Red Flag

By InBetween -
published April 29, 2021
8693 words

He loves me, but only when’s he not himself

It started off innocently enough. We met when we were both college freshman, ending up as roommates at NYU. I would describe him to you, but he’s famous enough still that I don’t want to give away his identity. However, I think all gay men have met this type of boy before, especially around that age. My version may look different from yours, while the details may not completely overlap. Yet, I already know that my boy and yours are one and the same. In hindsight, I realize now I never really stood a chance. He was everything I wanted to be at that age, seemingly so self-assured and charismatic. He had grown up in New York City, fluent in French from spending summers in Europe with his paternal grandparents. Meanwhile, I had grown up in the middle of nowhere, while my summers of adolescence were spent hanging out at parking lots of strip malls.

Of course, he was straight. I initially thought that was a good thing, because I never had been attracted to a straight guy before. It was better to have a straight roommate than a queer one, because I couldn’t possibly get into a messy romantic relationship with my roommate. As they say in my hometown, you shouldn’t eat where you shit. Unfortunately, straight boys back at home were nothing like him. He wasn’t some blatant toxic homophobic jackass that subsisted purely on misogyny and Mountain Dew, instead being a sensitive aspiring actor who had been surrounded by his parents’ many queer friends in a subsidized artist apartment building that he was raised in. During 0 week in freshman year, he insisted on taking me to the best gay clubs, smiling devilishly as he let an awestruck small-town nobody into his charmed cosmopolitan life. He took care of me when I ended up getting embarrassingly drunk and making out with some random guy that my hazy recollection still remember looking suspiciously like a worse looking version of my straight roommate. I feel like it’s a moot point to make, but my roommate was also ridiculously hot. By the end of week 0, I basically worshipped the ground he walked on.

One night, we were staying up late at night talking about fetishes together. It may seem like to the readers as a huge hint of things to come, but I just thought it reflected how self-confident and forthright he was. I had recently gotten out of the first of many meaningless flings and was regaling my roommate how the guy wanted me to call his cock, Clifford the Big Red Dick. My roommate was too polite to laugh, being incredibly sex-positive and against kink-shaming. However, I could hear his concealed laughter in his response, even though I couldn’t see since we had turned off the lights and were just lying in our respective beds. Then, he talked about his sexual awakening, namely how he was a huge fan of Power Rangers. I awkwardly joked if he liked women that wore tight spandex like the Pink Ranger, but he just calmly brushed it off. Instead, he talked about one episode, in which the Blue Ranger was under the control of the villain and how since then he always liked the idea of being controlled. It was a good thing that the lights were off, because I immediately got hard. I said something unmemorable and stupid to him in response, while we eventually said goodnight and went to bed. In my head, I later rationalized that I was just horny, because I was talking about my ex. I just conveniently ignored the fact that the next time I couldn’t help but cum as I was thinking about my roommate as the Blue Ranger.

A few weeks later, he suggested we see a hypnotist show. It was hosted by the student union, being part of their events scheduled just before midterms to help bring some PG-13 fun to campus. Honestly, I had completely forgotten about the conversation we had about his sexual fetish of being controlled. I know that’s sacrilegious to many of you, but I was consumed with something much more immediate. He was casually seeing a girl at the time, which I was obviously not completely fine with. She had the most annoying laugh whenever she laughed at my roommate’s jokes and didn’t know physical boundaries when she would lightly touch his shoulder during conversations. I totally was not unhealthily suppressing my love for my roommate. Anyways, we all saw the hypnotist show together in some random auditorium by the dorms. It’s mortifying to admit, but I felt outright giddy when he put his hands back behind both our seats. Despite her doing nothing wrong, I felt that I was fighting with my arch-nemesis for my prize’s affections. He sat between the two of us, unaware that he was desired on all sides. The lights in the audience soon dimmed, while this relatively unremarkable and unsexy stage hypnotist came onstage. He introduced himself before doing a suggestibility test for volunteers, telling us to imagine a balloon tied to our right arm. I tried closing my eyes and following along, but five minutes later I opened my eyes with my arm stilly firmly on my lap. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I was looking around to see who it had worked on only to find my roommate with his eyes firmly closed and his right arm firmly in the air. Despite being enemy combatants, I looked across my roommate’s seat and locked eyes with my rival. She worded the words “wow,” while pointing at my roommate excitedly. My roommate was spotted by the hypnotist, being put onto the stage.

