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Author Name Published
Author Name Published
9/2/20 8:32 AM
A day in the life of London’s hardest working policeman. Set in [and heavily inspired by] the post-apocalyptic universe of Xavier Hick’s Carriers and Donors / Bill Drake’s Cornell-TX on
6/26/20 9:42 PM
6783 words
3/26/20 4:22 PM
Ensign Aaron Whelk feels like he might be a bit in over his head, signing up for a three year voyage into interstellar space aboard the CSS Virile. He grew up in space and has always felt at home aboard starships, but here, on the Virile, he doesn't quite feel like he fits in. Thanks to a new friend, however, he learns that he really does have a place on the Virile.
7/21/19 8:27 AM
2833 words
4/28/19 12:19 PM
8520 words
A man grows his friend into the perfect revenge.
4/16/19 11:46 AM
10498 words
Captain Chris Hansen, a renowned xenobiologist and astronaut, is on a one-man mission to a newly discovered extrasolar planet believed to be capable of harboring life. What he finds there is beyond even his wildest imagination.
1/16/19 5:54 AM
3374 words
The doctor grows his finest creation.
12/7/18 1:41 AM
5936 words
Razz introduces Derek to a magical app that allow them to exchange cock size, and Derek gives him everything he's got.
9/17/18 4:56 AM
Jonathan’s booty has been increasingly popular on social media, but how will his fans react when he decides to take the next step?
8/5/18 3:39 PM