The Auto Mechanic & The Officer

By InBetween
published June 11, 2021
3319 words

Shawn and Darren encounter some trouble on the road, while some stoic strangers lend a helping a hand.

“Your total’s $19.69.” said the cashier, making J aware that he had zoned off again. He’d been doing a lot of that recently, because he both had lots to think about and increasingly times when he thought about nothing at all. J looked at the cashier for the first time, seeing how good-looking the cashier was and imagining being railed by him. Although J swore he was straight, he imagined being taken to the stockroom and having his own asshole restocked. He shook off those thoughts though, but he couldn’t help thinking about it on his drive home.

As he reached his apartment, he found that he was alone once more. It was the perfect time to re-enter the MMO game on his VR set. If he were being honest with himself, he could trace his new desires back to a new mod that a friend of his brother had given him. He knew he should avoid going back there since something strange was afoot, but this was the same reason why he was so drawn too it. Full of anticipation, he placed the VR set over his head and turned the system on, ignoring his burgeoning erection.

“Is he fully under yet?” said Shawn as he was keeping lookout, while Darren was looking through the bedroom window to catch a glimpse of their target. They needed a ride to the beach, so they had wandered aimlessly in the supermarket to find a hypnotized boy to steal a car from. This guy seemed like a perfect target, clearly being under some outside nefarious influence. In fact, they were only able to follow him, because J was so distracted that he was driving less than 5 mph an hour on his way home. “I’m not sure. It seems that he’s in the game though from all the squirming he’s doing.”

“He’s probably being fucked by a Level. 50 Wind Spirit while on a quest with the lizard people. Those creatures are notoriously grabby” said Shawn nonchalantly, having left his lookout post and was also now openly staring in the bedroom window. “What? I have a life outside of you” he said when he saw the incredulous look Darren gave him.

“You play a gay erotic MMO” whispered Darren as he made his way to the front door of the apartment, finding the door to be unlocked. The power of horniness truly knew no bounds. Gay hypno stories should really invest in more security.

“What are you kink shaming me right now?” replied Shawn before Darren shushed him loudly. Although J seemed oblivious to the world, while the apartment was being slowly filled with the sounds of grunts and muffled movements.

“Yeah, you should ask me about my opinions on kink at pride” joked Darren, finally finding the car keys laying haphazardly on the ground.

“I don’t even know what that even means” replied Shawn, rolling his eyes. Before either could respond, they heard a loud moan coming from the room. “I think that’s our cue to leave” said Darren, while both boys left before J came out and realized that something besides his anal virginity had been taken.

“Do the lizard people have dicks?” said Darren as he put the car key into the ignition. “Do they have dicks? You betcha they have dicks…” said Shawn before going on a long tirade about the various merits of different anamorphic genitalia from his horny MMO.

Two hours later, they stopped to get gas only to realize that neither of them had any cash on them. The grocery store clerk was typically so mindfucked that they hadn’t needed to pay for groceries the entire academic year, so they had stopped carrying money.

“This is why we should have hitchhiked or taken the bus” said Shawn after fruitlessly looking for any cash between the car seats.

“Sure, we should also just stay at a mansion owned by a rich and single recluse if our car breaks down” said Darren sarcastically, finding no loose cash in the trunk either.

“Well, we would at least have money then” said an exasperated Shawn, finally sitting down helplessly back in the car.

“I’m sorry babe. I know you’re really excited for our first trip together. I’ll fix it okay” said Darren, feeling bad about the situation. “I’ll be right back, got to sell my body real quick.”

“Good luck with that! Your ass hasn’t been tight since fall quarter” said Shawn in return, trying to hide the smile that was beginning to spread on his face. Darren waved away Shawn’s comment, while walking off to see if anyone in the gas station could help him. He peered into the convenience store only to see that an older gentleman was rear-ending the gas attendant inside the refrigerated aisles full of Arizona Iced Tea and White Claws.

I feel like they’re too indisposed to be any help Darren looked around the outside of the gas station, remembering that he had spied an auto repair shop earlier. He walked towards it, eventually hearing some music blaring and spotting a guy working inside the hood of a car with his butt-crack showing. “Hello, can I have a moment of your time?” Darren half-yelled, trying to be heard over the music and tapping the auto-mechanic on the shoulder.

The auto-mechanic turned around, revealing himself to be incredibly young. He looked in his early twenties, while his attractiveness threw Darren off guard. The guy was well-muscled, having a greased back haircut with only one strand perfectly sticking out. He wore a white tank-top that highlighted his toned and tanned biceps, while his white tank top had a layer of grime from the hard work. In fact, his face even had smidges of oil, which only made him look incredibly rugged in all the right ways. It felt right out of a high-quality gay porn.

“Name’s Joe” said the auto-mechanic before giving Darren a long look up and down. “You’re not from these parts are you…city boi?” said Joe before taking a bandanna from his left rear pants pocket and wiping the sweat off his face, which caused his triceps to flex slightly.

