The Reindeer Clause: Part 2

By Nocturne13
published December 27, 2020
9396 words

After getting Comet some clothes, the guys have a chance to discuss their likes and interests and finally get frisky for the first time. #WaitYouCanDoWhat?

The Reindeer Claus, Part 2

December 26, Boxing Day: The Second Day of Christmas

Gary’s phone alarm woke him up at 5:30 AM and he wasn’t happy about it. It brought him out of some of the deepest and most comfortable sleep he’d had in years. The mattress and pillows were soft like clouds, the goose down comforter’s weight pressed on him soothingly, and the heat from Comet’s body kept him warm like he was sitting by a fire. For that matter, Comet’s muscular arms were wrapped around him and the full length of his body was pressed into Gary’s, big spoon to little spoon. Gary had discarded his pajama top in the night because it was too warm, and also so he could really enjoy Comet’s broad chest pressing into his back. Gary’s pajama bottoms were like silk boxers, and he was pretty sure he felt Comet’s beefy dick laying across the back of his thighs. On the one hand it was still a bit scarily large; on the other, it felt pretty nice where it was laying.

“Why so early,” Comet grumbled into his ear sleepily.

“Shopping before the crowds,” Gary moaned. “Why couldn’t Santa have brought you a set of clothes? This is going to be ridiculous.”

Comet made some more grumbling sounds and snuggled harder. Gary flushed with excitement and wanted to give in. He really wanted to. But he also wanted Comet to not be naked around the house constantly. Plus the surge of horniness he felt when Comet suddenly held him tighter woke him right up.

“We gotta get up Big Guy, hopefully McDonald’s is open because I really need a breakfast burrito right now,” Gary said trying to pry himself out of Comet’s grip. Comet held on, though not with anything close to his full strength, and playfully tried to act like he was still sleeping. As Gary managed to start getting out of bed and Comet let his now-empty arms fall to the mattress, he was struck by how young and vulnerable Comet’s sleeping face was; how the handsome man actually looked pretty cute with the soft messy locks of hair tousled and falling partly over his face. Gary didn’t think Comet’s apparent age was much past the mid twenties, making him just slightly older than him – not counting fifty years unaging while under a spell.

Finally slipping out of Comet’s warm embrace Gary smoothed the bedding back in place and turned to walk out of the bedroom. “C’mon man, get up and make some coffee,” Gary pleaded. “We can take a nap together in the afternoon or something.” With a sound like a mildly put-upon moose, Comet started grudgingly getting up. Finally they both got going on the morning’s activities.

At 6:30 AM Gary and Comet were sitting in his car in a strip mall parking lot, waiting for the largest Men’s Big And Tall store in the city to open. Gary thought their holiday hours were for a 7AM opening but when they got there the updated signs said 8. They decided to just wait there in the hopes of beating the post-holiday shopping rush. Gary wasn’t sure if this was the type of store that attracted people the very minute it was open but he was grateful it wasn’t in a mall. Comet was still wearing nothing but hospital scrubs, now pinned together for more closure; he didn’t even have shoes, just the slip-resistant hospital socks. Gary brought a throw blanket and had the vague plan of running in and bringing out flip-flops and some super-sized sweatpants or something like that to get him decent enough to go in the store. What Gary also had was all of Miles’s debit and credit cards, and thanks to Comet’s fingerprint working on Miles’s phone, access to his bank account information to make sure he didn’t overspend. Miles worked in finance and was actually loaded by Gary’s standards; they weren’t going to have a problem.

Another car pulled up and parked, and a tired-looking young man got out holding a super-sized travel coffee mug. Under his partly unzipped jacket a nametag was visible pinned to his shirt. As he started to walk past, Gary rolled down the window and hailed him. “Pardon me, do you expect your store to be busy as soon as you open? I have kind of an awkward situation going on.”

The store clerk stopped in surprise and answered, “It’s hard to say we have a lot of specials for today. What’s the issue?”

“So my boyfriend–” Gary stopped abruptly in shock when he realized he’d just called Comet his boyfriend. The clerk interpreted it completely differently.

“No it’s ok I’m gay too, go ahead,” he said reassuringly while taking a hit of his hot coffee. Gary nodded.

“Well my boyfriend here,” he gestured to Comet packed into the passenger seat, “he had a slip & fall on Christmas Eve and while we were at the hospital, a pipe burst in his house and flooded it! All his clothes are destroyed or frozen in a solid block of ice right now; pretty much it’s all ruined anyway.” The clerk stared at him disbelievingly. “He doesn’t even have shoes on, he needs everything replaced. He’s actually wearing his hospital gown from the ER.” The clerk looked closer at the car, which was slightly lit by the parking lot lights, and started realizing how much man was packed in to the passenger seat. “The kicker is I don’t know any of his sizes, and ever since he hit his head, he’s having trouble with numbers. I’m guessing he’s a 4X or 5X but I didn’t have a tape measure to check, and he’s a body builder so I wasn’t sure if that would throw off his proportions.” Just then another car pulled in and parked beside Denny’s and a woman got out. She was a pleasant looking middle-aged blonde, and was wearing an open heavy winter coat over a skirt & suit jacket. She similarly had a nametag on her blazer.

“Denny is there a problem?” she asked coming over and starting to fish a mask out of the pocket of her jacket. Denny started to get his out as well as she approached.

“These customers had an emergency and I’m thinking we might want to bring them in before we open to do measurements and get them started.” She looked at him like he was nuts.

“Before we open?”