I know what you’re thinking, because I’ve seen the stories on this site. Maybe, you’re hoping that the hypnotist forgot to remove my roommate’s trigger, which left an opening for me having my way with him. Some others may have hoped that the hypnotist himself would take control of my powerless roommate, while I would end this story enthralled as well. As I said before, the hypnotist was completely unmemorable. The only thing I do remember was the cringy joke he made before the show, talking about how being a hypnotist is good for making his wife forget that he hadn’t mowed the lawn. He was probably the straightest and most boring hypnotist out there, too unimaginative to use hypnosis for erotic pleasure. I am confident in saying this, because the show was incredibly paint-by-numbers. The show was not even risqué enough for the guys to pretend to be models or bodybuilders, which would lead my delectable roommate to take off his shirt. This is not to say that there was nothing sexy about the hypnotist show for me. I got uncomfortably aroused in a crowd of strangers when I saw my roommate’s midriff when he began fanning himself because he felt like the temperature was rising in the room. For sure, I had seen him in greater stages of undress. He was my roommate, while he was not shy about his body and slept in a pair of loose boxers. Sometimes, I would even see a bit of flaccid dick sticking out, so a little bit of midriff was nothing scandalous. Yet, it still was incredibly attractive, being able to blatantly stare at him. I know it sounds like I’m blueballing you, but I just want you to understand how whipped I was for him and how much I was blueballing myself.

After the show, my roommate met us back in the audience. The Jezebel hogged all this attention, talking excitedly about his experience. Meanwhile, I hung back, trying not to let my emotions reveal themselves. My roommate did eventually look at me with mysterious eyes, saying “How’d you like the show?” I fumbled through an answer, caught red-handed in my own bitter inner monologue and unable to see the meaning behind his lingering stare. We were heading back to the door room when he was giving me the time-honored roommate signal, meaning I had to make an excuse about some non-existent plans and excuse myself. I spent the rest of my Saturday evening eating some Fritos in the common room of the dorm, waiting for a text to let me know when I could come back and trying not to think about my roommate’s naked body having sex with someone that wasn’t me.

At the end of the semester, he brought up the subject of hypnosis again. He was worried about his final, saying to me that he was struggling to memorize a monologue he needed for his Introductory to Drama class. This was such a blatant lie in retrospect since he had been a working actor for years, doing local commercials and guest-starring on big network television shows. I was dumb and in love though, happy to spend more time with him since he had just parted ways with the girl he was seeing. They had ended on amicable terms, saying they were going on different paths right now and hugging each other firmly. It was completely healthy and mature way to end a relationship, so it made absolutely no sense to me at the time. Anyways, he suggested that I put him into trance to help with his memorization, saying it was something that he had done with his ex. Talking later with his ex, I had casually brought this up and she had no clue what I was talking about. He showed me Youtube video, which he just happened to have found through an innocent search. It was called “Hypnotizing You For Your Partner.” I joked at the romantic undertones, but he confidently said this was the only option available. Unfortunately, I was too naïve about hypnosis to question why he couldn’t just find a video that directly helped him with studying and memorization. I went along with him, while he told me I didn’t have to do any hypnotizing myself and just follow the video’s instructions.

We scheduled a time late one evening, turning off the dorm room lights for the ambience. He sat with the video open on his laptop before his desk, while I had brought my desk chair over to be there sitting beside him. There’s something about being in darkness with someone you love, which creates a palpable tension in the room. I was getting nervous for no good reason, while my roommate put in his earbuds and asked if I was ready. I gave him a thumbs up, while he played the video. The only light in the room came from his computer screen, shining a bright, almost eerie white light on his face. I distinctly remember the spiral being that classic black and white, while I could hear the whispers of a man’s voice coming from my roommate’s earbuds though it wasn’t loud enough for me to catch the words. The spiral wasn’t one that had any text, so I just focused on looking at my roommate’s face.

He started by sitting up straight, moving around in his chair to get into a comfortable position probably at the behest of the voice in the video. Then, he began slowly breathing slowly in-and-out. The change was slow, but it was clear. His eyes started off very alert, while his eyebrows were scrunched up as if he was focusing very hard on the center of the spiral and the words being said. Over time, his eyes lost their intensity, while his face began to relax. It was clear that he was completely unaware of his surroundings, probably forgetting he was watching a video at all. At some point, his lips parted and his mouth hung a little open. He began blinking more as if he was struggling to keep his eyes open. Each blink lasting longer, while his eyes were a little bit more glazed each time. They were normally so full of personality and laughter, but they were just so empty now. At one point, it looked like he looked like he was trying extremely hard to resist and keep his eyes open, while I could barely hear the voice counting down from ten to zero. At zero, he eyes violently jammed shut, while a noticeably shockwave flowed through the rest of his body. He slumped into the chair as if some invisible force had been enacted upon him. It made me jump, while I just became cognizant of the fact that I had begun matching my breathing with his, completely unaware of the passage of time and completely obsessed with watching my roommate fall into trance. He soon opened his eyes, while I was about to ask about if he was okay before the words got caught in my throat as I looked at his now almost soulless eyes. At some point, a little bit of drool had been coming out of his mouth, leaving his lower lip and chin to almost shine. Despite knowing little about trance, I knew that he was deeply hypnotized now.

