Best friends, right? (Rewritten!) Ch. 3

By Nacho -
published March 24, 2020
3773 words

Hunter and Parker decide to follow their ally’s advice and seek for help. Meanwhile, Dylan prepares for his big plan.

Hunter’s POV

After taking a few buses, I arrived at OceanVille. I could only hope for that old man to be right. If not, I could be seen as a crazy guy entering another high school and asking to see someone I don’t really know and that I don’t even know if he has what I need.

As promised, Parker was the one controlling our body during the journey, but now that we arrived, he kept his word and returned the body to me.

The high school was close to the bus station, so I just walked over there. After arriving, I went directly to the main building.

He was a senior, just like me, but I don’t know what classes he’s in or if he’s even on school today. Again, I could only hope.

I walked through the hallway. Seems like I arrived at the break, so I started looking around. There was no way I could find him here. This place was huge!

‘Well, why not ask someone?! God, Hunter, it’s so simple!’

I decided to ask someone, not because Parker told me, but because I thought about it on my own. I went for the safe bet and asked a seemingly chilled guy that was passing by.

“Hi, do you know where can I find William Cooper? He’s a senior… I think”

He looked at me a bit confused. I couldn’t blame him; he never saw me before. “Will? Yeah, he’s probably hanging out with his friends near the science lab”

He said before walking away. Where was the science lab?!

‘This school doesn’t look like yours, are all schools different from each other?’ Asked Parker. I forgot he was locked away for so long.

‘’Yeah, I guess they are’’

‘Why do not make them similar, so people like you don’t get lost?’

‘’Do I look like the guy that made the schools?!’’

‘Keep talking to me like that and I will make sure you become an architect’

‘’Was that a threat?’’ Because that was the most ridiculous threat I’ve ever heard. And he seemed to notice it too.

‘…I don’t know’ Then he remained silent.

I asked another person, a girl this time and she pointed me the lab’s direction. I mumbled a quick thank you before heading off.

Finally, I found the lab. And near the door there was this group of five guys. I got closer and asked “Excuse me, do you know where can I find Will Cooper?”

The group stared at me, confused and… wary? Until one of them, the blond one, spoke up. “It’s me, what can I help you with?” I couldn’t tell him about it in front of his friends. They would think I’m crazy!

“Actually, I would like to talk in private. It’s a… delicate matter”

He thought about it, a worried look in his face.

Then he nodded and tried to come with me, but I heard one of them whispering ‘Scream if you need help’

He guided me to an empty classroom that was nearby and just stared at me, probably waiting for me to explain.

“My name is Hunter. Hunter Switzker.” I began, but decided to go straight to the point “Is… Is it true that you have… God, this will sound crazy, but there’s this old man that told me about a guy with immunity to… magic stuff” The guy’s expression changed drastically. He looked a bit scared again.

“Who told you that? And why do you need immunity to magic stuff? Magic stuff doesn’t exist” He said, and it was kinda suspicious. I decided to insist, just in case he was playing dumb for safety.

“Please, it’s really urgent. A guy it’s trying to end with me and I need some way to defend myself!”

The weird guy sighed. “Adam!”

The guy that whispered something before appeared once again and was about to grab me. I took a step back, but Will stopped him.

‘Looking for a right rumble?!’ Said Parker. And luckily, they couldn’t hear him.

“Easy, he’s not trying to hurt anyone. He needs… a bit of my immunity, you think you can make something for him?”

“Of course I can, but why would he need it? Are you supernatural too?”

I shook my head “There’s this guy with some kind of magic amulet, I need some way to defend myself against him, or at least resist his influence. He can control minds with that thing, and I don’t think I stand a chance against that with a baseball bat” I tried to sound as convincing as possible. The guy was my only hope in defeating Dylan, according to the old man.

‘C’mon, what’s taking so long? Will the blond guy help or not?’

“What do you think?” Asked the other guy, Adam, to Will.

The blond guy just grabbed an empty plastic bottle from his bag and spat inside. ‘Gross’ I thought.

‘Don’t be a pussy’ said Parker

William gave the bottle to Adam. “I… choose to believe him, please make him a flask”

Adam nodded and vanished in the air, what the fuck? But there was no time to question that. “How long will it take?”

“Not much, there’s still a bit of break time. Would you like to chat about what happened?” I prefer not, actually. It was cool but he was still a stranger, I didn’t know if this guy was pulling a prank on me.