“Sandra they need to replace clothes lost in a house accident, burst pipes,” Denny said.

Sandra turned and yelled over to Gary, “How much shopping do you need to do?”

“I need to get him everything. Literally. He doesn’t have shoes on. And not just one outfit, I need a whole wardrobe, outerwear, active wear, everything. Honestly, I’m expecting to drop at least three grand,” Gary replied matter-of-factly, waving Mile’s credit card at them.

Sandra turned to Denny, relying on being outside to offset being a little closer than 6’. “Well we can’t have them in the store with the till not secured, but we could call it a VIP shopping hour before we formally open and Regional won’t bat an eye if we actually do that much in sales. But do we really want to do this?” While she was talking to her coworker, Gary told Comet to get out of the car, so he did. Denny and Sandra’s jaws dropped as he unfolded from the subcompact and stood up and waved cheerfully.

“Oh my God, fuck me,” Denny breathed.

“Hon you and me both,” Sandra hissed at him. She turned back to Gary and spoke more loudly. “Ok you can come in, give us 10 minutes to get the register booted and please wear a mask! If you don’t have one we sell them so I can spot you one to get started!”

And thus, twenty minutes later Denny found himself on his knees in the fitting area of the store, staring up at a naked Comet, hands trembling as he tried to measure his inseam. Every time he got close to putting the tape at the top of Comet’s hips and got close to his dick he started getting dizzy. Fortunately, Gary arrived with a package of underwear and some socks which he ripped open and handed to Comet. The giant began dressing in oversized high-grade athletic tube socks and a jock, which Gary realized might not have been the very best choice if he wanted modest visuals, but he figured it would have more room for his enormous dick.

Comet obligingly turned away from the two men as he pulled on the fashion jock and adjusted it, thus showing off his ample muscle ass in a frame of Caribbean blue fabric.

Gary broke social distancing to whisper at Denny since the poor man was still kneeling there stunned with a sewing tape measure in his hand. “Are you going to be ok? I can do the next measurements if you just tell me where to hold the tape.” Denny gulped and nodded and limply handed the tape to Gary. Gary helped him to stand up. Once Comet had socks and a jock on, he was actually not a bit less overpoweringly sexy than he had been a moment before, if anything, covering up his dick without hiding its size and putting socks on his feet and calves just shifted his look from ‘sexy bodybuilder-needs-to-be-oiled’ to ‘sexy ready-to-play jock.’

Denny weakly put a hand on Gary’s forearm, “How do you… that thing… how do you…” he babbled as discretely as he could while still staring at Comet. Gary shot him a sidelong glance.

“Please. I have yet to work up to that. I don’t want to go to the hospital,” Gary whispered. Denny nodded, feeling better about the situation. They separated and got to work, and a few minutes later they had all the measurements they needed to start really pulling clothes.

Soon after, Sandra walked in with two piles of possible clothes and set them on a nearby chair while maintaining her distance. “Honestly I’m grateful you came in early. No offense but I think this might have been quite a scene, and made it really hard to work while keeping any distance.”

“Funny, that’s almost exactly what the doctor at the ER said. Thanks so much for letting us in early. And special thanks for troopering through the measuring, Denny,” Gary said. Denny nodded weakly and went off to cool down on the pretense of finding a good winter coat for Comet to try on.

Gary discovered that he really liked dressing up Comet. He kept in mind that Comet might be used to the style from 1970, so he picked out what he thought would look good on him and especially grabbed anything that had a classic, timeless look like jeans and a t-shirt; or modern clothes with a vintage vibe. Comet seemed to be amenable to whatever they asked him to try on, but Gary figured that he would be more comfortable with styles that didn’t look too strange to him. Some pieces just had to be very modern, but everything looked good on him so it was just a matter of picking the best looks. They could easily have spent a lot more time, but Gary wanted to clear out before the store opened for real, and Denny and Sandra still had to run around and set up some sale signs and do the usual tidying before opening the store.

The total damages came to about $3800, and Sandra assured them that they would be welcome to set up a VIP private shopping hour after the store closed any regular day they needed. (As it was a freestanding business outside of a mall, the store was normally only open to 7pm.) After getting Comet packed into the passenger’s seat, Gary still needed several minutes to fill the trunk and back seat with all the purchases; his car was really not adequate for doing anything with Comet he realized. At least Comet was wearing quite a few of the new purchases out the door, but wearing a winter jacket actually left him more packed in to the limited passenger seat space than before. Still, having him dressed in regular clothes went a long way to making the whole situation feel more normal, relatively speaking.

A few hours later back at Gary’s house, some of Comet’s new wardrobe had been squeezed into Gary’s dresser and closet, but most of it was just sitting in neat piles on top of the dresser. Now that Comet was wearing clothes the whole mood had changed. Instead of feeling like he was maybe a bit of a vulnerable manchild in a giant weightlifter’s body, Comet seemed like a real and very sexy guy – albeit with a language limitation. Gary was finding it hard not to constantly notice Comet’s incendiary sex appeal, so retreating to his bedroom to “organize” clothes for a while gave him a mental break. He also used the time to call his family and chat for a bit, and then called his best friend Benny. Benny hadn’t answered a single text for a couple days, and Gary was a little worried. However, when he called, it went right to voicemail. Gary was wondering if he lost his phone or something.

