The Reindeer Clause: Part 7

By Nocturne13
published March 13, 2021
7072 words

Gary begins to unravel the mystery of the reindeer, and continues to deal with the consequences of his fantasy experience with Comet.

January 3: The Tenth Day of Christmas

The Feast of the Holy Name

Gary woke up facing his side of the bed. Comet was spooning him from behind as usual, but also gently caressing his chest and tummy with his left hand. Comet’s warm embrace supplied all the heat the bed needed, and Gary felt his strong, manly, touch across his chest and belly to be both erotic and comforting. “Mmm, that feels so nice,” Gary nearly purred. Comet draped his elbow over Gary’s torso and gave him a firm squeeze, then brought his hand to rest on the side of Gary’s hip.

“How are you feeling?” he asked gently. Gary was confused for a second, until he remembered the previous day’s revelations. He sighed wearily, the fun of the cuddle greatly diminished.

“Oh. I’m fine. Not great, but ok. I got a good cry in, resting my head on your shoulder. Well, once we sat down and you pulled me onto your lap so I got to cry on your shoulder instead of in its general vicinity, I did.” Gary chuckled lightly. “I feel more relieved than anything at the truth coming out. So many little things that didn’t make sense before now add up now. And I’m pretty pissed at Benjamin still. Thank goodness you were here, though. I think I’d have been devastated if you weren’t.”

“That’s good. I was worried.” Comet rested his head against Gary’s from behind, and pressed the length of his body firmly against Gary’s for a few moments. “I’m going to shovel snow. I didn’t want you waking alone,” Comet explained.

“I don’t like waking up alone,” Gary admitted.

Comet thought about it a minute before replying. “I don’t either.” He tightened his grip on Gary’s chest and Gary had to wonder if Comet was hugging him or clinging to him. “I … the other day. Scared for a moment. Note helpful,” he managed to say haltingly. Gary frowned at the obvious struggle Comet was having expressing these feelings. Sometimes, Comet could get his point across pretty easily; but sometimes, it was so difficult for him it almost broke Gary’s heart. Just now, Gary was guessing there was a depth to Comet’s feelings he couldn’t possibly express, perhaps a desire to share his trauma that he couldn’t put into words. That made Gary feel both protective of Comet, and cheated out of the emotional honesty.

Gary forced a smile on and began to roll over to face Comet. Comet released his grip and leaned back. When Gary finished turning over, he discovered his boyfriend was propped up on his right elbow, his flexed bicep and all the muscles of his chest and torso on full display. “You are magnificent,” Gary blurted breathlessly. He shook his head to focus. “Sorry. What I meant to say is you’re incredibly thoughtful. Everything has been so wonderful that when I wake up and you’re not here, I panic and think this is all a dream. So maybe you feel like that too? Waking me gently before you shoveled … I really appreciate it.” Comet answered him by leaning forward and planting a quick peck on his forehead.

“I’m very horny,” Comet said bluntly. “Cooling off shoveling. You waking alone? No.”

Gary really struggled for a moment. He wanted to be chastely affectionate in return, and focus on Comet’s emotional needs; but Comet was lounging there like a buffet of muscles and Gary realized he was also very, very horny. So horny that the trauma of his best friend’s betrayal was like a crumpled up scrap of paper carelessly tossed over his shoulder and into the trash. Comet’s muscles were right there, flexed and bulging and … actually it had been several seconds already and Comet was grinning at him with a corner of his lip bit sexily. Gary flushed.

“Dammit, it’s not fair. Sometimes I get thrown for a loop by how beautiful a man you are,” he whined. Comet’s grin broadened and he chuckled, and with his free hand pulled Gary’s hand over to feel his bicep.

“Sorry. It’s part of my nature,” Comet said. “When I feel too strongly. Fear. Anger. Horny.” Gary gave in and caressed the bulge of Comet’s bicep, feeling the heat of the rock-hard arm muscle which was propping him up. The blood pumping within, the radiating warmth, the strength, the solidity, the shape of it: it all made him feel a rush of excitement that went to the core of him and took his breath away, and Comet was enjoying his reaction as well.