I shook my head “Just that it’s been pretty rough. Everything was so perfect and suddenly it went downhill”

He chuckled “Man, I know exactly how you feel”

‘Wait, he does? Seems like we’re not going crazy, pal’

‘’Shut up’’

‘Hey, I’m just trying to be friendly with the guy who kept me prisoner in his mind for a long time, so you better let me talk all I want, alright?’

Ignoring Parker’s complains, I explained a bit of our situation to the guy. Starting with my best friend telling me how he felt, Dylan getting an amulet from nowhere, enslaving my classmates and turning them against me, my jockification… I hoped I didn’t sound too crazy.

Luckily, the guy didn’t seem scared or tried to run away and lock me in the room to call the cops. He was understanding of my situation, I wondered if he went through something similar.

“You’ve been through a lot, man. I hope this thing helps you defeat that Dylan guy. If not… try calling me, I may try to help you myself!” He grabbed a piece of paper and a pen from his bag and wrote down his phone number. I grabbed the paper and putted it in my pants.

When I was about to thank him, Adam reappeared with two flasks. “Did as much as I could with that saliva” He gave me the two flasks “If you drink this, you should be able to get immunity to supernatural things”

The bell sounded, it was time to go to class. The three of us walked to the door before anyone tried to enter this classroom. “Good luck, Hunter, and I hope you beat the crap out of that guy” William smiled at me.

“Don’t worry, I’ll do my best” And with that, William gave me his last goodbyes before I headed out.

‘So, are we not going to talk about the guy that fucking appeared and disappeared?’ Asked Parker, and he was right. But I already thought about it.

‘’I decided it’s better to be oblivious to that, we have a lot of troubles already to start getting nosy in another guy’s problems’’

‘…good point’

11 a.m.

I began questioning if I should go to school, maybe try and save Jason? How would I do that?

‘’Hey… Parker?’’


‘’How did you bring me out of Dylan’s control?’’ My memory was clearer that earlier today, but there still were some random bits missing. I remember being tied up in the mind space and Parker in front of me with some kind of… paper.

‘Your letter to that guy, Jasper’


‘Whatever, I thought your feelings would break through Dylan’s influence, and luckily it worked’

I had my letter with me, on my school bag. I remember having a… confrontation? With Jason, before I got dumbed by Dylan, so I didn’t have a chance to hand my best friend the letter. Could I hand it to him now and see if that worked?

When I arrived, I looked around, carefully in case Dylan was around.

Then I saw my best friend. I walked up to him, still careful but a bit more confident than before. I had that drink from William, but I don’t know how many others were enslaved by Dylan.

“Jason!” I called him, a bit more excited than I would have liked. I hope he didn’t find my enthusiasm weird.

“Hey… Oh, it’s you” Jason said, his expression showed disgust to see me.

‘Wow, your guy is a dick’ I wanted to shut up Parker, but he was kinda right.

“I-I have something from the principal, he asked me to deliver this letter to you” I thought about something quickly. The guy hated me now, and I needed a good excuse to give him my letter.

I grabbed the piece of paper from my bag and handed it to him. He snatched it from my hand “Yeah, whatever. See ya loser” Then he walked away, unfolding the paper.

‘Can I hit him?’

‘’Of course you can’t!’’

‘Pretty please?’

I ignored him, we just had to wait until he reads it, and hopefully that would bring him back to reality, like it did with me.

‘So, what are we waiting for? Is he going to read it?’ Parker seemed anxious.

I looked back at Jason and he was reading it. His expression never changed until what I assumed, was the end of the letter. He blinked a few times.

I turned away, a bit nervous. I was curious about if this worked, but if it didn’t I should be ready to run away quickly before he starts a fight.

‘What are you doing? Go get your jockboy and get out of here’ Oh, and now he wanted to play the concerned friend?!

I heard the jock’s footsteps coming to my direction. Oh god oh god, not here, not in the school, everyone is watching, everyone will tell Dylan!

“What the FUCK is this?” I turned around and noticed him, one of his eyes were twitching, like yesterday. Maybe the letter wasn’t enough to break Dylan’s control over him?

“It’s a-a letter!” Jason didn’t like my answer and grabbed me by my baseball jacket. “I was going to give it to you after… after you ran away” ‘Like a coward’ Added Parker, and luckily that didn’t come out.