God, I love my life thought Darren, trying to quickly think of a way to hypnotize his next victim. However, he quickly came up with a blank. He realized that he had only read two different stories about auto mechanics, while there seemed no special government gas or shiny twirly contraption nearby. Instead, he decided that honesty might be the best option. “I’m sorry I’ve misplaced my wallet and…”

“We don’t do kindly with strangers in parts, even less with customers that can’t pay” said Joe, being quick to anger like many are in these stories. As he menacingly approached Darren, the best thing Darren could do was stand in dawning horror, wondering if his hubris had finally caught up with him. He closed his eyes, bracing for impact.

At that moment, a voice said “Hey there Joe. There’s no need for violence now. I can spot this fine gentleman this time.” Darren opened his eyes, seeing that the voice belonged to the gentleman that he had spied earlier having his way with the gas station attendant. He was an older gentleman, but he exuded a confidence that only being extremely wealthy could instill. “Joe’s an old friend of mine, while I always come to him when my engine needs a checkup under the hood” the man said, giving Darren a wink. “This young man would like a full engine tune-up” he said, handing Joe some gold-plated tokens.

Joe’s anger dissipated from his face, but his sullen look remained. “Well sir, your car is ready to leave the shop. I hope you decide to visit us once more.”

“I sure will” said the fellow, before getting in his car and driving off. After the older gentleman had driven off into the horizon, Joe focused his attentions on Darren once more. “Well, I’m going to need you to let me access your engine.”

“My car? It’s all the way back at the gas station, but I don’t’ see…” started Darren before Joe got impatient and pushed Darren roughly down onto a nearby chair. He then kneeled, unbuttoning Darren’s pants. He did this all nonchalantly, almost as if he were half-bored. It was just business as usual, while Joe seemed to think nothing was out of the ordinary. He reached inside Darren’s boxers, ignoring Darren’s protests, and pulling out his cock through the front partition. “Everything seems fine at first glance, but it’s a little smaller than what I usually work with” said Joe, having his hands pass over Darren’s cock and looking it over for any imperfections.

“I’m a grower not a shower” said Darren, realizing what was transpiring. It seemed that Joe was clearly under mind control, being forced to service any man that paid him this special currency. Darren had read these kinds of stories before, but typically about the controlled’s slow descent into servitude. This was likely the conclusion of one those same stories, Westworld for gay hypnosis. The gas attendant was probably enslaved as well, while this whole place was likely a playground of debauchery for the highest bidder.

As Darren had reached this conclusion, Joe had taken a break from his inspection to grab a nearby oil can. It released not lubricant for cars, but for people, which he poured generously on Darren’s slowly growing erection. “I’m going to try revving it up” Joe said before beginning to jack off Darren. Despite Joe’s rough exterior, his fingers were surprisingly light and nimble as they lightly touched the sides and head of Darren’s cock. It was clear that Joe was incredibly experienced with his hands, sexually and otherwise. Darren quickly grew fully erect, which led Joe to suddenly grip the whole shaft harder and more forcefully jack Darren off.

It was hard to tell what was hotter, Joe’s controlled movements or his complete obliviousness to what he was doing. Whatever the cause, it was bringing Darren closer to the edge, letting out little moans despite himself. “I love it when it purrs just right” said Joe, grinning for the first time as he looked upwards at Darren. His greased back hair glistening in the sunlight, while Darren saw for the first time that Joe had these pretty, long eyelashes. Darren couldn’t hold it in any longer, blowing his load all over Joe’s face.

“I’m sorry” said Darren, noticing that Joe barely had time to close his eyes before it was all over his face. He was embarrassed at how much he had cum, while some was dribbling down Joe’s chin.

“No need to apologize. Fluid leaks are a good sign, part of the job.” Joe said good-naturedly, getting his bandanna to wipe the cum on his face. He also took off his tank top, revealing a chiseled body that had the lightest farmer’s tan. Despite having just orgasmed, Darren felt his cock revving up for round two.

“What do we have here?” boomed a loud voice, scaring both the scantily clad men. Darren turned to see someone that looked remarkedly like Joe, probably a cousin of similar age. He had that same rough look, while the main difference was that he was decked out in a sheriff’s uniform and had a thick mustache like those found in old porn.

“Cousin Frank? I was just doing a routine inspection, but I can be with you shortly” said Joe, still obvious to the optics of the situation.

“I can see what you’re inspecting” Frank sneered, causing his mustache to look like an angry caterpillar. “I’m arresting both of you for indecent exposure and moral decay” he said, handcuffing and throwing both men in the back of his squad car. This was above the fervent protests from both the men, while Darren didn’t even have a chance to put his dick back into his pants. Joe was just incredibly confused, while Darren was sad that he was being taken down for a crime that he was only kind of guilty of.

As the car was backing out of the gas station. Darren saw their stolen car, but couldn’t see Shawn anywhere. He was probably inside the car on his phone, completely unaware of the events that were transpiring. The squad car was turning onto the main road when a strange blur came out in the middle of the street, causing Frank to curse and swerve the squad car off the road “Stay right there” growled Frank, trying to find the person that nearly killed them all. The car was silent as Darren took in the reality of the situation.

