Big Bro and Lil Bro

By Unruly Dogboy
published April 10, 2021
3255 words

After a visit to a strange tattoo shop, Sean starts making changes to his life and the lives of those around him.

This story is based on a collaboration with Dapper Horus ( couldn’t ask for a better lil’Bro )

Sean stood outside the tattoo parlor.

“Why am I here?”

At work, earlier in the day, Sean met the owner of the tattoo shop. The man had come to buy a used car, and Sean’s boss instructed him to sell the tattoo artist one of the overpriced pieces of crap on the lot. When Sean ran a credit check, he realized that the tattoo artist was struggling financially.

“Fuck. Cliche struggling artist.”

Sean spoke to this boss about offering the man a deal, but his boss was not interested.

“Upsell him, or I’ll have you working mornings for the next month. Good luck earning a commission at 8 am.”

Sean took the artist on a test drive.

“Look, this car is overpriced, and in about 10,000 miles, the engine is going to drop out. There is nothing good on our lot in your price range.”

Sean took out a business card and wrote a phone number on the back.

“This is the number of a buddy of mine; he is looking to sell his car for $4000. If you offer $3500, he’ll take it. The car is small and has cosmic damage, but with routine maintenance, it will get you where you need to go for another 80k to 100k miles easily.”

The man looked at Sean.

“Won’t you get in trouble with your boss?”

Sean shrugged.

“This job can eat your soul; you have to be the good guy once in a while.”

They drove back to the used car lot and parked. The man leaned over and kissed Sean on the lips. The man tasted wonderful, and something about it was familiar. The man broke off the kiss and leaned back. Sean stammered as he spoke.

“I’m sorry. I’m not. There is nothing wrong with being. But I’m not.”

The man placed his hand over Sean’s heart, and Sean couldn’t speak.

“Life is full of possibilities. Here is my card.”

The man handed Sean back the card Sean had given him earlier, only now it appeared utterly different. It was a black business card for Shai Tattoos.

“Come by after work so that I may repay your kindness.”

He left, and Sean sat in the car for a while, trying to wrap his mind around what just happened. When he returned to his office, his boss chewed him out.

“What do you mean he didn’t buy a car? We had him hooked before the test drive. The only reason you work here is that housewives and faggots get horny and stupid when they see you parading around in your skinny jeans. Upsell, or you are out of a job. Go home; someone who understands that this is a business will get your commissions today.”

Now Sean stood in front of Shai Tattoos. The door opened, and the owner escorted Sean inside and over to a tattooing station. There were no employees and no other patrons. Drawings and photos of tattoos covered the walls of the shop. Many were quite strange. A common theme was snakes, specifically cobras.

The owner pulled off Sean’s shirt and sat him in a chair. Once again, he placed his hand over Sean’s heart.

“I am Shai, and this is my shop.”

Shai pulled off his t-shirt, exposing his chest. Sean’s eyes were immediately drawn to the large tattoo of a cobra. Shari traced a finger down’s Sean’s chest.

“You seemed stressed. A lot of my clients find it relaxes them to talk to me. Why don’t you tell me your troubles. Perhaps I can help.”

Sean wanted to tell Shari that he wasn’t gay, that he didn’t want a tattoo, and he just needed to go home; instead, Shari picked up a tattoo gun, and Sean poured out his troubles.

Sean had just graduated high school when his mother died of cancer, and one month later, his father committed suicide. With no other living relatives, Sean took over as guardian of his eleven-year-old brother Emmett. Their father’s best friend Carl had promised to help out, but the guy was a deadbeat, and his help never amounted to squat. Sean got a day job selling used cars, and evenings he worked for a friend’s moving company. At the used car lot, Sean’s boss treated him like shit and regularly referred to Sean as his ’lil bitch. Life sucked, but Sean held things together for ten years and did his best to give Emmett a good childhood.

