Best friends, right? (Rewritten) Ch. 2

By Nacho -
published March 17, 2020
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After Dylan’s victory, Parker will have to fix some things if he wants to go outside.

Parker’s POV

Okay, this was not right.

Let me get over this introduction thing, so I can keep telling the story.

My name is Parker. I share body with this insufferable piece of shit. What? I’m not meant to like him, and I’m not fond of someone who locked me away using medicines, you know?

Yeah, since almost the beginning, Hunter has been medicated to avoid me taking control of his body.

“Why?” You may ask.

I had an… incident with another kid, when Hunter and I were younger. But in my defense, the guy tried to steal our money. I was just defending us. And what did I get in return? Being locked away for more than a decade!

Do you know how it feels being unable to interact with people for more than a decade, and just watching it like some kind of TV show? So, yeah. My body mate is not my best friend.

And after what happened, I dare to say that I’m the hero of this story.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying watching Hunty-dumpty suffer for a bit is not fun. But… we share this body, and if the main him is not right, that can make things bad for me, too.

I hate to say this, but I’ll have to help him.

I walked down a few corridors. Our mind is a pretty busy place. It’s mostly Hunter’s stuff, because I’ve haven’t been able to do anything in the real world.

And that made me bitter.

In the main room (a kind of living room, with a single settee in the middle and a TV in front of it). My other me was sitting on it, with a dumb smile and glazed over eyes.

If I liked this guy, I would feel pity on him. But I didn’t like him, so it was just business. If he wasn’t alive, I wouldn’t be alive.

I moved my hand in front of his face. He reacted.

‘That’s good’ I thought. ‘He’s not too far gone’

“Yo, bro!” He said in a weird, deep voice. That didn’t sound like the normal Hunter, not at all.

Dylan has gone under his skin a bit too far, maybe? I wasn’t fully conscious during what happened with him, but I was a bit aware of what our body was doing, and what Dylan was doing.

“Do you mind leaving me in charge for a while?” I asked. Very straight forward, yeah. But in this state, my stupid other self wouldn’t be able to fight back.

“Not a chance bro! I have to be in charge, for Master Dylan! That way, I’ll be able to do as he says!”

I face palmed.

“He’s not mast- You know what? I don’t have time for this” I grabbed him from the couch and tried to move him out of it.

Surprisingly, he fought back. When I grabbed him and started walking away from the settee, he threw a sucker punch at me, hitting me directly.

“Woah, this escalated quickly”

“I’m sorry bro, but I can’t let you go out” He laughed a bit, a deep laughter like the ones those jocks tend to do. I think I kind of understood what was going on.

I grabbed him once again and threw him across the room. I putted my hood above my head, to look a bit tougher, as I prepared to fight.

Hunter was getting up, his dumb smile vanished, he was mad. But he had no chance against me, I’m not a pussy like him.

Hunter charged towards me, I just side stepped as he was about to tackle me, causing him to crash in the sofa and fall straight to the floor behind it. The guy got up, like it was nothing. This was getting serious pretty quickly.

My other self ran around the sofa and tried to punch me once again, but I grabbed it and managed to put him down easily. Fighting was never Hunter’s talent. I kicked him, causing him to fall straight to the floor.

He was pretty hurt already, but he didn’t seem considering to give up. I quickly imagined a rope. That’s the good part of being stuck in a mind during most part of your life, you know how the rules work around here.

If me or Hunter want something in here, we just have to imagine it. It wouldn’t have any effect in the real world, of course.

Before he could get up, I pinned him down and tied him up to a nearby chair. “How does it feel to be stuck in here now, asshole?”

He still tried to fight back against the rope, but it was useless. Just as I was about to sit down in the sofa, and take control of our body… I had second thoughts.

I wouldn’t be able to do it without Hunter. Dylan would just put me under like he did with him, so this whole double personality thing was our only weapon against him.

I sighed, but this had to work. I created a chair and putted it backwards in front of Hunter, then sat down, facing him.

“Let’s have a nice chat, just you and me, alright?” He nodded, he seemed afraid, but still a bit mad. I continued “As much as I hate to say this, I can’t beat Dylan. Not alone, at least.”

“Why do you want to beat him? Master Dylan is good, bro!” His smile returned, as he dreamily looked around.

I raised my hand to slap him. But hold myself back. The guy had noticed this and closed his eyes, preparing to get the hit. “He’s not… Master Dylan. He’s Dylan Buggs, and we don’t like Dylan Buggs, remember?” I mean, I don’t know if he doesn’t like him. But given that the guy turned him into a dumb jock… they couldn’t be friends, right?

“But I like Master Dylan, he makes me feel good!” This wasn’t going anywhere. I had an idea. Probably trying to remind him about that other guy? The big one, Jason I think. I remember Hunter writing a letter for him.