“I apologize for the inconvenience. Let me finish taking your engine out for a test drive” professed Joe finally, incredibly embarrassed that his cousin took this opportunity to pull a prank on him. Before Darren could protest, Joe had taken out Darren’s cock once more from Darren’s undergarments, despite Joe still being handcuffed. Then, Joe began bobbing his head up and down onto Darren’s cock. Darren was too distressed to truly enjoy it, while too incapacitated to do anything about it. He was trying to spy out the car’s window, seeing if Frank was coming back. To his dismay, Frank was coming back with Shawn in tow! Darren cursed himself, wondering why he had ever decided to go on this road trip.Shawn seemed relatively unperturbed, quickly seeing what was going on in the backseat of the car. In fact, Shawn mouthed the words “he looks hot” and pointed towards Joe.

He’s probably trying to use his humor to lighten my crestfallen spirits thought Darren. However, it did look like that Shawn was not handcuffed, while Frank and Shawn had stopped in front of the squad car. Then, Frank was leaning against the front of the car, while Shawn was reaching over to handcuff Frank! Wait, Darren saw what appeared to be Frank taking off his pants, while Shawn had leaned down to begin rimming and fingering Frank. Through the car front windshield, Darren sought anything to help make sense of this situation, finally seeing that there were some coins spilling out of Frank’s front shirt pocket. It seemed that Shawn had somehow gotten the same gold coins the old gentleman had, while he had known to give it to Frank.

“I’m sorry. Typically, the engine would have warmed up by now” said Joe, making Darren aware what was right in front of him. Joe had been blowing Darren this entire time, but his considerable skill was no match for Darren’s absentmindedness. “You know what? I think we need to jumpstart the entire thing” exclaimed Joe, apologetic for his shortcomings. Taking Darren by surprise once more, Joe had climbed on top of him and was taking off his own pants. Darren remembered that Joe didn’t have any underwear on earlier, while his worries were settled enough to enjoy this incredibly sexy and clueless mechanic in front of him. “Is there anything I can do to help?” said Darren, although he recognized that there was little he could do since he was still handcuffed.

“Just enjoy the ride” Joe said with a cheeky grin before slowly lowering himself onto Darren’s erect cock. Despite the logistical issues, Darren’s cock slowly made its way into Joe’s waiting asshole. In fact, Joe let out a nice, long sigh of relief, surely the product of repeated practice and deep conditioning. He began slowly going up and down, taking his time as if Darren’s cock was a powerful yet delicate instrument. Eventually, they both began to slowly accelerate, letting off steam and shaking the car in the somewhat cramped quarters. Through the rapidly fogging windows, Darren could see that Shawn was now taking Frank from behind against the hood of the car, helping further shake the entire car. He could hear their moans, loud as sirens, bringing him closer to the finish line.

“First-timers” muttered another older gentleman that was passing by on his way to the mayor’s house to fuck the mayor and his two adult sons during their Sunday family dinner. As he passed by, he could hear a loud group moan that could only be interpreted as a group orgasm. “Everyone wants to fuck in the car or on the side of a road, but nobody thinks of the cleanup. In my old age, I stick to beds. I leave it to the young” he said to a young hitchhiker that he had picked up on his way, who was busy playing with his own nipples and riding a dildo. “To be young and dumb again” the older gentlemen sighed once more as the police car fell out of sight.

“Where did you get those coins? How did you know what to do?” said Darren when they had finally gotten back onto the road. Joe had filled their tank after Darren had filled Joe’s exhaust pipe, while Joe and Frank were now both waving them goodbye. You could almost believe like they hadn’t been having sex on the side of the road minutes before.

“This old guy gave me some coins before trying to come on to me. When I said that I had a boyfriend, he walked away grumbling about some defect in the system. I saw that you were being arrested, so I threw myself into the middle of the road out of instinct. My mind had no clue what to say, so I tried to bribe Frank with the gold coins I received. Then, he told me to do an anal cavity search of him, while I finally got that this probably some elaborate roleplay group-sex thing. I appreciated the experience, but you should let a guy know first” Shawn espoused as he was driving.

“God, you’re so amazing” said Darren before giving Shawn a quick kiss on a cheek.

“I feel like there’s a way you could reward me. You looked like you had a good time in the backseat, while I’ve never had sex in a car before” said Shawn with a knowing look.

“You are truly insatiable. You’re driving right now” replied Darren, shaking his head.

“The roleplay we did with them, reminded me of something that I packed for our trip” said Shawn, pulling something out of his pocket.

“I don’t know what you’re up to, but I swear—” started Darren before eyeing a gold watch that Shawn had brought out. His protests stopped as he focused on the pretty watch. Although Shawn was not moving it, the motion of the car was causing the watch to sway back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth.

“Can you hear me?” said Shawn, responsibly enough to be looking at the road and therefore unable to know if Darren had fallen under.

“Yes” said Darren, his eyes completely focused on the watch and his mind opened to Shawn’s suggestions. The world went blank for a while except for the watch and sound of Shawn’s voice. God, this is going to be the best summer ever thought Shawn to himself.

Shawn drove on straight to the beach, one hand on the wheel and the other hand on top of Darren’s head that was busy blowing him as Shawn slowly arrived at his desired destination.

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