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Favorite Stories

Author Name Published
Author Name Published
A young British tourist finds his inner slut while hitchhiking through redneck country.
12/28/16 2:20 AM
3693 words
A man at the gas station is calling Jeff names, but what if he's right?
11/7/16 7:07 AM
A client decides that his personal trainer has his goal body.
10/8/16 3:45 AM
3383 words
A cat-calling construction worker gets a taste of his own medicine when a curse makes him irresistible to men
10/3/16 1:10 PM
Daniel decides to check out a glory hole for some descrete fun. It ends up being more fun than he anticipated...
9/9/16 1:07 AM
5/17/16 1:27 AM
The coach introduces his team to a machine that'll apparently improve their sports performance.
4/30/16 2:55 AM
Michael goes on a first date with Brian, but he gets more than he expected
4/8/16 2:46 AM
An evil pharma company tries a new drug on a meddling cop
3/21/16 10:30 PM
A sex addict's hypnotic voice seduces every man he meets. How can his therapist resist?
2/16/16 3:17 PM