“Wait, what did you say?” Gary said suddenly snapping out of his fixation and regaining his focus. “OH, I know. You’re talking about how when I first met you in the hospital, an entire room of medical professionals were almost entranced with lust. That sort of faded once we got in the car and drove away. Sometimes, you have a sort of air around you that makes it impossible to not notice you, that makes it hard to deny attraction to you. Yeah, I figured out a while ago you have that quirk. Sometimes it still triggers during sex, but it just intensifies my attraction a little. But… I’m actually not talking about that. After being without companionship for a while, there’s so much to you to like it’s hard to balance it all. I rolled over to say how sweet you are and frankly your muscles just distracted me!”

Comet grinned and chuckled. “I like you enjoy me. I enjoy you too,” he said and reached over and ran a finger across Gary’s lips and lazily brushed it back and forth across Gary’s chin and then under the chin to one of Gary’s slightly ticklish spots. Gary felt electrified by the mere touch of that one finger and grinned like an idiot.

“I do feel like my body is just raging for action all the time now. I’m not sure how much of it is relief to not be alone, how much is you being so wonderful, how much it’s your looks turning me on, how much the Reindeer Milk is kicking my metabolism into high gear, and how much is just from stress relief.” Comet nodded.

“I’m not sure,” Comet replied. “I’m not trying to tease you,” he said. “I’m trying to be careful. Gareth. I really like you a lot. It’s hard,” he said, very intensely.

Gary pushed back his covers and started sitting up against the headboard so he was looking down at Comet lounging on his side. He sighed; feeling the cool bedroom air against his face just made him realize how flushed he’d become in just minutes.

“Comet. I seriously want you to know that I think your heart is your best attribute,” Gary said. “Even if you were an ordinary looking guy I’d think you were so sweet. All the size and the power and the muscles, it honestly turns me on so much more than I ever thought it would. You’re so handsome! And built like a classical statue! And your abs are like jumbo ravioli, each one a beautiful tasty pillow of muscle! And despite all the muscle you’re not absurdly shredded, so your body feels soft and warm. But just having you to snuggle with at night would be enough.”

Comet looked a little misty-eyed. “Awww. Thank you. I like your tummy, it’s cute,” he answered, poking a finger into Gary’s very slight waistline pudge. Gary was actually quite unhappy he’d gained a few pounds during the pandemic but if Comet thought it was cute, maybe it wasn’t so bad. Gary still made a face.

“Now I don’t want to shovel,” Comet said with a wry expression. He looked up at the ceiling and took several deep breaths. He was obviously not a bit less horny than he had been five minutes earlier. “Should we shower?” he asked.

“Actually, maybe not,” Gary said. “Last night when I was talking to you while you were standing in front of the fridge, it hit me that Miles’s fridge needs to be cleaned out before it becomes a nightmare. I was going to run over there this morning and do that; plus I showered after we fooled around yesterday, and I don’t feel like I need to do anything but splash some water on my face and comb my hair. If you’re going to shovel snow, why don’t we just wait until we’re both back, have some brunch, then shower together.”

“That sounds great,” Comet enthused.

The duo quickly dressed in casual clothes and headed for the front of the house. Gary pulled on his winter coat while Comet held open the door to the connecting passage to the garage. “I’ll close the garage door,” Comet explained. They headed in to the garage and while Gary walked around to the driver’s door of the SUV, Comet lifted the garage door open. Overnight more than three inches of fresh snow had fallen and then been topped off with erratic freezing rain. The side street they lived on had been plowed by the city, and the SUV could handle three inches of snow easily; the ice was perhaps a different issue but the roads had been plowed and “salted” with deicer.

Comet walked around to the driver’s side where Gary stood there with the door open. He gave Gary a hug and a kiss, then impulsively pulled Gary back in for a second hug and a more sensual kiss which made Gary nearly coo with excitement. They broke their embrace and Gary turned to step up into the SUV only to find Comet gently grab his hips and lift him up to it. “You’re really spoiling me,” Gary chuckled. Comet grinned and stepped back to let him close the door.

Gary started up the car and began carefully backing onto the street. Comet stepped forward to grab the pull to close the garage door, but decided to just stand in the doorway with his arm raised and watch Gary drive off; coincidentally this gave him the opportunity to stand there flexed and showing off all his assets, which stood out quite nicely in his usual tight t-shirt and skin tight jeans. Gary had to force himself to look away to check for oncoming traffic and drive away safely. Comet continued to stand in the doorway, grinning with enjoyment at getting Gary all hot and bothered even at a distance, and watched as the car moved down the street.