It had always been challenging, but lately, it felt like everything was going to shit. Their landlord, Brad, who was actually a nice guy, had to raise their rent (which they already couldn’t afford), Emmett’s tuition (even with massive student loans) was more than they could pay, and last night brilliant Emmett told Sean that he might drop out because “he didn’t see the point of it.”

Sean woke as Shai finished placing a bandage over the tattoo.

“I can’t believe I fell asleep; how long?”

“It is time for you to go home.”

“How much do I owe you.”

“All payments will be decided upon completion of the transaction.”

Sean was confused. Once again, Shai kissed Sean, but this time on the forehead. Sean turned to leave, but Shai called after him.

“Some unsolicited advice, my friend. Tell people what you want from them and be very specific; life is full of possibilities. Also, don’t let anyone touch the tattoo until it’s dry.”


Sean started to pull back the bandage, but Shai gently moved his hand away.

“It needs time to find its form. Let it dry.”

When Sean arrived home, the apartment was a mess, and he heard Emmett playing computer games in his room.

“After a long week of work, I don’t even get to enjoy some quiet time at home.”

Sean usually bottled up his frustration, but today everything seemed to bubble over. What exactly did Emmett do all afternoon while he was at work? Things needed to change.

Emmett was sitting in front of his computer playing some multiplay game when Sean barged in. He switched off the computer. Emmett jumped up.

“What the fuck bro, I was in the middle of a match. Why are you even home? Don’t you work till eight on Fridays?”

“Yeah. I usually work till eight. I prostitute myself all day for a boss that treats me like shit so that you can have a place to live.”

Sean stood in from of Emmett and poked him with his finger.

“So you can go to college.”

Emmett had never seen Sean act this way.

“So you can do, god knows what, all day.”

Emmett wondered what was wrong with his brother. He tried to diffuse the situation, but then his troubles poured out.

“Bro big, I was working on a project for school most of the day; I was taking a short break. You have no idea the stress I’m under. Your expectations are crushing. I wish I didn’t have to go to school. You talk about how you’ve sacrificed these past ten years; well, I’m sacrificing the rest of my life to try to repay you. I wish it were easier, that I didn’t have to think and study and be good all the time.”

Sean barely heard what his brother said; he saw strange images of what Sean did today in his mind.

“You weren’t working on a project; you were talking online with your professor.”

“What? No, I didn’t talk to any…”

He didn’t talk with any professors today, but suddenly he remembered that he did.

“I…I…I guess I did.”

More visions flashed in Sean’s brain, his brother parading around in skinny jeans in his professor’s office, seducing him, taking photos.

“To get a better grade, you sent him pictures of you fingering your ass.”

“No, I would never. I swear I didn’t send.”

New memories surfaced.

“I mean, I didn’t want you to find out. I needed a better grade, and he was always smiling at me in class. Nothing happened, just some flirting and a few pictures.”

“And the blow job.”

Emmett stared at his brother; he couldn’t believe his Big Bro thought he would blow his professor. Pictures were one thing, but blowing a guy? But Sean was right, the pictures hadn’t been enough, and the professor had threatened to fail him. He had no choice but to blow him.

“What is happening Big Bro? I would never suck my professor’s cock.”

Sean moved closer, and Emmett noticed a strange glow from under Sean’s t-shirt.

“But you did suck his cock, and his wasn’t the only one.”

“No, stop! Something is wrong. Big Bro, please stop saying these things. They aren’t true; you know they cannot be true.”

More visions. Sean backed Emmett into the wall.

“Brad was here today.”

Emmett tried to clear his head and put some distance between himself and his brother, but Sean did not give any ground.

“Brad? Our landlord? Why would he be…”

“I told you to stay away from that drug dealing bastard.”

Emmett almost passed out as his entire world shifted. He had never done drugs, yet he had two years of memories of spending time with Brad, the local drug dealer, experimenting with harder and harder drugs.

Sean grabbed Emmett’s arm and rolled up his sleeve, exposing the track marks.

“Are the drug worth what they are doing to your body?”

