The Reindeer Clause: Part 3

By Nocturne13
published December 29, 2020
7777 words

Comet and Gary finally make love.

The Reindeer Clause: Part 3

December 27, the Feast of St. John: the Third Day of Christmas

Gary awakened to the feeling of hot flesh pressed against him and remembered he had gone to bed naked with Comet. Because Comet’s arms were so strong and safe feeling, he had once again stayed in little spoon position all night, and slept soundly without nightmares. He had a strong feeling that he would never have a nightmare while being held by Comet, and made a contented sigh. Either this awakened Comet or he was awake and just enjoying holding Gary, because Comet immediately adjusted his grip on Gary and ran his arm across his chest and abdomen. “Morning sleepyhead,” Comet murmured from behind, his hot breath tickling the back of Gary’s neck.

“That sounds critical. This is the appropriate amount of sleep and cuddling,” Gary replied. “I could just stay in bed and suck on your nips for breakfast, what do you think of that?”

“You could,” Comet chuckled. “I need breakfast! Maybe, bacon?” Gary wasn’t sure if he was seriously asking for food or making a joke about his butt. It was too early to try to figure out if Comet was cracking jokes. “Are you getting up?”

“I don’t wanna,” Gary said.

“How about a massage?,” Comet asked. “Full massage this time,” he said and ran a hand down the length of Gary’s torso from his ribcage to almost his knees, completely unobstructed since Gary went to bed naked.

“Ooooh,” Gary said. “That would be worth waking up for!” Comet released his grasp and rolled over, lifting the covers and sliding out of bed. He stood up and stretched lazily, but the high ceiling of the house provided him ample room for him to really reach high so he followed that up with a serious reach for the ceiling. Limbered up, he took hold of Gary’s covers and folded back the comforter and sheets leaving Gary lying naked curled up on the soft fitted sheet facing away from him. Comet opened up the nightstand and got out a bottle of lotion Gary had in there, as well as a bottle of lube which he put on the back corner of the bed. He kneeled on the bed and got Gary to lie on his stomach with a pillow under his chest so that his upper body was at a very gentle incline and his hands were above his head. Comet squeezed a generous amount of body lotion into the cup of his hands and rubbed it between them to warm it. He placed his hands on Gary’s shoulder blades and started to work the lotion in with light gentle caresses. Gary ooohed and moaned appreciatively. Comet generously applied lotion as he moved lower on the back, warming each handful first and even drizzling a generous handful across Gary’s lower back and butt. Though he should probably have returned to the top of Gary’s back for more work, once Comet got his hands on Gary’s cute butt he couldn’t help but start there, massaging the glutes and lower back. He made fists and playfully drummed Gary’s butt like he was tenderizing it which elicited a delighted giggle from Gary.

“Hmm you sit a lot,” Comet observed. Gary made a sound of agreement. “Maybe work out for butt. And back health,” Comet added as he started to do a decent amateur attempt at a deep tissue massage of the butt area. Gary genuinely thought it felt great, Comet’s quick once over of his neck, shoulders, and upper back yesterday had been great, but his lower body really needed the ministrations. If the pandemic hadn’t been in full swing Gary would probably have gotten a professional massage long before this, but Comet was making up for it. Comet returned his attention to the upper back which was already slathered with lotion and worked it in with long even pressure strokes.

“Oh gosh your hands are SO good, you’re so warm and so strong,” Gary said dreamily with his head turned aside on the pillow. “Are you actually trained somehow or just talented?”

“Just rubdowns after hard work,” Comet said. “We’d care for each other.”

“If you want to get a job, we should send you to massage school. Your massages would be godly. You’d be a real healer,” Gary cooed. “We’d just need to figure a way to keep your clients from orgasming from your hotness,” he added thoughtfully. “I guess you could focus on straight men and lesbians,” Gary continued. Comet chuckled. “No I’m serious! I feel like you should share this talent with the world. Well if you don’t want to I’m glad I get to enjoy it. Your hands feel good.”

“Thank you,” Comet said as he worked on Gary’s left thigh and back of the legs. Gary was moaning gently as every touch released stress and tension and left him feeling more relaxed, but also of course aroused because it was Comet after all. Comet moved on to his right leg while noticing Gary’s penis was erect and peeking out from under his crotch. He was tempted to play with it but didn’t want Gary to move out of his relaxed posture. After Comet finished the right leg he did some long deep tissue style strokes across the butt from butt to thigh and then moved back up to do Gary’s arms one at a time. Finally he did a gentle finger massage on the back of Gary’s neck eliciting even more happy groans.

