The Reindeer Clause: Part 4

By Nocturne13
published January 10, 2021
8484 words

Gary takes stock of their relationship and starts to question what secrets Comet may be keeping

The Reindeer Clause: Part 4

December 28, the feast of the Holy Innocents: the Fourth Day of Christmas

Gary awakened in his comfortable bed, but was cold. More precisely, not as warm as he expected; he was missing the blazing heat of being wrapped in Comet’s arms. He reached his hand out under the covers and felt the bed beside him had no trace of Comet’s body heat, so he had been up for a while and wasn’t just in the bathroom. Vaguely he remembered a kiss earlier in the morning and then curling back up in the blankets. Ah well, he couldn’t fault Comet for wanting to get up and do something. He tossed back the covers and hopped out of bed. Now that Comet was there to snuggle with him he went to bed naked every night. He loved the skin to skin feeling, and he even loved feeling Comet’s scary big dick flopping around by his ass. He decided to put on some of his silk pajamas to knock around the house in while making breakfast. At least they were good lounge wear, if a bit minimal.

“Comet! Where are you!” he yelled to the house but he didn’t hear an answer. There weren’t any sounds at all, and the bathroom was empty. “Comet!” he called while quietly padding through the house. After thinking a few minutes where Comet could have gone, he started for the door to the garage and second story, but when he reached the entry vestibule of his cottage, he saw Comet’s everyday winter coat and snow boots were missing.

“Oh he probably went for a walk,” Gary said to himself. He checked the clock radio in the kitchen and saw it was getting close to 10:30 so he decided to start cooking some breakfast. Before that though, he he filled a pitcher with water and went into the living room to take care of the tree. The needles were still green and fresh feeling, but the stand was almost dry. He carefully got on the floor beside the tree and refilled it. The smell of the fresh-cut spruce was invigorating, and after he stood up he took the time to admire it. The tree’s ornaments were so beautiful and very traditional, he had thought originally. But as he took the time to look over them he was struck by how many of them were not-exactly Christmas themed at all. They were actually more winter decorations than Christmas proper, he thought: people ice skating on a pond, a group of carolers singing by a fireplace, a yule log, a snowman. The carved birds which seemed to be nesting in the tree in particular reminded him of British folklore about the wren who was hunted on the day after Christmas. As he kept looking around, a lot of the ornaments had a decidedly pagan vibe to them; figures he originally took to be wise men looked more like harpers, druids, and mummers. He found a Jack Frost ornament, and one that made Santa look more like the Green Man than Father Christmas or his modern incarnation Saint Nick. There were also a few knights on the tree, which prompted him to check to see if they had names on them; he was kind of hoping he’d find one of Sir Gareth, his namesake. Gary thought his name was weird, but at the same time, not everybody can say they’re named after a knight of the Round Table.

After he finished examining the tree, Gary took a few minutes to look at the empty, unlit fireplace which until recently had been a bricked-over patch in the wall. He was hoping to get some wood and actually light it soon. He thought it would be fun to spend an evening snuggled in front of it with Comet, even though it was not full-sized; Gary thought it was supposed to be a bedroom fireplace since it was mostly defined by a cast iron plate with a small wood holding bowl instead of an open brick chamber with andirons to hold logs. Regardless, the Art Nouveau detailing of the metalwork was charming, and now that it was unbricked and fully exposed he was mystified that it had ever been covered up. Then again, perhaps it had been in much worse shape before the elves had gotten their hands on it.

Gary thought to look out the front window so he turned and stepped closer to the couch. He leaned over it and pulled the mini blinds open and looked out. It had snowed a bit more than was expected, but someone had come down the street with a snow blower and cut a razor sharp path for the sidewalk. Across the street the neighbors had their car sitting practically in the middle of the road, and the snow all around it was torn up. Gary guessed they’d had a Hell of a time digging it out from up against the curb after a plow had been by, but the position was still odd. The properties on that side of the street were slightly raised up from the elevation on Gary’s side, so the verge was like a small embankment. If a car were to spin out and go up that rise, it would be a mess to get it free; but he couldn’t tell from where he stood if that had happened. He guessed they’d just left it there while working on their driveway, since it also was sloped up from street level. Looking up and down the street, he didn’t see any sign of Comet out walking, so he drew back from the window and headed for the kitchen.

Gary reflected how strange it was to not have Comet in the house for even a minute. He had so quickly grown used to having Comet’s presence nearby to bask in that having him out of the house felt like the furnace had been turned off. The two of them had gone to bed at an early time the night before and then proceeded to have pillow talk for hours. They’d even broken their spooning position habit and faced each other, knees touching under the covers for a while. Gary got the distinct impression Comet was already very horny, but holding back because of the epic fucking he’d given Gary in the morning. No, Gary corrected himself; that was love-making not just fucking. Just the memory of that brought Gary to a halt, and he stood there with his eyes closed and a blissful look on his face as he savored thoughts of yesterday. Aside from the momentary worry he had when he woke up without Comet in bed, he felt great. He felt like some terrible leak within him had been plugged, and now for the first time in ages his strength wasn’t dissipating constantly. He was ready to do something fun today.