“But what about you and that guy, Jason? Are you going to let him go with that jerk who stole everything from you?”

“Who is Jason? I don’t know anyone with that name, bro! Parky, maybe you’re a bit tired? I’m sure Master Dylan can help you!”

I sighed and got up. I tried to remember what the note said, then brought it to the mind space. “Jason” I started to read it, showing the paper to him before continuing. Hunter looked at me, with a bit of curiosity, maybe?

“I’m not mad with you. In fact, I just couldn’t find the words at the moment. We can talk about this if you want, but I want you to know that I’m not mad at you, and I miss you.” Hunter wanted to cover his ears but he was still tied up. “Let’s talk about what happened so we can settle things together. It’s totally understandable if you don’t want. But you’re my best friend” Man, this guy really left everything in his letter, was he going to give it to him during class? “Love you, Hunter”

I looked back at the guy and noticed his glazed eyes were normal now, and he was crying. “Why? Why is this happening to me? Everything was so perfect!"

That was enough. Hunter was back, and he wasn’t an obnoxious jock anymore. Just an obnoxious guy.

I untied him, after thinking about it for a while. He couldn’t harm me now.

He tried to reach out to me, probably to hug me. But I stepped back. We weren’t friends, just body mates. He got the message quickly and sat back down in his chair.

After a bit of silence, he finally spoke up “So… You’re Parker, right?”

“The one and only” I said, coldly. He nodded a bit and looked around for a bit. I assumed he wasn’t a lot in his mind space. (I liked to call it in some way, to avoid saying it was my prison).

“Thanks for helping me-”

“I was not. You were in the way, that’s all. And your dumb jock self wanted to keep in control really bad” I’m a dick? Probably, but I couldn’t care less about this guy.

He got up from the chair and walked to the sofa. I got up too and pushed him away. “Hey! My turn to go outside!”

“Parker, this is serious. This guy-“

“Yeah, he has a magic amulet, so what? I just want to go outside, man”

“But think about it” He started “I’m supposed to be a… dumb jock, you said. What do you think Dylan will do if he sees you, in my body?”

“Our body”

“Our body” He corrected himself, before continuing “Going around, totally normal. He would do his magic thing again and bang, you’ll be under too.”

“Do you think I haven’t thought about that already?” Who does he think I am? He’s the dumb one from the two!

“If you thought about that already, then why don’t we ally? It’ll be easier for us to defeat Dylan, because we have a secret move he doesn’t know about.” He smiled at me, as he extended his hand.

I must admit, that was a good idea. As far as we knew, our little body mates thing was a family secret, and only Jason knew. And Jason forgot everything about Hunter, so he can’t fuck this up.

I smiled back at my other self. Looks like he wasn’t as dumb as I thought. I shook his hand “This is going to be fun”

Hunter’s POV

My body (or my mind, I don’t how this works) felt like hell. I remembered well the beating that Parker gave me. I wasn’t mad at him, though. He brought me back to my senses, so I couldn’t be mad with him for saving me.

He was staring at me with an expression of indifference; and it was like looking to a mirror. The guy looked exactly like me, not like how different personalities get portrayed in cartoons. No different eye color, nor hair color, nothing.

He was wearing a white hoodie and jeans, meanwhile I was in boxers and a loose t-shirt. My usual pajamas, so that meant I was asleep in the real world. Nice.

“Staring is rude” He said, suddenly. Even his voice sounded like mine, but a bit deeper.

I rolled my eyes “So, how long was I… Away?”

“I just woke up today, but maybe since yesterday” He shrugged, he probably didn’t care about it.

A whole day passed? I remember what happened but it’s more like broken pieces. If I wanted to remember perfectly, I would have to take some time. And that wasn’t an option.

“So… any ideas?” I asked him.

“First, we should wake up” He pointed to the… ‘TV’ in front of the sofa. It seemed turned off.

I nodded and walked over to the settee. Before sitting down, I looked at him, like waiting for approval.

He nodded, that was all I needed. I had to trust Parker if I wanted this to work.

I woke up in my room, like I usually did every day. I considered the possibility of having dreamed about my encounter with Parker and everything that happened with Dylan.

But apparently, I wasn’t that lucky. ‘What’s the plan?’ Parker’s voice said in my head. I looked around surprised, I thought there was another person in the room, and then I realized it was him.

Maybe he can hear my thoughts? ‘’Can you hear me?’’

‘Loud and clear, mate’ Good, that seemed to work. I didn’t need to speak out loud and people wouldn’t think I’m crazy.

