Best friends, right? (Rewritten!) Ch. 1

By Nacho -
published March 10, 2020
3870 words

A high school jock has a crush on his best friend. Another guy has an amulet with the power to put people in an obedient trance.

Part 1 - Hunter’s POV

Hey everyone!

Oh, sorry! I should introduce myself! I’m Hunter. Hunter Switzker.

I’m a kind of normal guy. Besides a few problems, but I’ll get to that later. Light brown hair, athletic, but not massively built, you get the picture. I’ll explain a bit more about me, and how this little adventure happened.

I’m a senior at Riverwood High. Baseball player since, like, my second year, I think? I’m not really a jock though. I think I fit better with the nerds. I mean, I get along with almost all my classmates, no matter their social group, but I share more interests with the nerds than with my fellow jock mates.

“Hey Hunter!” A deep voice said from the other side of the yard. The big guy was waving and running towards me, avoiding the other students as he did. This guy is my best friend. Jason Storm. He was a great bud, and he fitted the jock stereotype way more than I did.

He sported his green and white varsity jacket, proudly. His brown hair was styled in a mid-fade kind of thing. He had a cocky smile that would win anyone’s heart. And a key to their panties, yeah.

“Hey Jace!” The guy grabbed me for a bro hug and left me in the ground. When I regained balance, we walked inside. We chatted about the usual stuff. I saw Abby was already at her locker, preparing her stuff.

I’ll explain a bit more. Abby is my cousin, and one of my best friends.

I know what you may be thinking “Didn’t you get along with everybody?” Yep, but that doesn’t mean I’m friends with everybody!

For example, there’s this guy… I’ll get to him later.

“Hey, cousin!” I called her from my own locker. She seemed startled, maybe I scared her? I don’t know, I just laughed.

“Hunter!” She came closer and gave me a warm hug. I liked our little group. Me, my best friend Jason and my cousin Abby. We made a good squad!

She greeted Jace, too. (Between you and me, I always wondered if the pair were together in secret or something like that. But I didn’t want to seem rude asking that. But I knew they were really close.)

“I’m kinda worried about the college acceptance envelopes. I’ve heard they should start arriving this week” Abby worked hard to maintain a perfect G.P.A and participated in a few extracurricular activities, like cheerleading.

“I’m a bit more worried I’ve barely done anything this year besides playing baseball and keeping my grades high enough” I was being modest, my G.P.A wasn’t as perfect as Abby’s 4.0, but it was a good 3.6 at least. Jason had a bit less than me, but still high enough to not be considered a dumbass.

Abby looked at her phone and mumbled a very fast “I’ll-see-you-later-guys!” Before walking away.

My phone started ringing when Jace and I started walking to our own classroom. “Oh, time for my medicine” I grabbed my box of pills from my school bag and walked to the nearby drinking fountain. I wasn’t scared of anybody watching me, it was a medical thing.

“Still holding Parker back?” Asked Jason a bit concerned.

“Yup, and I hope he’s happy wherever he is now” Okay, I should explain a bit. There’s me, Hunter Switzker. Your nice, friendly classmate.

Then there’s Parker. He’s… nice, I think. In his own way. My mother used to tell me stories about him to make me take my medicine, and they weren’t really nice. I didn’t need those stories now. He was better in the back of my mind, where he wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Apparently, we shared our body in a very friendly relationship, taking equal turns different days of the week. But after the accident… It became mandatory for me to take something to make him dormant.

Luckily, he’s my only other personality. I saw this movie were the guy had like 23. Yeah, I wouldn’t be able to live like that.

Jason knew about this, of course. He knew almost everything about me. Abby knew about it too. It was kind of a family secret, though.

They only knew it because they were really close to me, and even then, they never got to know Parker. And I hope that would stay like that.

After classes were over, I spent some time with my best friend. He had football practice and I had baseball practice, but after it was over, we would have a good laugh and walk around town for a while.

Specially after we both arrived late to the practices. Jason’s coach was actually cool about it, mocking him about “Arriving 8 minutes and 23 seconds late”. Good thing that our coaches are really nice, I guess?

Alright. Let me get this out of my system. Riverwood is BORING. I mean, there is nothing interesting. We just go to class, go to practice, and then we have the rest of the day to hang out. We don’t even get punished for arriving late to practices!