And now, it was time to breakfast up this house. Gary got to cooking.

It wasn’t too long before he heard a familiar scraping sound. He finished stirring his waffle batter and walked up to the front of the house to look out the narrow window beside his front door. He saw Comet outside with a snow shovel, clearing the driveway with great gusto. Comet had already demolished the ridge that the city snow plow had left blocking its exit. For once, Gary was happy his garage was actually keeping the car inside it. Though in hindsight it should have been obvious, Comet shoveled snow with the power of a Mack truck and Gary suddenly started wondering if someone with a snow thrower had actually done the sidewalk after all. Comet was strong enough that he just put the curved snow breaking shovel down and ran at the snow, doing a credible impression of a snow plow.

Gary laughed, Comet looked like he was having a lot of fun. After he sent streams of fresh snow flying out of his way to break up the crust, he switched to a conventional snow lifting shovel and cleared the area efficiently and very quickly. Gary kept watching his man using his amazing strength, and it wasn’t until he started to be chilled from the cold seeping in from the front door that he tore himself away. It was a convenient break from cooking though, as he had needed to let the waffle batter sit for several minutes. Figuring Comet would be in pretty soon, Gary started cooking bacon while prepping the fixings to add into omelets.

Comet came in the front door right about when Gary expected him to and stomped his feet to shake off snow. Gary had to restrain an impulse to run over the throw his arms around him, but considering how cold and snowy that area of the house quickly became, he was content to stay in the warm kitchen… especially since he was basically just wearing a silk t-shirt and matching boxers. He pushed the brew button on the coffee maker and within a few seconds it was shooting out instant hot chocolate.

“Hey you!” Gary said as Comet came up the hall to the kitchen, his jeans still fairly caked with snow. Gary held up the big ceramic mug full of hot cocoa. Comet looked delighted but held up a hand.

“I’m snowy! Be back!” Comet said as he scooted off down the hallway to the bathroom, unbuttoning his pants as he went. Gary heard the wet pants get tossed over the shower curtain rod and then Comet darted into the bedroom and started putting on something dry. Comet returned a few minutes later wearing a plain gray t-shirt that hugged every muscle, and a pair of gray sweatpants that hugged his ass and upper thighs and showed off a huge suggestive bulge that Gary knew was no suggestion.

Gary sighed. His dick had just shot out the right leg of his silk boxers. He was completely erect.

Comet had almost started to talk to him but looked at Gary’s pained expression and then looked down and started laughing so hard he had to lean up against the refrigerator to support him. “Thanks! You’re happy to see me! Nice! Hahahahahaha.”

“Do you want to drink this hot chocolate or wear it?” Gary asked archly. Comet collapsed in a fit of laughter and slowly sank down the fridge, dislodging the many carryout fliers on it. Gary looked down at the quivering heap of muscles and gray sweats and resisted the temptation to treat him like a giant horny beanbag.

“Ok well I’ll set this here on the counter since you’d just pour it on yourself if I hand it to you. I’m making waffles and omelets –”

Comet said something unintelligible that ended with “Christmas log,” and almost took out Gary as well.

“I’d come over there and tickle you for that but it’s probably a trap and I do fear reprisals,” Gary snarked, trying to hold on to his dignity with his hard-on still poking out from his boxers and twitching a little. “Anyway, seriously, please set the table for me and I’ll get us some food. You must be hungry after shoveling the driveway.”

“Yeah, cleared the neighborhood,” Comet corrected while getting his laughter under control.

That gave Gary a moment of pause. He’d thought Comet did the sidewalk but the whole block? Wait, literally the whole neighborhood? Surely not. “Oh, if you’ve been out that long you probably don’t want to play in the backyard right after eating,” said Gary as he realized Comet had probably been outside a couple hours already.

“No problem!” Comet cheerfully corrected while gathering himself to stand up. “Cold no bother.”

“Of course it wasn’t a problem,” Gary thought as he turned away from Comet to get back to cooking. Gary pondered for the first time if being Santa’s reindeer meant he’d literally been turned into an animal like in a fairy tale, but decided that it was just not worth thinking about before waffles. Just then, he felt Comet’s warm hands grasp him on the sides of his torso under his arms from behind and slide down to his waist; Comet’s fingers hooked in the waistband of his boxers. With a little gasp of surprise Gary stood still as Comet gently slid his boxers down his legs, all the way to his ankles. As he felt Comet’s warm breath depart from the back of his calves, he reached over to the counter and set down his mixing spoon, then lightly stepped backwards out of his boxers and turned to face his lover.