He adjusted his position again and reached behind himself for the bottle of lube and started to coat his penis. He had been keeping himself from getting erect the whole time with a tremendous mental effort and at the thought of doing what he was planning his dick surged to full mast in seconds. He thought it was better Gary not see it hard – and full sized – at all beforehand, as he was already so intimidated by its length and girth while still soft. He carefully crawled over Gary’s back and got himself positioned near his asshole before lowering himself gently into contact with Gary’s back. With one hand supporting most of his weight, he gently rubbed Gary’s shoulders and the areas that he could reach with the other. Gary sighed contentedly.

“Totally relaxed?” he asked Gary.

“Oh yes, this is wonderful. I really don’t want to get up now.”

“I like you so much Gareth,” Comet said.

“I adore you Comet,” Gary said in reply.

“Gareth. It’s time,” Comet said a little more seriously.

“To flip over?” Gary asked puzzled.

“No, it’s time,” Comet said allowing the tip of his penis to brush down through Gary’s ass crack and hover at his hole.

“OH!” Gary blurted, taken off guard. “NOW?”

“You said yesterday…” Comet reminded him.

“But, now?!” Gary yelped.

“You’re relaxed. Won’t hurt. Promise,” Comet said.

Gary’s mind went into a tailspin. All the fears of Comet’s big dick as well as the fears about what it would mean to let himself be fucked by Comet ran through his mind; he wasn’t just afraid of pain he was afraid of his own feelings for Comet consuming him. Yet, the desire to be held and warmed and intimate with him was overwhelmingly powerful, even as it was frightening. He was just torn between fear and desire and trapped in a loop going back and forth between the possibilities–

“Yes,” Gary said out of nowhere while he was still in the middle of attempting to rationalize saying ‘No.’ He was shocked he said it while still mentally dialoguing with himself. Comet kissed him on the back very gently as he lay there having the realization he had said yes sink in. Comet sat back up and reached down to gently spread Gary’s legs a little wider so he could kneel between them closer to Gary, and then poured some lube into the crack and massaged it in to his hole using both thumbs. He adjusted the position of Gary’s hips and Gary realized why he was already holding on to a pillow. Gary was not able to move on his own; he simply went into the position Comet adjusted him to and stayed there, paralyzed, almost trembling with the stress of the mental conflict and second thoughts.

Comet was rock hard. When he’d been assigned to Gary he was hoping he would get matched with someone at least nice, even though he didn’t deserve it. He started to fall in love with Gary almost immediately. It wasn’t the first night. He was just happy to communicate a little. He was still struck dumb and could barely communicate like an animal. He remembered carrying Gary to this bed and tucking him in after the shock-filled night where his former boyfriend was taken away by Lord Kringle. He went back to the living room and slept on the floor that night in front of the cold fireplace, thinking about how he would be used and how he would serve, and whether the sweet man who took in a stranger would be able to handle having a huge near-mute oaf as some kind of manservant. He didn’t understand the things in the house that were modern technology, and Gary was obviously frightened by his size, though he could tell he was also drawn to him. Comet had always been handsome and had gotten his way so many times in the past because of his handsome face; but that was before he was taken away by Lord Kringle for his crimes. That was the man, not the beast.

Comet pushed the tip of his dick against Gary’s hole, guiding it by hand very carefully, making sure it was swimming in lube as the head started to push into Gary. In turn, Gary took a deep breath and tried to relax as Comet lifted his belly just a smidgen more to get in the best position. Gary felt like spikes of ice were piercing his heart and guts he was so afraid. It was like the first time a man had fucked him all over again, when he wasn’t sure if the guy really did put on a condom on but needed to be fucked so badly he just took it. He had been with a few guys after that before he met Miles, but it had never really felt like fucking let him be connected to them. It was something mechanical that guys wanted to do to make their penises feel good, not to make him feel good. Comet though, he was something completely different. It was like that old Madonna song. Gary felt like he was about to lose his virginity all over again and he knew it wasn’t going to just be his body that Comet penetrated. He was somehow sure that Comet would pierce his soul in just a moment, and he would never be the same again. And the truth is that Gary was pretty sure that as much as he liked Comet already, getting fucked by him would leave him helplessly overcome with desire and that was the scariest thing of all. And, it was already too late to worry about that, because Comet was already entering him.

