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Author Name Published
Okay, so, this is my own addition to the ‘Pollination’ mythos. Just a little story that I have written to accompany the illustrations I posted in the POLLINATION GROUP CHAT. This story is set in the UK and concerns a father and his teenage son encountering some very familiar, penis-shaped plants...
3/5/21 6:27 AM
2/22/21 1:07 PM
1/23/21 8:40 PM
11/27/20 3:04 PM
When they try on their new "Blue Strong" bracelets, the officers on the Pineview police force join a whole new brotherhood...
6/30/20 10:31 AM
Jayson's new roommate is alot more close to plants than he remembers
5/12/20 2:18 AM
4/15/20 3:21 PM
12/29/19 10:04 PM
12/9/19 11:05 PM
Martin stands over his son Alec's bed, stroking his hard cock, feeling slutty... once he awakes, though concerned at first, Alec begins to see his father's point of view.
10/26/19 12:02 PM