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Author Name Published
2710 words
3/6/21 10:33 PM
19-year-old Trent accepts a free trial product series called “Alpha Product” in exchange for his feedback. He receives the first product very quickly, but doesn’t know how many people would be affected and grow as a result of this choice!
3/1/21 12:20 PM
5229 words
2/4/21 7:15 PM
11/16/20 7:53 AM
Razz TFs & others
Jack moves in with his gym buddy Cyrus just before a pandemic sweeps the world. He's in for a surprise once he learns what his roommate does for work, and how that might help him deal with his quarantine-induced blue balls.
11/8/20 9:27 AM
Teen baseball jock Luke discovers he has a mysterious disease that makes his butt huge, drip lube, and hunger for cum: Jock Pussy Syndrome.
10/20/20 5:02 PM
5907 words
A bet doesn't go as planned, but they both end up winners.
10/10/20 4:29 PM
This is a sequel to the Retainer series. Make sure you read the original series so you can be caught up on what has been going on with Sam. The Follow up begins with Sam and Mark as they are off to the Gym, but first they have to make an interesting stop at the supplement store.
5/16/20 5:01 PM
A college wrestler makes sure his teammate gets in shape for the proper weight class.
3/29/20 9:02 PM
8237 words
Mark and Todd become gym bros. Even though Mark's gay and Todd's not, they get along great and Mark helps Todd with his fitness goals. With help from a magic sauna that affects those who cum there, there's even more Mark can show Todd. But Todd doesn't realize Mark has some other plans for him.
3/15/20 10:58 PM