As Comet continued to slowly ease the whole of his dick head into Gary, he kept thinking about the whirlwind events of the past few days. That first morning he felt like an idiot, he couldn’t even figure out how to make coffee with the tiny little cups instead of a proper percolator. And what happened? Practically the minute Gary was up and around, out came the rune cutters and he was breaking the restraint spells. It wasn’t like he didn’t consider it and acted on impulse either. Somehow Comet could tell he processed the entire situation in just minutes in his heart in a way it might take hours for someone to process it in his head. It was clear. No slave. No beast. A free man. Consent. Mutual respect. Hot tears flowed from Comet’s eyes and he squeezed them without thinking, dropping a few onto Gary’s back. ‘I love you Gareth,’ he thought but kept his mouth clamped shut. He didn’t deserve to say those words. Those words could bind like a spell and manipulate. Those words HAD bound like a spell and manipulated. He sniffed and focused his attention, using his hands to hold Gary’s torso so that entry continued smoothly.

Gary gasped as Comet’s head entered him fully. “Oh!” he breathed. His heart skipped a beat happily. He was pierced. He was pierced. A man had opened him up. A man was coming inside him. Someone was inside him. He exhaled deeply and shakily, slowly, drew breath back in. Comet was inside him. And he trusted Comet.

Comet very gently rolled his hips forward and more of his length moved into Gary. Comet let go of Gary’s sides for a few moments to slather generous amounts of lube on his dick and spread it out. He soaked himself with lube like syrup on Belgian waffles, using as much as he thought he could possibly need, and then added some extra. He resumed gently pressing forward, exploring carefully. He didn’t expect solid resistance yet, but he was ready to stop and let Gary adjust the second he felt he needed to.

Gary felt Comet inching deeper and deeper. He didn’t feel any pain from his hole being stretched but now he felt like his insides might be getting rearranged. It was a delicious sort of probing sensation that made him hiss with excitement. The shaft kept entering him with almost maddening slowness, and the erotic sense of invasion sent a thrill through his body. Comet was inside him. Comet was coming deeper inside him. The super hunky himbo had his dick inside him. Comet’s dick. Comet’s huge dick. Comet with all his muscles and sweetness and sudden sneaky sexiness. Inside. Deeper. Deeper. Pushing in. Comet’s dick rearranging him and claiming him as its territory. Coring him. Supporting him. Like a steel rod shoved up a scarecrow to prop them up. Comet was about to utterly own him, but it was ok; he trusted Comet. Gary suddenly relaxed completely, almost going limp but managing to keep his ass in the right position with the help of the pillow under his chest. Any inner resistance he still had was gone, and the anxiety he’d felt about the penetration dissipated, leaving only room to enjoy the feeling of connection. And then Comet’s legs touched the back of his legs and he leaned just a little more forward and Gary felt his buns up against Comet’s fuzzy crotch; inside, he was filled, utterly. He could feel strange pressures deep within him that he had never felt before, and knew Comet was terrifyingly deep inside him. He felt emotions that he had never felt before. Filled. Complete. Full. Helpless but safe.

Gary took a deep breath and exhaled while he felt his heart race. It felt so unbelievably good to have this big warm man deep inside him. As he took a few moments to take stock of all the physical sensations he was experiencing, including Comet gently caressing his sides and back while waiting for Gary to adjust, that sense of feeling good rapidly increased. It felt so good. So incredibly good. Who cared about fucking action, just having Comet splitting him open and being inside felt so good. So hot. So exciting. Gary moaned with satisfaction and delight. And then he moaned again, realizing it felt really, really good and the back of his neck and his brain were tingling and surging from excitement. “Unhh,” he groaned from deep within as the sensations flooded his brain and shot through his head. It was like looking at too many pictures of cute puppies, until you started to get a headache from the pleasure hormones being released. “UNHH,” he groaned again and he realized with a sense of detachment that he was going into an orgasm just in his brain from the sheer excitement of Comet being inside him; Comet might as well be a part of him. A part of him! His brain was saying “FUCK YEAH!” and all he could do was moan with ecstasy.

“Gary?” Comet asked startled. Gary’s head snapped back and his back arched.

“UNGGHHH!” he almost screamed, his ass spasming and contracting, or at least trying to, around Comet’s huge log.

“Are you ok did I hurt you?!?!” Comet yelped, not moving.

