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Unintended Consequences Chapter 1

By Jai Young -
published March 1, 2020
2154 words

Adam and Kurt are in a loving if not stale marriage until one day Adam stumbles across a mysterious website that promises to grant his wish for a sexier marriage. Little did he realize the unintended consequences of thinking with your dick.

Unintended Consequences

By: Jai Young

Adam stared at his husband sleeping beside him in their queen sized bed. His husband, Kurt, had soft blonde hair that obscured his eyes at the moment. Adam sighed, he loved his husband but lately their sex life had become just a bit stale. They hardly ever seemed to have sex anymore and the few times they did, it just didn’t have the passion it once did. Adam had tried talking to Kurt about these issues, but Kurt had always said that he was having “personal difficulties” but wouldn’t expand upon them. When Adam pressed Kurt for more information, he just said that he was getting in his own head too much.

Adam sighed again and turned to his side, reaching for his phone on the nightstand. He discreetly opened up Grindr and started checking out the local hotties. Make no mistake, Adam would never cheat on his husband, but he did need some way to get off and sexting some cute guys was always a sure fire way for him to get there. He brought his phone to the bathroom and jerked off while talking to a couple of different guys. After he finished, he felt somewhat deflated. Like cumming had just been a chore rather than something enjoyable.
Adam opened the browser on his phone and began typing different search inquiries… “Unhappy with sex life marriage” “Gay husband no sex” “Why doesn’t he want to have sex?”… but each of the entries only led him to a series of self help articles and half-baked forum advice. He was about to closed the phone and head downstairs to make coffee when he noticed a site he hadn’t seen before. It said simply, “The Genie”. Curious, Adam clicked the link and was greeted with an almost totally black webpage with the exception of a single text box. Above the box in white letters was written:

The genie will solve all your problems. Simply type in your wish and the genie will make it come true. BEWARE OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.

Adam wondered what sort of joke site this could be but out of desperation and a sense of carelessness he typed in the box, “Kurt loses his sexual inhibitions.”

He clicked entered and the website went blank. He tapped his screen a few times and realized that his whole phone had frozen.

Great, Adam thought, that site probably just stole my identity or something.

After force restarting his phone, Adam went downstairs to make coffee and wake for Kurt to get up. As he was busying himself in the kitchen, Adam heard his husband’s footsteps down the stairs. He started to pour Kurt a cup but when he turned around he was greeted by the sight of his six foot husband completely naked with a raging boner.

Adam stared, unsure of where this was going. Kurt seemed to sneer back as he licked his lips seductively before looking down at his own rock hard cock and then back at Adam.
Adam realized what Kurt was implying and approached his husband not questioning the sudden resurgence in his libido. He stretched up to kiss his husband, but was stopped with a single finger and pushed down to his knees. Adam started to get hard but hardly had time to process what was going on before his husband whacked the side of his cheek with his hard cock leaving a sticky string of precum behind.

“You know,” said Kurt, “you look much better on your knees. Now open your mouth.”

Adam did as he was told and soon Kurt was starting to ram his entire cock down Adam’s throat. Adam gagged and tried to push back, but Kurt slapped his hand away and started to facefuck Adam. Adam was having trouble breathing and tried to signal to his husband to slow down but either Kurt didn’t notice or didn’t care because he continued his forceful fucking of Adam’s mouth.

“Mmmm, yeah take that cock like a good little bitch,” Kurt moaned.

Adam pushed himself away in protest. Bitch? Did he just call me a bitch?

“Babe, slow down a little…” Adam gasped.

“Oh no, you’re the one who’s been pushing for sex like a needy little bitch. Now you’re going to get it.”

Adam couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Normally his husband was a complete gentleman, almost old fashioned. But this side of him was something entirely new. Adam was both scared and aroused by this sudden shift in the man he had known for the last seven years.

Kurt approached Adam again and shoved his cock down the smaller man’s throat once more.

“Oh yeah, take that cock you little slut,” he moaned, “Always pestering me for sex, well now you’re going to get more than you can handle.”

Adam was lost somewhere between confusion, fear, and unabashed lust. He had never seen this side of his husband before and was excited for it to continue.

Kurt started to pick up the pace of his fucking as he grabbed Adam’s hair and started to piston in and out.

“Mmm, yeah, take it you little slut bith, yeah take my load, fucking here it comes… GRAAHHHHHHH.”

With that, Kurt unleashed a torrent of hot cum into Adam’s throat. He didn’t even have to swallow as it shot directly down into him.

Slowly, Kurt pulled his softening cock out of his Adam’s mouth. Panting, he looked down at Adam as though just seeing him for the first time.

“What was that?” Adam asked breathlessly.

“I don’t know,” Kurt said, wiping the sweat from his brow. “It was like… I just had an urge and went with it and didn’t give a fuck about anything else. Like, that was almost scary, I didn’t even care if I was hurting you. Babe, oh my god, are you okay?”

“What, yes, I’m fine,” Adam said still kneeling, “that was super hot, don’t apologize!”

“Yeah? But it was like I lost control … that wasn’t even me.”

Adam thought back to the website… could it be? It didn’t seem possible, but then how else could he explain Kurt’s strange behavior.

“You haven’t been drinking again, have you?” Asked Adam tentatively.

Kurt looked hurt, “No, honest babe. Smell my breath, I haven’t had anything to drink for months I swear!”

Adam could tell Kurt was telling the truth… he had always been a terrible liar. He thought again of the website… should he tell Kurt?