Unfortunately, two of their neighbors were walking their dog down the uncleared sidewalk. As they got close enough to get a good luck at Comet, who was standing there like a statue of Atlas holding up the world, the woman turned to her husband and said, “Jesse I think that’s the guy who’s been shoveling the sidewalk for us!” Her husband looked away from their eager dalmatian, who was threatening to entangle both owner’s legs in his leash, and looked at Comet. The air left his lungs like he was punched, and his mouth dropped open. In one moment he suddenly knew everything about himself that he was dissatisfied with, and every way he wished he could be a better man. He also discovered he had the urge to throw himself at Comet’s feet and beg to be fucked until he was a smear in the snowbanks. His wife was fighting to hold on to their dog’s leash but she was beginning to quiver with sudden arousal herself. As their car vanished down the street, Comet suddenly realized he had bystanders. With Gary out of sight and two neighbors starting to become glazed, his own arousal crashed to a minimum. “Uh, sorry,” Comet said sheepishly as he stepped back from the doorway and into the garage and pulled the door down to cut off their sight of him. “Oops,” he thought to himself. “Gary drives me wild. So wild.”

At Miles’s house, Gary quickly got to work dumping all the contents of the fridge into plastic garbage bags and took them to the oversized garbage can the collection service mandated everyone use. Helpfully, the collection schedule was pinned to Miles’s fridge, and garbage day was Tuesday. Gary figured it wouldn’t be a problem this once to set the can out for pick up a little early. Miles mostly got delivery, so there wasn’t a huge amount of food being wasted. His pantry didn’t have a lot of items either, but he had enough that it was worth Gary’s time to gather up a large bag to drop off at a local food bank later. When that was all accomplished, Gary walked back through the house and exited to the back yard.

Gary carefully picked his way across the small patio right outside the back door. The drifting snow had created uneven mounds which were now frosted with a layer of ice. Footing on this could be treacherous, and he had to punch through the icy shell to take each step. As he proceeded into the yard, he could see that all the details of the scuffle on Christmas Eve were now erased by time and weather. As he moved away from the house he suddenly felt himself shudder and a sense of illness formed in the pit of his stomach. He was unaware, but he was crossing the spot where Santa had transformed Miles into the new Comet. He kept walking towards the far back corner of the yard and the feeling eventually passed. His destination was the huge oak tree that dominated the yard and cast its shadow across all of it and the house. From under the tree he looked up at its spread bare branches and thought it was like the hand of a giant, ready to smack down anyone who dared approach. He shivered despite his winter coat.

Gary started searching for any deadfall branches or twigs. It was a difficult process as he had to punch through the shell of rime on the snow drifts which ranged anywhere from a few inches to nearly a foot, then he had to feel around in the wet mushy snow underneath. He moved as swiftly as seemed reasonable because Miles’s house, and especially the back yard, gave him the creeps now. Ever since Christmas Eve when he’d seen Comet’s blood all over the snow, and the signs of so many feet and vehicles desecrating the new-fallen snow, the air of the house simply repelled him. Thinking about it now, he realized the yard was strangely silent. There were the faint susurrations of the wind, but no sounds of vehicles or chirps of winter birds. The yard felt desolate, cursed even, like a walled garden. The only thing that felt even slightly safe or normal was the giant oak and even then it felt like the tree was begrudgingly tolerating him. No wonder Comet immediately said he didn’t like Miles’s house when asked about it.

The oak tree was sturdy and Gary’s efforts after quite a while found only a few twigs. The lowest branches were far too high to reach and trim, though he was certain Comet would be able to do it. Still, green wood wouldn’t be very useful, and more importantly he didn’t want Comet to know what he was doing. He couldn’t bear to get his hopes up and dash them if he was wrong about the clues he thought he had found. As the morning wore on, the crystalline sparking of the rime-crusted show started to fatigue his eyes, and the oppressive silence made his mind feel numb and wool-stuffed. Gary felt himself start to become woozy and was fighting to continue his search when a hint of motion caught his attention. He turned to see a few flakes of dancing in the air, moving in a circle off to the side. As he observed, he realized it was a snow devil spiraling nearby. The winter equivalent of a dust devil was a tiny vortex of air barely a yard across, and it skipped and darted back and forth though, mostly it stayed near the same spot. If the snow hadn’t mostly been frozen down, Gary would have seen the spiral more clearly. He could understand how ancient people could have thought dust devils and the like were minor spirits at play.

