The Thing: Superheroes Enslaved!

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A handsome superhero responds to a routine call to headquarters. Little does he know, an evil genius has designs on his mind and body.

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Author Name Published
3/27/21 5:52 PM
The final battle between Azazel and Mikhael. What will become of Mello City and The Infinite Heroes?
3/24/21 9:51 PM
Four years after the events of Chapter 8. Mikhael continues to find a way to oppose Azazel
2/4/21 6:26 AM
The long awaited showdown between Dr. P and Azazel. Who will rise on top?
1/11/21 7:00 AM
12/5/20 8:22 PM
With the Thing ready to come out of the shadow, Dr. P and the fallen heroes infiltrates SmartZ Enterprises to execute the final stages of their plan.
11/12/20 10:52 PM
Evil Brain confronts a man from his past. Dr. P conspires against the Thing
10/12/20 5:49 PM
Evil Brain tries out his new powers. The Infinite Heroes are taken down further
9/17/20 6:59 AM
Tech genius in a superhero suit Victor, aka Captain Titanium searches for his missing teammates
9/7/20 7:10 AM
Now that Smart Brain has become Evil Brain, the villainous Dr. P sends him on a mission to enslave two more hot superheroes!
8/30/20 8:20 AM