Best friends, right? (Rewritten!) Ch. 4

By Nacho -
published April 2, 2020
4048 words

Hunter and Parker start their plan to save their classmates from the amulet’s power.

Hunter’s POV

Alright. This better works if we want to success.

I walked to school, really uncomfortable. I was nervous about this whole thing. We HAVE to stop Dylan, after all.

I drank the thing William gave me before leaving my house, so I should be protected for… three days? That’s how long it takes for it to disappear from your system, if I’m not wrong.

Jason drank it too, last night. Just in case Dylan went to his house and waited for him. Although, if that happened, I’m worried if Jace would act like he’s still enslaved, or if he would be caught on the spot.

Parker didn’t trust him at all. He was against giving him the other bottle, but it really wasn’t his choice, so he just remained silent at the moment. My other personality did help a lot with the plan, pointing out any possible error he could find.

We did our best, and checked it out one last time before Jason left the house. There wasn’t room for error.

‘’Nervous’’ I asked Parker, as I walked to school.

‘Hmm? Not at all. If we fail, it’ll be your fault’ Wow, what an asshole!

‘’Geez, thanks’’

‘Anytime, mate’ He said, like it was nothing. Good to see we’re still good with each other.

At the school’s doors, a pair of jocks were eyeing everyone that entered. What the hell?

I remember Jason said something. The morning I was absent, Dylan used his amulet with the school’s football team. Jason was present, but he wasn’t sure if that really happened or not.

Not being able to remember everything that went down when we were under was awful.

‘What are you going to do?’ Asked Parker

‘’Acting like I’m still under Dylan’s control should do the trick, right?’’ I just would have to act like a dumb jock and that would be it.

A dumb smile and a vacant stare should do the trick. Oh, and a deep laugh when talking. Yeah, that should work.

I walked goofily towards the entrance and one of the jocks looked at me. I walked past him, trying to appear as dumb as possible.

Luckily, they didn’t stop me there.

‘Nice, you fooled the jocks, Dumbter’

‘’If you want to give me a nickname, go for it, but at least make it something enjoyable for both of us’’ I wasn’t in the mood for his shit, we had a plan to carry out.

Once in, I entered the boys’ bathroom and went into a stall. I grabbed my phone and texted Jace.

[How’s things going?]

‘Are you sure it’s safe to text while in school? What if he’s with Dylan?’ Oh shit, I haven’t thought about that.

[I’m alright bro, haven’t found Dylan yet but my bros told me that there’s an assembly starting soon😬] He answered a minute after I texted him. That must be Dylan’s plan. He’s going to take over the school during that assembly.

‘You know how to fight, right?’

‘’There’s no need to fight, we just go over there and grab his magic thingie’’

Parker chuckled in the mind space ‘Obviously you don’t know how to fight’ He was right, I never had a violent nature. I always preferred talking things over instead of punching my way around. ‘You’re a baseball player, right? Why don’t you go get a baseball bat before that assembly starts?’

Good idea. I didn’t tell him that, but I left the bathroom and headed to the locker room. I had to act like a dumb jock around here so I chuckled a lot when someone stared at me and walked around like a very laid back dude.

In the inside, I was really nervous.

I arrived at the locker rooms and tried to open the storage closet. It was closed, as usual.

‘Let me try something’

‘’What, are you going to tackle down the door?’’ I mocked him.

‘Just wait and see’ Alright. I left the control settee in the mind space and he took control of our body. I stared very curiously at the TV screen in there, trying to guess what would he try. Probably he knew lock picking? Nah, he was locked for years, there’s no way for him to know something like-

Oh, he kicked the door open. Cool, now I’m a karate kid.

He left the settee and I resumed control of the body. I grabbed a wooden baseball bat and tried to hide it in my bag, to no avail, the thing was too big. ‘How in the world did you expect that thing to fit in your school bag?’

‘’It was worth the try!’’

Nobody could see me carrying a bat around so I would have to be careful. I decided to stick around the locker room until the assembly started. If someone came in, I would hide in the storage closet and put the door back in its place to pretend it wasn’t broken.

I left the locker room. I decided to meet up with Jason, even if that was risky.

I looked around and noticed the principal walking past me, like he was oblivious to the fact that I was carrying a baseball bat around like it was nothing. I noticed he hobbled, instead of walking normally. “Mr. Moore? Are you alright?”

‘WHICH PART OF LOW PROFILE DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!’ I ignored Parker. It was something usual lately.

The principal turned towards me and said “Hmm? Yes, Mr. Switzker. I just fell from the stairs this morning, I have to be more careful” He said, with a monotone voice.

His eyes were glazed over. Oh god. I nodded and he walked away.