That thought, considering that he now knew that at least some magic was real, was exactly the opposite of comforting. Gary gulped. The snow devil danced back and forth several times, then dissipated as the wind stilled again. Gary found himself striding forward, his steps punching through the shell of the snow drifts until he reached the spot on the far side of the tree’s bare canopy that the snow devil had centered on. Reaching it, he plunged his fist through the frozen crust and nearly punched a small branch a few feet long. It seemed to be older, dry wood which had fallen off the tree in the last windstorm before the latest snowfall and the chaser of freezing rain.

“How convenient,” Gary thought to himself skeptically. He turned and looked around the yard, and up into the winter-bare tree. It had many thick branches spreading out above him, easily thick enough to support a human or something human-sized. The yard continued to be devoid of all sounds of life, as if someone or something had startled the birds and squirrels away. Coincidence or intervention? Either was creepy. He quickly rooted around in the nearby snow, and finding no more sticks, Gary withdrew. For the most part, he retraced the steps he’d punched into the snow previously. A few steps short of the place contaminated by dark magic, Gary’s phone rang. He yelped in surprise and fell back and landed on his butt in the crusted snow. The plates of ice sealing the top of the drift scratched and jabbed at his bottom and legs with enough jagged sharpness to score welts on a body through thin fabric. He sat there stunned for a moment as the incongruous music of Years & Years “King” played from his coat pocket.

Gary pulled off his winter glove and fished his phone out. He saw the caller was his GranDa and answered it.

“Gareth!!” his grandfather’s voice reached out exuberantly. “Why haven’t we heard from you? Happy New Year!”

“Sorry GranDa, things have been weird and busy,” Gary said. He could feel the heat of his body beginning to melt the mushy damp snow that the crust had been hiding, and which he was now sitting in.

“Too busy to call your family?”

“Well, I… I got a new boyfriend since we last talked. And he moved in with me. And then we kind of had fun New Year’s Eve.”

“What?! But you just, it’s only been a couple weeks!” He grandfather exclaimed in surprise.

“I know, I know. It was an emergency. Pandemic housing situation and all that. But it’s been going wonderfully, I’m very happy. Oh hang on I have to get up, I’m getting wet.”

“What? What’s going on Gareth? You sound strange!” His grandfather said worriedly.

“Your call startled me and I fell butt-first into a snowdrift,” Gary answered. He huffed and flailed a bit and managed to get to his feet without dropping his phone. He picked up the oak branch and eyeing the spot that caused his disquiet, detoured around it to go into the patio doors. “Anyway things are really going well. He’s just the sweetest guy ever.”

“What about … Whatshisname?” his grandfather asked. Gary thought he could hear his grandfather struggling to remember Miles’s name. Again, even though Santa’s spell put Comet’s picture on Miles’s driver’s license, the people who weren’t personally acquainted with him seemed to just be more forgetful of him. Gary was starting to think he had prematurely underappreciated the subtlety in Santa’s spell.

“Well actually, funny thing, the new one is kind of the old one’s distant cousin. Sort of. It’s weird, I know,” Gary improvised, half testing how much he could get away with. He didn’t enjoy hiding the truth from his grandfather, but even with his love of folklore there was no way Gary was going to tell him about Santa bringing him a boyfriend for Christmas. “Also, I’m down a friend. You remember Bennie? Benjamin Lam? From college? Asshole had been sleeping with my boyfriend the whole time. They were even going to parties during this pandemic.”

“Oh no, so this is a rebound guy?” his grandfather nagged.

“No! Actually it’s not!” Gary protested. “I broke up with Whatshisname cleanly, started dating his sorta-cousin who I bumped into, and then recently found out about the cheating.”