As he finished up making some minimal space for Comet’s things, Gary paused to reflect about the day to day realities of suddenly having a live-in someone. In particular, Gary was thinking about the size of his house. He loved his house, and it had been a lucky buy made possible both by the decrepit condition it had been in when he bought it, and help from the foundation he worked at. Squeezing a second person in would have been tricky even without that person being a huge hunk like Comet. The house had high ceilings and vintage charm, and fortunately a huge single bedroom that Gary suspected was originally two small ones, but not a lot of closet space. At the very least, some kind of closet system or new bedroom furniture might be in order. Gary thought he should have a talk with Comet to see if he wanted to keep living here; after all, legally, he now owned Miles’s larger but charmless house.

Gary went out to the living room where Comet was gleefully exploring the entire library of Netflix and adding item after item to the watchlist of his newly-created profile. “Hey can we talk?” Gary asked. Comet immediately jumped to his feet and nodded. “You didn’t have to get up,” Gary protested. Comet side stepped to the left and gestured for Gary to sit on the right side of the couch in his usual spot. When Comet was sitting on it, it was more like a loveseat. Gary slid past Comet and paused before sitting down. Comet was wearing a t-shirt with some generic graphic print that the big & tall store had, but it was stretched across his chest hugging his pecs and showing them off to wonderful effect. He had so much bulge to his abs that where the shirt was pulled tight across his lower torso, they stood out as well. The cuffs of his sleeves were straining over his biceps and showing them off in the best way. The jeans he wore hugged his waistline, which was relatively trim for the sheer volume of the man. Gary thought that he didn’t look so much like someone who grew to a tall height; he almost looked enlarged because all his proportions scaled like he was originally about a 6’ tall man, but he was at least half a foot again taller than that. As a result even though the waist of his jeans was not at all small, he still seemed trim and narrow compared to the V shape of his chest. Plus, the vintage look jeans set off his wide hips and beefy thighs in a way that made it look like his muscles were coiled and ready to spring into action.

Gary shook himself and realized he’d just been ogling Comet for more than a few seconds. Comet, though, was grinning warmly at him as if he’d enjoyed the ogling. Gary blushed at the realization he’d been caught and Comet slowly brought both arms up in a curl and suddenly flashed a “double bicep” pose, threatening to shred the cuffs of his T-shirt. As if that wasn’t enough, lifting his arms for the flex made his square, meaty pecs bulge in the tight shirt. A surge of hormones hit Gary with the force of a sledgehammer and he staggered back a little. Comet lost his smile and reached out to steady him before he staggered back into the Christmas tree.

“Sorry,” he said with a disappointed tone, casting his eyes down again before glancing back up.

“No, no, its my fault, I was staring,” Gary said. He was acutely aware that Comet had a hand on each of his arms just below the shoulder and was setting him back on his feet extremely carefully. “It’s just now you have clothes on instead of you just overloading me when I look at you and I just kind of ignored your body completely before because it was too much, now the clothes are hiding enough that my brain has enough time to start realizing how every piece of you is so amazing and it actually overloads me worse,” Gary babbled.

Comet looked at him and seemed to be struggling to understand.

“Your shirt makes your muscles look big,” Gary said helplessly. Comet’s face lit up.

“You like muscles!” he said. Gary gulped, and trembled a little. Comet was still holding him by the arms, up though he’d been steadied and wasn’t in danger of stumbling again. He looked away guiltily. Comet released his grasp on his upper arms.

“You’re still scared,” Comet said dejectedly. That comment stung Gary; but it was true.

“You are so big,” Gary started haltingly, not looking at the man. “Not just tall, not just muscles, not just … there” he said, turning and nodding at Comet’s crotch and the concealed monster within. “I mean, obviously you haven’t hurt me. You could, easily, you’re so powerful, and you haven’t. But I feel –” he stopped, embarrassed at what almost came out of his mouth. Gary looked at the fireplace, then at the couch, then at the floor, just trying and failing to look natural while not looking him in the eyes. “I’m scared of what I feel about you,” he said quietly. “It just seems too good to be true, so I should be worried; and I know I should be thinking about what happened to Miles and I’m not. And I feel like I should, and maybe because I’m not worrying about him, I’m failing some kind of test?” Gary finally met Comet’s gaze but Comet frowned, clearly not quite able to follow the flow of insecurities coming out of Gary.

He set his jaw and tapped his chest with both hands. “I’m Comet. I’m yours,” he said again with a very direct gaze into Gary’s eyes. “I’m yours. Be happy!” Gary gulped as Comet reached out and ruffled the hair atop his head. Comet grinned but after a few seconds snatched his hand back like he’d touched fire. “Sorry! Disrespectful!” he said, looking down, drastically more upset than Gary thought he should be.

“Why, for touching my hair?”

“Too much,” Comet said, looking back up. Gary was a little puzzled, patting someone on the head was kind of condescending, but considering their height difference it also probably felt natural to Comet. While he was working it out Comet continued. “Doesn’t feel right.” Gary gently reached out and took Comet’s right wrist and brought it up to his neck and pulled his big meaty hand behind so it was resting on the back of his neck. Comet looked unsure.

Gary quietly said, “I don’t care if you want to play with my hair. I think my hair is fluffy and nice! And is there a problem with you touching me here? What if I want you to give me a neck rub when I’m a little stiff?” Comet’s smile returned and he inched closer, putting his left hand on the back of Gary’s neck as well. His hands were warm, and so solid feeling, and he started to gently knead Gary’s stiff neck. Immediately some of the tension went out of it and Gary felt something pop back into place. He had been about to clarify that he was just giving the neck rub request as an example but decided that a simple massage was fine to accept regardless. As Comet continued to rub his tired neck and moved to his upper shoulders more cracks and pops could be heard as tension was released.

