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Author Name Published
4/16/21 5:51 AM
UchihaDEMS & others
4/15/21 8:43 AM
Wealth, fame and hot, gay sex come easy when you’ve got the power to rewrite reality. Unless you have a penchant for letting other people have a say in the changes you make, that is. What could possibly go wrong?
4/14/21 11:54 AM
Jack's sex life had ground to a halt. His regulars up and gone, grindr providing no relief. If only he were a bit bigger down there, this would all be so much easier. Stuck with just his hand and his trusty porn playlist, a message pops up...
4/11/21 7:31 PM
4/10/21 10:05 PM
3255 words
4/10/21 6:21 PM
4/7/21 5:53 AM
1633 words
Jimmy walks in on his roommate watching a hypnosis video.
4/5/21 7:29 AM
When Nick gets a text from a blocked number he is drawn into an adventure to uncover a conspiracy and find his boyfriend.
4/3/21 6:37 AM
4/2/21 4:39 PM