The Reindeer Clause: Part 5

By Nocturne13
published January 28, 2021
14169 words

After a few quiet days spent together, Gary works up his nerve to ask Comet to fulfill his fantasy.

December 29: The Fifth Day of Christmas

The Feast of St. Thomas Beckett

Gary looked down at Comet’s sleeping face. He looked so sweet asleep, it was hard to reconcile him as the brain-meltingly hot hunk he was when awake. Gary grinned, thinking of all the sexy everyday tiny gestures that he found so endearing but also so sexy. Those little actions weren’t exciting just because Comet was a muscular stud, but because he exuded a sweet, caring, warmth that threatened to ignite into a raging fire at a moment’s notice, and he was virile on a level beyond any man Gary had ever known. Gary really wanted to bend over and plant a kiss on him but thought the chances that he’d wake Comet up and suddenly find himself pinned down in bed being smooched were very high, and he had an appointment window to meet. Gary quietly left the note he’d written on his own pillow and tiptoed out of the room.

A while later, Comet woke up and his arms felt empty. For a change, he was laying on his back with his left arm across his chest and his right reaching out across the empty bed beside him. The cool solidity of Gary’s body was not in his grasp, and his eyes flew open in alarm. From the slightly discolored plaster ceiling above him, he knew he was in Gary’s bedroom, not in his stall at the North Pole. The comforter’s weight was pressing on him like a heavy cloud, but Gary’s side of the bed was cold, empty, and already made. He rolled over and propped himself up on his right arm and saw a square of yellow paper on Gary’s pillow. He picked up the colorful piece of paper and found it was sticky like tape across the top of the underside and clung to his fingertips.

Comet! I went to the grocery store, but I’ll be home soon. I ordered ahead and they bring the groceries out to your car at a certain time so I have to be there. You seemed like you were sleeping really well so I didn’t want to wake you. You can cook some breakfast for yourself, right? After I’m home, we have to go to a store together so wash up and get dressed to go outside. Be back real soon!

*X O X O X O * –Gary

Comet felt a rush of relief. Gary just went to the grocery store. There was no reason to be nervous. None at all. He was not going to be alone very long. Anyway, being alone wasn’t a problem. When he’d gone around shoveling the neighborhood as a way of dealing with his nervous energy the other morning, there was no issue. Of course, he knew where Gary was at the time. But he knew where Gary was now too. He just needed to eat something and wash up. He looked at the digital alarm clock beside the bed and growled in frustration. Numbers. But they meant nothing to him. Judging from the light outside, it was early mid-morning. Gary could have been gone a minute or an hour; Comet needed to get moving.

He got out of bed and neatly pulled the covers back into position and serviceably tucked them into place. Before he moved to the bathroom, he took a minute to run his hands down his naked body, the heavy pecs and well-defined bands of abdominal muscle, beyond that his prodigious cock and thick, muscular legs. It had been fifty years since Santa transformed him into this state, and he still sometimes felt like a stranger in his own body. It wasn’t like he was unfit or short before, but his current form was far beyond that. He moved over towards Gary’s dresser which had a small mirror in a frame sitting on top of it – just something big enough to fix your hair after pulling on a shirt. Comet looked at himself in the mirror. Still his own face, miraculously still young, at least.

He opened the bedroom door and headed into the bathroom where there was a full length mirror affixed to the back of the door. In it, Comet could see more of his body all at once. He flexed a few times. “Gary likes this body,” he thought to himself. He had the mind of a beast for so long he couldn’t conceive of the time, but at least he was magnificent now. He felt powerful. Very powerful. Frighteningly powerful. But so good. He took hold of his large member, so thick he almost couldn’t close his big hand around it. He could absolutely understand how overwhelmed and intimidated poor Gary had been the first couple days. At least now he seemed to be enjoying himself a lot more, and that made Comet feel very good and very potent indeed.

Comet didn’t think Gary realized how utterly terrifying the modern world was. It was bad enough to have lost so many years while history and technology marched on, but to have numbers and complex concepts blocked from his mind left him feeling helpless. Talking was still hard even though he was getting better every day. He was absolutely dependent on Gary; though, he knew that Gary was doing his level best to try to help him catch up.

Hot tears stung his eyes. Gary was wonderful. He didn’t deserve him. Repressing a real sniffle, Comet moved away from the door to the sink, got out a fresh wash cloth, and started washing up. He really felt awkward in the tiny bathtub and preferred it when Gary washed him with the showerhead-hose thing, so he just freshened himself very thoroughly with the cloth for now.

Back in the bedroom Comet looked through the closet trying to figure out what to wear. He picked out some black jeans and thought that if they were going somewhere, maybe a buttoned shirt would be good. He put on a black and blue plaid one that he thought looked casual but a little dressy. He figured it was a good day for the not-as-sexy underwear and the sneakers he hadn’t worn yet.

Ready to go, he scrounged through the refrigerator – which was rapidly becoming bare – and found a plate with leftover pancakes Gary had wrapped and put aside. He popped those into the microwave and hit the “cook a little bit” button as Gary had shown him twice. More meaningless numbers flashed on the display and started counting down. He sighed in exasperation. When the machine beeped he opened the door and gingerly felt the pancakes. Hot and steamy. Almost too hot. Perfect. A little cold syrup would fix that right up.

After wolfing down the stack of delicious calories with a heavy coating of maple syrup, Comet washed the dish and put it in the rack to dry while considering what else he could do around the house. He wasn’t sure if he was really up to cooking yet. Since Gary had been doing all that and seemingly enjoying it, he wasn’t in a hurry to try. He thought about other things he could do, though. All he’d come up with so far was cleaning the house. That was certainly easy and relaxing, so he thought Gary would appreciate it if he started doing that regularly. The washing machine and dryer were also easy to work since you just picked the kind of cycle you wanted and didn’t have to worry about the time. The thought crossed his mind that. other than the cooking, he was basically “the wife” here and it made him break out into a big laugh. Not exactly the life he’d once envisioned for himself long ago, but now it felt so wonderful.

The sound of a car door slamming broke him out of his musings. A few moments later, the front door opened. Comet moved toward the entryway. Gary was in the front door already holding a few bags of groceries. “Hey, You!” he said, his face lighting up as he spotted Comet.

“Gareth!” Comet said.

“That outfit you picked looks great!” Gary exclaimed. Comet smiled at the praise and reached out for the grocery bags that Gary was offering. “I have a lot in the car, so I’ll just cart them inside and set them there in the entry. Can you put the cold stuff in the fridge?” Comet nodded. It took Gary a couple trips to get everything; he wasn’t used to feeding two people, much less Comet with his big appetite to match his huge body. With teamwork, they got all the chilled and frozen foods put away quickly, though there were a ton of things to find room for in the pantry later.

“I got popcorn and a lot of snacks for our movie marathon. I also got some things to cook a nice meal for New Year’s Day. I hope you like ham!” Gary enthused.

“Sounds good,” Comet rumbled. “That’s soon, right?”

Gary paused, his mouth open, taken off guard. Of course Comet wouldn’t be able to work a full month of days out. “Right, New Year’s Eve is in 3 days. New Year’s Day is in 4. But I wanted to stock up well in advance before there’s a rush on the store.”

“Appointment for grocery shopping?” Comet remarked quizzically.

“Right. Especially since the pandemic, the old style of grocery delivery has really made a comeback. Which, I think, is good, because not everyone has transportation. Now everyone is using services like having an order picked and brought out to the car or even delivered to home. The stores are trying to make it really easy to do that. It costs some money, but to keep people from being around in a store and maybe spreading germs, I think it’s better.” Comet nodded.

Gary eagerly clapped his hands together. “Ok so what we need to do next is get you a phone. I had to make an appointment for that too.”

“Phone?” Comet said.

“Yeah I have one in mind that I think you’ll like, but I want to take you to a store in person and have you hold it.” He reached out and gently took Comet’s hands in his. Comet gently folded his hands around Gary’s, enjoying the simple pleasure of holding the other man’s hands. “You really do have big hands, I want to get you a larger style phone than I have. I think it’ll be easier for you. Oh and let’s have you carry Miles’s wallet, you’ll need to hand over your driver’s license and pay with the debit card. That’s the blue card that looks like a credit card, but it draws from his checking account so it’s like cash: no interest.” Comet nodded.