I went to the bathroom and looked at myself on the mirror. Damn, I seemed wasted. I noticed a box of pills in the sink. But Parker noticed them too, because he started ‘Don’t even think about it’

‘‘Don’t worry, I won’t’’

‘Good, because if you do…’

‘’Look, you don’t have to threaten me or anything, just trust me’’

‘Alright, Alright. Just making things clear’ His tough dude attitude was bothering me, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

The sun was rising, so I assumed it was 6 A.M.

‘’We can’t go to school. Not while Dylan is there, at least’’

‘Back in the world and already ditching school? My, what would our mother say?’ I rolled my eyes again and sat in my desk chair.

I started my computer as Parker asked what was I doing.

‘’I have an idea… Dylan is using an amulet to do all this crazy stuff, right?’’ My memories were still a bit weird, but I have an image of him holding this kind of circular stone with a thing in the middle, before a flash of light.

‘I think so? But what, are you going to ask around what to do when your classmate goes crazy?’ He chuckled at his own joke as I searched.

After he finished laughing, I started explaining what I think would be a good plan. ‘’Dylan’s been in a few of my classes since we were little. And once, there were rumors about him and his family practicing witchery. Now, that would explain the whole magic amulet thing’’

‘Huh, interesting’ He said, he sounded a bit distracted.

‘’You don’t care?’’ I asked him. It was pretty pointless to try and have a conversation if he didn’t care about it. “I’m sorry, but I want to save my best friend from that psycho, and if that’s not important for you-”

‘Oh, yeah, I kinda care. But do you really think you can find the answer to our problems with a few Google searches?’ He had a point, but I wouldn’t lose anything by trying.

And bingo! I was right! Seems like there is an antique shop ran by the Buggs family in Riverwood. It was a good start, as long as Dylan wasn’t there. And risky as hell, if the rest of his family was in his little plan.

But hopefully, Parker would be able to bring me back if they tried something on me.

I dressed up and took a bus to the shop. It looked pretty old, like it was never given maintenance since the first day.

‘’Alright, here we go’’ I said to Parker. It was a totally normal thing to do, talking to your other personality in your head, right?

‘If anyone tries to attack us, I’ll take control, got it?’

‘’Sure, hopefully it won’t be necessary’’ He tried to complain but I walked in the shop, ignoring his comments.

The shop looked really nice, despite the old aspect. Everything seemed really fragile, so I tried to avoid touching anything.

Then, a voice announced. “Welcome!” I got scared and took a step back, but an old man, probably in his late 60’s or more, appeared from behind a desk with a big smile. Was he just waiting there to pop up and scare any possible client?

‘If he tries to scare us again, I’ll kill him’ What was with him and that violent attitude?

“Wow, no need to threat anyone here, young man. I may be old, but don’t think for a second I can’t defend myself” The smile on the man’s face disappeared, replaced by a look of disgust. Could he hear Parker?

“S-Sorry, sir” I said “Can you hear Parker?” I was scared, and curious. Maybe he was some kind of psychic? I mean, one of my classmates has an amulet to control minds, this didn’t seem so crazy.

‘Hey! Don’t rat me out!’

“Of course I can. Don’t worry, you both. You seem to have a… split personality, by the looks of it” Cool, I wouldn’t pay for any of the garbage Parker has to say, then. “And I also know what brought you here” He made a movement with his hand, to follow him probably, as he walked to the back of the shop. He continued explaining as we walked. “It’s because of my grandson, Dylan, isn’t it?”

‘Hooray! Googling for a solution did seem to work, Hunty!’

‘’Don’t call me Hunty’’ I thought, and the old man chuckled. I decided to explain “Uhm, yes. Dylan has some kind of…”

“The emperor’s amulet, yes. I know that mind control artifact very well. I gave it to my grandson myself”

‘Uh oh, I told him it was a bad idea to come’ I wish I had paid more attention to his warning. What if he was as crazy as Dylan?

But the old man chuckled “No, do not fear. I gave it to him with good intentions, and he disappointed me. He didn’t last even one day without using it for his own benefit, and against his classmates!”

“So why don’t you take it again to avoid him using it?” I asked, I had curiosity as to why this man had these kind of artifacts in an open shop, what would happen if anyone stole something overnight or something like that? But I assumed it was protected.

“If I could, I would have already done that. But I’m afraid that amulet can affect me too, and with all the knowledge I possess… It would be catastrophic. I’m making him think I approve this behavior of him, just for safety purposes.” He mumbled something like ‘I’m not as young as I used to be…’ Before turning away.

‘And is there anything you can give us to fight back, then?’ Parker asked, pretty straight forward but he was right. If the man couldn’t do anything, better have something to attack Dylan.

Mr. Buggs laughed hysterically, like we told him a really good joke. “I’m sorry kid, but I already told you what happened after I trusted my grandson with one of my treasures and see what happened! How can I trust anyone if my own family is not even worth my trust?”

