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Author Name Published
Ken's flatmates volunteer for an experiment to test different types of mental regression hypnosis. It had been a flat of intellectual university students, but under Ken's guidance it's not long before the house is filled with dumbed down, horny young men with only the simplest of thoughts and desires.
12/4/20 1:01 PM
11/27/20 3:04 PM
6/28/20 11:48 AM
Scott takes possession of a house and gets more than he ever expected.
6/18/20 5:42 PM
Hugh wakes up to discover horns growing out of his head. He finds that he can now help people in ways they never thought possible--and he might help himself along the way too.
5/31/20 6:03 AM
4/20/20 12:20 PM
12/30/19 6:34 PM
12/11/19 6:01 AM
4672 words
A priest has been sent by the Vatican to rein in a wayward, gluttonous, sect of monks, but can he save his soul from the demon that has corrupted them?
9/24/19 6:06 PM
9/6/19 5:15 AM