Comet had dropped his own sweatpants and was standing there half-hard just wearing nothing but a t-shirt. He reached out and gently took Gary’s still partially erect cock in his left hand. “Your dick is nice,” Comet said, making Gary blush. He had gotten used to Miles’s indifference if not outright disdain. The foreskin was weird. The shape was awkward. The size was pointless. The dick was excessive, and nothing special to feel good about. Though, in contrast to Miles, there had been that one guy he’d hooked up with before meeting Miles who liked it; but that guy got so turned on by the foreskin it was basically fetish play. He had been in to the skin of his dick, not Gary, and that actually felt worse.

Comet smiled warmly, his somehow innocent-seeming but still sexy smile, and gently reached out and took Gary’s dick in his right hand and very gently stroked it while holding it loosely at the base with his left. Gary sucked in his breath. His cock was sensitive and Comet’s hand was warm, a little rough, and so big it heated much of the length all at once. Gary felt his cock twitch and flex within Comet’s loose grasp and slap against the palm of Comet’s hand. Comet grinned with delight.

Comet opened up his palm and shifted a little closer to Gary. He pushed his own massive but circumcised cock downward toward Gary with one hand and with the other which was still holding the base of Gary’s cock, he lifted Gary’s up toward his. He very gently probed Gary’s generous foreskin with his right hand, and before Gary realized what he was doing Comet drew it up to wrap around the tip of his cock as he pushed forward. Comet’s dick was still shockingly thicker than Gary’s, but Gary felt their tips meet within his foreskin. Like the rest of Comet’s body, it was so warm it was almost hot.

“They’re kissing,” Comet growled, barely above a whisper. He carefully brushed their slits against each other while his right hand held them together, and the sensation was so intimate and erotic that Gary felt like lightning bolts were shooting out of his nipples; the small hairs on his forearms stood at attention; and as a cold shudder of excitement rushed through him his teeth almost started chattering.

Gary boggled at the sight and was riveted by the sensation of warmth and moisture as Comet gently caressed their penis tips against each other. Gary could feel his pre-cum leaking against Comet’s. The kiss analogy… wasn’t bad. He took several deep breaths as Comet looked at him with a considering but sexy expression. “I’ve never gotten to really explore my body,” Gary began, “not with another gay man, much less one as sexually potent as you.” Comet smiled cockily as he gently massaged Gary’s dick while carefully keeping his foreskin around Comet’s own cock. “Miles was always like ‘eh gimme a blowjob’ and that was often it.” Gary breathed. “In comparison you’re like, ‘Hey let’s rub our triceps together and see how that FEELS.’ In response, Comet let go of their dicks and threw both arms over his head as if he was doing a bench press and decided to just throw the barbell over his head. With his elbows pointed above Gary’s head, he flexed his triceps which were bigger than Gary’s biceps. Gary’s knees quit working in protest and he dropped to the kitchen floor, the cock dock broken. He felt very warm liquid splattering and dripping all over his legs near the knees and realized that Comet had drooled so much precum while they were docked that his foreskin was literally full of it. His entire foreskin was literally coated inside, mostly by Comet’s warm precum, and his penis tip was virtually lubricated by it. Comet carefully dropped to the floor beside him and took his dick back into his strong, warm right hand.

“Exploring, fun. Discovering… you.” He said gently fondling Gary’s dick tip with his right hand while propping himself up on his left hand. His stretched out torso was a wonderland of muscles and patches of light soft hair and Gary’s eyes swept back and forth across it. Then Comet leaned in for a kiss and the angle was a little awkward and the cabinets were so close to them they had little room to maneuver, so Gary reached up and threw both arms around his neck and pulled himself just off the floor, using the support to shift himself over a few inches. Comet grunted in approval and kissed him fiercely while teasing Gary’s tip. Gary felt his nipples sharpen again from the sensations and the proximity.

Comet withdrew his hand from Gary’s throbbing cock and used his right hand to push on Gary’s shoulder. Gary let go of Comet and let himself be lowered to the cold tile floor until he was laying flat on it. Comet bent down and then his tongue was on Gary’s solar plexus, licking him, swirling across Gary’s flat, mostly hairless chest. Even though Comet wasn’t touching his penis any more Gary felt it buck and kick from the recent physical sensations. The cold floor pressed into Gary’s back as Comet leaned more and more over him, covering him with his body and Gary realized this was his chance to feel Comet’s shoulders and arms and began to explore the smooth, thick, warm muscle. The curves, the pathways… tracing Comet’s muscles was like running a finger over the lines of a sculpture by one of the great masters.

Comet ran his tongue up the side of Gary’s neck under his chin. Strong licks, deliberately made over and over, tasting Gary’s skin, feeling the tiny hint of wiry stubble that he normally kept shaved smooth. Comet still held on to Gary’s shoulder tenderly but his weight and strength pushed down with such firmness Gary knew he couldn’t break free if he tried with all his might; but he didn’t want to. Gary arched his back and stretched as he lay flat on the floor, his chest pressing upward into Comet’s briefly. As Comet’s mouth clamped over his and his tongue invaded and danced with his, it felt like Comet was trying to give his tongue the same kind of enveloping hug his body seemed to inevitably do with Gary’s.

