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Author Name Published
2/26/21 6:27 PM
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Mega-Man was made to save the world...but Dr. Wily has managed to change the blue bomber through a series of malware updates to his system. Now, Mega Man only wants to obey...and to destroy in the name of new Master.
2/21/21 3:54 PM
6005 words
Scott was a nobody, but all that was about to change.
2/1/21 6:15 AM
Liam returns to his little English village only to find that some things have changed since he's been away in Manchester...
1/18/21 10:08 AM
Milo saves a pet project from destruction at a university science lab, with unintended, sexy consequences for all humanity.
10/7/20 5:00 PM
5517 words
10/5/20 3:08 PM
2200 words
9/30/20 9:34 PM
A father looking to find himself after his only son leaves for college, decides to purchase a leather jacket second hand--but gets more than he bargained for.
9/16/20 9:42 PM
A successful young lawyer contracts a demon and finds his life changes substantially--but he can't remember it as it happens.
7/14/20 7:21 AM
3141 words
Ethan can't understand why his school suddenly has mandatory scuba training for boys. Maybe it has something to do with the special wet suits they use...
1/18/20 12:38 AM