My Roommate, the Slob

By Swizzington -
published July 11, 2018
5352 words

Mark is sick of his slovenly, lazy roommate. Fortunately, with the new computer program he has developed, soon everything will change…

“Hey erm, Joe? Next time you have friends round, do you think you could pick up after yourself? It doesn’t have to be the same day, no pressure, but at, err…maybe at some point? I don’t mind you staying up with your friends making noise until 4am, but the trash in the living room is really starting to pile up.”

Joe looked at me from his bed with his dull grey eyes. I hovered by the entrance to his dark, dingy bedroom. It was a domain I dare not enter. I saw him clench his square, brutish jaw. His eyes narrowed. I felt my heart skip a beat. Joe was not the sort of person you want to get on the wrong side of.

“I mean, you know, like I said, no pressure” I garbled hurriedly, a nervous smile on my face. “Just whatever you can manage, I know you’re real busy. I’ll let you get back to it.”

I turned on heel and went to enter my bedroom.

“Hey!” I heard his gruff voice from behind me, “Dude, close the door. I don’t come up into your room and leave stuff messed up, do I?”

I reversed and stood in front of his door, I took a deep breath in. I had to rise above it. I forced another smile, “You’re right, sorry Joe.”

I carefully shut the door. Ugh… I hated this guy. Which was a real shame, I thought, because when he moved in with me two months ago I thought this was going to be great. You see, for all his attitude and his caveman-esque appearance, I really found Joe quite cute. He was a real man’s man, you know? Hairy, unkempt hair, ragged t-shirts, a little bit of a beer belly. I liked that.

I imagined if we were a couple (in my dreams) that we would make a great match. Him, the big burly, masculine strongman with the serious attitude, and me, the short, vaguely effeminate, skinny companion with the upbeat, friendly demeanor. It was a perfect match!

Of course, he had no idea I was gay, and I was fairly certain I had ascertained that he was straight, so my dreams had been dashed.

Until now…

I dashed back excitedly into my room and sat at my desk. I flipped open my laptop and fired up the code for the program I was working on. I was only 23, but I had an extensive background in software development and computer engineering. I had been into it since my early teens. All that work and practice had paid off, because I had recently landed a job at one of the top tech companies in the city.

The pay was good, but it was my first time living alone, and despite my parent’s protestations, I chose a gorgeous apartment on the fancy side of town. Yeah…I know. I’ll admit, I had bit off a little more than I could chew in terms of rent. Hence the roommate.

People always found it strange when I told them what I do for a living, I guess because its typically associate with “nerdy” people. They might be right, most of my coworkers were the pocket protector type. But not me! I was actually pretty extroverted, I liked to party as much as the next guy, and I liked to think I was certainly very fashion conscious and, not to sound totally arrogant but, I felt I was quite handsome in my own way.

I worked through the code of my new masterpiece for several hours. Things were coming together nicely. Tomorrow, I would be ready to deploy the program.

Honestly, I had no idea if it would work. The plan was it would use trinaural sound with an overload of visual stimuli laced with subliminal messages to invoke a trance state. I could alter those messages anyway I saw fit and the person would adopt those suggestions into their inner psyche.

With it, I could make Joe a much easier roommate to live with.

At least, that was the plan anyway…

It was time. But I had to act fast. I got back from work around 4pm, and Joe got back from his job at 5pm. He was a chef of some sort. I wasn’t exactly sure what his role was or what type of cooking he did. We didn’t talk much, and I never saw any evidence of any culinary mastery at home.

I slowly crept into his room. The beast’s domain. Then I pulled a face as I remembered I was alone in the house, so tip toeing around was totally stupid. I hustled over to his laptop.

It took forever to boot up - probably full of viruses. I anxiously glanced down at my phone to check the time. Not long until Joe got back. I willed the shitty laptop to hurry up.

I felt my heart rate picking up. I bounced my knee up and down with anxious energy. What if Joe came back and found me in his room? Ugh, why did I care so much? It was my damn apartment after all, I should be able to go where I damn well please!

