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Author Name Published
A recently-dumped, drunk, and angry warlock's spell of revenge is sloppily-cast on a gay bar's Grey Goose bottle. Patron after patron will soon be receiving just what they deserve.
1/24/21 11:21 PM
1/24/21 3:55 PM
Ian gets a modified iPad for Christmas that lets him mess with, control, and transform his roommate, Aaron. Will Aaron be able to get the iPad away from Ian and save his dignity? Or will he be Ian's new weirdo plaything for spontaneous transformations?
1/23/21 8:40 PM
1/23/21 8:07 AM
1/21/21 9:46 PM
8 men are given the chance to compete in a kinky fetish based reality competition show. In the vain of Survivor or Big Brother; They will Scheme, Outplay, and Hook up. One by one they will be eliminated until 1 remains. Competitions & punishments based on a new fetish every week.
1/21/21 7:56 AM
Several characters are subjected to a hypnotic force that compels them to accept any dares given to them. ANY dares!
1/20/21 8:30 PM
Zane is a dissatisfied and miserable office worker who is offered the opportunity to be freed from sadness. He doesn't believe in the magical cure-all that a stranger offers him, but he tries it anyways. After all, what does he have to lose?
1/19/21 6:03 AM
1/18/21 9:41 PM
Brandon and Juan want to break their friend Tom out of his shell. They find a mysterious game that leads to their desired goal. Alternate titles: Juman-kink, or Kink-manji.
1/18/21 6:26 AM