The voice seemed to keep on going now, moving on from the initial induction. My roommate began to shake a little, an occasional tremor. If the lights had been on, then I would have noticed that he had gotten extremely erect, making a distinct outline in his pants. Honestly, this whole experience was kind of freaking me out, but I was worried shaking him awake would leave him catatonic forever. The tremors began more persistent, while his breathing was getting more ragged. Despite my trepidations, I was getting ready to do something when his arm began reaching out as if to touch me. Words began appearing on the video, saying to not touch the trance subject quite yet. I withdrew, while his search began more frantic and desperate. It was a series of wild grasps at thin air, while his vacant eyes never left the spiral as I leaned away from him in my chair. Eventually, the video said to put my hand on his face. I was a little nervous about it, but I cautiously let my hand graze his cheek like I had wanted to do since the moment I met him. His face initially seemed resistant to being touched, which made me worry that I crossed a boundary. However, his face soon leaned into my hand and he let out a heartful sigh, while his face looked as serene as if he had naturally fallen asleep on my hand. Eventually, the video had text that said that that my roommate’s trigger was “It’s bedtime.” Then, I heard a palpable snap through my friend’s earbuds, while his eyes began slowly and leisurely opening. I didn’t want to leave my hand holding his face, but I also didn’t want to suddenly jerk it away and let his head come crashing down suddenly. He eventually sat up, solving my hand dilemma before yawning and stretching. Soon after, he stood up and wiped his sleeves against his face to get rid of the drool on his face before turning back to me. With his characteristic grin, he looked at me expectantly and sleepily said “Hey bud! Do you think it worked?”

“It’s bedtime!” blurted my mouth, without a second thought. We made brief eye contact as I saw the light fade from his eyes and begin to glaze. This split second where our eyes met is something that I doubt I will forget for the rest of my life, while I can still vividly picture it when I close my eyes even know. However, this brief second, like all those before and after it, had to come to an end. It ended as I saw him become a blur as his knees quickly buckled and he tumbled onto the floor. He was a jumbled-up mess of limbs, while I quickly tried to wake him up. Eventually, I coaxed him out of trance by snapping near his face and my roommate woke to find himself looking up at me from the gound before saying with glee, “I guess that answers that question.”

I remember listening through the video much later on, curious about the contents. It was one that brought the listener into trance, bringing someone to the brink of pleasure that could only be released through releasing control to another. Honestly, I don’t know why I never questioned the experience, looking at the video much later. The only answer I can reach is that I never questioned anything he did back then, trusting his words as if they came from God itself. I tried looking for the video recently, but it seems to have been taken down. Sometimes, it feels like more of a dream than a reality. The rest of the semester he regularly asked me to put him into trance, while I stumbled through leaving coherent suggestions to help with his studies. By the night before his final, he was asking to be put into trance at least three separate times a day. Each time, he went deeper and deeper, while repeatedly commenting that he remembered nothing about the trance when he woke up. It is clear now that he was goading me, tempting me to fall from grace and abuse this opportunity. I’m not saying this for your pity or to prove my martyrdom, but just things I wish I had realized at the time. Through herculean effort, I did manage to stick to dutifully helping him with his studies and he triumphantly came back to say that he had aced his final. As thanks, he invited me over for the holidays at his parent’s apartment, which I gratefully accepted, glad for any opportunity to avoid going home. Little did I know, he was going to use this opportunity to ensure my downfall.

The holidays were amazing, arguably the best I’ve ever had. I don’t want to get into my childhood, but holidays were rarely full of mirth and cheer back home. His parents were amazing, his father a public intellectual and his mother a former Broadway actress. They welcomed me with open arms, while a smile always seemed so natural and carefree on their faces. Their domestic life resembled a picture on the tin of Christmas cookies, which were the sweetest thing about holidays back home. My roommate was noticeably different though. The thing that I noticed the most was that he got a lot more touchy. He would find any opportunity to put his arm around my shoulder or he would always sit right next to me on the couch, so that our knees would inevitably touch. It was infuriating, while I had to always think about Lindsey Graham to avoid an embarrassing situation. I just chalked it up to his friendliness, giving him the benefit of the doubt.

