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Author Name Published
11/28/20 5:52 PM
11/16/20 7:53 AM
17772 words
Eric is given a new device that he's told will help him stay in shape while the gym is closed during the incoming pandemic. That depends, of course, on your definition of "in shape".
10/11/20 9:05 PM
10/2/20 5:28 AM
Chief Taylor, lifelong fireman and tipped to be the next mayor of his town, is a prime specimen of manhood. When asked to donate sperm for a very rich and selective clientele he refuses, faithful to his wife and not wanting the scandal. But they won't take no for an answer, and are ready to take what they want by any means.
9/26/20 8:31 AM
Rick's roommate keeps using his stuff without asking. One day, he mistakes a magic salve that was meant for Rick's dick, as mouthwash, and then everyone starts looking at him differently after he uses it.
9/19/20 8:56 PM
Chaz discovers a new desire when the sun sets at a local cruising spot
4/21/19 12:49 PM
Cheaters never win. Especially not when they try to get help from a gay classmate, to use a mind enhancing technique to pass a college exam.
5/15/18 2:04 AM
5/17/16 1:27 AM
4392 words
I don't usually use my powers to mess with people, but I make an exception for arrogant TSA agents.
11/22/12 7:00 PM