“No I UNGGHHH, OH GOD it FEELS SO GOOD” Gary groaned at near scream volumes, propping himself on hands and forearms as his body wanted to buck and shake. “I’m so happy you’re in me I’m already ORGASAUGGGHHHHHHH!” He took a deep shuddering breath. It was true. It was absolutely true. Another hit of pleasure ripped through him like a lightning bolt. Orgasms come from the brain and in this very special case his brain had decided it had grounds for one. Comet’s huge dick had of course pressed on the prostate as it entered him, but mostly the orgasm was from Gary’s subconscious, from the realization that something he had long wanted to have happen had: he had been utterly penetrated by a man who he trusted and deeply loved. Gary didn’t consciously understand that, but deep in his soul he knew.

Gary took a deep breath and felt his racing heart start to slow. He had already broken out into a cold sweat. Comet was stunned at the reaction but as several seconds passed without another orgasm scream he could see that the initial reaction was over. “Gareth! Started without me!” he joked playfully.

Gary turned his head in a futile attempt to look back, his eyes heavily lidded. “Those nipple moans yesterday were sort of orgasms too, weren’t they?” he accused. Comet blushed at the recollection.

“OH. Yeah. We’re even.” His deep, masculine laugh sent shivers over Gary’s naked body.

“Comet,” Gary said. “Seriously. I’m so happy you’re in me. I get to give myself to you. Let’s really start.” Comet leaned over and kissed Gary in his favorite spot on the back of his neck. He thought about confessing his feelings right there again but held back.

“I am so happy,” Comet said as he pulled his cock back a few inches and slid it forward, eliciting a more normal pleasurable hiss from Gary. He began to move with measured strokes, and slowly increased his pace and the amount he pulled back. He was gentle but strong and steadily his efforts intensified. He listened to every sound Gary made and felt every tremor and twitch his body made. He ran his hands over Gary’s body as much as possible, teasing it and caressing it while trying to measure the impact of his actions. Gary’s sensual response was clearly ecstatic and his body was flushed and sweating from the intensity of their love-making.

Gary at this point was far beyond even trying to be quiet. He moaned and groaned and gasped and screamed. At some point he managed to spit out an apology for mostly just lying there moaning helplessly and Comet dismissed it. After all if Gary could move, it would mean he wasn’t doing a good enough job, especially for the first time. Once they reached a fairly good pace and intensity, and Gary was moaning in rhythm with Comet’s fucking, Comet swept forward and reached under Gary so his arms could be around Gary as his hips did the necessary work. Plus, Gary’s arms were trembling with the strain of supporting himself while being rocked with pleasure. Comet was able to crane his head around and at least get a kiss on Gary’s cheek. “Unf, I think I’m starting to be close again,” Gary murmured. Comet figured that Gary would come hands free at least this time, he was so flushed and aroused, but Comet was ready to help him finish if necessary.

Comet had been created to serve. He could sever or at least strongly mute the sensations of pleasure from fucking and did so fairly reflexively. This allowed him to remain hard and deliver fucking for lengths of time that would be impossible for anyone without a supernatural metabolism. Gary had completely caught him off guard the day before when he discovered Comet’s nipples were orgasm-level sensitive to careful stimulation. Now he allowed the block that prevented him from directly feeling sexual pleasure from his penis lift. As soon as that happened, the sensations were no longer foggy, filtered, and distant. He immediately knew he was almost on the edge of finishing himself. Gary felt amazing. Tight, warm, soft, deep. The realization he was inside this man he cared about so much brought stinging hot tears to his eyes. And he had to deliver Lord Kringle’s gift, an extra spell that for some reason he felt Gary needed. Comet was actually very grateful for this extra blessing on Gary. The thought that the pandemic could possibly snatch him away when he just found him was unthinkable. Pleasure flared and he felt his balls churning molten hot. Not just with the fluid already in his balls, but the fluid that came out of the deep magic places within him and refilled them; a direct connection to a river of wild magic, fertile and green even in the midst of the winter; like an evergreen standing resolute in the storm. An evergreen lit up with lights and stars, a beacon of hope in a cold winter’s night.

Comet gasped as he started to cum and ecstasy swept through his mind. He shot several times quickly and felt the wild magic begin refilling his balls as quickly as any fluid flowed through him. He also felt the spell Lord Kringle had placed within him for Gareth flowing into that stream of renewal and flow out of him in his orgasms. He felt himself continuing to cum, his dick and body become a conduit for wild magic and Christmas magic all in one. The sensation of pleasure was mounting to an intensity he had never felt. He thought that the greatest thing was not just that he was making Gary feel pleasure, but that he was delivering this magical gift that would protect and keep him safe. For a moment as the power rushed through him Comet had the random thought that if he’d had to add his own life to the stream of magic rushing through him to power the spell, it would be worth it. Fortunately this spell did not carry such a price; it was in fact a true Christmas gift offered from Santa Claus crafted by all the light, all the sweetness, all the goodness and none of the dark terrors of his Krampus aspect. Yet, Comet gave everything of himself he could to the moment and to Gary.