Finally, it finished booting. I slid the disk into the drawer and slammed it shut. The drive whirred loudly. The program menu fired up. It was a simple procedure to set the program to automatically open on next boot. I had anticipated, when writing the program, that I would probably have only a limited window of time in which to install it, so I had designed the software to integrate itself quickly.


I shut the laptop lid at the same moment the front door opened. I jumped up and hastily returned to my room.

I breathed slowly, tried to return my heart rate to a normal pace, and then strolled casually out of my room looking as relaxed as possible.

I found Joe in the living room. He already had his dirty shoes up on the couch. My couch. I hid the annoyance on my face. Things would change around here soon enough.

I imagined how it would be. What would I do once Joe was mine? Would I make him my servant? No - that would be immoral. I just wanted a slightly more conscientious housemate, someone that picked up after themselves and respected the furniture, not a slave.

But what about…

I dismissed the idea immediately, no. There was no way I could alter Joe’s sexuality. No way I could make him attracted to me. I mean, obviously I could…in theory…but no, that would be a total abuse of power and demonstrate a total lack of ethics. I was just trying to get us back on an even playing field, that’s all.

“Hi Joe, how was work?” I asked, mustering a friendly tone and trying to contain my excitement and apprehension.

“Fine,” he grunted, barely taking the effort to open his mouth to speak. He could have had quite a career as a ventriloquist, I found myself thinking.

I could tell Joe did not want to chat. He rarely did, and especially not after work. I decided to leave him be and went over to the kitchen area. The apartment had an open plan design, with the kitchen and living area in the same space, so I was able to keep an eye on him.

I wanted to know as soon as he went into his room.

It took an hour and a half before he got up off his fat ass and went to his room. Finally! I virtually bounced with excitement as I quietly followed behind.

I peeked down the corridor as he went inside and swung the door. Then I gently eased down the hallway. The doors to our room were perpendicular and adjacent, so I stepped inside mine and tried to listen in. I decided if his door opened again, I could simply take a step back into my room and pretend like I was just leaving to return to the living area. I would say I was grabbing my phone. He would be none the wiser.

Damn, I was more devious than I realized. Do normal people think like this…?

I cocked my ear towards the door and listened closely. My heart skipped a beat as I heard the whirring of the computer fan. This was it!

It took about two minutes before the machine finally booted up to the stage where the disk would activate. The longest two minutes of my life!

Eventually I heard the distinctive humming sound that I had attached to the images to aid with immediate transfixion. It was a double whammy of sound and sight that was irresistible. Or at least, that’s what I hoped…

I waited with baited breath. Part of my expected Joe to say something, to wonder out loud what the hell this program was on his computer. But there was nothing. No speaking. No sounds except for the continuous whirring from the program’s audio.

Was it…working? I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest. The anticipation was killing me!

I tried to regain my composure. I controlled my breathing. I knew it would take at least ten minutes for the software to install the necessary programming into Joe’s mind. I had to relax, get a hold of myself.

Having satisfied myself that the software was doing its job, I went into my room and sat down at my desk. I tried to contain my excitement. I couldn’t believe it. It was really happening, it was really working!

I sat in the chair, sick with anticipation. I could not do anything else in the meantime, I could not distract myself. I just waited, staring at the carpet of my bedroom floor, my knee bouncing up and down again. I could hear the humming sound in the distance, through the wall.

Not long now, I figured. As soon as the humming sound ended, I would make my move.

Suddenly I was struck by a potent wave of doubt. What it a bad idea? Was this wrong? Am I the bad guy in this situation? Would I regret this?

No. I shook my head, as if to physically push the misgivings from my mind. I was just doing what I needed to do. He brought this upon himself with his slovenliness! Besides, I wouldn’t abuse the power, I would be responsible. I could be trusted with it. After all, I was a good guy, right?

My inner moral conflict would have to wait, because just then, the humming stopped.