“Whatever you think is good is ok,” he said, somewhat haltingly.

Gary smiled. “Sure, but if you want something different, that’s fine. I think the one I picked will work for you really well; but in any case, I do want to get you a high-end phone, because I would rather pay more and get high quality. Still, if you really like it, even a cheap one would be good to get you started.”

Comet nodded agreeably. “I’m sure it’s fine.”

“Well I guess put on your dressy topcoat and grab one of your extra large masks from the bucket, and let’s head out!”

As it turned out, Gary’s suspicion that a large “phablet” type smart phone would be more comfortable for Comet to use was correct. After picking up several display models, the one Gary suggested was, in fact, the best fit. Plus it came with a stylus and Gary thought it might be easier for Comet to write things out on it than to try to hit a virtual keyboard with his large fingers. The stylus could also be used for tapping letters on the keyboard, so it was a win either way. As they bought the phone and added it to Gary’s plan, the clerk kind of gave them funny looks as Gary did most of the talking. Gary was conflicted. On the one hand, talking directly to Comet was fine, but it was more that the guy was trying to ignore him than address Comet directly that irked Gary. He also wasn’t sure if the clerk just had a problem with two guys on a family plan. Comet kept deflecting by turning to Gary and saying “What do you think?” When it came time to finally ring up the sale, the guy got very insistent about transferring Comet’s old number.

Finally, Gary got so irritated that he growled out, “My boyfriend, whose new phone is going on my plan, recently got concussed and is having a hard time talking. But we’re getting him a completely new number anyway. Thank you.” And then Gary stared the guy down. On the one hand, Gary felt like he was being an asshole; but on the other, he had picked up a vibe that Comet was really uncomfortable being put on the spot with questions he didn’t understand, and that triggered all of Gary’s protective instincts. Comet nodded in agreement, added a glare in support, and flipped Miles’s debit card out onto the counter. The clerk finally got it through his thick head and finished selling them the phone.

As they exited, Gary groused to Comet, “That guy was a jerk. I was going to buy you an actual tablet too, but I guess you can just use the phone for now.”

“Tablet?” Comet asked.

“It’s like one of these modern phones, but it can’t actually make calls. It’s bigger though, like a sheet of paper. It can do most other things, but it has to get a connection from a local service called Wi-Fi. I have that set up in my house, it’s… Well it’s a pretty complicated explanation actually. Just think of it as a local radio you can use at home or in stores that want your business. When I explain the Internet to you more, I’ll try to come up with some better explanations.” Comet nodded. Gary turned to look at Comet directly, moved to stand in front of him, reached out and gently put a hand on Comet’s shoulder. “But seriously, Big Guy, you were super uncomfortable talking to that salesman, weren’t you?”

Comet paused a moment and then nodded. “Pretty hard to talk. I didn’t understand some. Plus we’re both guys.”

“Well just so you know, us being together as guys is not a very big deal anymore. In some places, yeah, but in many places it’s just not a big deal. Or people at least just mind their own business and keep quiet.” Comet nodded thoughtfully at that information. “Anyway,” Gary continued, “I think we should get you some more practice in talking. Something simpler though. The men’s store is at the other end of the strip mall. Let’s just go in and have you buy a t-shirt or something for practice. All you have to do is remember 4X is your shirt size for that.” Gary dropped his right hand from Comet’s shoulder and clasped his left hand. He pivoted to stand beside the larger man and playfully swung their hands forward.

Comet rubbed the back of his neck with his right hand. “Do we have to?”

Gary grimaced and turned to look at him. “I will never make you do something you don’t want to do my friend. But honestly, I think you should do this. It’s always better to confront an uncomfortable situation before the bad feelings build up and become a bigger problem. It’ll probably just be that poor clerk who had to measure you naked anyway.” Comet stopped rubbing the back of his neck and instead tried—and failed—to stifle a laugh with his hand.

“You meanie! You totally enjoyed making that poor man blush!”

“I– He enjoyed looking! I’m sure!” Comet said in mock defense. Gary rolled his eyes. Comet didn’t think Gary actually disagreed with him.

“I should have expected that. You know, you might want to thank him if he is in there.” Gary gave Comet a meaningful look. Comet sighed and nodded. Holding hands, they walked down to the other end of the strip mall and Comet opened the door for them. It wasn’t busy at all. A portly older man welcomed them from the front counter and went back to putting tags on some new sweatshirts after they entered. They headed toward the back of the store and, sure enough, Denny, from their previous shopping trip, was hanging up shirts on the upper rail of one wall section using a clothing pole. Gary sighed, remembering his own shock and discomfort that second day with Comet running around naked and how poor Denny had gotten an eyeful of Comet up close.

“Hey Denny,” Gary said to give the poor man some warning of what was incoming. Denny finished draping a shirt hanger onto the top rail and turned around with a smile.

“Oh hi what can I help you–” he broke off when he saw it was Gary and Comet. “Oh! Mr. Pierce! You look fantastic in that coat!”

Comet paused, put his hand on his chin, and tried to look thoughtful, smiling like he thought a catalog model would; though, wearing a cloth face mask diminished the impact somewhat.

Denny’s eyes simultaneously got large and also a little glazed looking. “Wow you should be a model for our company; you make that coat look like a million dollars!” Comet grinned, able to infer it was a big compliment, then realized that Denny couldn’t see him and forced himself to speak.

“Thanks. Thanks for the help… before. Sorry if – trouble for you.” Comet grinned and shrugged and kind of waved his hand in a ‘you know’ gesture. Denny went full lobster briefly at the recollection. Gary pursed his lips and fought down giggles. It was kind of amusing seeing someone else be overwhelmed by Comet’s charm since it was usually him. In this case, the mask he was wearing hiding his mouth was quite convenient. “Do you have a robe?” Comet interjected to Gary’s surprise.

“Oh totally! I got you guys covered, follow me,” Denny proclaimed and headed over to the sleepwear bay. He pointed out a lightweight pinstriped cotton robe. “We’ve got that for our new spring/summer lounge robe, though we’re really low on traditional terrycloth bath robes; they’re usually a big Christmas seller.”

“That looks great though!” Gary said. Comet nodded in agreement and pulled down the robe to examine it – without using the clothing reach pole. Denny let out a low sigh of appreciation. “What about a T-shirt?” Comet asked Gary.

“Right, I’ll go look at some of those, do you have plain ones Denny? Something for lounging around without graphics on them?”

“Oh right over here,” Denny said leading Gary past several tables with neatly folded shirts and sweaters. “Say, Mr. Pierce seems to be talking more, uh, Mister…” Denny said to Gary as they arrived at a table with t-shirts in a mix of classic and pastel colors.

“Griffith, but Gary is fine,” Gary replied. “Yeah Comet’s recovering from his concussion pretty well now,” he continued, picking up some t-shirts. The palette read sea colors to him and the soft greens and blues looked like they would be fantastic on Comet with his soft brown hair and medium complexion. “We’re ah …” he paused considering if he was over-sharing, but the man had seen Comet’s dick at just inches in front of his face, “progressing well.” He picked up a lavender shirt and decided he wished it came in his own regular size.

Denny gasped. “You mean … you did … it?” Gary nodded.

“He was super gentle. And also just the right amount of forceful to get me over my worries.” Gary whispered loudly, as he paused to look at Comet, who was now holding two white robes, one with blue pin-strips and the other with grayish-red pin stripes and examining them carefully. “He’s fantastic. I’m on vacation and we’re just spending so much time together. Later today we’re going to start watching all the Lord of the Rings movies in a marathon,” he said.

“ALL of them?” Denny hissed. “He’s going to sit through the Hobbit movies too?”


“Oh my God, where can I find a boyfriend like that?”

Gary started to make a joking answer and snapped his mouth shut when the reality of the situation jarred his memory. “You know, there might be a few more like him out there,” Gary said, vaguely. “If I ever get the chance to, I’ll put in a good word for you.”