Gary felt Comet coming within him, huge hot spurts of vital fluid. He could actually feel it splashing inside of him which was weirdly thrilling. Gary was extremely cautious of STIs; he was on PrEP, and always insisted on condoms, which had been another sore spot with Miles. He had not considered for even a second asking the ex-reindeer to use a condom, well aware that for magic like this, obviously, he must be seeded. But he didn’t expect to enjoy the sensation so much. He was amazed at the warm flowing feeling within him. He was even able to gain a sense that each time Comet came with a roar, he shot multiple times with generous loads of cum.

Gary orgasmed shortly after Comet did, his dick shooting a stream onto the sheets without any contact, spasming and making him feel like he was trying to empty himself out. His body was drenched with sweat from the stimulation and began to feel exhausted like he’d overexerted himself. He could feel Comet’s generous loads inside him and was reveling in the sensation of the hot liquid when he began to feel something else. The heat inside him began to rapidly cool or dissipate and he felt something else within him emanating out from his core to every fingertip and toe. Suddenly his whole body was cooling off and his heart felt comfortable again; there was a sensation of refreshment like leaving a hot tub or sauna to jump into a snow bank for a moment to counterbalance the heat that had roared through him like a fire. It was like fresh snow and sweet mint and invigorating winter night air. Following the wave of his orgasm this healing and restorative wave reached its peak and settled deep into every cell in him; he almost felt like he could taste mint on his tongue.

With a final roar Comet finished coming and after a final squeezy hug of Gary, he relaxed directly on top of him, pushing Gary flat onto the bed with Comet’s full weight crushing down on him. Even that felt good to Gary, it was like being buried under a kind and loving mountain, albeit it was hard to breathe for a few moments until Comet recovered some of his strength and rolled to the side to spoon him, his cock still deep inside of Gary. They lay there pressed together catching their breath for several minutes while Gary processed the combination of the orgasm and the tingling sensation of the magic that he’d passed into him. Gary snuggled back against Comet and had one thought remain: Comet had been inside him, and filled him up with all his strength and warmth, and he would never feel empty again.

After laying there for several minutes, Comet’s penis had barely softened in that time. He finally had to sit up and grab Gary’s hips to start carefully extracting himself. “Ready to pull out?” he asked.

Gary said “Yeah. I kinda wish you could just stay in me for a long time but I think we’re both in need of a cleanup. Maybe next time…”

Comet smiled. “Next time already, haha. Big change!”

“Yeah, big reversal right now. OH hey are we going to ruin the bedding? I feel like you dumped so much in me…but then it felt like it evaporated.”

Comet considered. “Don’t think so. Mostly magic,” he replied. He grabbed a box of tissues off the nightstand and as he carefully withdrew he crammed a few tissues in Gary’s crack just in case. The two of them scurried to the bathroom where Comet insisted Gary shower up first. The bathtub was unfortunately barely large enough for Comet to stand in it alone, so they couldn’t shower together.

Instead, Comet just stood outside it with the shower curtain open and washed Gary just to be playful and affectionate. After Gary was thoroughly cleaned off, he stepped out and Comet took his place. What was just cute for Gary was actually helpful for Comet because the bathtub was practically a booth for him. Gary fortunately had upgraded the original shower head with a handheld shower head so he was able to grab it and hose Comet off and scrub down the big man’s body. Gary enjoyed putting his hands on almost every inch of Comet’s body, and he took so long cleaning him up and enjoying it that Comet had to warn him they were running low on hot water. Gary quickly finished up and rinsed Comet off as the water started to get quite cool. He was apologetic, but Comet grunted something about “cold no worry” and Gary considered that he might actually be immune to winter temperatures; he certainly had no problem walking around outside in a hospital gown in freezing weather.

Back in the bedroom they quickly stripped the sheets to wash and put the comforter and its quilted cover back on the mattress. Comet sat down on the foot of the bed and Gary plopped down next to him and took a deep satisfied breath.

“This is great,” Gary gushed. He looked over Comet, focusing on the bulging biceps and triceps of the arm next to him and sighed contentedly. “This is stupid, but I can handle seeing you naked!” he tapped Comet’s heroic bicep. “I’m not afraid of wanting you. You’ve been in me and I loved it! I loved it! It was the best moment of my life! And I could tell we both felt great!” Comet’s grin broke like sunlight on his fact.