I stood up and slowly moved towards his bedroom. My hand was almost shaking as I grabbed the doorknob, turned, and swung the door open.

Then I saw him. My heart, already beating a million times a minute, got even faster.

Joe was staring at his (now black) laptop screen, wide-eyed and unmoving. His gaze was totally vacant, almost lifeless. His facial expression was flat, his mouth hanging open slightly.

“Joe?” I enquired gently.

“Yes?” Joe replied, softly, a tone I hardly recognized. The difference in his voice almost unnerved me, almost made me think right then and there I had made a terrible mistake. Had I destroyed my roommates personality? Had I taken his…soul….?

I shook it off and kept myself together. Don’t be stupid, there was no such thing as a soul. Besides, I had no choice, I couldn’t go back now.

“Joe, stand up and come out to the living room, please.”

“Okay,” he said simply. Then he stood up and followed me to the living area.

I stood by the window and watched as he followed in behind him. He moved stiffly, almost like a robot. He came to a stop in the center of the room, his blank eyes staring somewhere into the distance over my left shoulder.

I gulped and, reaching into my pocket, pulled out the piece of paper I had prepared for this moment.

It was an instruction manual of sorts. It held a list of all the commands that should now be programmed into Joe’s brain.

I decided to test one.

“Joe, attention,” I said, trying to inject some assertiveness into my instruction.

Immediately, Joe’s heels slid together, his shoulders pulled back. His entire body went stiff and straight.

It worked. I could hardly believe it. I felt an erection growing in my pants. The fact that controlling my roommate like a robot was turning me on was… somewhat disturbing.

I pushed the doubts away and tried another instruction, “Joe, kneel.”

Again, without hesitation, Joe responded flawlessly to my order, falling to his knees in front of me. His blank stare and mindless expression did not waver for even a moment.

I could barely contain my excitement at this point. I decided to try a more complicated command line. One that would put Joe’s programming to the ultimate test.

I cleared my throat and pronounced, “Joe, new personality: ‘Tidy Joe’.”

Joe blinked, the first signs of life creeping back into his eyes. He looked around slowly, clearly trying to regain his senses. He looked up at me, confusion across his face.

“Dude,” I said, trying to play it off with a chuckle. “Work must have really burned you today, you fell asleep and slid off the couch!”

Joe’s befuddled gaze slowly turned to the couch, then back to me.

“Oh,” he said, slowly. Then a small smile crept onto his face as he climbed to his feet. “Damn, that’s never happened before.”

We both laughed. His was a laugh of awkward embarrassment at having apparently been found in such a situation. Mine, a laugh of relief. The software seemed to have worked perfectly.

Joe blinked again and turned around. He moved towards the kitchen area and looked back towards me with a frown on his face.

“The kitchen’s kinda messy,” he stated, scratching his head. “I guess I should do my part as a responsible housemate and clean up.”

He paused for a moment, a slightly confused look on his face, as if perplexed by what he had just said. Nevertheless, moments later, he got to work on his task by collecting the pile of dishes he had assembled in the sink and loading them into the dishwasher.

I could not believe it! It had worked. Joe was still Joe…mostly, and I had myself a more fastidious roommate. Happy days!

I sipped my tea and put my feet up. It was Saturday morning. Roughly 16 hours had passed since I had enslav– no… not enslaved, that’s not the right word… that suggests there is something wrong about this. No, it had been 16 hours since I had… ‘improved’ Joe.

He was in front of me, crouched down in the corner with the shopvac, vacuuming the corner of the room behind the television (which it sorely needed). I was enjoying the view of Joe’s ass through his khaki pants.

Oh, right. That’s something else that seems to have worked perfectly since I activated Joe’s ‘tidy’ personality. He dresses much better. Each distinct personality had its own ‘outfit’ attached to it. Right now, in keeping with his neat and tidy mindset, he was wearing a dark maroon polo shirt tucked into a pair of well-pressed khakis. He had combed his hair neatly and put product in it and trimmed his beard down to a slight stubble. Although I enjoyed his more rugged, masculine appearance, if Joe was going to start preparing my meals, I didn’t want his hair falling into my food. The hair of other people had always freaked me out a little.