“Gary…” his grandfather said slowly. This was dangerous ground; his grandfather almost never used Gary; it was the equivalent of most people’s mothers calling them by their full name.

“GranDa I have a mythology question!” he blurted, going with the first thought that came to mind.

“What!?” his grandfather replied, immediately stopped by the conversational catnip of his favorite subject as well as the whiplash change of subject.

“It’s driving me nuts! I can’t remember this reference but I’m sure you can!” Gary enthused, certain this challenge would buy him the time needed to escape this inconvenient turn of the conversation. “A group of men dragged off to serve in the Otherworld, bad men, murderers, criminals maybe; but given like, animal powers, and a magical fellowship that bound them togeth–”

“The Huntsmen of Annuven!” his grandfather yelled excitedly through the phone.

“WHAT?” Gary blurted, coming to a stop mere inches from the patio door. “The Huntsmen–OH! But they–”

“They’re not from mythology, they’re from literature!” his grandfather cut him off. “They’re from Lloyd Alexander’s fantasy series based on the Mabinogion. Specifically, The Black Cauldron. There’s even a Disney film of it!”

Gary’s jaw dropped as teen memories of that series filtered into his brain. “Right, I remember that now! No wonder I couldn’t place the reference, that’s Young Adult stuff I read when I was like, sixteen. But, he based his books on real Welsh myths and legends; was there any basis for his version of the Huntsmen?”

“I don’t know of a direct source,” his grandfather replied. “He might have pieced together small local stories; he might have taken inspiration from some of the other warrior bands that had encounters with the supernatural, like the Fianna from Irish folklore. I think the concept has been used in some other fantasy literature as well, and of course, the fantasy stories of today are often our modern extensions of mythology.”

Gary thought a moment. “Oh shit, Oisín was in the Fianna, and he was lured away to the Otherworld for hundreds of years. Oh my God GranDa, you really just nailed it. Thank you so much! This makes so much sense! It’s been driving me crazy! I have to go now!”

“Gareth wait, we haven’t finished talking about your new boyfriend!” Gareth? The danger was over Gary realized, too excited by the revelation to care at this point.

“Sorry GranDa, I’ll try to share some info on Facebook soon! The new guy is a little shy. He’s actually a big hunk with a good heart. I know you’ll love him when you eventually meet him!”

His grandfather exhaled, a very put-upon sigh. “Well, all right. I trust you grandson.”

Gary returned to his house and discretely stashed the additional wood in the laundry room. Comet returned home from his circuit around the block and was greeted by french toast stuffed with vanilla cream, topped with berry compote. They showered up together after lunch, which drove both of them to distraction. Gary suggested that instead of cuddling on the couch and watching TV and getting each other even more worked up, they take the car to the high school and have Comet practice driving in its huge parking lot. Gary thought it was the last day of the school’s Christmas vacation, and a good day to try that out.

Comet greeted the suggestion enthusiastically and they headed over to discover the lot was plowed and in good shape for some practice. Gary had to explain several of the more modern controls for the car. He was amazed when Comet told him the bright headlight switch used to be controlled by a button on the floor of the car!

Comet’s driving skills were not bad. He was clearly rusty, but the basics returned to him quickly. As expected, Comet had an issue comprehending the exact reading of the speedometer or posted speed limit signs, but could generally understand the speedometer needle position, especially since there were some visibility markings on it. He also had a good sense for what was slow and what was fast, and Gary was able to coach him. After they’d practiced for a while Gary thought Comet was doing well adjusting speed from his cues, so he had Comet pull out onto the street beside the school and drive around the extended block. It was a little dicey, but not bad, and Gary figured that with more practice Comet could probably get by driving normally. At least he was going to be able to drive in an emergency, though, without someone to read speed limit signs, there was still the possibility of getting pulled over for speeding.

While practicing, Comet offhandedly mentioned he’d started reading The Silmarillion while Gary was out cold the other day, and read it until his phone lost charge – another case of not being able to comprehend numbers. Gary immediately got on his phone and ordered a tablet for curbside pickup. Once Comet had done about ten laps around the large block of streets which surrounded the high school, they switched back and Gary headed off to the big box electronics store. They masked up and Gary texted the store. Comet was surprised when a store clerk came out five minutes later and handed them a package and a receipt through the window.

