Circe Slot Machine - Dan

By Lusty Stallion
published July 11, 2021
3912 words

Dan’s got a gambling habit which has grown in lockdown. The average straight boy stumbles across a slot machine which may just change his life.

One night, Dan was surfing the web, frustrated that he hadn’t played at a gig in months. Playing Bass was how he unwound and what he lived for. His job as manager of the local supermarket just paid the bills, where as music was where his soul came alive. The past 18 months had been fucked up by the shit show of 2020+ and like so many guys, he found himself with more time on his hands and little to keep his interest.

Dan was about 5’11 with brown hair and an average build for a guy in his mid-twenties. He didn’t regularly exercise, but also didn’t eat to badly and so kept a relatively healthy body.

One of Dan’s vices was he enjoyed an occasional gamble on the net, but he was careful to keep it light. He regularly searched for new sites to play on which offered a free first bet to new players. Tonight, he’d been pissed off by the first two he’d found before following an add to one he’d never heard of before.

“Circe slots – free $50 first bet with other ways to earn more bets”

That caught Dan’s attention, after all he was looking for a free way to spend the evening and if he could earn some dosh while having fun, why not.

So Dan clicked the link and was greeted with a Greek themed background. A fallen marble pilar lay across the screen, with Greek symbols and icons flashing different colours as the digital slot machine span. A message popped up.

“Welcome to Circe slots. We know you’ll enjoy yourself tonight and will feel like a new person by the end. Start straight off with your first $50 and let’s wish your lucky star is out tonight and for Circe herself to bless you.”

‘Weird’ he thought and then clicked the “ok” button and then started playing. It was a pretty basic slot machine game really, and he didn’t recognise most of the symbols, although the colours helped, and within a few minutes he’d figured out the higher scorers. His luck was in as he played for 5 minutes and managed to double his free bet. Now, he’d played enough of these games to know that winning on a free bet was likely a ploy to get him started, but he was game.

A message popped up. “Congratulations, you have doubled your money. Now it’s time for you to properly join this epic adventure by giving us some of your details. In return you will receive another $50 to add to your credit.

So Dan filled in the standard details, filling in his full name and credit card details. He had a good feeling about his luck tonight and was sure he’d be walking away with free money.

As Dan continued playing he noticed more symbols appearing. They looked familiar, but he couldn’t be completely sure where he’d seen them before. Within 10 minutes he lucked out and lost all his credit. A message popped up “Dan, don’t fear, Circe’s blessing is over you. She will grant you $500 to play with if you link your Facebook account to your Circe slots profile.”

Dan couldn’t see much harm in that, after all his Facebook account opened the door to so many of his other accounts, why not link it up. He clicked on the “link account” button and was surprised to see there was an extra message before taking him through to the Facebook login portal.

“Dan, one thing you need to know is that if you win the next game then you have the option to leave with all your winnings. But if you loose, you give us the right to share your profile with a group of investors who will make comments on your appearance and may even open up more dollars for you this evening. If you click ok, you are agreeing to this gamble.”

‘Shit, they’re offering $500 to play with. So if I win, I get to take the money straight off, and if I loose, a board of rich folk will get to see my profile and make comments. Sounds creepy, but I guess people get off on all sorts. It’s not as if I’m on webcam or anything. And there’s a chance that they’ll give me more money to play with. What have I got to loose?’ he thought naively.

So Dan clicked “ok” and followed through the familiar Facebook login page.

“Thanks Dan for linking your Facebook profile, now let’s see how luck you are.”

He was riding the slots like a maverick. Initially loosing the first $200 very quickly, watching it increase to over $800, before it dipped again, up and down until the $500 was spent and his credit was dry.

“Fuck, I thought I had it then. But no harm done as I haven’t played with any of my own money yet.”

A message popped up. “Commiserations Dan. The board will review your profile and may be in touch with you via this screen imminently, so don’t go anywhere.”

Dan waited staring at the screen. “Fuck, that means the creeps will be looking at my profile. What did I last post?’

He flicked through his account and was only mildly embarrassed by a few stupid poses, but on the whole it all looked ok. And then he spotted a new option on his profile. Next to check-ins was an option called Circe. ‘I guess I didn’t check exactly what permissions I was sharing with them’ he thought and clicked on it.

