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Favorite Stories

Author Name Published
Author Name Published
Mark develops a spray which can help assert his dominance over the apartment, and his roommate.
5/6/14 6:23 PM
Ad goes to the beach, and picks a napping guy to have fun with.
3/9/20 8:27 AM
An evil pharma company tries a new drug on a meddling cop
3/21/16 10:30 PM
A young warrior gets the tables turned on him by his slave!
8/19/08 8:00 PM
3383 words
A cat-calling construction worker gets a taste of his own medicine when a curse makes him irresistible to men
10/3/16 1:10 PM
Abducted by a doctor who is determined to create more jocks in the world, you fight tooth and nail to survive the injections and get back to an accomplished life.
11/14/17 7:33 PM
2251 words
1/27/10 7:00 PM
High School jock friends keep finding themselves in sexual situations.
10/13/05 8:00 PM
12564 words
Casey hates his step dad. He's co controlling! But maybe he's been a bit close-minded about all this...
1/7/19 2:39 AM
A young health conscious runner, Trey, visits his family for the week. He notices that the neighbor walks his dog at the same time every day--a big, brute of a man walking a big, brute of a dog. For some reason, Trey can't stop thinking about the man... his body... his smell... his dominance.
11/21/17 7:35 PM