Denny took a deep, appreciative breath. “Now that I’ve said it, I’m not sure if I could handle it,” he admitted frankly. “Still, probably no dating for several months to come at this rate,” he sighed. Gary nodded in agreement.

“Say, do you think we should watch them in chronological order? He’s never seen them.”

“Yes, definitely,” Denny agreed. “I think the Hobbit movies are weaker since they got kind of bloated, so watch them first. Then the original trilogy will be a step up.”

Gary nodded. “That’s exactly what I was thinking.”

Denny made a hmm sound and picked up the lavender shirt Gary had just set down and held it up next to Gary. “These T-shirts go down to a large, and these are a tiny bit fitted; you could probably wear this size. This color looks so good with your fairly light complexion and sandy hair,” Denny concluded.

“It looks good, get it!” Comet said as he walked up to the two of them with the light blue striped robe over his arm. Comet reached over and took the t-shirt away from Denny and threw it over his arm along with the robe. Gary shrugged and handed him the other two shirts as well. “So, sexy shorts, Denny?”

After a simple lunch of sandwiches and pasta salad from the grocery store deli, Gary and Comet settled in to watch the first of the Hobbit movies. Comet changed out of his “shopping” clothes and put on the plain sea green t-shirt Gary had picked out, and some gray athletic shorts that hugged his ass. He was going commando in preparation of seducing Gary after the first movie and thought it was a good look. He had similarly encouraged Gary to put on something light so they could snuggle under a blanket on the couch.

Unlike the first time they sat on the couch, where Gary had tried to discretely scoot away from Comet, he started sitting beside him. By the middle of the movie, he was in Comet’s lap with his arms wrapped around him. As the credits of the film rolled, Comet’s hand found its way into Gary’s shorts and he gently took a hold of Gary’s own robust cock, which was half-engorged, and squeezed, gently triggering a gasp from Gary and a blood surge that made his cock instantly harden. Comet nuzzled the back of his head. “Movie was long. How about a break?” Gary turned in his grasp and melted into his arms as much as possible, kissing him back on the neck jaw with a sweet, light touch.

“I’m afraid I’m trapped here and can’t move,” Gary joked with a feigned tone of helplessness. “We’ll just have to make out for our intermission.”

“Rescuing you!” Comet announced. He let the blanket fall off their knees and took his hand off Gary’s cock so he could hold him more securely. He rose to his feet with Gary adjusting to wrap his legs around his torso and walked toward the bedroom at a steady, even pace that completely hid the wild excitement he was feeling.

“I can’t believe what a turn-on being carried by you is,” Gary murmured. “I knew I liked muscles but I never had an idea that having a guy so big would drive me nuts,” he continued. Comet grinned and rumbled appreciatively.

“You’re not scared?” Comet asked as they entered the bedroom.

“No,” Gary said as he was laid on the bed. “I’m a little anxious. I know we need to do it carefully because of your size. But I’m ready to do this again.”

“Good. I don’t want you scared.”

Comet took his time getting Gary ready. His focus was more on preparing him than anything else. He wanted to make sure that this second time went very well also. Considering how his bad experience at the phone store had made him feel so off that Gary forced him to go shopping again right away, Comet wanted to make sure Gary had another excellent experience. He was still being extremely gentle and carefully figuring out exactly what he could do with a normal human being. He felt bad concealing the truth from Gary, but the man would certainly be terrified if he knew how strong Comet really was. Anyone in their right mind would be. But it would be fine. He would be very, very careful. And Gary was drinking a lot of Reindeer Milk, and that would help him heal any minor internal injuries extremely quickly.

Comet entered Gary very gently, but faster than the first time. He also picked up the pace and began to fuck him with a more regular stroke in a fairly short amount of time. Gary seemed completely comfortable with it, and the noises he made drove him wild. The feeling of power and potency that surged in his chest felt amazing; still, Comet kept a tight rein on himself. He didn’t dull his sensations from the start and Gary’s super tight throbbing ass sent so much pleasure up his cock he considered blocking the sensations to hold out longer. However, Comet had merely started to stroke Gary’s dick when the other man suddenly shot his load all over himself. Comet didn’t feel he had to hold back after that and let himself come right away, plunging what felt like another inch deeper into Gary at the last moment. Gary’s eyes rolled up in his head and he moaned softly as Comet came. Comet licked up every drop of Gary’s cum before slowly pulling out and curling up beside the other man. Gary burrowed into Comet’s embrace and they held each other a few moments when Comet suddenly felt Gary’s tongue probing into his armpit, which elicited a yelp of surprise.

“Not ok?” Gary asked, startled.

“No it’s good, just surprised,” Comet answered, taken off guard. Gary seemed so shy and reserved and then suddenly he became a wild man. Comet wasn’t exactly sure what was going on there but decided to take credit for the uninhibited display and feel good about it.

Gary blushed a little and traced a finger over Comet’s chest. “Well you’ve got all those muscles in your arms and your chest and then right there you’ve got a sexy armpit with a nice amount of hair. You’re all clean and fresh so I just thought I’d …” and Gary slowly moved to resume kissing and tasting Comet’s pit. Comet decided it felt nice, both from the direct attention and because he knew that Gary was extremely turned on by what he was doing. His cock even got half-hard again despite cumming just minutes before.

Comet chuckled. “We’re still finding fun things!” he said. Truthfully, what Gary was doing almost tickled, but he wasn’t about to let on about that, at least not yet. They spent the better part of an hour hugging and kissing and teasing each other. At one point Comet demonstrated he knew exactly where on Gary’s side he was ticklish, but kindly only brushed the spot twice, accidentally-on-purpose.

“I love how you make me feel,” Gary whispered in Comet’s ear. “In my head I know it feels good when you fuck me, but when you’re actually inside me again, it’s so good I can’t even put it into words.” Gary clung to Comet with all his strength, and in return Comet gave Gary a loving squeeze that almost crushed the breath out of him; but Gary enjoyed every moment of it, until he had to “tap out” of it.

Eventually they got up, freshened up, and returned to the couch to watch the next movie, though this time Comet laid down on the couch and Gary laid on top of him. They only put their shorts on so they could enjoy the sensation of bare skin, and snuggled under the blanket, lost in the fantasy adventure. Truthfully they were more interested in their own story than the scenes on TV. Still, it was a good way to enjoy the time together and they talked a little bit about the changes from the book, with Comet having a chance to try to express a few more complicated thoughts as best he could. He tried hard, but there were some things that stymied him. Gary gave him the time to work through them, or seemed to be able to sense where he had to jump in and make guesses. Comet thought again he could have not asked for someone more perfect.

They took a break for Gary to throw together a quick dinner and after his baked chicken and broccoli casserole was done, they ate simply and resumed watching. Comet thought that Gary was staying in a much hornier state than he previously had. It made sense to him, they were snuggling so much and egging each other on. Gary seemed to have just given up on resisting how much he enjoyed Comet’s physicality; for his part, Comet was enjoying the attention.

Midway through the third movie Gary got bored with the additional material and started running his finger around Comet’s nipple, basically just playing with his pec instead of watching. Comet made a noise of surprise but kept trying to watch the movie. Gary kissed the nipple that was right in front of him and found himself sucking on it which elicited a deep sigh from Comet. After laving the nipple with his tongue, Gary thought he was maybe going too far when they were trying to watch the movie, only to see Comet focusing on him instead of the movie. “Do it for real!” Comet urged him, which lead to Gary enthusiastically servicing Comet’s nipples and outright worshiping Comet’s pecs with all the horniness which had already built up since their previous romp. Once again, he took Comet to a state of arousal from just drinking from his nipples, and then slid off and got on the floor. Comet sat up and spread his legs, and Gary kneeled between them and finished him with a blow job. This time Gary was actually able to use some of his blow job techniques before Comet came, shooting another huge hot load into his mouth which Gary greedily swallowed. Afterward Comet truly wanted to fuck him again right there on the varnished wood living room floor, but pretended he was completely satisfied and forced his dick to soften.