Just when Gary needed to take a really deep breath, Comet’s mouth broke free and the big man lifted himself up and scooted down beside Gary’s hips. Once again he took Gary’s entire hard length into his mouth and began delivering a masterful blow job that left him nearly paralyzed and twitching on the floor.

“You’re supposed to worship Gods,” Gary thought to himself. “Gods aren’t supposed to worship you.” He lay there enjoying the sensations, his body feeling so alive, his heart pounding and his breath coming in ragged pants. He felt guilty for enjoying it so much. “I’m so sorry I can’t do anything like this to you,” Gary panted. “I’m just laying here moaning and I want to make you feel this good.”

Comet popped up off his dick for just a moment to quip “later,” and then resumed his latest teasing of Gary’s cock. His warm hands cupped Gary’s balls, making them feel like they were eggs sitting in a warmer. Gary hissed and felt a sense of satisfaction as he remembered how good he made Comet feel with his nipple sucking. It just reminded him of how many other things he wanted to do to make him feel good. But for this moment he just enjoyed the sensation of the cold floor under him and the hot man above him. Gary moaned, helplessly overwhelmed by the pleasurable sensations. Comet’s warm wet mouth felt like it was drawing his life strength up through him like a fountain and with his breath catching mid-moan he suddenly came in Comet’s mouth with a gasp, pumping over and over and holding nothing back. He heard greedy gobbling sounds and idly was thrilled that Comet was swallowing every pump of his load. He felt cared for, and appreciated, and for a change he felt more like a man than he did some other days.

Comet kissed his way up his legs until he reached his mouth. “Mmm, appetizer good,” Comet teased. “Now, waffles.”

“So you haven’t been in my back yard yet, right?” Gary asked Comet. They were standing at the back door of the cottage next to the laundry nook and beside the master bedroom and were bundled up in their outerwear; Comet had switched to another pair of jeans instead of the sweat pants.

“Nope!” he replied, eagerly.

“Well it’s a little courtyard pinned in by the buildings near us, but I think it’s really charming,” Gary said and opened the door and stepped out.

The back yard was a small neat rectangle that stretched from the garage to the far side of his house and further back than might be expected thanks to the local geography. The yard was defined by an old fashioned wrought iron fence with palisade spikes on it, totally not to current municipal code, but grandfathered in. There were several small trees dotting the back of the yard, a mix of ornamental hardwoods and a few dwarf apple trees. Closer to the house there was a mountain ash tree on the right side which could be viewed from the back bedroom window. It was near the area that Gary had set up an herb garden in. French lilacs grew up against the back of the garage. Ivy grew up the bricks beside the back bedroom window, and a handful of other hardwoods clustered on the sides of the yard. It evoked the feeling of a grove, and Gary had a fire pit that he set up in the center during the nicer parts of the year. Currently everything was under a thick blanket of snow, but the charm of it shone through.

“Nice,” Comet enthused. “Magical,” he amended.

“Yeah, a lot of trees considered magical in folklore are in the back yard. That’s a thing in my family, we all tend to go in for folklore and legends and things like that.” Comet looked at him and seemed interested so Gary continued. “My family’s mostly Welsh, some English. Grandpa is a huge Mabinogian nerd. And I grew up reading fantasy literature. I mean, I told myself that magic wasn’t real and yet, there I was writing a letter to Santa Claus when I was in college, telling myself I was just venting but deep down hoping…” Gary blushed with embarrassment. Comet shrugged but gestured at himself with a flourish.

“I like fantasy too,” he said.

“Really?” Gary said enthusiastically. “Can you remember a couple of books you liked?”

Comet pondered the question a few moments. “My favorite,” he said. “Lord of the Rings.”

“Yes!” Gary yelled. “The best. And the Hobbit!” Comet nodded enthusiastically. “And the Silmarillion!” Comet stopped and looked confused. “Oh I guess that might have been published later. After Tolkien died his son kept publishing his remaining works. Lord of the Rings is still HUGE, and the movie versions…!”

“Movie?” Comet said, his eyes lighting up.

“Yeah! They made 3 movies out of Lord of the Rings, plus another three for the Hobbit where they added in some extra material. Oh my gosh, we have to watch all of them!” Gary nearly leapt on Comet, his eyes shining with the light of a Tolkien fanboy on vacation in New Zealand. “Comet … would you like to watch all 6 movies in their extended cuts with all the bonus features with me?”

“… Yes?” Comet said, perhaps a little taken aback by Gary’s enthusiasm.