“Sit?” Comet inquired. Gary quickly dropped out of his grasp and plopped on the couch beside him, turned to face the right side of the couch where he could grab the arm if needed. Comet sat down behind him but not close enough to bring his chest to Gary’s back. He proceeded to give Gary a much needed full back rub through his shirt. His hands were so warm and strong and Gary was quickly wishing he’d taken off his shirt to feel his touch directly. For the moment his self-doubt had been tossed aside for the sheer enjoyment of the massage, and within a few minutes he was slumped forward almost resting on the couch arm because so much stress was released with just the first touches that he was damping down a string of moans. Comet finished his light pass over his back and shoulders and sat back up away from Gary. Gary sat up straighter and stretched, reveling in the feeling of several bits that were out of alignment suddenly much improved. Comet might not be a trained masseur, but obviously he had a lot of experience giving a basic massage, and warm strong hands did a lot.

“Well that felt, uh, great,” Gary said as he pivoted back to see Comet smile, obviously pleased. “So you did something nice for me, what can I do for you?”

“What makes you happy; feels good,” Comet said glibly.

“Yes but what do YOU like?” Gary pressed.

“You not scared. Relax, play. Enjoy time together,” Comet repeated with some impatience. Gary sighed. Even though the mind-clamping nipple ring was off, Comet’s communication was still fairly simple at times. The man seemed to have some major conceptual holes still.

“Ok I get you want to please me,” he said. “But what if, say, I want to reward you? What if I don’t have an idea for something fun, what do you want to do?” Comet thought about it for about a half second, and then his expression became naughty.

Extremely naughty. He raised an eyebrow.

“Oh,” said Gary, caught off-guard. Comet started to reach an arm out to pat him on the shoulder and reassure him but paused, his mouth pulling into a line of annoyance. He instead grabbed the t-shirt material clinging to his pecs with both hands and stretched it out gently. Frown erased, he started to reach out for Gary again who in a brief moment of panic decided to deflect the situation. “What’s wrong with your shirt? Is it too tight?” Comet shook his head. “Oh! Is the fabric chafing your nipples? I should have washed it first, I should wash everything we bought you before you wear it…” Gary said, trailing off and planning a monumental effort of washing.

“No,” Comet said then paused to correct himself. “A little. Not shirt, nipples tender,” Comet explained.

It dawned on Gary. “Oh! Your nipple rings were removed! They’re a little tender even though they looked like they healed already!”

“No. Wait yes, some, ugh,” Comet flailed to explain. “Rings held back some. Now gone, no limit. Full, tender,” he said. Gary was staring at him as blankly as he had stared at Gary when Gary had tried to explain why having clothes on actually made him sexier. Comet sighed deeply, with a suffering tone of resignation. He put his right hand on Gary’s shoulder, partly to provide reassurance and partly to keep Gary from screaming and running away if he was too freaked out at what he said next. Comet gulped and said “Full… of milk.”

“What.” Gary said in a low, shocked voice.

“Reindeer milk,” Comet said. “Nipples make. Full now. Too much. Un-comfort-able,” he finished, working through the long word carefully. Gary wasn’t saying anything. His mouth was open and his jaw was moving. Comet patted his right pec with his left hand. The chest was nothing like a boob, it was a muscular, meaty pectoral, somewhat bulging with a suggestion of a recent workout. Comet gently massaged the muscle then slapped it twice with the typical meaty slap you would expect. Gary didn’t seem to be bolting so Comet took his other hand off Gary’s shoulder and scratched behind his ear while grimacing. “Needs drinking. Can … you?” Gary closed his mouth and swallowed, and then opened his mouth again to resume gaping for several long seconds before closing it again and finally answering.

“Uh, Comet, in every story I have ever read, drinking the milk from men who magically lactate has severe consequences.” Comet seemed to be trying to follow that. “Crazy magic happens from drinking milk from a man,” Gary simplified. Comet’s face clouded over and he seemed to consider.

“No. Just good, healthy, good for exercise. Elves drank, a lot. Elves, bit, clawed, bit, chewed–” his face darkened as the traumatic memories started to rush back and now it was Gary who leaned forward with reassuring hands on his upper arms.

“Whoa you don’t have to go into that,” Gary interrupted. He considered for a few moments and decided it sounded like Comet was used to literally feed the elves but he didn’t want to ask outright. Comet nodded.

“Much feeding, often. Milk matches need. Will slow if you don’t drink. Will dry if you don’t drink. Will take time. If you could … drink some. Sometimes. Help a lot.”

“So you’re saying I just need to take the pressure off?” Comet nodded. “So it’s like blue balls you’re just full and you need a little release,” Comet nodded vigorously. “And it’s just, what, food?” Comet kept nodding.

“Good, healing, refreshing, healthy, strong, wait not strong, not right word. Helps muscles and body, healthy magic,” Comet seemed to be flailing for a word or concept.

“Like a steroid?” Gary asked suddenly having his intellectual curiosity piqued. Comet however definitely did not understand that word. “Like medicine to help you grow big, when you work out in the gym? And also, it can help heal some injuries, like to muscles?” Comet seemed to consider the description. He made a “so-so kind of yes but so-so” gesture with his head and his hand. “But you promise if I drink some it won’t like, turn me into a giant guy overnight or something?” Comet shook his head. He looked extremely earnest but also worried. He actually bit his lower lip on the right which shot a bolt of “OH CUTE” thoughts right through Gary.

