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Author Title Published
Ng5hvlo4 & others
2/3/21, 8:51 PM
Sarah's new boyfriend, Mike, is the perfect boyfriend. Almost to perfect for Lance's opinion. Maybe he can figure out what's the truth about it.
2/11/20, 1:09 PM
3153 words
A new stain of COVID - 19 breaks - out. Doctor Reeves claims to be near finding a cure. But he is ridiculed and dismissed by his fellow doctors. What will he do to finish his work, and find the cure?
5/11/20, 9:33 AM
a reporter investigates the new Advanced Solder Program, something developed by a group of soldiers that has proved to have remarkable results out in the field.
12/25/20, 7:29 PM
TieMeEdgeMe & others
The Kink Factory is now a community series! For fans of "Charlie and The Kink Factory" & "America's Next Top Kinkster". Here people can tell their own adventure in the walls of the BDSM factory w/ new characters or old.The kink Factory is ready to hear from your wicked and creative minds!
3/5/21, 12:14 PM
A Voyeur Fan & others
3/13/21, 9:01 AM
711 words
A lot of interesting things are being done with artificial intelligence nowadays. Some folks have put together an automatic text adventure generator the responds to your prompts coherently. So, naturally, we need to see if it can be used for porn. The results are better than you’d expect but not as great as you’d hope.
6/11/20, 9:38 PM
2641 words
Two couples make a visit to a very special perfume factory where scent is memory…
8/1/21, 4:34 PM
11/25/19, 6:01 AM
7952 words
You wanna know what's gonna happen to you next at this reeducation facility, right? Well, first off, punks, to us you ain't a bunch of sterling young men; you're not even men at all. You're animals.
8/25/20, 10:35 AM