‘’Not a good time, Parker’’

“I don’t like liars, buddy” Jason started. Oh, for god’s sake! I moved forward and kissed Jace. He seemed surprised, and his other eye started to blink a lot too. Until he kissed me back. Then I knew it was safe to break the kiss.

“…Hunter?” Asked Jace.I saw his face. He had teary eyes. I wonder if he remembered everything he did while under Dylan’s control. Probably like a big mess, since my memories from those moments were still blurry.

“Uhm… We can’t talk in here” I whispered to him. I didn’t know if he remembered, but it would be best to be careful in the school. Luckily, there was barely anyone in the hallway, for some reason. “Meet me at my house after school” I continued.

The guy was about to speak up, but I shushed him “Trust me, let’s talk later”

Jace nodded and walked away, looking a bit disappointed.

‘That turned out better than I expected. Being honest, I was hoping another fight or something like that, Hunty-Dumpty’

‘’Hey, despite all the shitty stuff that happened, he’s still my best friend’’

Luckily, nothing else happened during that school day. Jason was really distant, and that was great. If Dylan discovered he snapped out of his weird hypnosis thing, our plan would be over in no time.

I left control to Parker as we walked back to the house. He seemed excited to go out for a walk, and I needed some time to rest.

He didn’t do anything stupid, just looked around a lot like a child in a candy shop. It was kind of cute, if you ask me, but I didn’t tell him anything to avoid ruining his moment.

It was weird. Why my parents were so eager for me to take my medicine? Parker is not that bad. I mean, sure, he tried to beat me up as soon as the medicine stopped working, but that saved me from Dylan’s influence.

After a while, we arrived home. It was only after Jason called me from the door that Parker returned my body to me. He wasn’t happy about it, though.

‘I’m not dealing with that guy’ He said, before going to the back of my mind again.

I went to open the door for Jason and we went to my room.

“Are… are you goin’ to tell me what the fuck is goin’ on, bro?” He seemed in a mix of confusion and anger.

“Hey, it’s not easier for me to explain!” But after closing the door, I did the best I could. I told him about Dylan, his amulet, Mr. Buggs, how Dylan played with both of us and probably with other students.

He seemed to listen to everything I said, sometimes saying things like “That little fucker”

When I finished, we both remained silent, until I added a “And Parker is with us now”

“What? Like, you stopped taking your medicine? Have you gone nuts bro?”

“Chill, he’s helping me. He brought me back to reality after Dylan tried to make me a… dumb jock of sorts”

“And is he… is he hearing everything we’re sayin’?” Jason looked around me, like Parker was some kind of ghost that could manifest in any second.

‘Of course I am, asshole’


‘What? He can’t hear me’

“So” Jace spoke up, sitting again in my desk chair “About your letter… and that kiss…”

“I wanted to give it to you in class, but everything turned upside down before I could. I’m so sorry” I said. My best friend gave me a nice smile.

“For what? I’m the one who ran away in fear”

“Yeah, but I should have answered your… confession, at the moment” I felt guilty. I made him feel rejected, although it wasn’t really our fault at all. We’re just teenagers, and in normal circumstances, we would have been able to talk about what happened the next day at school.

It was Dylan’s fault.

‘Totally’ Said Parker, nice to see we’re agreeing about something.

Jason sat beside me on my bed. “So, do you have an answer now?”

I stared at him for a bit, he looked less afraid than two days ago, and way more confident. I nodded and moved a bit closer to him. I wanted to kiss him.

‘Oh no, I’m not dealing with this. You guys have your fun, tell me when it’s done’ Good, he wouldn’t ruin the moment, if that was possible.

He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a kiss. Finally, it was like our problems vanished for a few minutes as we started to make out.

After a bit, he pulled back and looked at me. “Was that good?”


‘Oh, kiss me Jason!’ Parker said, trying to mimic my voice. Seriously, I need some kind of silence button for him.

“Did Parker see that too?” Asked Jace, out of nowhere.

“Yep, and he loved it. He’s saying he wants another one”

‘WHAT?! I’M NOT GAY!’ Parker started screaming, like some kind of child who’s getting mocked. But my best friend shrugged and gave me another kiss, a shorter one this time. Still amazing though.