“Great! You’re not scared?”

“No! Not at all! I have never felt better in my life! I feel like a missing piece got put back. I feel like things that weren’t working inside me are working now. First you’ve been holding me at night and keeping the nightmares away and now I feel like you’ve shared so much of yourself with me! I only hope I can give you of myself too! I want to give you everything!”

“You have, you have already” Comet assured him and moved in for a passionate hug. They held each other several long moments. “So, what now?” Comet finally asked.

“I was going to suggest we go play outside today, but since we used all the hot water up we probably should do something that’s not going to require a hot shower after.”

“Play?” Comet asked genuinely curious.

“I just thought it would be nice to go outside and build a snowman or something. Get in some fresh air and exercise but maybe tomorrow. We’re getting snow later this afternoon and through tonight anyway.” Comet agreed enthusiastically.

“So this actually brings up something that I wanted to talk to you about yesterday,” Gary continued.

“Gary, more snuggle?” Comet interrupted.

Gary paused, and considered it thoughtfully. He was naked. Comet was naked. They were both fresh and clean and almost dried from the shower. But the chance of him getting off of Comet’s lap if he hopped on it was pretty low and some things needed to be done. “I’m going to say no for now or we’ll just go back to bed and hold each other all day,” Gary said regretfully. Comet frowned but nodded in agreement.

“So the bathtub. You barely fit in it. And the doorways. And the lack of closets. This house is pretty small.” Comet nodded, unsure where this was going. “Miles has a bigger house.” Comet made a sour look.

“I didn’t like it.” Comet said. “You’re here. This,” he gestured at the snug room they were in. “Enough. Wonderful.”

“Ok well then that solves that. We do still need to go over there though. You’ve assumed his identity. If you don’t want his house we should start getting ready to sell it. And I need to get his laptop and all his legal documents so we can take care of any bills, submit a leave request to work so we can have you quit later, just wrap up all his business.”

Comet sighed regretfully.

“There is one good thing though,” Gary said. Comet looked at him with interest. “Miles has a luxury class SUV.” Comet didn’t seem to understand that so Gary re-phrased. “He has a really big car. It’s like a pickup-truck and a station wagon combined. You should fit in it.” Comet perked up, clearly pleased. “He got a Yukon Denali last year, he was going to buy a really douchey BMW in red and I managed to get him to buy the dark blue Denali instead. He paid cash so that’s free and clear. Ugh I’m going to have to clear some storage space out of the garage. My junker I can leave outside, but no way am I leaving a $70,000 car outside when I have a garage. It’s almost more valuable than my house!

Comet’s jaw dropped. “What? How can a car cost that much?” he blurted, not understanding the dollar amount but still understanding the relative value.

“Well there’s been inflation since you left the human world in 1970, oh right, big numbers. Hang on,” Gary said and got his phone off the nightstand and searched an inflation calculator and looked up a few things while Comet waited. He turned to explain it to Comet. “Ok in terms of costs when you were not a reindeer, Miles’s car costs similar to a Cadillac DeVille.”

“Oh! A Caddy! Nice!” Comet exclaimed.

“Right. Ok back in … your day, like a typical house might have cost about as much as two luxury Cadillacs.” Comet nodded able to just barely work the relative values out.

“So, cheap house, expensive car. House seems nice?” Comet inquired.

“Well there’s a lot of issues with how much things cost and how much people get paid,” Gary explained. “I work for a, well let’s just call it a charity.” Comet nodded. “So my pay’s not anything special, this house is pretty old and it was in terrible shape but I got a loan and help through work, so I was able to buy it right after college. My car is just an old used cheap car, Miles works in finance and rakes in like four times the salary I do. Well he did. Anyway not only did he buy a newer house than mine with a huge yard in a better part of town, when he wanted to buy a new car he just splurged on it. He could have gotten something nice a lot cheaper but he wanted something to show off his wealth and make him seem like he was so great because he could take like 6 friends camping in it.” Comet nodded. “I see. A Dickmobile.”

Gary fell over on his back laughing uncontrollably. “Oh my God that’s exactly what it is. I mean the car’s perfectly nice but that’s why Miles bought it. Dickmobile, hahaha,” Comet laughed along with him. Gary searched up Miles’s car on his phone and handed it to Comet. Comet started salivating. “Whoa, whoa! What a ride!” he said. He was so enthusiastic about the car Gary started to detect straight vibes from him. It was hot.

