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Author Name Published
Jack's sex life had ground to a halt. His regulars up and gone, grindr providing no relief. If only he were a bit bigger down there, this would all be so much easier. Stuck with just his hand and his trusty porn playlist, a message pops up...
4/11/21 7:31 PM
4/11/21 4:48 PM
A company has a unique way to protect its computers, What happens when an employee installs it on his computer and is accidentally activated by his neighbor?
4/3/21 3:32 PM
4/1/21 5:28 AM
Adam has been having a rough time a college. Several students have conspired to make his life miserable. Then Adam has a dream in which he learns of his unique lineage. Now he has the power to steal physical and personality traits from those that have done him wrong. Where to start?
3/26/21 9:17 AM
In his first day of college, Theo finds out his new roommate is every gay boy’s wet dream: Jon is dumb, hung, and full of cum, and has a sexy tendency of fucking his way out of the tricky situations he gets his clumsy self in. Theo, of course, intends to enjoy every single minute of it.
3/23/21 9:53 PM
3/21/21 10:02 AM
Marc is a college freshman with a low sex drive. He buys a magic ring that he hopes can change all that. When he puts it on, he finds out just how overpowering horniness can be.
3/18/21 7:43 AM
A gay boy discovers his powers to stop time and uses them on his bully, Jackson.
3/13/21 8:15 AM
A storm in the middle of the night accidentally releases an ancient magical power the wrong way, and it's about to make all of Richard's wishes come true, even if he doesn't know it
3/12/21 6:18 AM