Gary felt like he really owed him some comfort after all the wild events he’d just powered through. He considered putting it off until they could go out to a store and buy a milking rig like recent mothers used, but wasn’t sure what was actually involved in all that. What tipped the balance though was simply that Gary liked nipples. He liked muscles in general and Comet’s huge body was driving him absolutely wild; but swirling his tongue around a nipple on a big muscular pec was a particular turn-on for him. He gulped and looked up to meet Comet’s gaze. “Well, I guess I can give it a try,” he said shyly. A smile lit up Comet’s face like the sun rising.

“Thank you! Gareth! Thanks!” Comet said. He reached down to the waistband of his T-shirt and started pulling it up. He lifted it up slowly and with great care so as to not tear the fabric in his haste, and also so that he could slowly reveal row after row of cobblestone abs; coincidentally he was also sucking in and flexing to show them off, but trying to make it look like he was just wriggling out of the shirt. Comet was limited in some of his language and concepts but had no problem with ideas like “seduce Gary a little bit so he doesn’t freak out and run away.” He took a deep breath, causing his pecs to heave, and then he released it, allowing the slightly stretched shirt to snap up over his big chest and spring into the air revealing his shoulders. Rounded and capped with muscle, his shoulders were not on full display because his arms were reaching up into the shirt, but as he finished lifting it completely over his head and up to his forearms, they were more clearly revealed. He brought his arms back down now, putting his biceps, triceps, shoulders and pecs all squarely on display for Gary, who was staring with a mix of awe and desire. Comet pulled his T-shirt off his forearms, bundled it and tossed it aside leaving him sitting there in tight jeans and no shirt. He reached up with his right hand and massaged his left pec a few times, avoiding the areole and the nipple proper. With his left hand he beckoned a very hesitant Gary forward.

“Do I have to do anything special?” Gary asked. Comet shook his head.

“Nipple is magic. Basically, drink.” Comet leaned back against the right arm of the couch. Gary grimaced slightly and leaned forward awkwardly, as if he were trying to reach the nipple without making contact with and laying across the rest of Comet’s vast and muscular chest. It was not possible to do that, and he had to reach out and put his arms on the sides of Comet’s torso just to steady himself. Holding on by the ribcage, he leaned forward hesitantly. He could feel himself trembling with a mix of surging desire to finally really feel Comet, and fear that something bizarre and supernatural would happen. Closing his eyes and giving in to desire he gently drifted down to kiss Comet’s left nipple and then flick it with his tongue, and finally close his lips around both it and much of the generous areola that surrounded it; then he gently suckled it for a moment. He opened his eyes, broke suction almost immediately and began to lick the pec around the nipple using the full width of his tongue to taste and wet the thick muscle. Then he began using his lips to gather the skin and the muscle underneath and nibble on them with only his flexed lips and no teeth. It was as if he were toying with giving a hickey to the nipple and the area around it, and Comet gasped and inhaled sharply as Gary began to play with that area of his body in earnest.

It was nothing like Comet had expected, he was used to the hard bites on the nipple and the chewing and tearing of the pecs that the low dark elves of winter inflicted. The gentle kisses, sucking, and teasing Gary was doing were shocking him like a drenching of cold spring water. Yet, they were incredibly exciting. Comet, completely to his shock, was discovering a part of his body that could feel pleasure that he never even suspected before. After teasing the area around the nipple proper, Gary resumed gently sucking on the nipple itself, pulling at the nub and suckling as if trying to give the nipple a blow job, and after a few kiss-like suckings he stopped in shock as he felt a few drops of liquid in his mouth.

He sat back up startled, while Comet remained partially reclined and trembled with the shock of the unexpectedly sensual play Gary had started. Gary sat there for a moment while his tongue played with the few drops of liquid on his tongue. He had for some reason expected something salty or musky like some second kind of cum, but the substance was basically cream. It was warm, and kind of sweet, but with only a few drops he couldn’t quite judge the flavor. Almost more curious than lustful he resumed his tender ministrations on Comet’s nipple. Comet gasped and took in a deep breath as a shudder of pleasure ran through his body, as if a charge of electricity shot down the back of his neck and spread to all four limbs. Meanwhile Gary experimented trying to figure out the best way to stimulate the nipple. Contrary to his expectations, massaging the muscular pec did very little: the nipple itself simply magically produced milk. The best effect was to simply suck on it and tease it and the areola very gently. At this point however, he had begun to run his hands over Comet’s chest and abs, enjoying the feeling of the heat from the muscles and the fine dusting of hair covering some of the chest and abs.

Comet was making repeated gasps and small groans, so clearly he was enjoying the pec worship. There were some scattered grunting noises that reminded Gary vaguely of goats at a petting zoo; but the other noises he emitted reminded Gary of someone helpless in the throws of pleasure. It was as if Comet were experiencing pleasure similar to a blow job – and maybe stronger – just from his simple efforts. As Gary mixed up his sucking technique by swirling his tongue around Comet’s nipple, he started to really taste what he was drinking. Sweet cream, warm, with a distinct flavor different from plain cream that he would almost describe as vanilla. As he sucked and started to gain a hint of a cinnamon flavor it dawned on him that the warmth of the reindeer milk was making it hard to identify, but actually… Comet’s milk tested like French vanilla with a hint of cinnamon. Coincidentally, his favorite coffee creamer flavor.