“Joe,” I said.

“Yes, Mark?” he replied, politely, swiveling sideways on his knees to look up at me.

“Would you please grab me a soda from the refrigerator?” I asked.

Joe paused for a second, and then smiled. “Sure!” he said cheerfully.

He hopped up and bounced over to the kitchen area. It was not just his behavior and words that has changed, it was everything about him, even the way he moved. He was a lot more energetic, even a little bit…gay.

No, cut it out Mark, I said to myself. I can’t turn Joe gay, that would be a huge breach of my own moral code!

But then, if that were true, why I did I go to the trouble of adding a gay personality to the software program?

I shook off the temptation. No. That was wrong. Just having Joe clean up around the house and bring me sodas would be enough.

I wasn’t a control freak…

Okay, fine. Maybe I am a little bit of a control freak. But can you blame? And to be fair, I had resisted the temptation for a whole three days! But in the end, it was too much.

A few minutes ago, I had made the decision. I had given the command, deactivating “tidy joe” and instead activating… “Homo Joe.”

As expected, it had worked. My roommate had immediately stripped naked and was now sucking my cock.

I was finally realizing a long-held fantasy. My dreams were becoming reality. I should be enjoying this.

But, I wasn’t. It was not quite as exciting as I had pictured it in my mind.

It wasn’t satisfying, knowing the only reason this guy was pleasuring me right now was because I had made him that way. This was not really Joe. He did not really have a crush on me. I had just programmed that into his brain.

“Stop,” I mumbled, gently placing my hand on Joe’s head and pulling him up off my rapidly deflating cock.

“Huh?” he said, with his big, dumb eyes, filled with lust.

“This is wrong. It isn’t authentic. It’s meaningless,” I said.

Joe stared back at me, clearly bewildered by my change of heart.

“In fact,” I said, feeling the guilt and doubt welling up inside of me, overwhelming me. I felt disgusted. “This whole thing is wrong. You don’t deserve this, no one does. You might be an annoying, dirty sloth, but I would rather have that than some primp little fag robot.”

I pushed him off me completely and pulled the list of commands out of my pocket. I had apparently foreseen this as a possibility, because I had prepared an instruction specifically for it.

“Joe,” I began, firmly. “Program terminated.”

Joe’s eyelids fluttered. “Okay…” he mumbled. His eyes shut and he fell forward like a plank, his face landing flat on the sofa beside me.

I sighed and leaned back in the chair. Well, it was fun while it lasted, but that was the end of it now.

It seems that sometimes it is better if your dreams just stay dreams. The reality can never match the fantasy, I guess.

The next day, the sun was shining, and things went back to normal. It seemed like Joe had no memory of his actions over those few days, and I certainly was not going to bring it up. The command I had given him permanently deactivated the programming in his mind. If I wanted him back again, I would have to reinstall the software on his computer. I wasn’t going to; I had learned my lesson.

Where had I put the disk, anyway? It must still be inside Joe’s computer. I walked in through the front door and made a mental note to grab it before Joe got suspicious. I had just arrived home after work; he would not be back for a few hours.

I stepped inside my roommate’s bedroom. It was immaculately clean, everything organized and perfectly lined up. The mountain of laundry that had piled up in the corner was gone. There was no sign of the usually copious amounts of trash splayed out over the floor, either. I guess our little adventure had not been a total waste of time, I thought to myself with a smile.

I moved towards the computer and popped open the disk tray.


The disk wasn’t there. Where the fuck was it? I glanced around. It was nowhere to be seen.

I sighed. He must have thrown it away, thinking it was trash. I sighed. Oh well, at least now it couldn’t do any more harm.

I went back to my own room and sank down into the nice, comfy chair. It was time to go back to my normal life, and that meant a nice, quiet evening of World of Warcraft with the guys.