In the days leading up to Christmas, my friend went on the offensive, noticeably sighing and complaining about how he struggled to sleep at night. After repeated reminders by him, I offered to help put him into trance, so he could sleep better at night. His eyes brightened as if the idea never occurred to him, which led us to continue our trance-based interactions. My resolve was still strong though, so I never did anything besides help him relax. Eventually, he seemed to get increasingly frustrated, getting uncharacteristically irritated and snapped at me one day. He excused himself early, saying he was going to bed as I was watching It’s a Wonderful Life with his family. His parents just gave me a confused look, while I just shrugged back at them. After the movie, I went back to bed myself. He seemed to already be asleep, having stripped himself to his underwear and was lying on top of his covers. I slept in the spare bed in his room, which he apparently got from demanding an entire bed for his imaginary friend when he was younger. In some ways, I bet he was that same spoiled kid, powerful at persuasion from an early age and used to getting what he wanted. So, I tried going asleep myself when I heard this noise, which I eventually realized was my roommate jerking himself off. Additionally, he seemed unconcerned with being quiet, letting out little moans and grunts. I kept on sneaking looks at him, while periodically closing my eyes in case he caught me. It was so hot, while I quickly began getting aroused myself. Eventually it all got to be too much. I’m sad to say dear reader that I eventually began jerking myself off, while I soon was making some noises myself. We finished at the same time, all the while silently both ignoring and indulging in the fact that the other was awake and doing the same thing.

The next morning was Christmas Eve, while neither my roommate nor I brought up last night’s events. At first, it felt stiff between us, but we got swept up by the party his parents had set up for their friends in their apartment. It was extremely festive, while it was amazing to talk to their older gay friends. I didn’t have any older gay role models back home, while I blushed at being the center of attention for once. They problematically joked that if “only they were twenty years younger,” while one couple noticeably dropped the fact that they were in an open relationship and always left their apartment door unlocked. Honestly, it was not the greatest behavior, but I was young and hungry for validation by anyone. Meanwhile, my roommate had fallen back into a sullen stupor, getting noticeably drunk. Eventually, he made a big show of being tipsy in front of anyone, while I tried to salvage the party by apologizing to my gay elders and taking him back to the room to sober up. Back in his room, he seemed to be noticeably cheerier now that he had me to myself, plopping himself down onto the floor.

“Those guys were really hungry today for fresh meat, but I don’t think it was for some Christmas ham” he joked, while I was relieved to see he seemed like his normal self again.

“Yeah, I think one of them slipped me their number,” sitting down myself and pulling out a crumpled piece of holiday themed napkins from my pocket.

“It’s human nature. Some people see something they want and they’ll do whatever they want to get it” he said, while his voice was laced with something I couldn’t recognize.

“Yeah dude. I feel like you’ve never failed to get what you want. Some of those same gay friends that were talking to me, kept on taking secret glances at you as well. No one can say no to you,” I laughed forcefully as I tried to deescalate the situation.

“You’d be surprised” he said, looking me straight in the eye. I looked away first. “I think that’s the difference between you and me. If you’re not careful, then you might end up like one of my parent’s older single gay friends.” I bristled at his comment, while he continued by saying “you might be stuck, miserable and alone, desiring a straight boy like me that would never give you the time of day.” He spitted those last words out with surprising venom, picking at my wound that I had left fester for an entire semester.

“I think it’s bedtime now” I said forcefully, while his eyes changed into from one altered state to an entirely different one. I caught him as he was about to fall over, his face landing on my shoulder. “Can you hear me?”

“Yes” he said, his voice having lost its previous bite. I should have woken him up that instant, but instead I said “Good, I want you to go outside, apologize to your parents and say that we’re both going to bed early. Do you understand?”

“Yes” he repeated, pulling himself up and leaving the room. I could hear his voice, while he made his excuses to his parents. If I didn’t know better, then I wouldn’t have guessed for a second that he was under hypnosis. He really was a great actor. I realized that I had no clue what I was doing, while I was ready to forget this entire incident. The door opened, interrupting my inner monologue, while I saw his face change in real-time from being his regular self in front of his parents to the blank slate that was in front of me. Pain was still the main driving force of my actions though as I said, “I want you to turn off the lights, so they think we’ve gone to bed.”

He turned off the lights, leaving only the natural moonlight to illuminate his face. He looked just like when he first fell into trance for me, while in the darkness I was no different from that disembodied voice in the video. “How do you feel?”

“Relaxed” he said, his body softly swaying as if by an unperceivable breeze. For a second, I lost my mettle, seeing how at my mercy he was. Yet, I got so angry at myself, always holding back my yearning for the object of my affections. My roommate’s words about my fate, leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. “Do you remember what you did last night? I want you to go to bed just like that.”