Gary looked at Comet’s softening dick suspiciously. “You’re doing that aren’t you,” he said, stating it and not really asking a question. Comet looked at him in surprise. “I just blew you and you could have gone again. Or maybe shot more. Hang on.” Gary crawled over to the Christmas tree and snatched the blue box Santa had left him open and pulled out his letter. He scanned it until he found the part he was looking for. “Santa said ‘his stamina is nearly limitless – in the true magical sense of the word.’ He wasn’t talking about physical efforts like digging ditches, was he? You seemed like you came so much the first time, when you were transplanting the spell in me, but not the second time. You can probably go for a real long time if you want, maybe some other tricks you haven’t surprised me with yet.”

Comet grimaced. He didn’t want to directly lie, but he also really didn’t want to damage Gary with too much fucking, especially if he became overly excited. But he really wanted to fuck Gary again soon, and Gary was absolutely correct: with his supernatural stamina, he was easily able to immediately do it again. He decided to cop out. “Hard to explain,” he deflected.

Gary made a thoughtful “Hmph,” with narrowed eyes, but let it drop. He re-read the section about the elves being turned loose on his house, but it didn’t have the hint he was looking for. He folded the letter back up and stuffed it in the box. When he turned back from the tree he happened to just look at Comet’s huge, muscular legs, particularly the calves. Gary had a strong urge to just start nibbling on his legs, the muscles just shot his arousal level right to the max. “Damn I’m really a slut for muscles,” Gary thought to himself. “It doesn’t help he’s a fucking sweetheart though.” He looked up to Comet and before any thirsty comments could escape him, Comet reached out a hand. Gary clasped it and found Comet lifting him back into his seat without a hint of effort, but with an excellent show of flexing bicep. “Should I rewind the movie?” he asked Comet.

“Nah. It wasn’t book stuff,” Comet replied.

Late in the evening they finally finished the third movie and some of the bonus materials, and then went to bed. Gary didn’t play little spoon at the start, instead he simply lay on top of Comet as he had on the couch; he clung to him like the man was a giant body pillow. Comet barely registered Gary’s weight, and enjoyed the way their dicks were nearly entangled from his sleeping position. He lay there for a long time waiting for Gary to fall asleep enjoying the cool solidity of Gary on top of him. It was such an ordinary day and yet, it was one of the best days of his life.

December 30: The Sixth Day of Christmas

The Feast of Saint Egwin of Worcester

The next day proceeded along much the same lines though without errands to run, they started the first Lord of the Rings movie in the morning after a generous breakfast and finished it before noon. The received an unexpected treat in the middle of the movie when the doorbell rang. Gary investigated and found a container of fresh chocolate chip cookies in a plastic bag hanging on his front door knob, and saw his neighbor from across the street waving from the sidewalk. Inside of the bag was a small note “Thanks for getting the car unstuck!” The cookies were delicious, and he and Comet each ate several. While they were nibbling Gary subtly asked Comet about if the elves in the movie bothered him; Comet explained that the low elves of Winter were more like Gollum, but with shark teeth, which elicited a disgusted face from Gary.

Gary started hinting he wanted to be fucked again before lunch but Comet grudgingly declined, insisting that they give Gary’s body one full day of rest before doing that again just to be certain his size hadn’t caused any damage. Instead, Comet gave Gary an epic blow job then suddenly pinned him down and tickled him for a few minutes. Gary found himself well satisfied by the experience of being pinned and tickled, and they enjoyed the remaining movies with fewer distractions than the day before. They did, however, have to make three batches of popcorn after Comet discovered Gary’s position on butter on popcorn was “1 whole stick per big bowl.” Comet could not believe how perfect Gary was.

After the end of the second movie, Gary got up and walked over to the fireplace and opened up the match box that contained the rune-covered nipple ring he’d cut off Comet on the first morning they were together. It looked the same as it had when he put it there. He had almost suspected that the lead-soft magical metal would have grown back together and formed a fully solid ring. It still looked evil to him, and he turned and lifted the box and showed it to Comet.

“So we still have an evil elf ring in the house,” he began as he started to reach into the box. Comet’s face turned sheet white and he leapt to his feet, crossing the living room in a near instant jump.

“NO! Don’t touch it!” he nearly shouted. “Could hurt you!” He reached out and grabbed Gary’s wrist with a lot of controlled strength.

“Still?” Gary asked, caught off guard by the reaction. Comet nodded.

“In spring, should bury it. Somewhere safe,” Comet said. Comet tapped Gary’s nose then tapped his nipple through his T-shirt. “Still power. Evil power.” Gary boggled at the implication.

“You mean if I screwed around and put it on my finger, or say, tucked it into my nose like a nose ring, it could zap me?” Comet nodded.

“Maybe not full power, but bad.” Gary grimaced and closed the match box and set it on the mantle.

“Well, charming. On that note … let’s take a bathroom break and then start the last movie. I think I’m going to need extra snuggles.”

“Yay, extra snuggles!” Comet agreed. “Dibs on bathroom,” he said and headed there first.

Gary stood there glaring at the matchbox. “One evil cursed magical ring,” he said to himself, returning to the thoughts he’d had after their IKEA trip. “Check.”

After Comet came back from the bathroom Gary went and took a bathroom break himself, and then they snuggled sitting upright under their blanket holding hands, and enjoyed the final movie in the trilogy. They called it an early night and spent an hour snuggling in bed and smooching each other lightly from time to time.

And just like that, it was New Year’s Eve.

December 31: the Seventh Day of Christmas

New Year’s Eve

When the sun crested the horizon, the surge of awakening life rippled across the urban landscape, and snuggled deep in bed Comet felt it. With dim awareness he felt Gary’s coolness within his warm embrace and rose to consciousness and opened his eyes. Gary was resting peacefully in his arms, breathing regularly. He smiled and gently snuggled the smaller man tighter, trying to not disturb him and resisting the temptation to squeeze him firmly and start nibbling his neck to wake him. Gary had slid down from the pillow and was using Comet’s right bicep as a pillow. An ordinary man’s arm would probably be suffering from lack of blood flow, but Comet’s constitution was so formidable Gary wasn’t even slightly hampering his circulation. Comet had been wanting to surprise Gary with breakfast in bed for a few days but it was clearly not happening today. Comet sighed and relaxed against his comfy pillow and then leaned closer and smelled Gary’s sandy light brown hair. Was he blond? Or light brown? Comet wasn’t sure, but he was pretty like pale driftwood bleached and washed up on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Eventually Gary woke up and felt Comet’s warmth, made a pleasant sigh and pushed back into his arms. Comet finally extended his right arm and slid his bicep under Gary’s chin so his arms could cross his body, and gave him the squeeze he’d been wanting to for a while.

“Oh geeze that was your arm I was sleeping on, is it asleep?”

“It’s fine,” Comet said as he planted a kiss on Gary’s head. “Am hungry now.”

“How does scrambled eggs loaded with veggies sound? Like a quiche but I’ll skip the crust.” Comet made yum sounds. Gary turned around and Comet loosened his grasp, only to find Gary climbing on top of him. Gary kissed his throat and jaw and planted a huge kiss right on his lips. Their tongues briefly flicked. “Ok I’m energized and ready to get that meal going!” he announced. Comet chuckled as they split apart and headed for the kitchen and bathroom respectively.

Well-fortified by breakfast the duo tackled various projects that day. Gary spent some time going through Miles’s paperwork; he paid some bills online and put together a list of steps they’d need to do to sell the house and have Comet quit Mile’s job. In the mean time, Comet was breezily cleaning the house from top to bottom and doing the laundry. Gary seemed very impressed with his industriousness, but Comet could tell he was still worrying about him being bored.

After Gary finished with the financial work he started putting together notes on teaching Comet about the Internet and cell phones. Comet thought he looked extremely handsome when he was all focused on his laptop computer sitting there at the tiny kitchen table. “Did you go to college?” Comet asked him suddenly. Gary looked up.