Emmett wailed, and he felt himself grow thinner and more sickly. He hated how the drugs made him look, but all the stress of his life faded away when he was high. All the pressure he felt to be successful and repay Sean for all his years of sacrifice.

“Are the drugs worth blowing Brad’s cock?”

At first, Emmett hated sucking Brad’s big black cock, but now he didn’t enjoy shooting up unless he was also swallowing Brad’s thick load.

Sean’s eyes were dilated, and out of focus, Emmett grabbed Sean by the shoulders and shook him. He needed to stop this before it went any further.

“Big Bro, Sean, listen. None of this can be real. Sean, this is me, your Lil Bro, Emmett. You know I’d never…”

Sean wrapped his hands around Emmett’s neck and held him against the wall.

"I trusted you. I went off to work to provide for you while you happily let Brad turn you into his lil’ bitch. "


But the memories were there. One year after Emmett started using drugs, he couldn’t afford to pay Brad with money.

“You let Brad trick you out.”

Emmet started crying.

“It’s not true.”

“You’ve become a naughty, eager, dirty slut that gives it up to anyone man enough to press you up against a wall.”

“Sean, no!”

The one part of Emmett’s mind knew this wasn’t true, but another part was turned on by his big bro, holding him against the wall. Emmett moaned and involuntarily groped his crotch.

“Even now, your little penis is hard thinking about a cock in your mouth.”

Emmett looked down and saw that Sean was right. His cock was hard and also small. Smaller than normal.

“And fucking your well-used hole.”

Sean pulled off his shirt and dropped his pants; Emmett noticed the bandage over Sean’s heart; a strange glow emanated from beneath it. Sean spun Emmett around to face the wall and slid his cock along Emmett’s ass crack.

“For ten years, I took care of you, gave you everything you needed, it’s time you start paying me back; time you take care of what I need. Why should I work so hard when we can make good money whoring out your thick ass?”

Emmett’s ass got larger as he pressed back against Sean’s cock.

“Please, Big Bro.”

Sean fingered Emmett’s hole.

“No more Brad, from now on I’m your… What is this? What the fuck? There is already a load in your ass.”

Sean stepped back. Emmett spun around to face him and place his hand on the bandage.

“Why do you have a bandage?”

“Don’t change the subject. Whose jizz is up your pussy?”

Emmett slipped his finger under the bandage. When he pulled back, the tip of his finger was black.

“It’s Carl, isn’t it? Carl fucked your hungry slut ass.”

Emmett tried to focus on the black stain on his finger; he knew it was important, but his little cock started leaking as he thought about getting fucked by their father’s friend Carl.

“Are you so desperate for a father figure that you let that filthy meth head use you as his cum rag?”


Emmett thought about Carl replacing the father he lost and what it might mean to be with him.

“Carl cares about me; he takes care of me like you never could; he’s my daddy.”

The black on Emmett’s fingertip flowed up his arm and across his chest until it stopped above his heart; it gave off a faint glow.

Sean was confused; Carl took care of Emmett? That couldn’t be right; Carl never helped anyone but himself. Yet suddenly, Sean had memories of Carl stepping up and taking Emmett under his wing.

Sean’s head began to clear.

“What have I been doing? Emmett, I think something is wrong.”

“Wrong? Carl was right about you. He said you’d say it was wrong. He said you wanted my ass for yourself.”

“No, Emmett, I’m not…”

Sean fondled Emmett’s ass. Ever since Emmett graduated high school, Sean had been infatuated with Emmett’s ass and had been jealous of anyone else that got close to his lil bro. Emmett’s eyes were dilated, and he didn’t seem to hear Sean.

“But I don’t care how big your cock is or…”

Sean’s cock grew.

“Or how handsome you are.”

Sean suddenly looked like a model.

“Or how amazing it feels as you fuck me.”

Sean thrust his cock into Emmett’s ass and fucked him as he carried him to the bed they shared.

“Lil’Bro, your fat twink ass feels so good around my cock.”

“Big Bro, your jock cock fills me up.”