Comet waved his phone as he handed it back to Gary, “This is nice too,” he said, not quite understanding the full powers of a modern smartphone.

“Oh my gosh I haven’t even started on this,” Gary said, sitting up. “You thought the flat TV was nice!”

“Wait,” Comet said. “Flat? Not stuck into wall?” he gestured like he was shoving a box TV into the wall.

“Nope that TV is about 2 inches thick,” he answered. Comet’s jaw dropped.

“Ok stop looking surprised and start looking sexy,” Gary said, suddenly looking very excited. “This is a phone that works over like, radio. And it’s also a camera. And you, my naked stud, are about to be captured in all your glory! I’m taking sexy pictures of my boyfriend!” Comet looked confused so Gary just snapped a picture of him and showed him how it was an instant digital image. Comet was amazed and quickly realized what Gary wanted.

“Show you a sexy look! Dirty boy!” he said and turned his most smoldering look on the camera.

“That’s it Comet! Give me some flexing! Show me muscles that will make my … oh I’m already getting hard haha imagine that,” Gary said his own not minor cock coming swiftly to attention. Comet laughed and tried to crank the heat up even more which turned into a slightly cheesy posedown session right there in the bedroom. “Get the sexy underwear on!” Gary suggested. Comet rushed over to the dresser and found a pair of low-rise red briefs and slid them on, laying his cock along the front, and then proceeded to throw some more poses. Gary kept snapping pictures as Comet slowly dressed, essentially doing a reverse striptease. Gary ended up cackling wildly at having super hot hunk photos on his phone – photos he intended to move to a locked and encrypted folder for his later enjoyment. Comet finished up dressed fully in a nice but fairly generic outfit with blue casual pants, a button up white shirt, and a navy cable knit sweater. They were still lacking in the shoes department but Gary figured he could just wear winter boots anyway since there was snow on the ground.

Miles threw on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and started to pull out an ugly Christmas sweater on. It had a reindeer with a red nose on it, though, and Gary was worried it would feel like he was cheating on Comet so he put that back and selected a black and white sweater with a nice white Nordic snowflake pattern instead. Comet nodded approvingly.

“So Comet,” Gary said. “We have Miles’s old phone which you could use, but I think we should save it for accessing his accounts. We should get you a new phone.” Comet nodded. “I think we should also get you a tablet, that’s like a big version of the phone but it doesn’t make calls. It’s good for a mini-TV; you can watch shows in bed. I’ll teach you about using electronics and about the internet. It’ll take a little bit to learn probably but it’ll be helpful.” Comet nodded agreeably certain Miles would take care of him well.

They bundled up and headed out to Mile’s house, snagging some breakfast at the drive-through on the way.

At Mile’s house, Gary pulled into the driveway in front of the 2 car garage. “I have to open the garage from inside, I’ll be back.” Comet got out of Gary’s car at the same time anyway.

“Kinda small,” he explained, stretching to relieve the stiffness from folding himself into a pretzel to fit in the beat-up old sedan. Gary kicked himself for not thinking of that.

They went into the house through the front door using the keys Gary had grabbed last time and went down to the end of the house and unlocked the entry to the garage. Inside, Mile’s Yukon was sitting there in the middle of the garage taking up both parking spaces, and Comet nearly started salivating. Gary unlocked the car and used the garage remote inside to open the door. Gary hopped in and started the SUV and moved it outside, then drove his beater into the garage and parked it on the side.

They closed the garage and returned to the house. Gary collected all of the paperwork he thought they’d need, along with Gary’s work laptop and personal laptops. He went through the desk and found an envelope marked recovery which had USB drives in it; Miles also had a password list.

“You know this stuff?” Comet pointed at the computers and papers. Gary nodded.

“I do admin work and since it’s a charity we don’t have a big staff. I have to mess with computers and financial paperwork and all kinds of stuff like that. I should be able to figure out things. Between these and Miles’s phone, I don’t think we need anything else from the house but if you see something you want I guess we could grab it. There’s no point in grabbing exercise equipment or a giant TV when they won’t fit in my house… oh let me check one thing,” Gary said and glibly marched into the kitchen area, arms full of laptops and folders. He managed to get a storage cupboard open with his foot. “Dammit!” Comet came over to investigate.

“Grab that box in the cabinet and bring it,” Gary directed. “That’s the Instapot I bought him for Christmas last year! He swore he just had to have it and he hasn’t even opened it!”