“Oh, yeah. I have a degree in public policy.” Comet didn’t seem like that registered. “It’s like social studies and civics, how to be a good politician or how to come up with good programs to help a community grow,” Gary explained.

“Wow that sounds really good,” Comet said, impressed with Gary as he brought over a cup of coffee he’d made for him. Gary oohed in appreciation. “What’s your job, Gareth?” He asked. “Like actually,” he clarified. He already knew he worked at a charity.

“Ok well I work for a foundation – a charity – that tries to help underprivileged and at-risk students stay in school. We have a bunch of programs, though for the last nine months we’ve been heavily focused on helping kids get laptops,” he patted his own in demonstration, “and tablets to attend school remotely. The pandemic has closed schools, and people are staying home, and the kids are attending school over video call. It’s tough on everyone, and a lot of poorer families may not even have a computer with a camera. We have other programs we do too, especially helping homeless kids. We also have to keep asking for donations to help with the programs, money is tight everywhere. I’m a project manager, I do a bunch of different things, I guess you could say I run some of the programs and I also pitch a hand in wherever someone needs help, whether it’s collecting donated goods from the community or helping someone in the office with their computer problems.”

Comet sighed and leaned against the kitchen wall facing Gary. “Well. You’re definitely on the Nice List,” he pronounced measuredly.

“I would hope!” Gary exclaimed. Comet paused and considered offering up a little more information.

“There’s three lists, Gareth. Nice, Normal, Naughty. Almost everyone is Normal. Naughty is very bad. Nice is very good. You’re special.” Gary blushed cutely and Comet pushed himself off the wall, stepped closer and bent down to plant a soft kiss on Gary’s head. Just then a cheery digital tune echoed from the back hallway. “Laundry!” He announced in a warm, brassy tone and strode off to the laundry nook behind the kitchen, leaving Gary grinning.

After lunch they got to work with educating Comet about using his new cell phone and using the Internet. Comet wasn’t dumb, just unable to process very complex thoughts including relational and conditional thinking. Gary’s explanations were fairly straight forward and he segmented them in understandable chunks, having by this point figured out how Comet’s mind seemed to work. He clearly had a lot of experience in speaking and teaching, and Comet was very impressed with how thoughtfully he packaged the explanations. There was a lot of context Gary had to cover, but Comet at least understood the basic concepts like computers, televisions, cameras, radios, and phones, so there was a foundation to work on. After giving some fairly stern warnings about shady practices on the internet, he helped Comet find a few interesting sites. They also took some photos of each other and also together using their phones, but Gary held off on posting them, even on his own Facebook. He did show Comet that site, and showed him pictures of his family and a few friends, and uploaded a photo of the snowman they had made together.

Comet was curious about looking up things in “the past” on the internet. He had a hard time explaining the question but Gary seemed to understand, thankfully. Unfortunately his answer was dismaying, in that the Internet didn’t have all information, just what people thought was interesting and useful and very current. Comet was dejected by this so Gary introduced him to a shiba inu puppy cam from Japan, as well as a zoo with red pandas who were often playing on camera. Comet found that adorable and sat and watched the cute critters play while Gary tidied up his work notes and headed off to fix an early supper. Comet got the impression he had something on his mind but he wasn’t ready to bring it up, and the more Comet played with his phone the more fascinated he got with it.

After a light dinner, Comet washed the dishes and pots and then the duo sat sat down at the kitchen table.

“Thanks so much for doing the dishes. I really hate doing the dishes. I like cooking, but I hate cleaning,” Gary said. Comet chuckled.

“They’re easy work. You cook good.”

“Oh I’m just ok. I’ve been a slacker lately. Now that I have someone else to feed, it makes the effort worthwhile.” Gary grinned.

“Well Big Guy, it is New Year’s eve and we have no place to go and nothing to do … except … each other.” Gary wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. “Let’s just have a great time tonight and really enjoy ourselves. Maybe we could do a couple things. Maybe we could do IT twice.”

Comet looked at Gary thoughtfully for a minute and found his resolve weakening in the face of Gary’s eager expression. “Yes,” Comet said, removing his hand from Gary’s and running it along Gary’s right wrist, across the forearm and up to the shoulder which he took hold of firmly and caressed reassuringly with his thumb. “Yes maybe we can.” Desire entered his gaze and he looked at Gary with rising need, causing his face to flush.

“What,” Gary said, looking up shocked. “Really?”

Comet nodded. “I want you badly, Gareth. Can’t hold back now. I think,” he said, his gaze smoldering with desire.

Gary gulped. “So we’re doing this for New Year’s Eve, huh?”

Comet’s response was to nod and rub Gary’s shoulder a few times more before taking his hand back. “Wash up good. Clean out. Relax. Get ready. We have all night.” Gary nodded and rose from the kitchen table, tingling with excitement and anticipation, and headed past him. Comet swatted him playfully on the ass when he walked by, which made Gary jump in surprise and gasp. He looked back and Comet smiled warmly but in a little bit more of a seriously sexy way and gave him a wink. Gary sped off to wash up and clean himself out thoroughly. Comet took a deep breath after Gary closed the bathroom door and tried to find his center. Fucking Gary twice in the same evening seemed a bit risky, but he seemed to not have had any problems with Comet’s large dick. Gary was so damn adorable it was driving Comet nuts keeping his hands off him. This was New Year’s Eve and, while he couldn’t quite place it in the context of a whole year, he clearly remembered this was a night to have fun and usher in good times to come. Hopefully this would be very hot for both of them.

Comet wasted no time heading to the bedroom where he stripped the comforter and good sheets off the mattress and got out two flat sheets from Gary’s previous queen bed and doubled them across the mattress surface. Sighing, for just a moment he regretted not having his Regalia he wore as a reindeer. The whole outfit might have been too much, but he thought that just wearing some of the leather harness pieces of it would probably strike just the right sexy vibe for Gary. He grunted in frustration at the thought of how impossible it would be for him to order something like that behind Gary’s back, since dealing with regular clothing sizes or money would be impossible thanks to the remaining binding spells on his mind. He knew Gary would be happy to order anything he wanted, but the impact of him just surprising Gary with sexy wear would be greater. Resigned, he stripped off the everyday clothes he was wearing and tossed them into a pile by the closet. He put on one of the sexier jock straps that Gary had bought him and lay down on the bed in a seductive pose while he began the mental preparations to release some of his wilder nature. Now that much of his human mind was freed up again, he felt a strange separation between making love like a man and making love like a … a what? A beast? He wasn’t a beast, but he was something that was not quite human and some of his sexual ability was tied to that. Unleashing some of his wild side would probably ramp up the thrill for both of them; though, he still needed to keep it partially reined in. Gary wasn’t an elf; he couldn’t fuck him with everything he had, and he didn’t want to. But he did want to fuck him harder than he had before.

He could hear the shower running through the wall of the bedroom and knew Gary would be getting thoroughly clean. Comet smiled to himself. Gary had kind of a wild streak all along. Now that he wasn’t worried he would be split open, he seemed to be a lot more horny than Comet had expected. He was full of surprises all the time! Imagine Gary thinking that he wasn’t ready to make love to him any time, as long as it was safe for Gary? Adorable. Comet chuckled to himself, but deep inside he felt something very wild stirring. Something he very much liked, and he wondered to himself how it would feel now that he had much of his human mind back to release this primal force of lust from within him.

Gary came into his bedroom to find Comet wearing socks and a jockstrap, stretched out in a pose that put his entire body on display, and stopped dead. He was so God damn handsome and hunky that Gary had to take a deep breath and almost wanted to pinch himself to prove it wasn’t a dream.

“Ready?” Comet said. Gary mutely nodded.

“Come here,” he said stretching out his arms and beckoning Gary with his fingers. Gary hesitantly walked over and climbed onto the bed next to him, slipping into his embrace at chest level.