The incongruity of the situation made a giggle rise in Gary but he fought to keep it down. He tried to play with Comet’s right nipple while he sucked on the left, and while it brought a hiss of excitement and a stiffening shudder running across his chest, no reindeer milk began to lactate. It really was just sucking on the nipple that did it, Gary concluded, and decided to take things up a notch. He began to suck harder on Comet’s now rigid nipple and it responded by releasing perhaps a quarter teaspoon or so of the light creamy fluid with each pump. However, Comet’s groans dropped a notch and began to sound more guttural and almost despairing, as if he were helplessly overcome by pleasure. He brought his left hand to cup Gary’s ass, effortlessly lifting and supporting Gary, who was now almost kneeling on Comet’s abs and able to freely access either nipple. Dimly, Gary realized that the sounds Comet was making strongly suggested he was enjoying the equivalent of the best blow job ever. He was almost vibrating with pleasure. A flush of excitement and pride shot through Gary as he realized he was giving this hulking man such powerful pleasure, almost orgasmic in its intensity, though he hadn’t felt Comet’s prodigious endowment shifting within his jeans. Gary gave him a few more strong suckles which elicited matching moans, then pulled off completely for a moment allowing Comet’s writhing and excitement to subside slightly.

“How much more does it need,” he asked breathily.

“Just a little more … is good enough,” Comet gasped. Gary smiled, intoxicated by the power to leave this huge man groaning. He next dove on Comet’s right nipple and repeated his whole range of initial behaviors, except after suckling on the nipple twice quickly and just catching the first few drops, he pulled off. With his tongue fully out he lapped a trail across Comet’s right pec and then licked in a solid line up to the base of his throat, then up the side of his face and arching upward, he came down on Comet’s mouth in a full, open-mouthed kiss. The hunky ex-reindeer shifted his arms to wrap them behind Gary while he sent his tongue surging up in an attempt to invade. Their tongues met and touched, and played with each other. Gary heard himself sighing with excitement and pleasure as he enjoyed fearlessly making out with Comet, thrusting with his tongue as strongly as he could to taste him, only to be parried and countered in an agile display. With a thrill of excitement Gary realized Comet was aggressively French kissing him as if he were trying to seize control of his mouth. The sense of penetration made Gary’s asshole tingle with excitement.

Needing a good breath of air, Gary broke off and inhaled deeply, shuddering as the hormones surging within him shook him to the core. Comet was similarly panting and at this point Gary awkwardly laying on him in a half-perched position though Comet’s arms behind his back also provided some support.

“Bedroom?” asked Comet, panting. Gary nodded and without another word Comet swung off the couch and stood up, clasping Gary to him like a parent carrying a child. Comet sped out of the living room, down the short hallway, into the kitchen and out the back hallway to Gary’s room. Walking up beside the bed he kicked off his shoes, then gently sat down and laid back while throwing his feet up onto it. This left Gary laying atop his bare chest again but with Comet comfortably stretched out on the bed with his head on a pillow. Gary was straddling him but in no danger of falling off. Comet now began running his hands along Gary’s arms and across his shoulders and up his neck while Gary bent to resume ministrations on his right nipple. Comet gasped, squealed, and groaned as Gary mercilessly sucked with firm gentle pressure. Comet completely forgot his previous sense that putting his hands on Gareth’s head was inappropriate and began playing with his hair freely, delighting in the silky soft waves of it.

Gary sucked on his pec with wild abandon, his hesitation and shyness cast aside in the moment as he reveled in free access to this muscle himbo beneath him. He liked sucking the nipples and he liked the taste of the reindeer milk; the wild, fantasy element of sucking on warm milk from this hunk was actually thrilling; but most of all he loved how he was making Comet nearly scream in ecstasy. It made him feel powerful. It made him feel useful. It made him feel like he had something to offer Comet to match the nerve-shattering sex appeal the gentle giant was composed of.

Gary quickened his pace and intensity, struck by the idea that he could perhaps even bring Comet to a full orgasm; the mere thought of it made him realize his own manhood was expanded and throbbing in his pants. Taking a moment to catch his breath he plunged into another kiss on Comet’s lips, keeping it light and playful this time and gently holding Comet by the jaw to hold his face still as he savored his lips. His free hand brushed across Comet’s meaty pecs, over their edge and onto his thick columnar torso. Gary gently broke away and re-positioned himself kneeling on the bed beside Comet on the right side, easily able to access to his right nipple. He continued to furiously suck at it. Despite the intensity the nipples continued to produce just tantalizing tastes of milk, but with the continued effort Gary had drank several teaspoons at this point. Feeling like he’d sucked on both nipples about evenly, Gary was ready to switch back to the left one. He laid across Comet’s chest and swirled his tongue playfully around the left nipple, and resumed power sucking. He brought Comet to a particularly intense gasp then went back to the other. He wasn’t sure if the nipples were aroused in some way like a penis would be, they looked aroused but mundane, and didn’t even have the signs of nipple play, but he was trying to keep them both stimulated just in case. After several more minutes he brushed his right hand across Comet’s washboard abs, down to the waistband of Comet’s jeans and unsnapped the rivet. He fumbled for the top of the zipper, feeling the throbbing in the pants of the man’s jeans. Suddenly, Comet’s right hand snapped out and grabbed him.

“No! Too close. Not today,” Comet gasped. “Too close. Too good. So gentle and strong,” he literally gasped. Gary thought Comet was almost close to passing out from the waves of pleasure that had been blasting through his body. But he was also disappointed. Something in him feral and hungry was roaring and he thought he should go after Comet’s dick while he still had the nerve.