‘Close one. Can you be more careful? If they catch you, we’re both going down’

‘’Yeah, yeah. Sorry’’

Jason would wait for me in the janitor’s closet.

Once I arrived, I knocked the door, and he grabbed me quickly before anyone could see him.

“Hey” He said, with a nice smile.

“Is everything alright?” I asked. He was supposedly protected by William’s drink, but it was still better to be careful.

“Yeah. Haven’t seen Dylan at all, but that’s a good thing, right?”

I nodded, then he smiled again. He leaned forward to kiss me.

‘Get a room, love birds’ I kissed Jason back as Parker did weird sounds in the mind space.

After a bit more of kissing, I finally broke the kiss. “We gotta concentrate, the assembly will start anytime soon. We stick to the plan, alright?”

He nodded “Got it. Everything will go awesome, bro!”

‘Pardon me, but I don’t trust the guy with the perfect smile. If things get out of hand, you let me take control of the body and give them all a right rumble’ That would be my backup plan.

Jason left the janitor’s closet first, not before saying goodbye. I would wait there until…

[Attention everyone, please] The principal’s monotone voice sounded from the speakers. [All students head to the gym. A last minute assembly is about to start]

I left the janitor’s closet. I noticed the jocks from the entrance closed the nearby exit and headed my way, so I started walking to the gym in a very laid back way, hiding the bat the best I could.

The entrance was clear. Weird, why were the jocks at the school’s entrance, then?

I went in and sat in one of the front rows, in the border. Dylan wouldn’t see me from his place, and I would have a quick escape when he appeared. I noticed Abby was a few rows behind me. Fuck, I should have told her about what was going to happen!

A few minutes later, everyone had sit and the doors were closed. The principal walked to the podium that was prepared in front of us.

“Good morning, students of Riverwood High…” His speech was very monotone. He started thanking us by our attendance today, speaking the normal announcements and Etc.

Until I noticed Dylan getting up from his chair and walking towards the principal, while the later interrupted his announcements suddenly and said “Your classmate, Dylan Buggs, has some important words about a project that may start in our school. Please, let’s listen to what he has to say” Before he walked away from the podium.

That was our sign. I got up from my chair and grabbed the baseball bat, prepared to smack someone’s head. Jason got up too, but he was in the middle of a row. He walked to the podium very slowly, repeating “excuse me” a lot.

As Dylan and I got to the podium, I noticed there were a lot of students in the gym.

Fuck, if they sided with Dylan, I would be over. “Stop all this nonsense, right now!” I yelled at him. The students seemed confused. Jason finally arrived at my side

Dylan grabbed his amulet and pointed at them. He pressed the button and a green flash of light appeared. Suddenly, everyone had dumb smiles and glazed eyes.

‘We’re busted’ mumbled a suddenly uncomfortable Parker.

“Jason, come over here” Commanded Dylan. I held up my baseball bat, ready to attack anyone who came near us.

But Jason went with him. “Jace, what are you…” Did the potion thing stopped working? Was Jason back under Dylan’s control?

“Alright, Hunter. You won’t win this time” My enemy said. Then he put his hand behind Jason’s head and pulled him in for a kiss.

The other students just watched with glazed eyes, probably waiting for Dylan to give a command and throw themselves at me.

Jason seemed to kiss him back, but then I noticed his hand was moving straight to Dylan’s… And he pushed him away. “You thought I wouldn’t see that coming?”

Before we could react, he pointed the amulet to Jason and pressed the button. A weird flash of green light appeared and Jace covered his face. After a few seconds, he looked around.

“Huh… Awesome!” William’s potion seemed to work! Dylan was powerless now!

‘Can I beat the crap outta him? Please?’ Parker said, and I thought it was a good idea. I left him the control settee in the mind space and he took my place. Meanwhile, Jason grabbed the amulet in front of him and pushed Dylan away.

Parker was in control of our body. He dropped the baseball bat, mumbling a “I don’t need this shit” and clenching his hands.

Dylan started yelling, almost panicking “ALRIGHT SLAVES, KNOCK THEM TO THE FLOOR!” But before he could do something, Parker already jumped over him.

The guy covered his face but after Parker punched him, our body was tackled by Dylan’s army of slaves.

I realized I was in control of our body again. ‘’Parker? Are you there?’’

No answer. What is going on?

I closed my eyes and focused in the mind space, but he wasn’t there.

“Slaves, stop and lift him from the ground!” Dylan yelled. Apparently, Parker didn’t manage to knock him out before disappearing.

A few jocks got me on my feet, and held me by my arms, facing Dylan.

I noticed Jace was being held too. Dylan snatched the amulet from him and faced me.

With a cocky smile, he bopped my nose and said “Hey, Hunty-Dumpty”

Oh, god.

Was that Parker? How did he get into Dylan’s body?