A general chat forum opened in the panel under his cover and profile pictures. He noticed some of his other photos had appeared in this panel to. Not most of his photos, but ones the panel were reviewing.

Alpha – The lad doesn’t have much muscle does he Gamma – I like the fact he’s so passionate about his hair Iota – Looks like he’s got a bit of attitude, I’m into that Kappa – He’s got that classic British/American look don’t you think? Alpha – I think he needs more muscle Pi – Is it me, or does he look really serious? I like men with a good sense of humour Sigma – I think this photo says it all really 😊

Pi – I think he looked cuter when he was younger

Dan felt immediately uncomfortable with all of this attention on his profile. No, not just his profile, but on his appearance.

Kappa – Has anyone checked, is he gay? Pi – I’d have gone out with him if he was, when he was a freshmen. Omicron – It’s a shame we can’t see his stats yet, I can’t see how smart he is. I think if he was smarter he’d be hotter in my book. Dan was pissed off now, what right had these people got to make such comments about him as if he were an object to be commented on. And the homosexual nature of some of these questions freaked him out. He was a live and let live kind’a guy, but he was definitely a straight shooter when it came to the bedroom. ‘Well, I would be if I got a girl back to my place’ he thought. It had been a year since he’d been in a relationship.

Dan heard a ping which shook him back to the original command which was to ‘not go anywhere’, meaning away from the website. He opened up the tab in his browser for Circe Slots and saw a message.

“Omicron has offered you $100 to bet with a question. “Dan, how smart are you? You may accept or reject this bet, but know the consequences are further reaching than the previous ones.”

Dan shrugged. He was annoyed by the situation, but what was the worst that could happen. He could stop at anytime because he was ‘definitely in control’.

So Dan hit “I accept” and played the slots. He noticed the images had changed. This time a number of animals were now in the mix as well as some of the same as earlier, all looking like they were engraved on the circular slot which span. This time, at the end of each game, he got to select one of the icons which had remained when he didn’t hit 5 in a row. The snake was most prominent, and he thought about how smart a snake was, so he started playing trying to collect snakes. He bet again when he couldn’t get snakes, even with some owls and rabbits. Surely he was aiming for 5 snakes in a row. It didn’t take him more than 7 minutes to get what he was after and still with about $400 in his credit. ‘I think I smashed it!’ he thought to himself.

The salutation box appeared again “You don’t need luck with brains like yours” and Dan’s brain went through a bizzar experience. His mind felt like it was receiving a cleaning out, a wave that tingled and refreshed the young man’s intellect. He was experiencing a similar sensation to using mouth wash but in his head, and he saw the world much sharper.

‘Wow, I mean, that was intense. I feel like I could take on any problem and see all potential angles. I feel like I could ditch my managers job and go back to uni to study philosophy or become a doctor or a statistician. I could do anything.’ He thought.

Unbeknownst to Dan, the board had now received the update they’d desired on their view of Dan’s profile page. Now they could see a page of his stats. His height, weight, hobbies, IQ score, Personality type, fat-muscle ratio, even his sexuality, they could now see it all. Dan hadn’t flicked back to Facebook. Which meant he didn’t have access to the extra comments.

On his profile page his IQ which had risen from 110 to 150

Omicron – I’m so happy, he’s hotter with all those brains. Alpha – He doesn’t need to be smarter, but bigger Iota – You always say that Alpha, so vanilla. Can’t you imagine a guy with brains being hot to? Pi – I’ll never understand why you love the brain boxes His browser pinged with a new message. “Iota invites you to play “How old are you” with a $200 investment, accept or reject?”

Dan thought that was ridiculous, and hit reject. He was pretty sure his date of birth was public on Facebook and he’d granted these ‘investors’ permission to view all his stats.

A new message appeared for Dan “Pi invites you to try How smart are you? again, for $600”

This was a bit repetitive wasn’t it. Dan was to smart to believe that this game had altered him, he was just pleased he could see how stupid this game really was. So he decided to play along and hit “I accept”.