“Excellent,” Gary cackled with wild abandon. “That’s tomorrow and the next day sorted out.” Comet looked very confused at that comment. “They made such long movies that it would take–” Gary paused remembering Comet’s limited ability to comprehend numbers. “It would take almost an entire day and night to watch everything, so we should split it in half. Tomorrow the Hobbit, the day after the Lord of the Rings. I guess after we get some exercise, and by we I really mean me, we should do some errands.”

“Ok!” Comet agreed. “What’s that?” He pointed over at the barest spot in the yard where no greenery was in front of the fence. On the other side was the neighbor’s very plain garage. Gary started walking over toward it, narrating the features of his yard.

“This spot over here along the fence” he pointed at the area where the windowless wall of the neighbor’s garage stuck out starkly. “I’d like to add a couple more small trees here to block out that ugly gray garage. That house is a complete mis-match to the neighborhood, I think the original burned down in the late seventies and got rebuilt, it looks like it should be in a tract housing row. What do you think of –” Gary broke off and ducked because as he turned back to Comet, he saw a large fluffy snowball homing in on his head. “Hey!” he protested.

Comet was already gently packing another snowball with the slightly damp, thick snow. Gary decided he’d better shut up and defend himself. He darted for one of the dwarf apple trees near the back of his yard to put 3 inches of wood between him and Comet, then he started making his own snowball. Naturally with Comet’s phenomenal strength it was no problem to chuck a snowball anywhere in the yard, but the strength necessary to propel one that far might make it a little too hard if it hit Gary in the head. Instead Comet started making an armful, ready to dart forward like a commando and lob a bunch at close range.

“I feel like you have a terrain advantage here!” yelled Gary as he popped out from behind the thin trunk of the small tree and chucked a snowball that fell more than 10 feet short of reaching Comet.

“HO HO HO, WISEGUY!” yelled Comet in a deep voice that almost shook the trees. He stopped dead in his tracks, dropped his armful of snowballs and clapped both hands over his mouth, horrified that he’d basically just taken Santa in vein. Gary took advantage of his momentary hesitation to run forward and lob a snowball that hit Comet on the chest with all the force of an invigorating post-shave cheek slap. This broke Comet out of his momentary panic. He looked down at the small wet lump of snow sliding down his coat and looked up at Gary. Gary immediately realized he had made a terrible mistake and turned and ran toward the back of the yard, exposing his decidedly less vulnerable backside. Comet quickly snatched up one of his dropped snowballs and lobbed it directly at Gary’s ass where it hit with the sting of a good slap. Gary yelped in surprise, and mis-stepped over a small branch that was laying in the snow, tripping on it instead. He pitched forward and fell face-first into the thick snow.

Comet laughed and dashed forward, the snow somehow having no power to bog him down. He nearly skipped across the yard and reached Gary as he was pushing himself out of the ground. “I win!” Comet announced as he reached Gary and helpfully picked him up and set him standing on the ground.

“Bleargh,” Gary said as he started wiping the damp, caked snow off his face and hair. “What do you win?”

Comet slapped his chest and grinned saucily. “For long time!” Gary sighed.

“Well I think that makes us both the winner. But for now … do you want to build a snow man?”

Later that afternoon the pair were at IKEA to buy some new furniture for Gary’s home office. Gary was in a fantastic mood. He had Miles’s big car to bring it home in, he had Comet to carry it for him, and he was going to get cinnamon rolls to go. Nothing could be better! Comet in the meantime was utterly fascinated by everything as they proceeded through the labyrinthine store with their face masks on.

“Almost like made by elves,” Comet said gesturing at all the Scandinavian wicket y-wack and furniture. “Workshop elves,” he clarified.

“I dunno,” Gary answered, “this stuff is very sterile looking; austere. The bed they made is so gorgeously carved out of solid wood–” he broke off as Comet came to an abrupt halt and stared at him.

“Elves brought the bed?” he asked, with a tone Gary judged was one of genuine surprise.

“Yeah, the one that was there before was much smaller. They brought the whole thing, the mattress, the bedding, and that gorgeous carved headboard and its matching footboard and frame.” Comet stood there with a hand on his brow thinking furiously. The center of the headboard carving was a sunburst and there were flowers and vines scrolling around the edges. The winter court elves would never use those motifs much less create something so ornamented. Realization set in.

“Summer elves. Why?” Comet’s expression was fairly stunned. Gary paused, caught off guard Comet’s pronouncement. He had assumed that Santa somehow brought in a crew from his workshop to do the work around the house and just dropped the bed in place like a present. But thinking about it, the woodwork upstairs was done with the same style and grace of the bed’s headboard, which rather implied it was the elves of summer and not winter who’d repaired the house and that just didn’t seem to make any sense.

“Uh, upstairs has a similar style of wood carving, and it looked like it was done in place. And the couch used to be barely held together and it got repaired – or replaced with an identical but new one. If the bed is summer elf work, I think it’s all summer elf work.”

