Pine's College Jocks

Series Summary

Pine starts his year at college with a new power! What will he do with it, as he goes through freshman year?

Author Title Published
Pine starts his first day at college with a new friend, new jocks to enslave... Oh, and a new power, too!
11/19/19 6:48 AM
Pine has an idea. Test his new powers with the cute jock he just met.
1/27/20 11:44 AM
Pine starts to carry out his new plan, but first, he needs the head coach by his side.
2/1/20 5:16 PM
Mike wants to spend some time with Pine. It's time for a bro night!
2/6/20 5:25 AM
2/21/20 10:53 AM
After his last success, Pine wants a new objective, and Mike has a great idea.
3/6/20 9:16 PM
First pledge challenge already?! Pine teams up with another pledge, and explores a bit more his dominant side.
3/14/20 8:12 AM
Pine meets his new rival, who is decided to win the rest of the pledge challenges against the jock master.
3/21/20 5:44 PM
Pine has to face his last pledge challenge. Time to pop some balloons!
3/29/20 10:36 AM
Pine has to wake up after his overload at the last challenge.
4/3/20 5:24 AM