“What is this?” Comet said, surprised at the box he found himself holding.

“That’s a tablet, I mentioned them to you before,” Gary said. “It’s like a giant phone except it can’t make calls. But it’s so big it has a huge battery. You can read books on it and see two pages at a time, and it has enough charge to read all day long. We can also Netflix in bed with it.”

Comet growled appreciatively. “Snuggled. You in my arms. Warm bed. Watching TV? Yes please.” Gary grinned and thought about spending an entire weekend snuggled.

“I just wanted you to have something to read and look things up all the time with. Like while I’m upstairs working tomorrow, you don’t have to worry about using up your phone battery, you can use this. We can text chat on it even if you need anything.”

“You’re a really good planner,” Comet remarked.

“Thanks!” Gary said. “It’s kinda my job, planning things.” Comet nodded appreciatively.

“Do you like Chinese food?” Gary asked, pulling his phone back out.

“I guess so? I haven’t had much,” Comet replied.

“Ok, I’m going to order some carry out and we’ll pick it on the way home. The great thing about your appetite is I feel justified in ordering about four entrees and then sharing them.”

After dinner Gary washed the few dishes and silverware they’d dirtied and Comet did the drying. Rather than trying to squeeze into the small U-shaped counter area he stood on the other side of the counter with a dish towel.

“I had fun today,” Comet said while drying a plate.

“I did too,” Gary said. He rinsed another plate and set it on the counter for Comet. “Honestly I had been thinking of giving you a massage tonight. I thought that would be really fun for both of us, and I wanted to give you one ever since you gave me one.”

“But?” Comet interjected, setting the plate down.

“I’m too horny!” Gary complained. “My balls feel like unripe peaches. I swear they feel slightly swollen. They don’t hurt or anything, but they feel full and a little tingly. And my nipples! This shirt is rubbing them just the right way, they keep getting hard. UGH!” he exclaimed in disgust. “The thought of touching you or being touched by you is making me want to moan I’m sooo horny.”

“I think the magic is charging you,” Comet said.

“Right, I understand. I need to not absorb any more magic from you for a while. Trust me, I don’t want to be knocked out again. Not when Twelfth Night is just two days away,” Gary replied. Comet paused and looked thoughtful.

“Twelfth Night already,” Comet said wonderingly.

Gary looked at Comet quizzically. “Do you understand how many days of Christmas have passed, or do you just know Twelfth Night as the last day?”

Comet shook his head slightly. “I already can’t count the days I’ve known you. I just know ‘Twelfth Night,’ then Epiphany.”

“That’s right,” Gary said, his gaze becoming distant. “Twelfth Night, the final revel. The night of misrule, when everything is turned upside down. Lords become servants, and servants become princes.” He regained his focus and turned to smile impishly at Comet. “I want to have a special celebration to mark the end of the Christmas season. I want to make a little fancier dinner, and I’m going to try to bake a panettone so we can celebrate properly!”

Comet blinked in surprise. “Nona would like you!” he said. “But it takes three days, I think?” he said with mild confusion.

“Ok, confession time,” Gary said, as he draped the dish cloth over the sink faucet to dry. “I’m not going to do an entirely authentic recipe with sourdough components. I’m not at that level for baking. This is going to be one I can bake mostly in the evening after work tomorrow, so it’ll be ready for Tuesday.” Comet nodded seriously. Panettones were complicated. “Also, I really don’t like raisins, so I’m going to be inauthentic and include bittersweet chocolate chips along with candied orange peel.”

Comet’s mouth involuntarily parted and Gary felt the pull of Comet’s supernatural arousal starting to exert itself.

“I’m not sure if I’m complimented by that reaction or not,” Gary fumed teasingly. “You’re getting hard at the thought of my baking, not me.”

Comet looked him dead in the eye. “No. I’m thinking of eating both,” he said, causing Gary to blush scarlet. Comet drummed his fingers on the counter for several long seconds while he considered.

“Come on,” he said, tossing the dish towel on the Formica counter.

“What?” said Gary, surprised at the sudden change in tone. Comet walked around to the U shaped counter entrance, reached out and tossed Gary over his shoulder.

“Woo!” Gary yelped. “Are we having fun?”