“Get some strength,” Comet said quietly as he guided Gary into position to suck on his nipple. Gary didn’t need to be told twice, he started sucking on Comet’s nipppe while Comet brushed the back of his head. “Just drink. No fancy,” Comet directed him. He didn’t want Gary to get him too worked up before the real act began. He just wanted to make sure Gary was fortified for what was to come. He could feel his cock lengthening, thickening, growing sideways across the front of the jock, and quickly starting to poke out of the pouch. The blood rushing into it from his excitement at what was to come was making it darken and throb. Gary was cooing with delight as he drank from Comet’s nipple. He started to shift to the other, but Comet simply gently shoved him back to the one he had been working on. Comet had a ripple of excitement go through him at using his strength to position Gary, and he realized he was excited at the thought of really asserting himself over Gary. Gary responded to the correction by happily complying and sucking harder. Comet threw back his head, even at his roughest, Gary was like a spring breeze compared to the accursed low elves and their shark-like teeth. A few grunts escaped his mouth as Gary drank greedily. Comet idly wondered if his nipples would respond to Gary’s non-destructive ministrations by actually producing even more Reindeer Milk eventually but decided they’d just take it as it came.

Comet placed a kiss on Gary’s head. “Now, get you ready,” he said and started to loosen his grasp from the smaller man. He disengaged from Gary, stood up on the side of the bed, opened up the night stand, and drew out the lube. Gary had a few sex toys in the drawer and on impulse Comet snagged a butt plug as well, thinking he might put it in Gary to keep his hole from contracting between fuckings. He walked around and moved the small bench at the foot of the bed out of the way then set the supplies down on it. He guided Gary to scoot down toward the spot he wanted him in at the foot of the bed then used both hands and a seductive roll of his hips to slip the jock off while Gary tried to wolf whistle in appreciation. Comet moved to the side of the bed, took hold of the towel around Gary’s waist, and pulled on it to roll Gary over onto his stomach. Comet returned to the foot of the bed and got in position.

“Do you want me up on my knees?” Gary asked over his shoulder.

“Not much. Relax. Enjoy.” Comet gently spread Gary’s legs apart to obtain access then pushed Gary’s ankles forward to encourage him to lift just slightly. Gary’s skin was still moist from the warm shower, and he smelled like summer at the beach. Comet kneeled slightly and sank between his legs. With his elbows draped over Gary’s thighs, he very carefully parted his cheeks with both hands. He moved forward smoothly and ran his tongue against Gary’s perineum and licked up to reach his rosebud, and then he began to tongue and tease him forcefully. Comet’s thick, strong, wide, tongue felt unearthly to Gary.

Gary squealed in sudden shocked delight. “Oh my God. Oh My GOD, that feels amazing!” he yelped. Comet breathed something he couldn’t make out and continued to rim him while massaging his pert butt checks in a spiral motion with the thumbs and palms of his hands. He’d been saving this for a special treat, and thought now would be a good time to really liquefy Gary with it. Gary’s moans became more intense, and he reached out an arm to grab a pillow and snatch it close to hold on to. Comet leaned in and pulled Gary’s butt cheeks into his face. He could tell how excited Gary was because the tiny soft hairs on the back of his thighs were standing up and his legs felt like they were shivering. Comet growled like a savage forest god and Gary squealed with the shock of it. His rosebud offered no resistance. The magic which made every muscle in Comet’s body strong did not skip his tongue. He pressed harder and felt Gary’s anus completely relax under his ministrations. Gary gasped in delight and Comet spread the massage across his butt cheeks and over his thighs as he prepared to lift Gary’s ass into fucking position. He growled again with enough force to shake Gary’s body and bring his cock to full throbbing mast.

Gary couldn’t believe how much pleasure was already surging through his body and they had just gotten started. Comet regretfully disengaged from eating his ass out and gently lifted his backside up. Gary got up on his knees and steadied himself. Comet then surprised him by going back in for some additional rimming, this time using one hand to steady Gary’s hip and the other to take a firm grip around Gary’s own thick dick, which was flopping with excitement. Comet gently ran his hand down the pulsing shaft, the roughness of his thick palm making Gary shiver. Gary tried to keep his breathing regular. Now that he knew he could handle Comet’s shockingly large dick he was ready for what was to come, he thought.

Comet turned aside for a moment and grabbed the lube bottle off the foot of the bed and got himself very well greased up. He gently corrected Gary’s knee placement to get his ass at the ideal place and poured some additional lube on his fingers. He began to caress Gary’s hole and work the lube into the ass cheeks and into his hole until everything was ready. Comet was grinning hungrily with excitement. There was no need to deprive himself of pleasure and sensation or wait to orgasm. Gary wanted a filling, and Comet was ready to give it to him. He brought the helmet of his prodigious dick even with Gary’s hole. “Steady,” Comet cautioned. Gary took a deep breath and exhaled, trying to make sure he didn’t tense up at the wrong moment. Comet guided his dick forward and gently pressed against the relaxed and well-lubed asshole. Steady, even pressure forward quickly popped Gary’s hole open. Gary gasped, once again feeling the intrusion into his body with a sensation of shock and excitement. Despite that Comet had already fucked him intensely twice, his asshole had not become stretched out yet; the penetration felt firm and tight, just like the first time.

“Ahhh,” Comet sighed as he felt his dick sliding into Gary’s warm soft emptiness. “Ahhaghagha,” he muttered almost grunting as he felt himself easily enter. He knew he would come quickly from his excited state and the firmness of Gary’s body. And in truth, he expected to make Gary come several times anyway. He was allowing himself to feel everything fully and enjoy it as much as Gary. With every caress of Gary’s body against his dick he felt his nipples harden with anticipation, especially his right nipple which was still moist with Gary’s spit from his eager sucking. He didn’t waste any time. After sliding all the way in, he held on to Gary and started gently using the rolling motion of his hips to begin a slow pistoning action. Gary was surprised by the slightly faster action this time but also thrilled and ready to enjoy it. He made happy moaning sounds and Comet grinned and kept his pace for a little while. Then Comet started to rock his hips back, not relying just on what he could do with his pelvis but actually pulling several inches out and returning deep inside. While he could probably have pleasured Gary with just the more intimate strokes, he wanted to feel more of his cock slide in and out. Gary gasped as he modified his fucking into longer, even strokes with a gentle rolling motion at the end that delivered that extra inch of depth. Comet was really starting to fuck him now. He was obviously going to pound him like something out of porn and he was again a little timid feeling, but mostly he felt like he was about to enjoy completely slutting out.

Gary’s heart was already beating faster and his shower-damp body began to moisten as the first fine blush of perspiration swept over his chest and back. “Uhh, it feels so good,” he murmured as Comet’s stroke picked up. “How does it feel better every time?” he asked himself mentally as Comet continued to pick up the length and speed of his fucking. Gary could not hold back, but had to moan more. “How do you make it better every time?” he blurted his thought aloud. Comet’s response was to grin wickedly, playfully swat his ass once hard enough to sting, and drive the next stroke just a smidgen deeper. “You can actually cum again right away can’t you Comet?” Gary asked, gasping the question out between the spikes of intense pleasure Comet’s fucking was inflicting. “I want you to really cut loose and enjoy yourself. Just fuck me again right away. Come as much as you want. Hell, cum as much as you can. Fucking fill me up Comet.”

“Gary,” Comet said, his even pacing faltering. “You don’t–”

“I think I do,” Gary cut him off. “Fucking soak me Comet. Make me yours. Fill me up.”

Something snapped in Comet and he felt his self-control drastically weaken, and with his next thrust, he went a little deeper. Gary almost felt like Comet’s dick finally hit something deep in him, but it was too fast to appreciate; yet, he gasped. Comet started to actually pound him hard, making an occasional goat-like grunt with his exertions. It was a cute and sexy sound, but it was still an animal noise. Suddenly, Gary felt it: a hot liquid squirt shooting inside him as Comet let out a satisfied hiss and grunted as he paused his strokes for several moments while his dick shot. Gary could feel his tremendous cock surge and thicken as the stream of hot cum surged up the shaft. And then Gary felt another ejaculation, and another, and yet another. Gary closed his eyes and savored the feeling of heat shooting inside him and clenched his ass around Comet as best he could. Comet came much faster than he expected, but the sensation of being seeded was so enjoyable he wasn’t going to complain.