“What is this?” Comet asked confused at the package.

“It’s basically a fancy pressure cooker and it cost a lot.” Comet did a double take.

“It’s ours now,” he agreed.

When they got back to Gary’s place they left the new car parked in front of the garage and went in. Gary set all the laptops and files on his chair beside the fireplace and Comet put the Instapot in the kitchen.

“Ok, now the annoying part: we have to clean the garage a bit,” Gary announced. “I’ve been putting this off because it’s such a big project and Miles kept saying he’d help.”

“Is there heavy stuff?” Comet asked. He didn’t wait for an answer and posed as if Gary could see his muscles through the winter coat, eliciting a big laugh from him.

Gary led Comet back to the entry vestibule and opened a door which Comet had assumed was a closet, only to see it was a small connecting hallway with a stairway going up. “So the door straight ahead is the garage, it’s nice this little hallway buffers the unheated garage from the house. Up the stair to the right is the door to the second floor of the house.”

“Second floor?” Comet said in surprise.

“Yeah the roof was almost caving in when I bought the house, there was so much water damage the second floor was in terrible condition. We just stripped out all the ceiling and wall damage and got a new roof on but it’s not usable up there. So many rep–” Gary stopped, having a sudden realization. “Hold on, if we sell Miles’s house even for what’s not paid off, there should be enough money to finish repairing the second floor… unless we don’t need to.” He scurried up the steep stairway with Comet trailing behind. The large man barely fit on the stairway but he did fit. At the top of the stairs Gary opened the door and discovered… the elves had been busy there too. He whooped in delight and went in followed closely by Comet. The second floor was mostly one big room with a peaked ceiling matching the roof line, and the window gables also cutting into it. It was still tall enough for Comet to walk around without ducking. There was a very tiny half-bathroom off to the side and a large built-in closet in the back corner. The room was a little cold but Gary was pretty sure that was from the heat registers being closed. The wall and ceiling damage was all repaired, everything looked fresh and clean; there was even some really beautiful trim work that reminded Gary of the carving on the headboard of his bed.

“An extra room! Ok this solves a lot of problems!” Gary cheered. “You could have this as your bedroom!”

“No, let’s share! Don’t need separate!” Comet disagreed.

“Ok well, I’d just come sleep with you anyway,” Miles said, elbowing Comet playfully which elicited a back hug. “Ugh getting a big bed up here might be a challenge anyway. Oh! I know we could put some storage up here and put all the off-season clothes. Then the closet and dresser downstairs would be enough for us to split, mostly. What to use this for though, it’s got plenty of storage room but what else?”

“Home office?” volunteered Comet, having just seen how Miles had a setup like that.

“Oh that would be great! I’m working at the kitchen table and that thing’s pretty tiny,” Gary enthused. He walked around the room, sizing it up and opening up the heat registers. Satisfied, the duo returned downstairs to tackle the garage.

Unfortunately the elves had not taken care of it for them, so it took them hours to tackle the mess. Some boxes were clearly ready to be tossed, some needed to be gone through, and some bulky items like the lawn mower needed to be more neatly placed. There were also some pieces of furniture that Gary had been saving that he decided were actually not worth keeping. He did have some big plastic storage tubs that were, as he put it, “legit storage.” Comet cheerfully hauled all the things Gary indicated upstairs and stored them in the built in closet in the upstairs room. By the early evening, they had enough space for the gorgeous SUV outside to be parked inside, and a big load ready for the next garbage day. That done, Gary proposed they call it a night and order pizza. Comet was initially thrilled but soon, the first major dissent between them arose.

“Pineapple. On Pizza.” Comet said in the most disgusted tone Gary had ever heard anyone make.

“Only with ham or sometimes bacon! It’s inspired by the way they cook pigs with pineapple on it in Hawaii! It gets called Hawaiian pizza a lot, though that’s not strictly accurate.” Gary ordered a medium for himself and got Comet a pepperoni lover’s special.

Comet was not impressed by any of the pizza, though he admitted the ham/pineapple combo wasn’t complete heresy. “I gotta make pizza, crust, sauce,” he said biting his lower right lip in thought. “If I can… remember Nonna’s recipes. If I can do numbers,” his face darkened at the thought of dealing with the numbers cooking might require. Gary gave him a big comforting hug.

“I kinda figured you were from an Italian family. Don’t worry about the cooking, we’ll do it together if we have to.”

Tired, they went to bed early but lay awake together for a long time.

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