I unfastened my shirt collar and loosened my tie, before hitting the switch on my laptop.

Hmm. It was booting little slower than usual, where was the-

Wait, what?! Oh shit! Those lights! That sound! How had he…I quickly raised my arm and placed it on top of the laptop, ready to immediately shut the lid before it could take effect.

But, wow, hang on a minute. Let’s not be so hasty. I had to admit, I had done a real good job on this program. It really captivated the viewer’s attention. It was so bright, so pretty. So easy to stare at…

I vaguely realized that I was not shutting the laptop. I was not looking away, like I should have been. Quite the opposite. For some reason I was staring wide-eyed, deep into the center of the screen.

It would seem that it only required the victim to take in the screen’s graphics for a brief moment and they become totally ensnared. A part of me was impressed, pleased with myself. I had done a good job on this. I continued to watch. Even knowing what this program could do to my mind – understanding exactly how it worked…it didn’t seem to matter. It was just so easy…to stare…

As my arm slowly lowered itself back to my side, a part of me realized this was very bad. I was not going to stop staring at it. I couldn’t. I knew that I should have closed the laptop immediately. A part of me was worried – terrified, even. But as I continued to stare, the worries seemed to…dissipate. I noticed my jaw slackening. Now my mouth was hanging open slightly. A small part of me wondered if this was what Joe looked like, when he was watching this.

Actually, after a few minutes, it was quite pleasurable. The flashing strobe lights bouncing off my iris, the humming cacophony echoing into my eardrums and reverberating around my mind. It was very soothing. Very relaxing.

Why had I been worried, again? Worrying was so much effort. Thinking was so much effort So much easier to just stare…and relax…and drift away…

When I woke up, I was standing at attention, naked in the middle of the living room. Joe was sitting on the couch, looking at me with intent. I could not move. I was frozen stiff, like a statue.

“You may speak,” Joe said flatly.

“W-what happens now?” I asked. There was panic in my voice, but my body remained completely still.

“Don’t worry. Things’ll be much better this way. See, thing is Mark, you might have thought I had forgot everything that you did to me, but I didn’t. I remember it totally. Guess you fucked that part up,” he said with an evil laugh.

I gulped.

“Before,” he continued. “I might have been real mad. And don’t get me wrong, I am a little mad. I mean, what the fuck, dude? Mind control, really? If you wanted me to clean up you shoulda just asked.”

“Well, I-“ I started to speak, wanting to point out that actually, he was an asshole and had forced me to take drastic measures, and in fact, I had asked him many times with no success.

I tried to say all that, but before I could even begin, Joe interrupted. “Shut up,” he said, cutting me off.

My lips slammed shut.

Joe smirked, triumphantly. “See, thing is. I was never no fag before, but actually, after what you did to me, made me feel…it was like nothing I had ever felt. A part of me was…awakened. It’s a little hard to explain, and I sure as shit don’t need to explain nothing to you. But yeah, it was like, I discovered a new part of myself. New feelings…”

I just stared at him in disbelief. What was he talking about?

“I didn’t realize it at first,” he said, continuing his monologue. “But I actually find you really attractive, Mark. Maybe it’s a hangover from that fucking brainwashing you did on me, I dunno. But I like it. You may have chickened out and wasted your chance, but I sure won’t.”

Joe looked down at the piece of paper in his hand. Shit, it was the instruction manual. My instruction manual!

“Let’s see…” he said, looking at the manual hungrily, as though it were a Chinese takeout menu. He looked up at me and grinned evilly with his blank, grey eyes. “I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with you, Mark.”

After that, we slipped into our new routine easily enough. Joe had banned me from using the program on anyone or altering the software any way - of course. That was his prerogative, as head of the household.

It had been several months since I first watched the program. About a week after that, I remember starting to think my own thoughts. It was a little strange and concerning. I did not want my own thoughts. The idea of making my own decisions…it was scary! So, just before the evil independent thoughts overtook me, I went and told Joe about it. He had me sit down in front of the program and, guess what? Suddenly everything was okay again! Yay! We agreed that from that point on I would sit down and enjoy the program every other day, just to make sure the bad thoughts did not return.