“Okay” he said, before clumsily taking off his clothes. It was unclear if this was caused by the alcohol or the trance, but he eventually stripped to his underwear and tossed his clothes haphazardly onto the ground. Then, he plopped down onto his bed head-first, making an audible thump.

“I want you to lay completely still” I said in a hushed whisper, although the party was still loud enough for me to remain unnoticed even if I had yelled. I walked up to his bed, allowing myself to put my hands onto his body. Carefully, I let a lone finger graze the spine of his back, leading me to his rear. I treated it as if it were a sacred object, while his body in some ways had been imbued with religiosity by me on some level. I gave a cautious caress as if it would collapse into dust if handled improperly before gaining the courage to openly grope it. It was firm to the touch. “Turn around” I gasped, drawing back to allow himself to turn himself over. First, I let my hands explore every inch of his torso, leaving my hands on his chest and feeling him breath slowly in-and-out. Looking down, I could see that he was hard through his boxers, which was a surprise. Previously, I had only tranced him in the complete darkness of the room, so I would have never known that this was probably always the case. It awakened something in me, while I slowly pulled his boxers down. His cock came out to greet me, while I marveled at something I was too scared to look at just the night before. I grasped it, feeling it twitch and engorge further in my tight grip. Meanwhile, he had let out a slight moan. In all honesty, I had forgotten that this body had a face attached, maybe afraid that seeing his face would make me falter. I looked at it now, seeing his face free from worry. His eyes closed and his lips slightly open as if he was awaiting a prince to awake him from his slumber. It was clear that I would never be his knight in shining armor.

“In a moment, I want you to open your eyes. Everything will feel like a pleasant dream. It’s just like playing a role, feeling yourself become so sensitive and in tune with your body, playing off the energy of your your partner. Just listen and feel. Do you understand?

“Listen and feel” he murmured in response before I told him to open his eyes as I moved myself on-top of him and went for a kiss. He met my kisses with his own, letting himself be led and reacting to my ministrations. Despite being deep in trance, his charisma and natural confidence shown through. He somehow managed to seamlessly take off my clothes, never breaking up the rhythm and always letting it slowly build. He was not in control but knew how to be controlled. Somehow, he was intimately aware of each subtle way to touch and tease, getting a strong reaction out of me. It bothered me that it still felt like he had something over me, so I whispered in his ear “feel yourself losing control as each wave of pleasure only crescendos into the next, leaving you not a second of relief.” I wanted more of him, while he finally let me take him completely. He grew less graceful, his moans more pressing and his movements more desperate. This still was not enough for me as I slowly moved myself down his body. I had played with his cock as we had made out, but now I took it slowly into my mouth. He looked down upon me with hazy eyes of pleasure as this time he was the one that broke eye contact as he closed his eyes and succumbed to the pleasure. One free hand was covering his mouth, while the other held my hair for dear life. For the first time, I felt like the one in complete control as I brought him to erotic completion.

I woke up the next morning, completely embarrassed. After he came, I had hastily tried to clean everything up, both his body and mind. Despite my anxieties, he seemed none of the wiser. In fact, he was in an extremely good mood, pulling a full charm offensive on me for ruining the festive mood the night before. It was just like old times, while I promised myself that last night was a mistake and that our friendship was more important to me.

It was New Year’s Eve. We were at some big holiday bash held somewhere in the apartment building, while I had let myself get a little too drunk on champagne. For once, he was the sober one, while he let me lean heavily on him with my arms around his shoulder. He made a joke that “it was almost midnight and he needed to find a cute girl to kiss.” In response, I said “It’s bedtime” brazenly in front of an entire crowd before whispering in his ear to take me to a secluded place. I guided him to the gay couple’s apartment with the open relationship and unlocked doors since they were both busy making out with another man at the party. Their apartment was unlocked, while we stumbled into the doorway of the apartment. There was no light to guide us, but I was too impatient to wait any further. As I heard people outside count down, I said “I want you to kiss me like you love me to welcome in the New Year” and he did as fireworks could be heard in the background.

A couple weeks later, we had moved back into our college dorm. “I’m worried about my skin. It’s been breaking out recently” my roommate said in our door room, worried about a big audition for an Off-Broadway play he was auditioning for. He was up for the lead, which could really make his career. “Yeah, I think I have just the evening routine for you. It’s bedtime” Fifteen minutes later, he was on his knees in front me, completely naked. His eyes never leaving mine, his mouth curled in an O around my cock. Eventually, he let up, making a definite plop sound before letting me cum all over all over his face.