Comet thought about it and shook his head, “Can’t understand why.” Gary shrugged and gently prodded him to continue as they were potentially going to hold up other shoppers following the main path around the store.

“I did think it was a little strange the way it was explained in the letter, I’ll show you when we get home,” Gary said. “Anyway we just need to get a desk, this chain specializes in kinda cheap but ok furniture, and since everybody seems to be poor now, it’s really popular.” Comet nodded. “If you see anything you want, we’ll get it.” Comet nodded and continued to push their cart forward.

While they could have easily killed two hours shopping in the showrooms, the duo moved swiftly through the store intent on visiting the specific furniture displays Gary had looked up in advance. Keeping their distance from the other shoppers, who mostly were wearing masks due to the pandemic, they moved at an even rate. Gary picked out the exact varieties he wanted and got all the pull tags needed for them to grab the ready to assemble furniture from the stock area of the warehouse. They headed for the warehouse with minimal browsing.

Gary’s new desk and the pseudo closet storage cabinet they wanted were both out of stock on the ground level, but there was some overstock on a higher shelf. Gary didn’t see any employees to get help from, so he told Comet he’d be right back and went looking around the nearby aisles. He paused to step out of the way of an elderly Black woman with graying dreadlocks raised up on her head like a crown and tied around with a colorful scarf-like cloth with a silver pin. She was pulling a flat cart with a ready to assemble book case on it, but was walking slowly with a cane; not a typical medical cane, rather an old fashioned gentleman’s walking stick with a big doorknob-like crystal on the top.

“Oh sorry, go ahead,” Gary demurred.

“I’m moving slow young man you might as well go first,” the woman rasped with a strong, rich voice.

“I’m in no hurry, I’m just looking for a forklift operator.”

“Oh they don’t run the forklift if the store is open. If you want something on the storage above, you have to come back another time.”

“Oh no!” Gary blurted. “Well, bummer.”

The woman nodded imperiously down the aisle and then pointed with her cane. “You don’t need a forklift if that man is with you,” she said with a mix of surprise and admiration. Gary swung around in time to see Comet lifting a 2-man carry box of furniture down from the upper shelf, and he wasn’t struggling with it or sliding it. He simply plucked it off the shelf and gently set it on the cart with all the difficulty of taking an empty ice cube tray off the top of the fridge. Gary’s mind balked at the display. On the one hand, it was hot. On the other, part of his brain suggested he do some math to estimate exactly what level of strength it would take to just whip a box of furniture off the shelf like that with mostly hand strength, and Gary told his brain to be quiet. As he watched, Comet grabbed the remaining items that they needed that were only on top shelves down as well and plopped them on the flatbed furniture cart, and when he looked up and saw Gary looking his way he grinned and started wheeling toward Gary.

Gary broke his gaze and turned to the woman standing nearby. “Uh ma’am, would you like me to wheel that cart for you? My boyfriend has our cart taken care of. He can also lift your item and put it in your car for you after we’ve checked out.”

“Oh how kind of you Sweetie. You can call me Mrs. S,” she said. Gary nodded.

“Comet, this is Mrs. S,” Gary said as he approached. “I’m going to help her with her cart and then after we’ve all checked out you can put her book case in her car.”

“Good deal,” Comet said cheerily. Mrs. S. nodded as Comet wheeled up to the mouth of the aisle.

“He doesn’t talk a whole lot,” Gary clarified; Mrs. S. just nodded. They turned and walked away toward the registers without noticing a store employee gaping at Comet from the other end of the aisle as they walked away.

After they checked out and Comet loaded her purchase in Mrs. S.’s old station wagon, Gary noticed something shiny on the ground. “Oh Mrs. S., you dropped this I think,” he said bending down to pick it up. It was the silver pin that Mrs. S had been wearing on her headscarf. It was basically a fancy-looking spear surrounded by a ring of stars. Gary didn’t get a good look at it before handing it back to her.

“You could have just kept this,” she said looking at him intently. “Finders keepers.”

Gary shrugged. The pin was nice and would look great on his favorite jacket but he had no need to take the nice lady’s scarf pin. The way she said it though, it was almost like she was trying to give it to him, which made no sense. “Well, you could just hold on to it for me,” Gary said. “I might need it someday.” He darted forward to hand it to her and then stepped back, trying to maintain the recommended social distance.

“A wise choice,” she agreed with a chuckle. “If you ever need it, I’ll give it back to you. Deal?”

“Deal,” Gary said. Mrs. S. inclined her head in approval.

“You boys have a nice afternoon,” Mrs. S. said as Comet pushed their cart away and Gary pushed hers to a parking lot cart corral. “Nice manners on that one,” she muttered to herself when they were out of earshot. “He deserves good things. Lord Kringle picked well this time.”

Comet easily loaded their own purchases into Miles’s SUV and after parking their cart, he hopped into the passenger seat. As Gary slid in and buckled his seat belt Comet kind of sighed. “Must be fun drive,” he said slightly mopily.