After that, we had a pretty normal relationship. Obviously, I was the bottom, and I always went along with Joe’s suggestions. Although to be fair, even if I wasn’t being compelled to go along with his ideas, I am sure I still would have. After all, Joe was incredibly wise! He was much smarter than me.

Now, I’m not a total fool, don’t get me wrong. I was vaguely aware that it was the software I had created that was creating these feelings of obedience and admiration towards Joe. I knew it was the program that was stopping me from telling anyone or running away or trying to fight back in any shape or form.

But heck, even if I could, why would I? Other than the fact that he was in charge now instead of me, I had pretty much got what I wanted.

Each morning I would wake up early from the corner of the living room that I slept in. I would stand up, put my hand on my heart and my heels together and proudly recite the Pledge of Allegiance to Joe, just how he taught me. Then I would whip up some breakfast for my man and take it to his room. Of course, we had agreed that he would use my bedroom now since it was much larger. I would carry the food tray in there and gently place it beside him. Some mornings, if I were very lucky, Joe would wake up and give me a nice, big kiss. He really was a loving, affectionate boyfriend!

After I delivered Joe his breakfast, I would get dressed and go to work at the tech company. I worked very hard to earn Joe his money. When I got home at 4pm I would hang up my suit jacket and slide on my apron. Joe was such a lovely guy, he still insisted on working at the restaurant even though I had made it clear several times that he didn’t need to. I mean, it was his apartment after all! I was only the lodger, it seemed fair that I should pay the bills and rent. Besides, since I had started my new evening job at the grocery store, we had enough to make ends meet even without his salary. But he just loved to work, I guess. He was a very hard working guy.

It was a little funny though, because before he would always come home smelling like greasy food, but since I started picking up extra hours at the store, he had been coming home smelling like other guys. Weird huh? Funnier still, whenever I asked him about it, he would just tell me to shut up and forget about it, and I would! Just like that! Honestly, it’s just another example of his fantastic leadership skills. He really was an inspiration, that’s why I let him make the decissions.

So anyway, once in my apron I would make him dinner. Whenever I got any spare time (which wasn’t very often) I had been studying hard to become as good a chef as possible, so I could whip up the standard of food that a culinary genius like Joe deserved.

Around 5pm, Joe would come home. As you might expect, it was the highlight of my day! I would hurry to greet him with a big kiss and he would tell me all about his day. Then he would eat the food I prepared while I stood at attention beside him and refilled his glass when necessary. When he was finished eating, I would grab myself some of the leftovers while cleaning up.

Once Joe’s belly was filled, he would often have me satisfy his sexual appetite as well. That was always so much fun. Some days, if he was feeling tired, he would simply have me get down on all fours on the living room floor and blast his cum inside my ass. But on days when he was feeling more energetic, he could get very imaginative. Just thinking about it now was making it hard!

Well, of course, it would, except I couldn’t really get hard, what with the chastity cage tightly secured around my genitals. If I behaved myself, and he was feeling generous, sometimes Joe would let me borrow the key and relieve myself. He really was a generous, caring guy.

Once I was sure he was happy and settled down for the evening, I would get changed into my work uniform. It was just a local grocery store, so it was a simple blue polo shirt tucked into khakis. The name tag was especially cute. It was a little funny, when I first applied the manager was confused when he looked at my resume and saw I had a PhD. He couldn’t understand why I would want to work there! Luckily, I still managed to get the job. Sometimes Joe would slap my ass and tell me how cute my bubble butt looked in those tight pants. That always made me smile. He was such a great guy. How did I ever land someone so amazing?

Every night when I came home at 2am, stripped naked and settled down into my sleeping corner, I would have a big smile on my face. I was living the dream again! Except on this occasion I was actually able to enjoy it, with none of that pesky guilty, doubt, or free will that had ruined it the first time!

Happy days!

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