“We’re having fun,” Comet confirmed as he swiftly moved to the bedroom door, stooped very low so Gary wouldn’t hit the top of the door frame, and went into the bedroom.

“This doesn’t feel like the build up to a hand job,” Gary commented with barely contained excitement.

“Nope,” Comet confirmed, setting him down on the foot of the bed. Comet stepped back and peeled his T-shirt off with none of his usual theatricality. Gary began kicking his own shoes off, then unbuckled his belt.

“That T-shirt looks old,” Comet said as he undid the fly of his jeans and started shoving them down; he wasn’t wearing a belt, the jeans hugged his trim but muscular waist just fine without it.

“Yeah it’s got some holes in it, I should probably throw it out soon,” Gary said. Comet finished peeling the legs of his jeans off and kicked them aside. He moved closer to Gary, put his hands on the neck band of Gary’s T-shirt, and cleanly tore the shirt in half. Gary gulped.

“Uh, if you’re trying to turn me on by showing off your strength, it’s working,” Gary said as he shrugged out of the ruin of his T-shirt. Comet grinned.

“Yes,” he said and suddenly did a bicep curl, making Gary splutter some gibberish as the lust hammered his brain. He really was not expecting Comet to do that. He stood up to finish getting his pants and underwear off, and then sat back down on the foot of the bed to admire Comet, now standing there naked with a cocky grin.

“What do you want?” Comet asked.

Gary took a breath. “I want you inside me again. I’m aching to feel you inside me,” he said in a firm, quiet voice. It wasn’t desperate, but it wasn’t playful. The need he felt was clearly intense. Comet’s jokey sexy demeanor wiped away in an instant and he stepped closer and pushed Gary down on the bed. He reached under Gary’s thighs and lifted and scooted Gary further up the bed. Comet bent down to plant a kiss on Gary’s tummy.

“You need gentleness,” he said.

“Yes,” answered Gary.

“You need strength,” Comet continued.

“Yes, that too,” answered Gary. Comet stepped away, grabbed the lube out of the nightstand, and returned to the foot of the bed and prepared himself.

“What do you need Comet?” Gary asked.

“You,” he answered. Gary gulped, flattered.

Comet lifted Gary’s legs and hips off the bed and bore forward. His dick was rigid already and he had no problem with aligning it with Gary. He wasn’t rough, but he pressed forward with even pressure and Gary groaned as he felt his body rush to submit to Comet’s entry. He wrapped his legs around Comet’s pillar-like torso as Comet slid into him, and fed inch after inch making Gary groan continuously. Soon, Comet was fully inside Gary.

“OH it feels so good,” Gary murmured, arching his back a little. “It feels so good having you inside me again. Even without the fucking, just feeling you in me makes me so happy, Comet.”

“You feel good too, Gary,” Comet replied. He paused a few moments and made his irritated “can’t frame this thought” face. “Key and lock,” he said finally.

“Yes!” Gary exclaimed. “You feel like that to me too. I feel like my body is trying to hug your dick. I feel like your dick makes me open up for you.” Comet bent over Gary and planted a gentle kiss on his lips. Then he drew back and brought his face over Gary’s chest. He bent down and suckled at Gary’s own nipples with theatrical attention.

“You feel like home,” Comet said simply as he shifted from one nipple to the other. Gary couldn’t frame a reply to that, and Comet’s ministrations to his recently more sensitive nipples prevented him from speaking for a few minutes. Meanwhile, Comet’s thick shaft warmed him from the inside. His own cock was fully engorged and ready to flop up against his belly. Comet adjusted his position and found a spot where they could comfortably kiss. “Enough inside?” he asked.

“Oh plenty,” Gary gasped. Comet wrapped his arms around Gary’s shoulders, bracing his upper body in the process. He started moving his hips just a small amount so he was fucking Gary only by inches.

An uncontrollable moan ripped out of Gary’s throat. “Still enough?” Comet said huskily.

“Oh my God, Comet how did the hottest man in the entire world end up as my boyfriend? You’ve got to be the best lover too,” Gary managed to say, albeit with several moans and gasps breaking up the comment. “Yes it’s enough. It feels, I want to scream it feels so good.” Comet silenced his attempt to say more by kissing him voraciously.