I’m not saying I would like to get robbed or be in a big trouble to get my adrenaline pumping, but something better than the daily stuff would be cool, alright?

Sometimes I wondered ‘What if I stop taking my medicines?’ Would it be that bad to have Parker around?

I don’t remember ever interacting with Parker. He was locked away by the medicine. I would hear whispers when I forget to take it for a few minutes after my alarm started to ring, but that was as far as I dared to go.

You could say I’m scared of him, yeah.

“It’s weird to say it, but I kinda missed the school, and the football practices” Jason said, after a while of wandering around.

“Agreed” I looked at the shops as we passed by. “I mean, it’s cool. But a little change would be cool too” I said.

He chuckled “Yeah. Speaking of that, gotta tell you something, Hunt” We stopped. I wondered what did he want to tell me.

The guy started looking around, like examining the area in case there was someone watching us, for some reason. It made me a bit uncomfortable? I mean, I know Jace since he transferred to this high school and he never acted like this.

“Shit. Will be better if I show you” Then he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a make out session. Alright, wasn’t expecting that but I’ll take it.

Although, I may have taken a long time to kiss him back, probably from the surprise, but Jason quickly pulled away.

“S-Sorry, bro. Don’t know what came over me” Then he ran off. I stood there, pretty confused, and staring at him running away.

Once my senses came back to me, I thought about running after him, but it would be useless. He was way faster than me. I’ll call him, yeah. Maybe after a bit of time, so he can calm down. My best friend kissed me! And it was amazing!

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m not gay, but not straight, either. I don’t care about genders when it comes to… couple stuff, to call it some way. As long as I have a good bond with the other person, I’m open to anything.

I just hope this won’t ruin things between us.

Alright, I know what you may be thinking. “Why don’t you message him?” I know my best friend, and he’s hot-headed as fuck.

He needs some time to calm down a bit, so we can talk properly about what was that about.

As I returned home, I sent Jace a few messages, but he wasn’t answering. “Weird” I thought.

Then, a great idea crossed my mind. What if I write him a letter? I know it’s old schooled, but I can pass it to him in class and he would know I’m not mad or grossed about what happened!

Switzker, you’re a genius!

I went to my desk and started writing, I would have to choose my words carefully.

“Jason” I started writing. “I’m not mad at you. I just couldn’t find the words at the time. We can talk about this if you want, but I want you to know I’m not mad at you, and I miss you.” I took a little pause to think.

“Let’s talk about what happened so we can settle things together. It’s totally understandable if you don’t want to. But you’re my best friend. Love you, Hunter”

That was perfect! I would give it to him as soon as I saw him. What could go wrong?

Part 2 - Dylan’s POV

My name is Dylan Buggs.

And today was the best day of my life.

I got an amulet, a magic amulet. My grandfather gave it to me, it was supposedly my heritage or something like that.

I know, it sounds weird. Why would my grandfather have a magic amulet? Well, I have an explanation for that. Gramps manages a store with a weird collection of stuff like this amulet here.

He doesn’t sell them to anyone. He’s not an idiot. He sells tourist garbage to the normal people and keeps the good stuff for himself!

And you know, for a socially anxious weirdo like me, this thing was like a ticket to paradise. I could make anyone make anything I wanted just by pressing the amulet’s button.

It was amazing! I tried it out with a few of the jocks already, before they could try to bother me around. And it made wonders.

But they weren’t the jock I wanted.

I’ll explain a bit about how this works. My grandpa said I would have to use it for the greater good and stuff like that. But I have more important things to do with it gramps, sorry.

For some reason, the amulet produces a green light that puts the people who watch it into a really deep state of trance. If you want to reprogram someone, it would need some deepening and then a few commands. But in the end, you can make wonders with it.

Remember those jocks I mentioned? They live to obey me now. I know, right? It’s so cool!

And to start with the real deal, I had to find Jason Storm. The man of my dreams.

He has perfect brown hair, green eyes, a masculine face with a cocky smile. And he was really built. Although I’ve never seen that myself, would have died if I saw that, because he would have beat me up.

As you may have guessed, the jocks aren’t really friendly towards me. I’ve never done anything to them, but they seem to hate me anyway, so I decided to just watch them from a safe distance.

But, that was about to change. Hell yeah.

I walked around, looking for my perfect jockboy, Jason. And then I found him. And another guy was with him, fuck.

