Pollination: The series

Series Summary

Alien Plants turn men into superhuman Symbionts – Set in the POLLINATION Universe

Author Name Published
STAKE OUT with Joe & the Variants; Tully and the Scientist do some spying; the Lieutenant rewards Devin; Rugby Boy and Vernon head to the alley
11/13/20 2:56 PM
ALL NEW MATERIAL STARTS HERE! The continuation YOU demanded! Our cast wakes the morning after a shared dream with a strange, new compulsion.
9/11/20 1:33 PM
A General's questions; Perfect Growing Conditions; a shared, compulsive Dream
9/10/20 1:57 PM
Some rural teens discover mysterious plants; Murdock finds a farm; the Sheriff's Deputy learns his place
9/3/20 3:14 PM
Snake works his way North; the Sheriff recruits the Mayor; Tony's Dad gets a surprise; a shared dream by all
9/6/20 11:56 AM
Coach Lidster's view the Garden Party; some editorial horticulture; Murdock meets the Great One
9/9/20 2:15 PM
Murdock tills the fields; Old Man Bowden is transformed; the Military become involved
9/7/20 2:04 PM
Peer Pressure on Tony Lenoldi; Murdock suspects the old man; the Sheriff's Deputy makes a delivery; the Great Plant makes its choice
9/5/20 4:38 PM
The Sheriff doesn't like what he sees; Vance seduces a Wizard; Tully connects the dots
9/18/20 11:29 AM
THIS IS IT! The final chapter of Book Two -- the Kansas Conflict begins
11/27/20 3:04 PM