For a change, Gary felt like he could move a little and not just lay there paralyzed with the pleasure Comet filled him with. He reached his arms up, sliding them under Comet’s and wrapping them around to hug Comet’s back. Gary ran his hands along the planes of thick muscle, enjoying both the sensation of touching Comet’s bare skin and feeling the taut muscles shifting below. Comet suddenly thrust an extra inch deeper and the shock of the sudden stimulation made Gary curl his fingers and dig into Comet’s back. He was surprised at how much force he grabbed Comet with, but the bigger man just chuckled throatily and returned to his more controlled thrusting. After breaking off the deep kissing and nibbling Gary’s upper lip for a few moments, Comet trailed some kisses across his cheeks.

“Feels good,” he murmured in Gary’s ear. “Do I need to stroke you?” he asked. Gary didn’t have to think about it. His dick was pinned between his belly and Comet’s abs and getting a frottage-like effect from it.

“I think I’ll come just from you fucking me pretty soon, my dick is starting to tingle.” Comet made a pleased sound. Gary thought about what they’d said before during sex and at other times. He pulled at Comet’s back. “Hey Comet, pin me down. I want to feel your body weight on top of me.”

Comet made a surprised noise and paused fucking for a moment. He still had Gary in his firm embrace, but now Comet gently lowered his body directly onto Gary and let almost his full weight press down. Gary felt like he was buried under a warm, strong avalanche. The muscles of Comet’s body pressed into his own softer body and the heat of Comet warmed his own skin.

“I belong to you, Comet,” Gary said. “I really do.” Comet began to answer Gary but he somehow moved in just the right way to tease the tip of Gary’s cock with one of his ab muscles, and Gary suddenly arched his back as best he could and came hard. Gary howled as he felt glue-thick cum pump up his shaft and spray across their bellies. Comet held him very tightly as time seemed to slow as the several pumps made Gary feel like he was shooting life itself out of him; and yet, he didn’t feel like he was diminished in any way. His body trembled, and he tried to twitch and thrash but Comet’s hold was rock solid. After several moments passed and he relaxed, Comet released his grasp, playfully licked the underside of Gary’s jaw, and raised himself up to survey the output.

“Impressive,” he said.

“I made a mess,” Gary said, slightly embarrassed. Comet ran his finger across Gary’s belly and up to his mouth, where he tasted the cream.

“Very thick, maybe too thick,” he said in a serious tone. “You need to cum again.” He slowly began to move again and Gary hissed at the sensation.

“Wait, already?” Gary asked, surprised.

“You can come fast with me,” Comet reminded him. “You’re mine. I’m yours,” he whispered as he brought his lips to Gary’s and kissed him deeply. Gary was astonished to find his half hard dick immediately begin to solidify. His nipples tingled, and his skin felt flushed.

“I think … my body … wants to be obedient to you,” Gary said. “It wants to keep up with your body, like we’re in sync.” Comet made a noise that said “that’s mildly interesting” and then did something with his tongue that rendered Gary unable to form clear words for several minutes.

In the end, Comet made Gary come two more times by using a variety of techniques before he let himself orgasm inside Gary just once. Afterward, they cleaned up the bedding, took a shower together, climbed in bed, and curled up together making it an early night.

“Gary,” Comet asked as they snuggled together with the lights off. “Do you ever want to top?”

“I don’t think so,” Gary said, surprised by the question. “At least for now, I just want you in me so bad. I never even craved being fucked that much before. Now, the thought of you in me just … it’s like being shot by lightning. I get so excited at feeling connected to you.” Gary pushed back against Comet’s chest and the larger man responded by holding him a little tighter. “Wait, did you want me to?” Gary exclaimed, alarmed he was being selfish.

Comet made a noncommittal grunt.

“Ok well, if you really wanted me to, I would try. Of course it would be my first time, and I’d have to work up to it, but I’d try … I like that I can make you feel really good by sucking your nipples though. So I guess it’s kind of like that? Being the one to make your lover feel really good?”

“Mmmm yes,” Comet replied. “No rush. I like fucking you,” Comet assured him. His breath tickled Gary’s neck as he whispered his answer. Comet slid his arms possessively across Gary’s chest. “I like you so much.”

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