I just had to… wait, where did they go?!

I had to find my jock to make him mine, it was only a matter of time!

I went to his house some hours after school. I knew he had football practice, and after that he tends to spend time with his… best friend.

Remember I said I enslaved a few jocks already while testing the amulet? I asked one of them for Jason’s address and he was more than happy to tell me.

It was a bit late, I thought it may be weird for me to appear at this time. Especially since I never hung out with Jason. I prepared myself, grabbing the amulet firmly in my hand. This was going to be a piece of cake.

I knocked the door and a deep voice yelled “Comin’!”

There he was. Jason opened the door still in his varsity jacket and a shirt underneath it. His eyes were a bit irritated, was he stoned or had he been crying? “Do I know ya?” He asked, a bit confused. “I saw you in school, need somethin’?”

This wasn’t time for a chit chat. “Yeah, actually…” I pointed the amulet towards him and pressed the button. A flash of green light appeared for a few seconds, before turning itself down once again.

The hot hunk in front of me suddenly had a big smile in his face, and glazed over eyes.

Let me explain. My gramps’ amulet has the power to make a person completely compliant to the amulet’s wearer. The wearer is immune to the light, but anyone directly exposed to it enters in a… state of trance, of sorts?

Yes, it’s really powerful, and I’m so glad my grandfather gave it to me!

I told him to take me to his room, and act casually if we encountered anyone of his family.

We didn’t, luckily. I preferred to avoid putting more people under than who I was interested in. The school’s bullies were some of my objectives, of course. I closed his room’s door and stared at him. He looked so good, and the dumb smile made him ten times more hot than usual.

I took the amulet out once again and flashed the light to his face once again. That would make him go deeper.

I wanted to start with the fun right away, so I told him to get on his knees as I dropped my pants. My cock was hard already. “Suck me off, Jason. Feel yourself falling deeper in trance as you do”

He nodded and started to work on the blowjob. It felt good, but he wasn’t really skilled on it.

“I want you to listen very careful to what I say, Jason. I am your master, alright?” I started programming him, as he kept sucking my cock.

“Yeah…” He said in a very monotone voice, before resuming his blowjob. “You’re my master…”

I pushed his head off my cock and made him look at me. “Good boy. You also know I always tell the truth, and that I’m your best friend, because we always spend so much time together, isn’t that right?”

He didn’t seem to like that last suggestion, because he started blinking a lot, until he mumbled “…Hunter?”

That motherfucker. He was causing my jockboy to break free from my control over him? Really?!

The guy was Hunter Switzker. He’s… well, I won’t lie, he’s the only jock that doesn’t try to harm me in any way, but he doesn’t have a good opinion of me. I don’t care though, he’s my least favorite from the bunch. Even the bullies are less hateful than him, in my opinion.

He has everything already. A hot best friend, a great family, good baseball skills, and everyone liked him. He basically had a perfect life.

You could say I’m jealous, yeah. But not without a reason.

But he wasn’t a problem, not anymore. Now I had my amulet!

I pointed it again at Jason’s face and pressed the button. Any trace of resistance vanished as he stared at me blissfully once again.

“No, Jace. It’s me, Dylan Buggs. Hunter is not your friend, you barely know him at all. In fact, you hate him because he used to mock me. You can’t stand to being around him at all, he makes you really mad.”

“Yeah… I hate Hunter…” He repeated. It worked perfectly!

“And I am your best friend. you’re also secretly attracted to me, isn’t that right?”

“Dylan… best friend… I’m attracted to ya” His smile grew bigger but his eyes were still glazed over.

I think that was enough, for now at least.

“That’s my good boy, on the count of three you will wake up” I counted and snapped my fingers in front of his face.

He blinked a few times, a bit confused about why he was on his knees. And then he saw me. His face filled with happiness.

“Master!” He got up and gave me a really warm hug.

“Hey big guy” I said after he let me go. I had the jock of my dreams under my control, awesome!

Sadly, as much as I wanted to spend the whole night fucking with his mind, I think it would be better to leave that for another day. The amulet uses your own energy to charge itself, and it made me pretty tired already.

Magic balance purposes, I guess. I spent a bit of time with Jason though, and it was amazing. He treated me like his best friend, and due to my other suggestion, he also threw a few flirty comments here and there.

