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Author Title Published
Cain's car sits on fire someone stops to... help?
3/27/11, 8:00 PM
7/8/11, 8:00 PM
Jason just wants some free drinks for the night, but get's a lot more than he bargained for
4/14/16, 8:14 AM
Goody two shoes Mark can't handle his roommate's pot habit. He is determined to get theough his exams, but Reece has other ideas.
4/20/18, 8:54 PM
Two friends since high school enter the Labyrinth, an attraction at their vacation resort, unknowing just how each of the 7 floors of the labyrinth would change their friendship and lives forever. On floor 1, the two friends begin to notice subtle changes in one another.
12/27/18, 10:23 PM
This is a story i started a while ago, which I lost direction with, so I'm posting it here as a community story so others can finish it (and so Martin can make sure the new community story feature works!). The basic premise was a stealther gets his "cum"uppance
Unpublished Edit
2/3/19, 7:43 PM
2/7/19, 12:12 PM
Three friends at a music festival stumble into a very special photobooth. You choose what happens next.
Unpublished Edit
2/10/19, 12:29 PM
2610 words
3/2/19, 6:07 PM
Out of nowhere, a horny virus manifested itself into the video game world, desperate for some action.
3/4/19, 4:40 AM