“I can suck you –” he began.

“No, too much, can’t waste any! Not the first time,” Comet gasped. “Santa says. No waste! First one very special!”

“I can swallow a load,” Gary said, somewhat perturbed. Comet opened his heavily lidded eyes and focused on him. “Very big load. You might choke. Lose some.”

“Wait are you saying you’re going to come more than my mouth can hold?” Gary asked, shocked.

Comet nodded, “Yes, a lot, a whole lot!” Gary stopped still in shock trying to figure out if Comet was really saying he was going to drop multiple loads worth of cum. Gary was extremely weirded out but simultaneously aroused at the thought. He didn’t understand why he was feeling so ready to fuck, but he just knew that suddenly he felt completely ok with giving himself to Comet, as if some pressure holding him back had been relieved; in fact he almost ached to do it finally.

“How can you make that much cum? Your balls look normal and if what you’re hinting is accurate–”

“It’s magic,” Comet said. “Can just cum a lot. Like the milk. Lots each day. Can build up. Would like to cum every day. Would be very com-fortable.” Gary paused, his goal of bringing Comet to an orgasm derailed by the latest revelation. Comet looked at him in concern and slowly a sly look crossed his face. “You have to stop now,” Comet said. “I don’t.”

Comet reached out to Gary and took hold of him under his arms, then pulled him up to kissing distance, but instead of closing to kiss, he turned and lay him onto the bed beside him. He rolled over and pinned the stunned Gary, straddling his legs and crouching but not actually sitting on them. He bent down to deliver a lip-crushing kiss as he started unbuttoning Gary’s shirt. Comet pulled back slightly so he could start opening the shirt and resumed kissing and licking Gary’s face. Once Gary’s shirt was opened fully he shifted to sucking on the smaller man’s own nipples, his thin flat chest and stomach unimpressive but that was not something Comet cared about. He just wanted to test the sensitivity of Gary’s nipples to see if he could use them as a way to pleasure him in return. He mimicked everything Gary did to him and while Gary’s nipples were not as supernaturally sensitive as Comet’s were, he felt something like a bolt of lightning run up his spine from the middle of his back to the base of his brain and gasped. “Unnhhh this feels so good,” Gary moaned.

“Should, it’s your method,” Comet said between high-pressure kisses on his chest. Gary made a surprised noise.

“Uh it’s just my blowjob technique, I can’t even use it all because your nipples are pretty flat,”

“Unf,” Comet moaned. “Can’t wait for blowjob!” Gary blushed at the praise.

“It’s not that special!” Gary protested.

Comet shot him an irritated glance. “Basic,” he said and made some sloppy kisses on Gary’s nipple and brushed it with his teeth. “Gareth,” he said and suctioned himself to the nipple swirling his tongue around it while carefully caressing Gary’s chest and abs, carefully skirting a spot Comet had already discovered was ticklish while spooning him. “Basic,” he said planting a sloppy kiss on Gary’s mouth, “Gareth,” he said and leaned up and nibbled on Gary’s lower lip, carefully teasing the lip by capturing it between both of his lips and gently tugging it. He released the lips and gave Gary a quick peck.

“Uh, are you saying you like my technique?” Gary said, genuinely abashed.

Comet looked at him directly. “A+” he said. Gary blushed. Comet kissed his jaw and started delivering a withering hail of light peckings to Gary’s face that made him laugh like he was being tickled and almost playfully push Comet off.

“I guess Miles did like getting blown best but he just said they were ok,” Gary said as much to himself as Comet. Comet rolled his eyes and lowered his estimation of the man he replaced a little more. He gave Gary’s other nipple some attention and then slowly traced a slow sensual series of kisses across his abdomen until he reached his belly button.

Comet re-positioned himself lower over Gary’s legs while he tested how deep Gary’s innie bellybutton went, and began to unbutton Gary’s pants, and then unzip them. His face rose above Gareth’s stomach, “Lift please,” he said. Gary, wide-eyed at what was about to happen, complied and lifted his butt off the bed. Comet backed off, gently pulled Gary’s pants from under him, pulled off his shoes, and then pulled the pants all the way off and discarded them. He crawled back onto the foot of the bed, crouched over Gareth’s crotch and gently pulled the waistband down; after a few moments of hesitation, Gary again lifted his butt off the bed releasing the back of the elastic waistband and Comet gently pulled the basic briefs down, then gasped. Comet’s eyes widened in surprise and he looked up at Gary.

“Gareth! You’re pretty big!” Gary blushed with embarrassment as the himbo looked at his cock in delight. Gary was uncut and his cock had a distinct rocket shape to it when flaccid, thick at the base and tapering to a defined point where his foreskin gathered at the tip. Currently, it was half-hard and transforming into a thick solid column. Comet gently picked it up and pulled the foreskin back and began to taste it with his tongue. Gary had been leaking pre-cum from repeatedly hardening and softening during the milking session, and Comet lapped it all up. He used his tongue to explore the generous inner foreskin before it became stretched too far back as the shaft within fully released.