Again, the slots rolled before his eyes and he saw loads of snakes spin past, however the first darker icon he won was a Donkey. He theorised that Donkey’s are hard workers and so that would be a good animal to back. Despite all the monkey’s, eagles doves, and Dragons, he kept winning Donkey’s and locking them into his ultimate score. He won 5 out of 7 rounds so it only took him a few minutes to score his goal. Once he’d locked into place the final Donkey, the message box popped up “Congratulations! You won the gift of Koalemos. Enjoy”

That didn’t add up. Somewhere in his head he accessed the knowledge of the Greek god Koalemos who was the personified spirit of stupidity and foolishness. That felt a strange blessing to win, ‘O fuck, but isn’t that why Bottom in Shakespeare’s a mid-summer…’ his sharp brain fogged over with a new pleasure ‘…night party got hammered and farted around all night?’

All eyes of the board were now on his profile page, his IQ plummeting from 150 to 70.

Omicron – No! Why! Pi – I like a dumb fun boy. Gamma – Now, now boys. You know the score. We just offer him the premiss of the bet, he decides whether to play. Iota – He’s right girls, Dan’s in charge of which bets he takes. Dan looked at the slot machine again, grinning over his win when the next message pinged up.

“Dan, Alpha invites you to play How much muscle you got lad? Accept or reject”

Dan thought this sounded fun and clicked the ‘accept’ button and this time was presented with even more icons, many of the same, rabbits, owls, snakes, pigs alongside some more mythical creatures of griffins and phoenix’s etc.

This time, each win made the appropriate change for Dan. He noticed that he didn’t have to stick with the first dark icon he won, in fact, he didn’t have to choose the more obvious ones at all. He sort of guessed that he needed to collect 5 of the same icons, but he could choose from any of the icons which jumped up on his screen. He was completely oblivious to the comments on his FB page.

Sigma - I’m guessing none of you missed what happened when Dan won 5 in a row of the pig? I grabbed the image before and after as usual. Iota – I can’t get enough of this phase of the game. Do you think he’s cottoning on? Normally guys start to realise something about now Gamma – Fuck no, Pi made sure he’d be a dumb ass, I don’t reckon he’s sussed any of this out.

Before he could continue, a new message appeared “Dan, you hit a 5 pig jackpot and Omicron and Gamma want to give you a gift. They have teamed up and invested in the site to offer you a new wardrobe and a sexy smile. You can accept or reject this gift.”

‘Fuck, what a gay suggestion, but I’ll take it’. Ignorant to the changes his body was undergoing, Dan hit “accept” and kept on playing. He didn’t want to lock the pig, and his now chubby paw hit the lever to play again. He saw his first Lion and locked it. He’d doubled his credit on the pig win and continued playing, and loosing most of it. His sexy smile beaming in his branded muscle Tee which slung to his rolls of chub. That is, until he had 5 lions locked into his overall prize chart.

As the Lions clicked into place, he felt his arms spasm but also his shoulders. Next his chest muscles started pulsating as if to a drum beat and his thighs felt sore. His calf’s tensed up as his delts pulled hard and he experienced excruciating pain which shot to his heat like a white hot poker to the centre of his fogged brain. He clasped his fists together into a ball and squeezed his eye lids closed to just about bare the pain.

He missed the sight of his arms expanding with solid well built bi’s and tris and his chest ballooning with solid pectoral meat. His beer gut melted into cobbled abs and his shoulders broadened with hefty weighty deltoids as his thighs grew with powerful brawn. Dan was unmistakably a bodybuilder now.

“Dan, congratulations on becoming a Lion of a man. Alpha has invested to offer you a free gift of gym knowledge on the understanding that you will take on the lingo of a ‘gym bro’.”

‘This is such a queer game, but I’m havin’ so much fun.’ He thought to himself as he clicked “accept”.

The board then saw their reward. Dan’s profile pictures were all rewriting themselves around Dan’s new reality. In less dumb subjects, they’d have noticed something by now, but the rest of the world would view the subject as they now were, except of course the board.

Iota – You guys are so predictable! Alpha – Well I’m not complainin’ Pi – how delicious, did you see the teddy pic turn to this one of him? I could spend all night in that sexy mouth.

Sigma – He’s so fucking hot now!

Dan was waiting for a new message to appear. He was looking at the screen with his 5 lions after accepting the ‘gym bro’ shit.

‘Bro, this is so sick. I’m balls deep in cash and nearly ready to tap up Tina.’ He mused to himself as he noticed he couldn’t see the keyboard as easily due to his jutting pecs. He looked a bit confused at them for a moment and then looked at his arm in the muscle tee which strained at the bulk of his arms. But got distracted by a new ping.

