Like Son, Like Father

Series Summary

Sean undergoes hypnosis to help himself be more accepting of his son’s homosexuality.

Author Title Published
Sean starts emulating his son in order to better understand him, and comes to realize how important Cedric and Jared's relationship is to him.
8/17/16 6:03 AM
Sean continues following in Jared's footsteps, surprising even himself.
8/18/16 7:24 AM
Sean and Jared's relationship is finally the way it should be, just as Sean requested from Cedric back in the beginning
10/25/16 7:44 PM
Sean gives a potential new employee one of the strangest job interviews ever
10/24/16 10:25 PM
10/23/16 3:58 AM
Sean finally understands why his son is so in thrall to Cedric
9/13/16 9:43 PM
Jared's special day is a bit more special than it has been in previous years.
9/1/16 1:43 AM
Even more from Sean's POV than usual, we see how he takes even the most unusual things in stride now, like they were routine, everyday things.
8/19/16 3:14 AM
Cedric helps Sean get over his aversion to Jared eating cum.
7/24/16 5:00 AM
7/16/16 3:20 AM