“You can release them, guys” Dylan’s body said, and the slaves obeyed. Jason and I were released and the rest took a step back.

When my shock passed, I mumbled “P-Parker? How in the world… what’s… t-this makes no sense!”

“Hey, I don’t understand a fuck about what’s going on, either. But… this means we won, right?” He was happy, and it was good to see him in the… real world. Both of us, co-existing. It was a possibility and the idea was amazing.

Jason, on the other hand, didn’t understand a thing. So he charged towards Parker. Luckily, he was in a good mood, so he just side stepped and my best friend missed the tackle.

“I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Parker, and you aren’t a good kisser” Asshole. But I was glad he was around, and he was in control of Dylan.

Jason approached him slowly, and judging by his expression, he was as confused as I was, I guess. “P-Parker? Hunter’s other personality, right?”

“Wait, guys. How are we going to make everyone wake up?” I looked at Dylan-Parker “Can you ask Dylan in the… mind space?” Jason would probably think we’re going crazy anyway, so I should stop being worried about that.

“Give me a while, I’ll see what I can do” He answered, then laid down on the floor. He probably went to talk to Dylan in his mind.

“Any idea about what is goin’ on?” Jason got closer to me and wrapped his arm around me.

“A vague one, yeah. But better investigate later” It was true. I had some ideas, but they sounded out of a sci-fi movie. But after what happened here and the last few days, they weren’t really impossible.

Parker’s POV

I pinned down this motherfucker in his mind space.

Dumbing down Hunter? Yeah, that was cool. It got me out of my “imprisonment”.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s still not on my good side. But I prefer him over this guy. At least Hunter is not a coward hiding behind magical artifacts. Dylan was shaking. He was really scared about me. “W-Who are you?”

“You can call me Parker, and I’m going to be honest with you. As much as I’d like to beat the information out of you, I’m feeling kind today. I’ll let you tell me how to end your influence in those guys before I start breaking things” I gently slapped his cheek “Is that clear?”

He remained silent. I gave him some time; he was scared already after all.

“I’m getting tired of-“

“Alright! I’ll do it!” He finally spoke up. Smart guy. “Just- Just use the amulet again and tell them to forget everything I told them!” That was simple. “But… please, I just wanted to have what he had… is that really that bad?”

“It is…” I made up a rope and tied him down. My new body mate wouldn’t bother me as long as I’m in here. “…when you threat me while going through your little rampage” I put a piece of grey tape over his mouth, to avoid hearing him ramble. Then I looked around.

His mind space didn’t look like a living room. While Hunter’s was cozy and familiar, this one seemed more… I don’t know how to describe it.

It looks like a library of sorts, kind of resembling the old man’s shop. But filled with books instead of magical artifacts. In the center of the room, there was a chair and a desk, with a computer on top of it.

The computer showed the real world, through Dylan’s eyes. Like how Hunter’s TV in the mind space showed the real world. It must be a common thing, across the mind spaces or something like that.

After checking Dylan was well-tied, I sat on the desk chair and put my hands on the keyboard and mouse. Almost automatically, I returned to the real world. Controlling Dylan’s body.

I got up from the ground and looked around.

Hunter was sitting in the ground, next to Jason. The later was hugging my body mate as they whispered to each other. I won’t say it was disgusting, I’m not that cold-hearted, but it was weird.

I coughed, to call their attention. They looked at me, and the big jock Jason blushed. I felt like those siblings who catch their other siblings when they’re about to fuck. “Got the solution to all our problems. Dylan was more than happy to help us out”

“Really? What do we do?” Hunter asked.

“Take a step back” Then I looked at the enslaved people around us. Damn, they were a lot. “Everyone, take a sit in front of the podium!” I ordered them. They did as I said, almost immediately. It felt good to be in control, huh. I could get used to this.

My body mate and his best friend looked at me with curiosity. I grabbed the amulet from the ground and pointed it to the group of smiling, glazed eyed people.

“Say cheese!”

“Cheeseee” They said, with a really slow voice. I chuckled.

“Parker…” Hunter started

“I know, I know” I pressed the amulet’s button and supposedly they would be deeply into their obedient trance. “Listen very carefully to me!” I started “When you wake up, on the count of three, you will leave this room and go to where you’re supposed to go today. You will not remember any of this assembly, and will no longer be under my control, understood?!”

After a few silent seconds, they droned almost at unison “Yes, Dylan”

“Good! On the count of three… one, two… three!”

Hunter’s POV

Later that day, in my house. I was lying down in my bed, talking with Parker.

I looked at the amulet in my desk, I wondered if the old man would want it back. I’ll probably wait a few days before taking it anywhere. If that thing fell in the wrong hands… Oh boy.