Gary was moaning in the special way someone dancing on the knife edge of pain and pleasure does. His cock was extremely sensitive and he was completely unused to anyone else touching it, since Miles didn’t like playing with it. Comet responded by steadily, evenly, washing his penis with his tongue then gently drawing back the foreskin for full access to Gary’s extremely sensitive tip. With an impish chuckle he pumped Gary’s cock shaft several times encouraging it to harden fully. Gary brought his head up and was looking at the huge man playing with his penis in delight. Gary gulped with lust as he had the pleasant sensation that his cock, in Comet’s hands, just looked proportionate and not oddly large as he felt it did against his average height body. Comet saw him looking at him and smiled broadly opening his mouth. He moved closer to Gary’s shaft and then in one sudden movement, swallowed his entire erect length, apparently taking it right down his throat. Gary’s eyes flew open wide as he felt the hot breath from Comet’s nose blow against the skin of his bush. Comet stayed there several long seconds, his tongue washing the very base of Gary’s cock, and his hands gently reaching under his cock to cup and feel his balls and massage and caress them. Gary’s hips were almost ready to buck from the unfamiliar attention and he grabbed handfuls of the bedding beside him with each hand.

Comet drew off his cock, and then moved his hands to firmly grip the inside of Gary’s knees. He drew Gary’s legs apart and scooted up closer to Gary’s crotch, forcing him to keep his legs splayed open. Gary felt like he was helpless; Comet’s strength felt immeasurable, like he could literally rip him apart like a wishbone if he wanted. He was opened up and his ass tingled with anticipation of the day Comet spread him like this and drove home his own prodigious dick. The excitement surged in him and his cock shivered and swelled. Comet wrapped a meaty hand around Gary’s thick shaft and returned to working the tip like a lolly pop.

Gary moaned in helpless despair. He was completely aroused and at the same time fighting back a sense of shame for enjoying it. “I can’t believe you’re just pleasuring me like this and it feels so good,” he babbled. He heard a gentle chuckle from Comet which turned into almost overwhelming stimulation to his shaft as Comet put Gary’s shaft in his mouth again and continued chuckling and humming to gently stimulate it. Gary’s whole body was trembling and every nerve felt electric; his nipples were stimulated both from the recent touch of Comet’s tongue and also the faint sensation of his saliva drying on them. All the touches, kisses, strokes, licks, and the direct touch on his dick added up to sensory overload. Gary felt the flow within him ebb and suddenly surge. “Oh I’M GONNA CUM!” he yelled in warning. Comet dove further onto his shaft, not enough to shoot down his throat but enough to ensure that Gary’s shots stayed within. Gary’s entire body tensed and his hips bucked, and then shot after shot sprayed wildly into Comet’s mouth and he greedily swallowed them all. Gary felt like every drop of energy in his body shot out of his dick over the course of several long seconds and then he collapsed back against the bed and the pillow, wrapped in a glow of intense pleasure and warmth. As he caught his breath he felt some of his strength already returning as opposed to being utterly spent and wiped out.

As Gary moaned and settled back down against the pillow Comet did a final lick and cleaning of his cock and it’s sensitive sheath which elicited a sudden “eeeee” from Gary. Comet finally released his cock and crawled back up the bed to lay beside Gary. Comet was still shirtless but with his pants on, and Gary felt somehow naked and vulnerable compared to Comet. Just as he started to worry about the power imbalance once again, Comet rolled onto his side and propped his head up on one hand, making his huge bicep swell and show off. With his right hand he pulled Gareth up against him and started gently caressing his chest. “You’re mine,” Comet said dreamily. “I’m so happy. You’re mine. I’m yours.” He started kissing Gary on the ear, the back of the neck, the side of the neck, the jaw, then finally leaning over him and smooching him on the lips playfully.

Gary felt like he was floating on a cloud and turned to look at him. “You’re so handsome, you know. I might get distracted by your big body and muscles and dick but I like your looks. You’re so sensual and handsome and sweet and… fun. Fearless. I like that so much.” Comet’s answer was more kisses, deliberately cheesy smooching.

“You’re so gentle, Gareth,” Comet said. “Didn’t know nipples could feel good. So good.”

“Oh I liked them. I don’t want you to dry up. Can I suck them a little every day? Please?” Gary asked. Comet nodded emphatically yes, his eyes eager and his body breathless with anticipation.

Gary lay back and looked up at the ceiling and took a couple deep breaths. He turned to look at Comet. “I want you to fuck me tomorrow,” Gary said in a dead serious tone, still taking deep breaths and trying to cool down from the heat suffusing his body. “I don’t want to wait. I’m ready. I want to open myself up to you all the way and let you in. I’m aching to. If I seem to have second thoughts tomorrow, just persuade me. Just push me. Do it. I don’t trust myself to not be scared again after this orgasm high wears off. Because being scared would be the stupid thing to do and I’m so good at doing that. Less good at holding onto the good thing right in front of me.” Gary turned to look directly into Comet’s eyes. “And you’re clearly the BEST thing to happen to me.” Comet’s expression was unreadable, and after a moment he quietly buried his face against Gareth’s neck behind his ear, wrapped his arms around him and gently squeezed.

“I’m yours. You’re mine,” he whispered in his ear. “I want you forever,” he added. Gary cuddled up to his chest and let fatigue and the exertion of the encounter carry him to sleep.

A few hours later they both woke up and got dressed. After a** dinner of leftovers, they spent the rest of the late afternoon on the couch. Gary aggressively cuddled up next to Comet, who likewise freely played with his hair while they watched some Christmas rom-coms. When they eventually got ready for bed, after Comet stripped down to his jock, he carefully watched Gary’s face and dropped it as well. Gary looked down at his silky pajama bottom. He hadn’t put his top on but after a few moments thinking about it, he dropped it as well and climbed into bed with Comet naked. They didn’t exchange any further words as they spooned together and drifted off into the night.

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