“I really couldn’t do this without you” he said at a night-club after we successfully finished out first year of college together and he just landed the lead for the play. Throughout the quarter, I had slowly grown more confident. There was rarely a night that went by, in which I didn’t have him under trance serving me in some capacity. I rationalized my behavior by also making sure that I helped him with his career and schoolwork. Honestly, it was surprising how my roommate seemed unaware of huge chunks of time being completely gone from his memory or that he always slept so early. “You guys make a great couple” said a drunk stranger, intervening in our intimate conversation. Instinctually, I replied “please, I could never see me dating him.” Later that night, I saw him kissing his ex-girlfriend passionately, although he hadn’t pursued anyone at all during second semester. I would be lying if I said it didn’t hurt, but I knew that I at least had him to myself for the rest of college.

Later that week, he nonchalantly said he was going to drop out college, feeling like that it wasn’t the right fit for him given his future opportunities. This was despite us talking about looking for apartments the day before. For the first time in our relationship, neither of us could look at the other. It was the first night in a long time, in which we both went to bed in silence.

We texted a bit over the summer, but we fell out of touch. I was stuck going back to my small town, while he was busy premiering on Broadway. As the new school year started, I noticed how much time I had spent with him alone, realizing that I had failed to make any meaningful friends during freshman year. During this interlude, I also found this exact website, eventually meeting a fellow gay student on campus and hypnotizing him during sex. He introduced me to being called Master and I admit that I really enjoyed it. At the grocery store, I saw my roommate romantically attached on with some famous person’s daughter on some trashy tabloid.

“I think we should break up. I feel like there isn’t room for me here with you” my boyfriend said at the end of sophomore year, while I thought ironically that May might just not be my month. I got wasted that night, leaving an embarrassing phone message for my old roommate. Some things change, but bad habits die hard. I woke up hungover to find that he had responded to my call, asking to catch up and meet. I thought to myself what was the worst that can happen, while I convinced myself that I had totally gotten over my schoolyard crush on him. When I meet him, I realize that he hadn’t changed a bit, still just as good looking and we talked for hours as if nothing changed. I didn’t ask about his love life, while he didn’t ask me about mine. Instead, he talks about a new role he landed, playing a trailblazing gay character that would make him an A-list movie star. For old times sake, he asked for some help, while I said would be happy to oblige.

“It’s bedtime” I say, watching his eyes flutter a little bit before seeing that familiar vacant look. It might have been a year, but he fell just as easily into trance as if nothing had changed. “I want you to imagine yourself as two different people. During most of your life, there’s the normal you that goes through the day-to-day life. However, there’s a second you that pops out when he’s needed. His name is Elio and he’s just about to turn eighteen, while he’s about to meet…”

It’s the end of summer. I landed an internship, so thankfully I got to stay in New York. I get a text from my old roommate who has just finished wrapping up filming in Italy. He sends me a text, texting a pic of the sunset from his hotel room.

Him: You like the view?

Me: I’m jealous, but I’m glad you’re coming back to New York soon.

Him: Me too. I’m going to bed soon, early flight tomorrow.

Me: Yeah, I know its bedtime for you, showtime for Elio.

The last message was a voice message, which I saw that he opened. Then, I quickly got sent another photo as well. It was picture taken in the same hotel room, but this time his view was his naked backside. Then, I accepted a call, while I heard an almost breathless voice saying, “You like the view Master,” while his moans eventually echoed from my phone.

Please don’t be mad at me reader. Initially, I told myself that I just wanted to make sure his depiction was authentic and faithful, a good representation of our community. It had been over a year since he had been with a guy, while I believed that I had to teach him everything again. The Master thing was not in the script, but I deserved to give myself an innocent treat for all my hard-work and dedication. You can’t argue with results though. I credit myself and our late-night calls for that one scene involving fruit. His performance was critically lauded and snatched him a major acting awards nomination. Admittedly, I had no justification for what came next.

Something had changed inside me, while I had thrown caution to the mind that summer. Maybe, it was because he was thousands of miles away, so it all felt less real. I wouldn’t just hypnotize him at night, but during the day. It started off small, a hypnotized selfie of himself here or there. Then, it was just a dick pic or two. Eventually, I would have him record videos of himself jacking off in his trailer, knowing that one of filming crew could walk in at any moment. I didn’t just stop with creating one persona, but I created several within him. He wasn’t just my secret gay boytoy, but he was also my sex-robot or college jock. I even relived lost opportunities of the past, from the Blue Power Ranger to college hypnotist show. This all happened during that one summer in Italy. My hunger was never satisfied, while the further I went the less it sated me. I began consumed with monopolizing his physical body, making plans for when he finally came back. Honestly, I was probably trying to squeeze every possible second I had with him, worried it wouldn’t last for long.