‘’He has a point’’ I thought.

‘Yeah, but it was worth the try’

“Don’t worry” The man started “There’s something that can help you defend yourselves against the amulet. It’s not a what, but a who. In OceanVille, I heard rumors about this… joker card, to say it in normal words. A person unaffected by magic or supernatural influence.” He grabbed a pen and a notebook, scribbled some stuff down and ripped it out. Then, handed it to us.

“Search for them and ask for help. If they don’t agree to help you, come back here and we’ll discuss what to do next. But if they do, you should be ready to come up with the next step in the plan by yourselves” He winked.

‘Wait, what is this? A fantasy movie? We’re not going to do a stupid quest for-’ Parker started complaining.

“Don’t worry, we’ll do!” I said, ignoring the sudden ‘WHAT?!’ Parker screamed in my mind.

“Good luck then, young man” The old man waved before I left the shop. I searched on my phone for a quick way to get to OceanVille from Riverwood. “The bus station seems to be the fastest option” I looked at the time. 9 A.M. Still pretty early, so may as well give it a go today.

‘Are we really going to another town just because a stranger told us? Haven’t your parents taught you anything about security?’ Parker said, in a mocking tone. I knew he was craving for some action, after our little fight this morning.

‘’Look, if you behave… I may let you control the body while we’re on the bus’’

‘Wait, you’re serious?’


‘I mean, I don’t need your permission, but sure, I accept’ Then he started humming a happy song.

I walked off towards the bus station. Hopefully, this person will help us out, and I would be able to save Jason from whatever mess Dylan put in his head. Then, we would stop that weirdo.

Dylan’s POV

Curiously, I couldn’t see the dumb jock Hunter around. Maybe he was too dumb to remember where the school was? Hopefully, that would be the case. I found Jason and greeted him with a good kiss.

I noticed Abby, a girl from my French class, staring at us. I wondered what was her problem. Then I remembered, she was Hunter’s cousin. Oh, who cares. I’ll wipe her memory like I did with his boring cousin, to avoid her messing with my jock.

“Doing anythin’ after school, bro?” Asked Jason. I wasn’t used to having a hunk best friend, but I was enjoying this.

“Not really, wanna go home with me and… have some fun?” I said, smiling at the last few words. He smirked, cockily.

“Yeah, my thoughts exactly”

Coach Logan passed by. And that gave me an idea.

As I said before, I wanted to make the most of having this amulet, probably enslaving the whole school. I would need a big event to have the whole student body in a favorable location, where everyone would be exposed to the amulet’s magic. An assembly would work perfectly, and enslaving the principal to start one is the easy way.

But I would like some security in my event, so I decided to enslave the jocks first, to help with that.

I walked up to the coach and tapped his shoulder “Mr. Logan? May I have a word with you?”

He turned to me “Of course Mr…?” It was obvious he wouldn’t know my name. I never stood out, after all.

“I’m Dylan Buggs, and if you don’t mind I would like to have a word with you in your office. I’ve heard some stuff about drugs in the sports team and I think it’s rather serious” I lied, but that would make him eager to talk in private. My plan was perfect.

The coach nodded and told me to go with him. We arrived at his office and he sat in his desk chair, I sat in a chair in front of him. “So” He started “What have you heard? I want to assure you that in this school we don’t condone that kind of behavior and we’ll investigate the matter”

I nodded, but before making up another lie I kind of panicked, so I just grabbed my amulet, pointed at him and pressed the button. His eyes glazed over and the classic dumb smile appeared in his face. He was mine now.

“I am your master, and you will obey everything I tell you, am I right Coach?”

“Yesssss… master…” He answered, his voice was much more monotone that Jason’s or Hunter’s. It made it hotter, though.

I turned off the amulet, that would have to do it for now. I snapped my fingers and the entranced man came back to life. He sported a smile again, after he noticed me sitting in front of him. “Master!” He said.

“Let’s go straight to the point” As hot as enslaving people was, I wasn’t interested in the coach. I already had the jock of my dreams, Jason. The rest of this was just pure, and simple revenge. “You will call a meeting for the football team. Everyone must be in the locker room in five minutes, or they’re out. Is that understood?”

He nodded, a bit excited. He probably wanted to obey as soon as possible. “Good coach, call them now and let me know when ready” He nodded again and pulled out his phone.

Surprisingly, using the amulet didn’t make me tired this time. I was getting better at this!

And it was great, because a whole sports team was about to go down. Get ready Leopards, you’re going under next!

I like writing Parker. He kind of reminds me of those edgy but laughable characters from videogames. And he’s based off one, too!

And yep, Dylan’s POV was short on purpose (I wanted it to be like it’s just a glimpse, to see how he’s doing with his plan as Hunter is out of school)

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Hope you liked this chapter!

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