls High King Augustus Rennet's Altyria into conflict with the elves of Ymrion. Marching to meet the enemy on the battlefield, Augustus' army prepares to weather the notorious savagery of the Ymrionites, only to come face to face with a volley of bright pink arrows thick enough to blot out the sun.
1/17/21 2:33 AM
2586 words
Bertie has to constantly remind himself that he's strong enough, he's open enough, and his dick is big enough. One day, his affirmations come true in a way he could never have guessed.
1/14/21 8:31 PM
Waking up from an odd dream, Forest awakens to find something strange in his backpack.
1/12/21 12:30 PM
Spiral Fan & others
1/11/21 7:00 AM
A chance encounter while hiking starts a series of events that will change Calvin and the world around him forever.
1/10/21 8:25 AM
Tim's body is still changing, even after puberty, and guys are starting to notice him a lot more and even seem to be drawn to him.
1/8/21 6:57 AM