Gary froze, “Did you want to drive? You have Miles’s license.” Comet shook his head with a glum look.

“Speed limits,” he said. Gary made an O expression, and realized that Comet’s inability to comprehend numbers would prevent him from reading speed limit signs, or the speedometer.

“Oh, well you probably need some practice too, it’s been a while,” he smoothed over. “We can go over to the high school and practice driving just in the parking lot while they’re closed for winter break. How does that sound?”

“Fun,” Comet agreed halfheartedly.

Gary yawned.

“Oh shoot I’m more tired than I thought,” he said.

“Hmmm, nap?” Comet suggested. “And snack?” he grinned lightly rubbing his pecs.

“Oh yeah,” Gary said grinning. “That’ll pick me right up.”

Back at Gary’s house Comet indicated he’d take the purchases upstairs and Gary should go rest a bit. Gary thought that sounded great so he let himself in to his house through the connecting door in the garage and left it open for Comet. He hoped that their purchases could make the turn from the entry door to go up the steep stairway, but sort of assumed that Comet would be able to manipulate any angle necessary to clear it with his ridiculous, supernatural-seeming strength. Gary really was struggling to not analyze how much strength you would need to to pluck an eighty pound box off a shelf without any apparent effort. True, it was just one item, it wasn’t like he’d moved an entire pallet that a forklift would normally be used for; but it was definitely strange.

When Comet supported Gary during sex, it seemed like picking him up required less relative effort than picking up a cat; there was no strain or sense of effort at all. Gary used the bathroom and washed his hands after, thinking the whole time. Comet clearly had some kind of fertility magic power, and probably some level of supernatural strength on top of being so tall and muscular. Certainly his physical presence had stunned people several times but that could also be fertility magic or just good looks. Slowly the thought occurred to Gary that even though Comet wasn’t one of Santa’s reindeer anymore maybe he still had some – or even most – of his powers? And what would that even mean? He also had the idea that Comet was trying to not let on. After all, Comet didn’t lift the box down when he was right there; he waited until Gary walked away to look for help. If Mrs. S. hadn’t pointed directly at him doing it, Gary would never have noticed him lifting that heavy object. Clearly picking up an eighty pound box was within Comet’s physical capabilities as a tall muscular man, it was the part where he plucked it off a shelf with his hand that was odd. And once he did that, he resumed using two hands to lift and carry, but that could easily just be for appearances. He was definitely trying to hide his strength, but subtly.

Gary walked into his bedroom and kicked off his shoes by the door. He peeled off his shirt and dropped it on the bench at the foot of the bed. He slipped off his pants and tossed them there as well. Then he walked up to the head of the bed and sat down, looking at the headboard, and examining the carving. Gary wasn’t an expert but he thought it looked like the huge headboard with it’s circular arc covered by a sunburst was oak. Actual solid oak. He pulled the edge of the bedding partially loose to examine the mattress and realized it was completely hand sewn and not any name brand either. He grabbed the fuzzy snuggle blanket that had fallen off the foot of the bed and lay down on the comforter.

Cloud soft, yet supportive, the feather down comforter was amazing, whether as a cover or a temporary mattress. He shook out the acrylic throw and covered himself. Elf bed, check. Elf bedding, check. Reindeer with super strength, check. Pagan themed tree in the living room, check. Letter from Santa, check. Gary definitely felt there was some puzzle laying in plain sight around him and he needed to find the pieces and assemble them. He had a sense of urgency that came from his intuition and it was bothering him; this instinct felt very strong and he thought it was right. But why? And also what else was Comet hiding? And why? Why would he need to hide it if he had powers beyond – wait Santa had written about this. Something like ‘magically unlimited stamina, tireless, strong, able to heal injuries.’ What a peculiar mix of abilities, but then Comet had stated that the elves he worked with were violent, greedy, hungry, biting creatures. Gary shuddered at the implications.

So why would Comet hide his powers? To distance himself from his service? Because he didn’t want to be used the way he had been before? To avoid scaring Gary? Because he felt bad about being a – a what? Gary paused at that thought and slowly worked his way through it. Could Comet feel not-human? Could he feel like an animal or monster for being different? Even though Gary thought his powers were cool, did they feel Othering to Comet? Gary thought about his own dick and how he got teased for having a big one back at puberty. Maybe it was something like that for Comet.

Gary lay there for a bit, trying to relax and still thinking about the situation and he heard Comet pad in, surprisingly quiet for such a big man.

“Hey,” he said to let Comet know he wasn’t sleeping.

“Hey,” Comet said, stripping down to his own underwear, boxer briefs today, which perfectly outlined the size and shape of his huge but still mostly soft dick. Comet lifted the fuzzy throw and slid into the bed next to Gary.