And then, without warning, Comet resumed fucking him. Gary made a little gasp; he didn’t think Comet would be able to just start up again like that without softening for a while first, but he did. He just stopped while he was shooting and, as soon as he was done, he resumed fucking Gary. He ramped up his speed quickly and Gary felt the force of the pounding begin to shake his body. It felt so good to be used by Comet’s strength; he wished he could see Comet’s face but even craning his neck to look behind he couldn’t, and when he twisted too far out of alignment Comet immediately slapped his ass less playfully and pulled him back into position. Gary struggled to hold himself steady. With each ramming, he saw stars and his body felt weak from the shock of pleasure. He giggled a little, giddy with the feeling of Comet completely taking over and prioritizing himself for a change. In the next moment, however, he felt a quick flash of alarm as he felt himself become unsteady from the vigor of the fucking that was shaking his body. His arms weren’t used to the strain, and Gary tried to flex them and his legs to relieve muscle strain, but just then Comet shoved into him particularly deeply. At that moment, Comet grunted ferally and again shot multiple streams inside Gary. The warmth of the dick inside him, along with the fierce heat of Comet’s probably magical cum splashing and spraying in him knocked the breath out of Gary. It felt so good, and he could feel the liquid pooling inside him, but his momentary weakness came at a cost. His arms, unused to sustaining such a position, wobbled and suddenly Gary fell forward onto the bed, nearly pulling Comet’s dick out of him. Only because Comet swiftly leaned over to catch him did his dick not exit Gary’s body. “Ooph sorry,” Gary apologized between uncontrollable moans. “I need to build arm strength up; I’m not used to this position.”

“S’ok,” Comet grumbled. “Wait,” he said and very carefully pulled completely out. Gary was immediately disappointed but Comet just said “pillow.” Gary slung the pillow he was holding in front of him over his shoulder blind, and Comet snatched it out of the air. “Flip!” Comet instructed, and Gary realized what was happening next. He swiftly rolled over, making the hot seed inside him spread all around his insides and spread its glorious heat. Comet grabbed him under the ass and effortlessly moved him closer to the foot of the bed and lifted his butt onto the pillow. Comet crouched slightly and ran his hands up Gary’s legs and brought his ankles up by Comet’s shoulders. Comet was so tall that Gary’s ankles couldn’t quite reach up to hook on the top of his shoulders, but Comet pulled them into the best position he could. He bent over slightly and slipped his penis back into Gary’s hole and resumed fucking, starting back with long gentle strokes to warm up again. He bent further forward and Gary slipped his legs around Comet’s torso.

Gary felt like his pelvis must have become double-jointed because it felt like he was doing the splits to make sure Comet had full access. With his lower body propped up but supported, Comet now began running his hands across Gary’s chest, just using the very lightest fingertip pressure to delight and excite him. He leaned further forward and used his meaty tongue to trace a line up Gary’s sternum to his own nipples, where he gently nibbled and teased them, all while maintaining a steadily increasing thrust. Suddenly he nipped at the skin of Gary’s chest; he didn’t break the skin but the sudden feeling of teeth made Gary hiss. Comet growled deeply while converting the bite into a playful kiss, and Gary felt hot seed flowing into him again and again. It almost felt like the volume of Comet’s cumming was increasing. Meanwhile, his own dick was pulsing and leaking pre-cum, and flapping against his stomach even without receiving any further attention. The volume of blood rushing into it was so great and so surging, Gary almost felt like his penis was being fondled by an invisible hand.

Comet kept up the barrage of stimulation, enjoying the feel of Gary in this position, and then started to slow down but deliver longer strokes. He briefly crashed down on top of Gary, letting his weight press the other man’s torso down and he delivered his firmest, deepest stroke ever. Gary felt Comet’s dick press up against him deep inside, poking him, and he came inside him again. Gary’s own dick responded in kind, pressed between their bodies, the surge of pleasure producing a guttural sound as it caught him by surprise. His own orgasm lasted a third of the time of Comet’s; but somehow, after it concluded, he didn’t feel spent or satisfied. He just wanted more. He managed to deliver a few quick kisses on Comet, desperately trying to give something back to his partner but mostly needing to grasp the bedding to keep from screaming from the overload of sensation. Somehow, Comet was carrying him along on this sexual tide.

At this point, Gary felt like he’d been douched with very warm water. There was definitely a pressure buildup in his cavity. His prostate was being pressed on continuously. Parts deep inside him were being pressed on and he felt an ache running through him. Comet’s face had taken on a remote expression of bliss and his eyes were half-closed. Gary felt the pressure within him increase further and it almost felt like he was being pinched inside and let out a helpless moan. Comet adjusted his grip to slide under Gary’s hips and started to angle him up higher. Gary tried to help by adjusting how he wrapped his legs around Comet’s wide, muscular body and suddenly he whimpered again. The pressure within him felt very high, and almost like he was being fucked even when Comet paused to adjust his position. The sensation had shifted from a slight dull ache to almost painful, yet the pleasure increased to match it.

Comet looked down at Gary and saw an expression of intense pleasure mixed with a hint of surprise and perhaps pain cross over and it utterly thrilled him. He was sinking deeply into a state of animalistic passion. Feelings and thoughts about Gary which he had firmly damped down started to surface. He started to see the other man as his property, not even as a conquest but rightful tribute. He wanted to mark him over and over again and the pleasure of claiming Gary repeatedly was almost overwhelming. He almost wanted to just keep cumming and cumming like he would with a low elf, but he could tell Gary was approaching a limit and he had enough self control to rein himself in some – just barely. He needed to be up slightly higher and, since Gary’s head was flung back on the bed and unable to see what he was doing, he simply raised his left foot a few inches and stood on the air, then brought his right foot up slightly higher and stood there. This allowed him to lift Gary’s ass up into an even more vertical position and fuck down into it. He gave into temptation and shot another load in his man’s ass, which elicited a moan from Gary that sounded more pain than pleasure and it thrilled him. Gary was taking deep shuddering breaths and he was sweating profusely. He had his arms spread across the bed and was clawing and grasping at the sheets and moaning repeatedly in time to his own pulse. Comet stepped a few inches higher on air to maintain the angle he needed as he continued to draw his dick further and further out like a baster that had done its job on the Thanksgiving turkey.

Gary’s whimpering became more urgent, and the feeling of overpressure on every part of his anal cavity increased. “Uh, it kind of hurts,” he gasped between moans, “maybe you should stop,” he said before giving in to another intense moan and grabbing new handfuls of the bed sheets.

“No,” Comet said and continued to fill him.

Gary’s eyes flew open wide in shock, an expression of fear coming across his face, then the pleasure dulled his gaze and he didn’t fight back against Comet’s mastery. The sensation of being firmly pressed upon everywhere inside him overwhelmed him, the heat within him was radiating outward, relaxing his guts, and his eyes started to roll upward. Gary was gasping and whimpering constantly now. The brief shock of realizing he was completely at Comet’s mercy had almost instantly turned from fear to pleasure and his dick was raging and hard, close to leaking again. Comet grabbed the butt plug he’d grabbed along with the lube. Partly supporting Gary’s hips on the pillow and with his legs weakly wrapped around Comet’s torso, he lubed up the plug. He completely pulled out in a smooth even gesture, which relieved a lot of the pressure on Gary’s insides, and then inserted the butt plug firmly. It was much smaller in volume than Comet’s dick but filled his hole nicely; it maintained a lower amount of pressure but enough to keep Gary writhing helplessly. Comet stepped down to the carpeted bedroom floor, lowering Gary’s torso in the process. Gary moaned weakly and whimpered as the sensations inside him continued to keep him in a state of near ecstasy. Comet was fairly certain that between the generous doses of Reindeer Milk and the magic inherent in his cum, any minor strain or injury Gary sustained would be rapidly healed. It had been hard to not fuck him harder, but he’d gotten a very good feel for what Gary’s body could handle and, with an instinct he didn’t know he had, limited himself. Comet realized distantly that he felt like this was different than their usual sex; somehow it was more like mating than playing.

