Favorite Stories

Author Name Published
Author Name Published
Slacker Zane doesn't vote. But even he notices some big changes in America after the election.
2/2/21 6:19 AM
Connor, a happy-go-lucky stoner, catches up with Ross, an stuffy high school friend, and helps him loosen up.
1/29/21 8:00 AM
Kafka’s Metamorphosis, but make it sexy.
1/12/21 6:14 AM
2757 words
Womaniser Josh dumps the wrong witch. He's convinced they want different things - he just wants a quick fuck. Luckily for him, he's about to get exactly what he wants, and more.
11/25/20 6:58 PM
4250 words
A nerdy guy finds a genie who can only grant wishes based on past decisions. His life changes dramatically.
11/23/20 12:07 AM
7219 words
Kyle and I made a bet - we each picked an elective for the other, and whoever gets the higher mark wins.
10/19/20 6:03 AM
My roommate Jake took up demonology as his COVID-quarantine hobby. Now there’s an incubus loose somewhere in our apartment. Except… we can’t seem to find it? Well, whatever. Maybe our sexy OTHER roommate (who has *totally* been here all along) can help us!
10/9/20 9:35 AM
You, an entitled, rich, straight twink, get curious and decides to put on the flannel redneck clothes of your father's old best friend, Hunter. Little do you know the magical capabilities they possess.
9/19/20 8:05 AM
2214 words
Four men come to terms with the aftereffects of a divine battle.
9/14/20 5:10 AM
8026 words
9/6/20 8:45 AM