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Author Name Published
The Evangelical Convention is free for Dixon to attend, as long as he takes this dumb seminar on Young Men Against Deviance. But with a little stamp of obedience on his wrist, he finds himself sliding into deviance himself - and enjoying the experience.
3/5/21 6:31 AM
Prince John has taken the Merry Men captive!
2/15/21 10:21 PM
3335 words
Paul suspects something is wrong when his normally buttoned down boyfriend comes home a sweaty, moaning mess. He’s right.
1/22/21 6:18 AM
John is working on reality bending science...but perhaps he should vet his employees a little more carefully.
1/22/21 6:18 AM
Adrian and Caleb participate in a behavioral rehabilitation program where they find out just what they're willing to do for a little bit of pleasure. (This is more of a mental age regression story than a mind control story.)
12/29/20 3:22 PM
Ken's flatmates volunteer for an experiment to test different types of mental regression hypnosis. It had been a flat of intellectual university students, but under Ken's guidance it's not long before the house is filled with dumbed down, horny young men with only the simplest of thoughts and desires.
12/4/20 1:01 PM
11/16/20 7:54 AM
Justice Boy is on a mission to find and rescue his friend and mentor, Captain Courage. But will the young sidekick have what it takes to resist the forces of darkness?
10/16/20 11:58 PM
10/5/20 10:51 AM
Chief Taylor, lifelong fireman and tipped to be the next mayor of his town, is a prime specimen of manhood. When asked to donate sperm for a very rich and selective clientele he refuses, faithful to his wife and not wanting the scandal. But they won't take no for an answer, and are ready to take what they want by any means.
9/26/20 8:31 AM