Comet carefully came around the side of the bed and after smoothing the sheets somewhat, drew Gary back up toward the top of the bed so his legs were fully supported by the mattress. Gary lay there looking up at him, consumed and confused by a completely new mix of sensations, and Comet ran his hands up and down across his cool, smooth body. Gary looked like he was trying to say something but gave up and closed his eyes and moaned. His breathing continued to be ragged and his face was flushed, but his sensually parted lips told Comet that he was overwhelmed with pleasure and helpless. That made Comet feel good.

Gary felt Comet remove his hands from his body and tried to reach out to draw him back, but Comet quickly darted out of the bedroom. Gary lay back and felt the shift of the magical fluid within him and tried to lay flat, but his legs wanted to twitch both from the strain of having held on to Comet and the shock his nervous system was reeling with. Even without Comet there, he was transfixed, and owing to the supernatural heat of the cum, he could sort of feel it trickling deeper and deeper into him in a way that he’d never imagined possible. He kept grabbing handfuls of the sheets in his hands as each slight movement he made triggered a flow of pressure within him, sometimes shifting the butt plug to tap his prostate. He thought he might have cum again but the volume of pleasure he was experiencing was so great he couldn’t tell. Dimly Gary recognized the sound of water in the bathroom shutting off.

A moment later Comet returned to the bedroom and crouched on the head of the bed behind Gary. Gary caught the whiff of the forest scented shower gel he’d bought for Comet and realized he’d just quickly washed up. Comet sat behind his head, his thighs cradling Gary’s head, and he dropped his meaty log of a cock directly across Gary’s face, slapping him. Gary thought for a moment Comet’s cock was still leaking pre-cum, but a moment later he saw that no, it was actually leaking white creamy drops of true cum. He tried to kiss the velvety underside of Comet’s dick but Comet lifted his dick and dropped it across his face, his balls rubbing on Gary’s forehead for a moment as he taunted the man with his cock. He stood up on his knees, drawing his erect cock so as to trace a line of cum up Gary’s chin and right to his lips, and there it stopped and he realized Comet was far from finished with him.

Gary opened his mouth as wide as he could, trying to lick the leaking cum from his cock and eager to receive more, and Comet guided his dick inside, tracing cum along Gary’s tongue like icing. Gary closed his mouth and sucked at it, cleaning the leaking droplets. Comet reconsidered the position and sat back on his thighs. Instead, he helped Gary lever himself up and turn over and then crouch between Comet’s legs as if he were crawling toward him. Comet carefully guided his dick into Gary’s mouth while Gary held on to Comet’s thighs just above the knees. Gary briefly thought that Comet’s thighs were like two mountains and he just wanted to bury himself between them. But he managed, barely, to stay focused and got Comet’s dick inside his mouth; he gently suckled on it. Comet reached out and took firm hold of his head. Gary felt the dick in his mouth stiffen again.

Comet roared and started cumming so hard Gary had to gulp to drink it down. Comet started making his reindeer grunt repeatedly, which somehow morphed into a low throaty growl as his eyes fully closed and he began to pump again and again. His chest heaved with exertion and sweat was running down in such quantities that a few drops fell on Gary’s face. Gary drank and drank, it was like chugging down water on a hot day. Comet’s cum cascaded down his throat and some spilled out between his lips in a torrent which Gary dimly recognized as starting to have a minty aftertaste; he guessed Comet was basically spewing magic into him by that point. Gary couldn’t comprehend how much cum went down his throat but he felt his stomach stretching with fullness and started tapping on Comet’s thigh. It took a few moments before Comet responded and his eyes fly back open. Comet pulled out of Gary’s mouth still spurting hot strings of cum which flew all over Gary’s face. Comet leaned back on the bed and pulled Gary up on top of him, still shooting a last few ropes of thick white cum as he lifted the man as easily as an adult lifts a toddler. He nibbled the underside of Gary’s jaw and snarled “mine,” in the deepest, throatiest growl Gary had ever heard. Comet turned and laid Gary on the bed next to him then straddled him. He positioned himself face-to-face with Gary and began to wash his face with his tongue, lapping up every drop of his own cum and Gary’s sweat until Gary’s face looked clean and fresh.

Gary looked down. His belly was distended. His own meager pecs felt swollen and tingling. He reached down and felt how bloated his belly was. Comet slid to the side and with his face alight in an expression that could only be described as predatory delight, he touched Gary everywhere he could reach, feeling every curve and bulge of his body. He ran his hands over Gary’s engorged stomach in a swirling motion and mouthed “mine” again inaudibly. Comet was fascinated, almost riveted by the site of Gary looking so gravid. The sense of satisfaction at claiming this man was so overpowering, he struggled to hold on to his human sensibilities for a second because the wild instinctual sense of triumph was so powerful. Gary loosened his grasp on the bedding and weakly reached out to run his hands over any part of Comet he could reach. Mostly his right arm was able to feel Comet’s stone-hard bicep as he had his way with Gary. Every reach and action Comet made caused his muscle to flex and move in a way that pierced Gary with lust and amazement.

Comet picked Gary up in his arms and continued to hold, squeeze, and explore him; he treated Gary like a ragdoll that could be easily played with. He drew Gary up into his arms and seated him across his lap, and began to rub his belly in a circular gesture, pressing very firmly on it and acting clearly possessive of Gary, like a mated animal. Like a pregnant mate, Gary suddenly realized. It just hit him so fast, what he had been actually asking for all along. What he wanted Comet to make him feel like. Filled, with warmth. Filled, with life. Filled, until he looked pregnant. He had never even considered the possibility he might be turned on by something like this. For a split second he panicked at the possibility that Comet, whose power was probably rooted in some kind of Pagan fertility magic, might actually be able to do that. But he realized that if that were the case, Comet would probably already have impregnated him previously. Still, it was thrilling, but dizzying; he was rapidly becoming exhausted. Over the course of their fucking, the liquid in his bowels had cooled to normal body temperature, but the internal pressure remained, pressing on the prostate and making him feel overloaded and completely full. As he moved, the butt plug still sometimes tapped against his prostate so that he felt like he was still being deeply fucked with the dick somehow also perfectly pressed against the prostate. He was still whimpering and gasping, far from being able to make any sounds himself but moans of pain and animal-like noises of excitement, except with the greatest of efforts.

He was utterly full of cum, and Comet had him in his arms and was touching and teasing him and caressing him and licking him and Gary felt… owned. He felt like the pet of a mighty forest god. He felt the heat coming from his stomach suffusing in him, filling him. He had wanted Comet’s essence in him and now he had it. Gary felt helpless but happy. He had fire in his guts and ice on his tongue, and vaguely he sensed that the huge amount of cum in him was mostly conjured from magic and was trying to break down and infuse into him. With a start, he realized this much strength might just be enough to pull off a crazy idea he had floating in the back of his mind. As the power and passion continued to suffuse through him, he couldn’t stand the sensations anymore. It was all too much.

He looked at Comet and Comet looked back at him and in that moment he knew that Comet was well aware of how much power he had over Gary. He had just been concealing it so Gary wouldn’t be terrified. Weakly, Gary reached up to caress Comet’s cheek. Some of the dominating, animalistic quality faded from his face and he gently lowered Gary back down against the bed and caressed his face.

“Unh,” Gary sighed as he settled into place. The pain and pleasure waves were receding in his anus, fading as a numb, raw inside sensation started to spread. “I didn’t realize how much I wanted this. I was too shy to say… guess I finally managed to really give myself to you totally,” he said dreamily, still feeling a hot satisfaction from his overloaded stomach.

Comet bent down with an expression of concern and whispered in his ear. “I don’t need a slave, Gareth. I’m supposed to be yours.” Gary grinned and moaned lowly.

“I don’t want to be your slave,” he hissed between whimpers and gasps. “I just … I wanted to be yours. I wanted to be…” he stopped, trying to find a way to express his feelings. Suddenly, it came to him. “I wanted to be your high priest, and worship you like a god. Offer myself to you,” he said almost deliriously. Then his hand fell away from Comet’s cheek as the overload from their play exhausted him, and he passed out.

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