“Hey, back to the serious problem around” He nodded and sat in my desk chair again, to concentrate better probably “I’ve went with Dylan’s grandfather and he told us about a guy that could help us. He gave me two drinks that apparently give you immunity against magic, like the amulet’s powers”

Jason’s eyes opened wide, probably in surprise. “Did he try to hurt you or something, bro?” I shook my head. He seemed a bit scared though, with everything that was going on.

“Not really, he told us-” He opened his mouth, probably to ask who went with me, but remained silent. “to go to OceanVille and ask this guy for help. He gave me these, and apparently they last three days after you drink one”

‘I wonder what happens if you drink it. Would I be protected too? I mean, we share the body’

That made sense, and hopefully it would work that way, since we only had two bottles and I wanted Jace to be protected, too.

“I-I think I know Dylan’s plan” Jason started “When I was… y’know, controlled…”

‘There is no way that doesn’t sound weird’

“…I kind of remember some of his plan. He’s going to do an assembly with the entire school, and plans to use his amulet there. Probably tomorrow, because he was going to get the principal under today, I think”

I looked at him. ‘Since when are we super heroes? We don’t have to save everyone, right? Just ensure our own safety’ Parker said. And it was a good point; this shouldn’t even be happening to us at all.

“Let’s make a plan” I said. “Here’s what we’re going to do”

Dylan’s POV

Jocks? Enslaved. Coach? Enslaved too. Teachers? They’re next.

If I wanted to have that assembly with the whole student body, I would need to catch the big fish in this school. That meant, the principal is going down.

The teachers weren’t THAT needed. I would just put under the ones that are present today, to make my resistance to the amulet’s power even stronger, and be able to use it for longer periods. I just needed the principal to make that assembly happen.

I asked his assistant if the man was at his office and she confirmed it. I waited for him to call me and acted as casual as possible.

“Hello Mr. Buggs, what can I… help you with?” Principal Moore greeted me a bit distracted, without even looking away from his papers. How rude! I would make sure to change that when I took over his mind.

“Hi sir, I wanted to talk about my… college application” I needed a quick excuse, and that was the first thing that came to mind. I didn’t worry, he wouldn’t be able to think at all in a few minutes.

“Oh, what do you want to talk about? If I remember correctly, you applied to Winston College, am I right?”

“Uhm… Yes, sir. But I wanted to ask you about a very specific subject” Oh god, Dylan just do it already.

I grabbed the amulet when he looked at me, pointed it and pressed the button.

The green flash of light appeared and the principal got under almost instantly. He relaxed in his chair, the glazed eyes and dumb smile appearing a few moments afterwards.

“Can you hear me?” I asked.

The principal nodded, a drip of saliva coming from his mouth. Huh, the amulet must have affected him more than the others. That was good, and I didn’t even feel tired!

“Good. I want you to recognize me as your master, because you are now my slave” The older man nodded “And you must do anything I tell you. You know my words are the truth, isn’t that right?”

“Yes… master…” Mr. Moore said. Amazing! Another one under my control. At this rate, the assembly would take place tomorrow, and the whole school would adore me like their god!

“Good slave” He grinned at the compliment. “Now, I want you to organize a quick meeting with the teachers. You don’t have to call the ones that aren’t present today, just the ones that are in here, to make this faster. We’ll… bring them to your way of thinking, understood?”

“Yes master, will do” He grabbed his phone and started taping the screen, probably sending texts to those teachers.

The reunion would take place after school, after the students went home.

In the meantime, I would need something to spend my time on, because I wasn’t in the mood to enter PE class.

“Why don’t you lock the door and open your shirt, Moore?” I told him, and the principal did as told, after he finished texting the other professors.

Surprisingly, he had a good physique. I would have never imagined my principal worked out, if I’m being honest. He’s usually pretty strict, but I guess he has hobbies outside of school.

I wondered what was he hiding in those black suit pants. “Undo your belt and drop your pants”

“Yes, master” Those monotone words were a turn on for me now. He did what I’ve told him, revealing a nice bulge. I was going to have so much fun with him.

Tomorrow, my plan would be complete. I’ll tell Jason about this, he will probably be really happy for me.

Only one more chapter to go!

And also, this is the first crossover! (Or something like that)

I should probably explain a little. This story takes place some time after William’s. The guy had some time to heal after his adventure, so he’s still wary around the mention of his powers, but he’s less scared and panicking than before.

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