“Dan, Iota invites you to play, Do you have any tattoos? for $300.”

Of course Dan hit accept, after all he loved this game and wanted to see what he could win next.

Most of the icons were familiar by now, and he jacked out with 3 Greek character line ups in a row. Each win added tattoos across his impressive canvas of a body. Unaware of this, he focused on winning 5 Peacocks which lined up and gave him a flare for exhibitionism and being admired.

“Dan, we love seeing you pose on your blog, Alpha has invested again, but this time with the gift of Narcissus.” Dan didn’t know what that was, but thought it was kind of the guy to send him a gift so he clicked “accept”.

Iota – Lovin’ this guys

As a new photo appeared on Dan’s profile of his thick arm covered in delicious Tatts.

Sigma – you always do. Gamma – Alpha, I will say thank you Omicron – He’s become a bit to ‘tough’ for my tastes Pi – I can help with that

Dan was now enjoying the beauty of his muscular beauty and enjoying everything that came with being an incredibly attractive man. It was dawning on him that this game had changed him, but that didn’t stop him enjoying giving his left bicep a hickey when his laptop pinged again.

“Dan, Pi asks how gay you are. This next game is a little different. You play 5 rounds, and can agree to settle with any mix of icons which appear after each slot spin. If you reach round 5, you must settle with the final mix. If, however, you are lucky enough to get 5 in a row, you will immediately become sexually attracted extremely to the icon displayed.”

There was only an “ok” button this time and as Dan looked for a “reject” option he hit the “ok” button to clear the screen in search for it, which of course was stupid.

The same rotating 5 slots appeared on the marble column, but this time they only contained Mars and Venus symbols, representing the attraction Dan would gain after this.

He hit the lever to spin the slots and the first results were in.

Dan’s problem was that he couldn’t remember which one was for guys and which one for girls. He was straight and was now worried the game would take that away from him. He had a feeling the arrow was for dudes because of the cock shooting arrow. But then, cock’s do hang down between our legs.

Underneath the slots was a button “accept as your sexuality?” next to the lever to go again.

He decided that a hard cock pointed up so this was a very gay score and he hit the lever.

Ok, not as bad as the last one, but still more gay than he wanted to be. He needed to be completely straight and this wasn’t it, so he played again.

This time he had 3 with the low hanging cross symbol which was more what he wanted. But what if he was wrong. What if there were cocks hanging below the circle. Well it was worth betting again and he hit the lever.

The fourth round rolled and rolled, surely longer than the previous rounds and then he hit the jackpot. The game saw this as the highest achieving score possible. His credit shot up into the $10,000’s as 5, one after another, mars symbols landed in a row. They started flashing rainbows.

“Shit Bro!” he bellowed at the screen as a new pop up appeared.

“Congratulations Dan on the top scoring combination of all tonight. Enjoy your new sexuality. You don’t worry about the chick’s anymore, they’ll never be your type again.”

Omicron – well you got what you came for Pi Pi – almost Gamma – I thought the pretty dumb ass would choose one of the earlier options, I’m so pleased he kept betting Alpha – Now he’s the alpha he needed to be

Dan sat there opened mouthed. He was pretty sure this was something he hadn’t wanted, and yet he felt completely fine with it. Like this was always how he was meant to be. He thought about his bud Rich, his workout partner and wondered if Rich would be interested in a bit of muscle worship.

As his mind wandered, he saw a second pop-up. “Pi wants to celebrate your homosexuality by investing and gifting you a new job as a male escort. Iota has also invested and offered you the sexual knowledge of a pro rent boy. You can accept or reject either or both separate invitations.”

Dan looked at them both and considered briefly. He clicked “accept” to Iota’s invitation. Knowledge like that would take him a long way and mean he always got laid. But Pi’s was also an attractive offer. After all, bodybuilding didn’t pay great. He had the body, but often wished he had more cash to splash around. So he clicked “accept” to Pi’s invitation to.

Dan’s life had completely morphed and changed. He fucking loved his new life, and the board made sure they’d kept a copy of his personal details so they could each book their private nights with Dan the dumb muscle sex hound.

A new text box appeared “Dan, Sigma invites you to play How big is your cock?”

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