It was entire goddamn week before he was available to hangout when he came back from New York. I bided my time though, letting my desire fester. Eventually, he came by, while we ordered in pizza and drank a couple beers.

“What do you want to do?” he asked, while I revealed a flash drive that I had kept in my pocket.

“Since you’re going to be a movie star, I thought it was high-time that I experienced the cutting edge of cinema. I got this bootleg of an indie film that hasn’t been released before.” He groaned in response at the mention of indie film, but didn’t protest further. I turned off the lights, while set my television up before clicking play.

The screen showed a black and white spiral, the exact same one from that video we watched years ago. It had taken hours, but I had finally found enough to trigger his memory.

“What’s going on?” he said faintly, his subconscious already leading him into trance as I shushed him.

“Do you remember this spiral? It’s been a while, but I’m sure it still feels familiar.”

“Yeah, it was a black and white spiral.”

“It wasn’t just any black and white spiral, but a special one. It kept on spinning and spinning…drawing you into the center…making you feel so tired and relaxed.”


“Yes, relaxed. There wasn’t just a spiral though was there?” My roommate scrunched his forehead as if trying to remember what else there was, eventually cautiously saying “there…was a voice.”

“Good boy, there was a voice just like mine, telling you to take in deep breaths in…and…out,” hearing my subject exhale. “Each breath letting a wave of relaxation flow over your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. It told you were that you were so relaxed that your eyes begun feeling heavy, so heavy that they felt hard to keep up didn’t they,” while he only nodded in response. I took a glance of his eyes, seeing that they had that familiar glaze.

“Now, you’re going to try your hardest to keep them open, but when I count from 10 to 0 you are going to feel your eyes shut and fall deep intro trance. Do you understand?”

“Yes” he said. I started counting down from ten. I know that he didn’t need to be entranced again, while I could have just used my trigger-word on him. Yet, there was something so hot about entrancing him again, reliving that moment that begun this all.

“And 0. It’s bedtime” I replied, feeling my friend’s body go limp beside me. “How do you feel?”

“Real good” he responded with a touch of a smile on his face.

“Do you remember what the voice said after?”

“He said that I needed to listen and obey” he said, his monotone voice going up an octave as I groped his dick as he was responding to me.

“Is that all he said?” I replied, knowing from countless trances that his skill as an actor meant that he could work himself deeper into trance better than anything I could do.

“The voice said that my body would start to feel increasingly hotter as if his words were embers, igniting the flames of pleasure within me. Then, it said that the fire started in the center of my chest before spreading like wildfire across my whole body through my nerves. As it spread down my limbs, leaving my entire body incredibly sensitive. The voice kept on talking about this concept of heat, letting my body…succumb to the heat. My throat getting dry, almost panting…and…squirming. Being…oh fuck…in heat. I had to…obey, needed to…obey. Please…touch…me…I’ll…fucking…do…anything."

“Kiss me” I said, tired of this foreplay. Despite being kissed by him dozens of times before, this time felt much different. There was a renewed urgency, which took me by surprise. We kept on clashing with one another, only breathing for air to take off each other’s clothes. I rifled my hands through his hair, which I had only seen in pictures and videos for months. Somehow, it felt just like how I remembered, velvety smooth. Meanwhile, he moved his own hand down by body as he gripped my cock and began jacking me off. It had only been three months, but any onlooker would have assumed that my very life depended on me having his body all over mine. His mouth soon left mine, despite me desperately yearning for him to return. He began kissing his way down to my body, getting ready to suck me off like we usually did. Yet, there was nothing usual about me today.

“Get on your knees” I gasped, breaking from the one rule I had. We never did anal. It’s the one thing that he might notice. Something he could not reasonably explain away the next day. Yet, I just couldn’t help myself this time. I don’t know if it was hypnotizing him the same way as when were college freshman, being apart for so long, or experiencing the biggest hard-on I’ve ever had. It was probably a combination of those reasons. For some reason, he paused almost as if he was caught off-guard by what I had said, so I took the matter in my own hands and turned his body around myself. He was all splayed out on the couch, ready to be taken. I grabbed him by the hair and causing him to yell, saying the words “I know what you want don’t I.”

“Yes” he whimpered, while I slowly was rubbing my cock against his ass. “Yeah, I know how badly you want me to ravage your virgin ass” as I began slowly pressing it in. His arm had been ended up grasping my back, while his nails were clawing into it.