We chatted about what happened today. Neither of us was sure what happened in the assembly, but thank god it happened. I’m not sure if we would have been able to win against that many enslaved people.

We wondered what triggered his “body jumping” power, and if he could use it at will. It was a nice subject to theorize about.

He managed to jump back to our body after punching me in the face. That’s what he did to Dylan, the first time he jumped to another body. It worked, but it hurts, so he needed another way to return or I would need a lot of ice bags.

‘Maybe I have to be really angry for it to work?’ He said. That couldn’t be the case, he wasn’t angry with me, was he?

‘’I don’t think so. I mean, you didn’t seem angry with me!’’

‘Yeah, I wasn’t angry with you at the moment so it wouldn’t make sense. Maybe punching someone in the face can trigger it?’

‘’Weird, but could be the case. Maybe you need to get in touch with other person with a… ratter intense interaction, or something like that’’ He laughed after I finished

‘Dude, you sound like some kind of scientist. And to think you were a dumb jock like one or two days ago is funny as fuck’

I had an idea.

I walked to the bathroom and looked at myself on the mirror. I opened the cabinet behind the mirror and grabbed a bottle of pills.

‘What is that?’ Asked Parker, as I looked at the label imprinted on it.

“Take one every 8 hours, without exception!” It said.

I opened the bottle. ‘Wait, don’t do that Hunter’

Grabbed one pill ‘You will regret that…’

Then laughed. ‘’Dude, I’m just messing with you’’

I dropped the pills on the toilet and flushed it. My other self, or whatever he was (given what happened earlier today), sighed in relief. ‘I hate you’

‘’No, you don’t’’ I mocked him.

‘Fine, I don’t. But you’re pretty much on my black list, alright?’

‘’Yeah, yeah. Wanna watch something on the TV?’’

Next day at school, everything was normal again.

Jocks weren’t enslaved anymore, nor were the teachers, and my fellow students.

Everything was good.

I went to my locker, and Abby came closer to greet me. I wish I had included her in the “save the school” plan, but to be honest, my mind was rushing with everything that happened. Having Jace around me during that day was dangerous enough.

Speaking of Jason, he appeared a few minutes later. He greeted my cousin with a hug, as always, and me with a short kiss. It was new, we weren’t exactly dating, but we had something going on in there. Abby loved it, though.

I was glad that whole amulet thing was over. We returned to practices like nothing happened. Only worrying about college scholarships, grades and winning our respective games.

As I said, everything was perfectly back to normal.

Well… Kind of.

As my best friend/love interest and cousin went their ways, the guy who started all of this reappeared.

“Where is my amulet?” He asked, when I started looking to my locker’s interior once again.

“That’s none of your business” I said, faking a smile to him before returning to my locker.

He sighed, clearly frustrated. “I don’t know what happened yesterday at my assembly” Dylan started as I grabbed my stuff from my locker. “But this isn’t over, Switzker. I’ll find a way to get my revenge, you hear me?”

I stopped right there, left everything again in my locker. I closed it and turned to him.

I grabbed his shoulders and pushed him against the locker, holding him back with my arm.

“Let me be very clear with you, shithead. You may have used some weird magic to brainwash all my classmates once. But you don’t scare me with your ‘super rude guy’ act”

He tried to escape but I grabbed him and pushed him against the lockers once again. “So don’t even think about getting near me, or my friends, ever again” He tried to escape again, to no avail “Because if you try, Dylan…” I’ve made a little pause. What was I going to do?

“I’m going to kill you” Yeah, that was good. “And if you don’t believe me, ask about what happened to the guy who tried to bully me once. Is. That. Clear?” Parker clapped in approval in the mind space. He seemed proud of me.

Dylan nodded, that was enough. I released my grip on him. He looked really scared, and then walked away.

‘Wow, I think he pissed his pants’ Said Parker ‘Nice work buddy, you learned from the best’

I opened my locker again and started grabbing my books ‘’You know; I think having you around is going to be really fun’’

‘And now what? We walk through the hallway as a circle closes in the scene and the episode is over? Because you sounded straight out of a TV show’

I laughed. This was going to be super fun.

This would be the conclusion (for now, at least) to Hunter’s story. The ending I had planned for the original story included way more fighting, with Jason and Hunter teaming up after breaking free of Dylan’s control to take the amulet from him and then break it. I don’t know how that would have went.

A sequel is a possibility, as always. I had an idea about the guys’ next threat. Which also involved more of Parker’s new power (I must admit, I got that idea as I was writing this chapter, that’s why it feels so forced and hasn’t been mentioned in previous ones)

I’ve started posting a new story on my Patreon. You can go check it out if you’re interested (or you can wait for it, since it’s probably going to appear around here after some time.)

Anyway. As always, I hope you liked this story!

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