But as I said before, the amulet made me feel really tired already. I told my jockboy I would see him tomorrow at school. He was a bit sad since, according to him, I just arrived.

I said goodbye to him with a quick kiss, which made him blush, and left the house. Damn, I used the amulet just a few times and it really drained my energy. But according to grandpa, the more I used it, the more skilled I would get and it wouldn’t leave me as tired as I am now.

Next day, at school, I searched for my new best friend at school.

I found him in his locker, but before I could get to him, another guy got there first.

It was Hunter.

I stood behind a corner as Hunter went directly to Jason as the later looked around in his locker. If everything worked correctly, my jock would feel complete hate at the bare mention of my rival.

“Hey Jace!” He said. “I haven’t seen you around today, maybe we can talk about-“ Jason slammed his locker and stared at his former best friend. His expression was weird mix between disgust and anger. “Is something wrong?” Asked Hunter, a bit surprised of his friend’s reaction.

“Why, yeah. Yeah, there’s something wrong” The big guy walked closer to the baseball player, as the later walked backwards, clearly scared.

“What are you talking about? We haven’t talked since yesterday after what happened”

What happened yesterday? I may have to… Damn, I couldn’t ask Jason, I made him forget about Hunter. Well, I don’t think I missed something important.

“I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about” Jason said, one of his eyes started blinking a lot, like he had some kind of nervous tic. But it stopped. Phew, that was close.

“What is going on here?” Damn. That old hag professor Alice. It looked like Jason had clenched his fist after that weird… struggle with himself, ready to make the first blow into his former best friend.

Hunter was scared, and he took the chance to go away as the professor made sure nobody got in a fight.

I had to take care of him. If a simple conversation was enough for Jason to almost break free from my control, I needed to make a foolproof plan. As much as I liked to see him suffer, I would have to put him under too to make sure he never messed with my plans, or with my jockboy.

I followed him after his little encounter, and when he stopped in his locker, I thought about my next move.

“Hey Switzker” I said, tapping the guy’s shoulder. He looked at me quickly and resumed what he was doing, like I wasn’t worth enough of his attention.

“Hey… Dylan? Need something?” He asked. Probably faking amiability. God, I would enjoy this so much.

“Yes, mind if I show you something?” He looked at me again as I grabbed the amulet and pointed it to him, pressing the button quickly. The usual green light appeared and his expression faded, replaced with glazed eyes and a dumb smile.

Great. The biggest threat to my plan was under my control!

“Can you hear me, Hunter?” The baseball player nodded. “Good. For so much time, you had everything with the minimum effort. Good grades, a good best friend, everyone loving you… but that’s about to change, you understand?”

The guy nodded without a care in the world. Like he was actually happy for what was about to happen.

“I’ve always thought about you as a dumb jock, no matter how much you try to pretend you aren’t. That little act you put up, befriending the nerds and acting like one of them to make them feel safe. Yeah, I don’t believe you.” I pushed his forehead with my finger, teasingly. If he wasn’t in a trance, he would have been very mad. “In fact, you will embrace your true self, a dumb jock, understood?”

Hunter nodded, his dumb smile turning bigger. A bit of saliva dripping by the corner of his mouth.

I petted his head, like he was some kind of dog. “Good boy. You will also forget about Jason Storm, and only think about him like he’s your bully, which means you fear him, understood?”

He nodded once again, his smile almost vanishing for a second, but his expression quickly relaxed once again. God, this was awesome.

And now, for the final part. “You will recognize me as your master, always eager to obey me. Always wanting my approval. I own you, from now on, understood Hunter?”

“Yeah, Master Dylan” He laughed a bit, before going back to being silent. Everything was settled.

My plan is now complete. With Hunter out of the picture, Jason will love me without a chance to break free from my control. Now it was time to move on to the rest of the school!


Finally giving this story a conclusion. But first, let’s start all over again.

I’ve done some changes to the original story. Decided to change the setting to fit in the timeline with the other two stories. Jason no longer has a POV, so we never know what’s happening in his head, Hunter is now a baseball player and Etc.

Part 2 was actually supposed to be Chapter 2 but I decided to merge it with Chapter 1, otherwise there wouldn’t be anything interesting for the first chapter.

Chapter 2 is already available in my Patreon.

And that’s it, I think. Hope you enjoyed the first chapter!

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