“Shhh, it’s bedtime” I said, trying to get him to loosen up his body and mind. “You’re not going to feel any pain, instead feeling the most pleasure you have ever have in your life.” He seemed to take the suggestions to heart, but I wanted to recant being such a mean and inconsiderate fuck. I just let my cock tease the entrance of his asshole, trying to take it a little bit slower. The suggestions must have been working overtime, because this was enough to leave him more worked up than ever before.

“Please fuck me” he pleaded, while I took the opportunity to finally thrust inwards. It seemed to send shockwaves down his body, while he let out a loud yell. I began slowly fucking him as gently as possible, but it was clear that it was still irrevocably impacting him. His body getting red as if he was overheating. “Fuck, please don’t stop!” he said, leaning his ass back into my cock.

I had always imagined our first time as slow, but it was clear that he wanted to be taken like a bitch in heat. I grabbed him forcefully by the hair with one hand, while placed my other had at his waist so I could force his ass back onto my cock.

“Yeah just fucking take me” he said grinning with his eyes closed as he quickened his own thrusts back onto me. Of course, I obliged. “Yeah, it feels so fucking good. Fuck, I’m so close. Fuck, Fuck, Fuuuucccccckkkkk” he screamed, while we were both about to climax.

As we came together reaching our moment of shared ecstasy, he made the mistake of saying my name. In years of hypnosis, he never said my name. You ever orgasm, while also being hit with a sudden anxiety attack. He must have felt the same way, because for the first time ever he actually woke up from trance. His eyes were no longer vacant, but showed an unsureness that I had never seen before.

“How long have you’ve known?” I shouted, throwing his body off on mine, pulling the covers over my naked body.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” he responded unconvincingly.

“Am I just a joke to you? Some innocent cosmopolitan experimentation to talk about in whispered tones to late night talk show hosts.” I taunted him.

“No, I swear it wasn’t. I can explain”

“Then explain.”


“Please what?

“Just put me under again” he begged, while he had begun to physically shake. It all finally clicked. It wasn’t a question of when he knew, because he had always known. He had been egging me on since the very beginning. Those weird tug-of-wars, full of taunts and jealousy in college. The way he never commented at all about lost time, while always had free time for me. I thought I was the one in control this entire time, but I was still just under his thumb since the moment I laid eyes on him.

“I think you should leave” I said as my voice cracked, while I could not see him go through my angry, hot tears. The one sense of mine that worked fine was my hearing, while I heard him sob as he picked up his clothes and left. Once I heard the door slam, I let down my guard and bawled my eyes out. I spent an entire week in that state, barely leaving my bed. I waited for a call or even a text, but none came. The only call that did come was from my supervisor, saying that I had to come in for work or be terminated. I had to pick up the pieces and go to work, but I at least I knew I was good at lying to myself and suppressing my emotions.

Time flew by in a blur, while fall turned into spring. The worst part was that I couldn’t escape him, while all my friends were talking about how he was one of the youngest to ever be nominated for his role. I hate-watched his interviews, seeing the way he could instantly win over a crowd through natural charisma. It hurt so much to see how fine he was. Drowning in self-pity, I subjected myself to finally watching it the night of the award show. I didn’t make it past the first twenty minutes. It wasn’t that I was sad seeing him in love with another man on screen, because it’s not like we ever had a functioning relationship. It was an early scene between the actress that played his mother and him.

“Is it Better to Speak or Die?” she read.

“I’ll never have the courage to ask a question like that.” he replied, while for an instant it was clear to me, he wasn’t acting. He was a great actor, but I recognized the little idiosyncrasies that told me that it was my roommate instead of a character. Maybe, it was the first time I ever saw him for himself. I thought he had everything he could possibly want, but he was just playing a role. Underneath that illusion, he was just as self-conscious and damaged as I was. I’m still not sure who took advantage of who or who let the other on. I always thought that I was regaining control over his power over me, but I’m not sure if either of us were in control anymore. I feel like I don’t know him, but I don’t think he even knows himself anymore. I know that he loves me, but I don’t know if that’s enough. I left him a message again, desperate that the truth come out at least once.

The next morning I heard a knock on the door. I open the door to see him standing before, frazzled and out of breath. He had clearly come straight out from the airport, baggage in tow. Before words can leave my mouth, he presses his onto mine. It’s the first time where we kiss with the lights on, no longer hidden in the shadows. He breaks the kiss first, putting his hands around my face and saying “I love you.”

We meet each other in the eye, while I take in what I see in his. “We have a lot to unpack, but you must be exhausted from your flight. I think it’s bedtime for the two of us.”

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