The "How to be a Good Boy" Handbook

Series Summary

Toby is a lazy, unemployed twenty-year old brat. That is, until he starts to read the “How to be a Good Boy” handbook…

Author Title Published
The finale...
9/7/17, 4:54 PM
Toby attends a dinner party.
9/5/17, 11:45 PM
Ethan explains the truth to Toby, but will he believe it?
9/4/17, 4:51 PM
Toby is feeling conflicted. Meanwhile, a new character enters the fray.
9/3/17, 5:54 PM
Ben's father makes it clear that insubordination will not be tolerated under his roof.
9/1/17, 6:41 PM
Toby pays his friend a visit.
8/31/17, 9:44 PM
A flashback. And Toby meets with Dr. Brown again.
8/30/17, 9:16 PM
Toby heads to Ben's house with an important mission.
8/29/17, 7:25 PM
Toby reacts to his meeting with the doctor. Nicholas pays Toby a visit.
8/27/17, 11:14 PM
Toby confronts his therapist, demanding an explanation.
8/26/17, 7:03 PM