“Lil’Bro, the men must line up around the corner for a shot at your ass.”

“Big Bro, you are such a stud; I bet you’ve fucked half the guys in this town.”

The two brothers fucked for nearly two hours until Emmett commented on Sean’s huge loads, at which point Sean added his load to daddy Carl’s. They cleaned up in the showers, Sean’s bandage had fallen off, and the ink over his heart kept changing shape. As Sean dried Emmett’s back, Emmett mused,

“I wish Daddy Carl was here.”

Sean was shocked.

“Fuck him. Why can’t I be your daddy?”

Emmett laughed,

“Big Bro, you can’t be my daddy. We’re practically the same age?”

“Same age? I’m almost.”

Years melted away from Big Bro Sean. He was stunned when he recalled.

“I’m twenty-one.”

The doorbell rang.

Emmett started to run toward the door.


Sean stopped Emmett

“I’ll get the door. That smelly methhead is not your…”

Sean opened the door; Carl was standing in the door frame with his arms above his head.

“No, Sean, he isn’t MY daddy; he’s OUR daddy. Our big handsome sexy daddy.”

Carl wrapped his muscular arms around Sean and pulled him into a bear hug. Sean buried his nose in Carl’s armpit and felt his knees go weak as he inhaled.

“Mmmm, daddy.”

Naked, Emmett jumped on his daddy’s back and wrapped his legs around him.

“My sexy twins. How did I get so lucky to have two such cute boys? I miss your father every day, but I am so grateful to share my life with my good boys.”

The track marks on Emmett’s arms vanished. Emmett loved his life with Daddy Carl. His twin brother Sean was a few minutes older than him, so he jokingly called him Big Bro, but the description fit. Sean was a stunningly handsome, big-dicked, college jock who had probably fucked half the guys on campus. Lil Bro Emmett might have been jealous, except he hated studying; after high school, he became and stripper and an escort. His clients loved his fit, twink body, and his fat ass. Sometimes he even remembered to charge them.

Landlord Brad stopped in his track as he witnessed Carl wrapped up in his two naked boys.

“Wow, you guys are a really close family.”

Carl’s eyes seemed to glaze over as he looked at Brad.

“Are you just about done with the apartment, honey? I have dinner ready back home, and after dinner, I thought my stud real estate mogul husband and my two sexy boys could join me for some adult playtime.”

Brad’s soft body tightened into a fit, confident, successful black man. He kissed his husband Carl while squeezing Sean’s ass.

They all looked into the empty, newly painted apartment. The paint seemed to have just finished drying.

“Yes, we are done for today. The boys were a big help. I had them shower; they were filthy after all the work we did.” Brad wink at Sean and Sean turned red as he recalled how he and Emmett spent the day “working” with Daddy Brad. Daddy Brad was the only man Sean let fuck him. Sean traced a finger over his tattoo of his family as he often did when he thought about how great his life was.

Shai was closing up the shop and preparing to move to another town when the three ladies approached. The oldest appearing of the three spoke.

“You know that is not how we do things.”

Shai didn’t respond. He locked the door.

“You cannot give them all happy endings.”

Shai spun on them.

“You had cut him a cruel destiny. Perhaps if you paid more attention to the threads and less to the weave, I would not have needed to step in. Besides, as someone recently reminded me, ‘This job can eat your soul; you have to be the good guy once in a while.’”

The youngest sister ran forward, intending to strike Shai. A large cobra shot out from Shai’s chest and bite the woman on the arm. In rapid succession, her arm swelled, turned purple, and fell off. She stumbled to the ground.

Shai stood over her.

“Perhaps recent events have clouded your judgment, good ladies. Let this be a lesson. I can be THE good guy, but I am not A good guy. Not everyone gets a happy ending.”

The cobra reared back. The sisters vanished, and black ink shifted along Shai’s arm. He cocked his head, smiled, and spoke.

“I believe the mistress of a used car lot owner wants a tramp stamp. Life is full of possibilities.”

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