“Hey I was thinking,” Gary said, reaching out to trace a circle around Comet’s bare left pec, feeling the slight dusting of straight light brown hair that dusted the top of it. “I just want to make sure you’re doing ok. I kind of feel like maybe you’re horny all the time and trying to just limit yourself mostly to what I’m doing. Like, you don’t have to win a snowball fight to ask me to suck your pecs, man.”

“Horny, yes, often,” Comet agreed, reaching out to tousle Gary’s hair. “And horny FOR you,” he added. Gary smiled and blushed lightly.

“I just don’t want you to feel you can’t ask me for what you need. You shouldn’t be like a garden hose with the water pressure on all the time just waiting to be used to water something. I feel … greedy almost asking you for what I want. I’d like to say you can just do whatever you want whenever you want with me, but truthfully I don’t think I could keep up with you. But tell me what you want ok? We can go from there.”

Comet nodded, looking very intense instead of playful for a change.

“This has all been great but I only have ten days – er, a week and a half – of Christmas and holiday vacation. In early January I’m back to work. I don’t want you to be bored and just watch TV all the time. I want to help you find things to do.” Comet nodded. “Ok well that said what I want to do now is make you feel so good you just cum on the spot, and if I can’t quite do it with just your nipples then I want to blow you this time.”

Comet grinned very widely. “Deal, Gary, deal.” Gary slid across the bed under the fuzzy blanket and snaked over Comet’s massive form. Laying on top of him he started to once again suckle at Comet’s left nipple. Unlike last time he simply gently sucked with little play at all, but it seemed to delight Comet. He gasped, he sighed, he moaned as Gary drank and drank. Gary could feel Comet’s penis stirring to life this time, it was almost like he relaxed and just let himself enjoy it. After several minutes Gary switched to his other nipple and gave it equal attention while he hugged Comet’s wide torso and the huge but gentle man continued to run his hands over Gary’s head, down his neck and across his back. The warmth of the man below him, combined with the soft warmth of the acrylic throw on his bare skin made Gary very comfortable. Comet’s dick was going nuts from the pleasure his nipples were receiving and Gary could feel it peek through the briefs, essentially slapping on his tummy. After he’d drank from Comet about ten minutes on each side and Comet was flushed, sweating, and continuously moaning, Gary concluded it was time to finish him off with a proper blow job.

He gently released his hold on Comet’s torso and slid further down while staying under the covers. He ran his face across the cobblestone rows of his abs while Comet spread his thighs wide apart letting Gary have easy access to his crotch. Still under the throw, Gary slid below Comet and kneeled and pulled his briefs further loose, letting his raging hard cock spring fully free. He reached up and took hold of Comet’s dick with both hands and guided the tip to his mouth. He gently kissed the tip and licked it, and began to swallow it and swirl his tongue around the head. He was relieved he was able to fully insert the head of it into his mouth despite its thickness. He had only begun to work on it when Comet’s sudden gasp combined with the dick suddenly stiffening between his lips gave Gary just a few seconds of warning before Comet orgasmed and began to pump huge amounts of cum into Gary’s mouth. Each pump of hot creamy liquid seemed like a full tablespoon to Gary, three or more times a normal man’s output. He immediately had to start swallowing for fear of his mouth being flooded and even then he was barely fast enough. Comet’s dick pumped hard and after each jet of jism took only a couple seconds before it delivered another pump. Gary counted five in all – well more than a quarter cup of cum for one quick orgasm. As it was some of the cum splattered on the front of his lips and he felt some on the bottom of his chin. He quickly wiped his face off and licked his fingers clean and reflected Comet had been completely accurate the other day when he thought Gary might not be able to swallow all of his first load which carried the protection spell Santa left for him. Gary took his time kissing the soft but muscular inner thighs before leaning up and diving under Comet’s slowly softening dick to lick and gently suck his warm balls. Going by the happy sounds Comet was making he was enjoying the extra attention. Satisfied with his work, Gary crawled up the length of Comet’s body on all fours until he was laying on his chest and his head emerged from the covers. Comet was laying there with a blissed-out look on his face.

“I wanted to give you a great blowjob but I guess you were more than ready,” Gary said warmly. “Maybe I’ll have to do the blowjob first one time.” Comet tilted his head slightly to look at him, mouth parted sensually, eyes heavily lidded and then in an instant the world flipped upside down and Comet was on top of Gary, his mouth pressing against him and his tongue dancing into his mouth. He adjusted his hold be more comfortable to Gary, but held him tightly while he kissed him with breath blocking passion.

“Need need need you,” Comet murmured as he released the French kiss before Gary swooned from lack of oxygen. “Like you so much. Can’t even say,” he half cried and half growled. “You’re everything,” he finished as he carnally licked Gary up the side the face.

“Just so we’re clear,” Gary said. “If I had the strength to flip you onto your back right now, and do what you did to me right back to you, I would. Because I feel the same way.”

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