“You know,” Kurt interrupted, “You look really good on your knees like that, that puzzled expression on your face. You look like a dumb little cock slut, you know?”

“Kurt, what the fuck!?” Adam shouted, alarmed at Kurt’s sudden shift.

“Ugh, sorry, sorry, I don’t know what came over me,” Kurt said stepping back from Adam. “It’s… I just have these urges and like, why should I try and hide it. They’re natural. And you’re my husband. That means, your mine. Like my property. I can do whatever I want to you.”

Kurt stopped talking and looked at Adam with a hungry expression. Adam’s eyes went wide as Kurt stepped forward and lifted him by the armpits onto the counter. He started roughly kissing Adam’s neck, sucking and surely leaving sizable hickeys. Then, in one fluid movement, he pulled Adam’s pants and underwear off and flipped Adam around on the counter.

“Oh babe!” Adam shouted as Kurt leaned down and shoved his tongue into his puckered hole.

“Mmmmmph,” Kurt mumbled as his tongue darted in and out of Adam’s quickly loosening ass, “Fuck yeah, such a sweet hole. Daddy’s boyhole, gonna fill up that hole nice and good with Daddy cock.” Adam coulnd’t believe what he was hearing. Normally, Kurt made fun of guys who called themselves Daddy and here he was going full Daddy dom on him.

Kurt continued to assault Adam’s hole, all while whispering filthy and degrading things. Despite himself and his fears about the site, Adam had to admit that he was incredibly turned on.

The sensation in his hole abruptly stopped only to be replaced by a blunt pressure. Adam knew what was coming next and pushed outwards slightly as he felt Kurt’s massive cockhead break through the external muscles and start to work it’s way into his tight ass.

“Oh yeah, baby boy,” he whispered into Adam’s ear, nipping slightly as he spoke, “you like Daddy’s fat cock in your little ass?”

Adam couldn’t believe how hot this all was. Despite himself, he found himself nodding and in a hushed voice saying, “Yes, Daddy, I love your fat cock. God, put it in me.”

“That’s right,” Kurt chuckled, “this is what you want you little cock slut,” as he pushed his cock all the way into the hilt.

Adam gasped at the sudden invasion and tried to pull away but Kurt only gripped him tighter and started to pull out and in with little mercy.

“Oh-o-o-o- f-f-f-u-c-k,” Adam moaned as Kurt started to pick up the pace.

Kurt started getting louder as he shouted with each thrust, “FUCK – YEAH- TAKE – DADDY’S – COCK – YOU – DUMB – COCK – SLUT.”

Adam felt Kurt’s cockhead expand slightly and suddenly felt the blast of his surprisingly copious ejaculation into his ass. At the same time, Adam started cumming, blasting the cabinet doors with his jizz.

The two, sweating and panting, slowly extricated themselves from one another.

“Whoa…” was all Kurt could manage.


“That… was hot… but that wasn’t us…” Kurt spoke slowly. “Well, it was us… but not like anything we’ve done before. I don’t’ understand it.”

Adam sighed, feeling more guilty about his foray into the apparently very real dark arts online.

“There’s something I should tell you,” he began, “This morning, I found this weird website. The online genie or something. It said to type in your wish and it would be granted. I… uh, typed in that I wished you didn’t have any sexual inhibitions.”

“You what?!” Kurt shouted, astonished, “Inhibitions exist for a reason! For example right now all I can think about is bending you over again, felching my cum out of your ass, and feeding it back to you.”

“Ew! We’ve never done that!” Adam said, genuinely disgusted.

“Yeah, I know, but… NO inhibitions… Babe, this is bad. You’ve go to undo this.”

“You’re right, “Adam said as he pulled up his pants. He could feel the cum squelching inside of him as he bent down.

Adam pulled out his phone and started searching for the site… after several minutes he still couldn’t find it. After googling all manner of “genie” nothing was coming up even remotely close to the site Adam had found earlier.

“I can’t find it,” Adam said.

“Well keep trying! How did you find it this morning?”

Adam felt a rush of shame wash over him… he didn’t want to admit to Kurt he had been googling relationship help. “I don’t remember…” he lied.

Adam took out his phone again, and began typing in similar search inquiries as the morning. He tried to step away from Kurt, but he must have caught a glimpse because suddenly he heard him say, “Oh babe…”

The moment of tenderness was quickly replaced by something else. Adam realized too late, that it was the same hungry predator look Kurt had earlier.

“You look really fucking cute when you’re nervous, you know that?” he sneered. Before Adam had time to think, Kurt stepped forward and yanked the phone out of Adam’s hand and began scrolling through the search results. “Well, well,” he said, “Guess the slut wasn’t getting enough, so he decides to go through supernatural means to get his slutty little boyhole stuffed…. Ha! Found it.”

Kurt turned the phone screen around so Adam could see the black webpage with the single text box. Kurt began typing on the phone at a rapid pace.

“You’re undoing what I did?” Adam asked trying to peer over Kurt’s arm.

“Oh no!” Kurt said with a sinister smile, “I have no intention of going back to the way I was… oh no… I just making sure you are a little more compliant with me.”

“Huh, what?!” Adam said, shocked at the sudden turn.

Kurt turned the screen around and Adam just had time to read the words, “Adam will obey every command Kurt gives him without question or hesitation” before Kurt hit the enter button and the phone once again froze.

To be Continued…

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